Ceana Prado Nickel

Ceana Prado Nickel  is a Mechanical Engineer who worked at Liebherr-Aerospace on the development and integration of the folding wing tips of Boeing’s new 777X airliner. She has business development experience at Liebherr-Transportation Systems as well, which designs solutions and components for the future of the railway industry. She is currently a program manager at TLG aerospace, a firm that designs, analyses, and helps certify new and retrofit aircraft designs, including hypersonic aircraft. Ceana is a long-standing member of the Atlantis team. She has presented several times on the Tethered Ring. Notably, her talk was the main event at a paid speaking engagement that sold-out in Seattle in 2016.

Broadcast 3880 Phil Swan; Ceana Prado Nickel

Guests: Phil Swan, Ceana Prado Nickel;  Topics:  Our guests introduced us to The Atlantis Project (www.project-atlantis.com) per their talk at the recent ISDC event. Our discussion was technical, policy oriented, and focused on a way to have affordable, safe, and environmentally sound large scale space access benefits for all humanity. Multiple topics were discussed so I suggest you use the Tags as a type of Table of Contents for subject matter/topics of discussion.  The Tags are repeated below for your convenience:

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