Cathy Shields

Cathy Shields is a new business development officer at All Points Logistics, Inc. (APL). All Points, a protégé of the Boeing Company, is a small disadvantaged business that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chickasaw Nation Industries (CNI). The company’s corporate office is in Huntsville, Ala, and its core business is hardware, software procurement, technical solutions services and managed services. All Points was among the county’s businesses that provided support to Louisiana’s hurricane Katrina evacuees. The company provided logistics coordination, delivery of the temporary housing and installation of the temporary housing. All Points subcontracted to numerous local Louisiana-area businesses and continue to look for opportunities to support the rebuilding of New Orleans and other Hurricane devastated areas in the state. The Chickasaw Nation has a mentoring program called Native American Minority Empowerment Program (NAMEP) that assists other minority businesses to enhance and grow their business.

Broadcast 616 (Special Edition)

Cathy Shields, Jim Chilton and David Brock were the special guests for this program which discussed how small businesses can work with NASA in supporting the nation's VSE and Partnering with New Orleans which is focused on how to do business with Boeing Space Exploration. This program was most informative as we learned about NASA Small Business Specialist Center Industry Assistance programs, how these programs work with companies such as Boeing, and then how Boeing mentors and works with smaller businesses. For example, Ms.

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