Carry Ralston

Cary Ralston is Vice President of Space Launch Propulsion at ATK Space Systems, responsible for the Ares I First Stage and Space Shuttle Reusable Solid Rocket Motor (RSRM) programs. Cary has been with ATK for 29 years, beginning as an Insulation Design Engineer on the Standard missile system in 1980 with what was then Thiokol Corp. He has held a variety of positions throughout the company covering a broad range of solid rocket motor components and systems as well as wide variety of leadership positions in Engineering, Operations, Project, and Program Management. Cary considers his project engineering leadership of the redesign of the Space Shuttle field joint insulation system and his program management of the development and test of the five segment ETM-3 motor in Oct 2003 as some of his favorite past assignments at ATK. However, he considers being in on the ground floor of the development of a new Ares I launch system and responsible for the team that is designing and qualifying the Ares I First Stage is a once in a generation opportunity.

Broadcast 1224 (Special Edition)

Guests: Tim Lawrence, Carry Ralston, other ATK and NASA officials. Topic: Ares 1 solid rocket motor test, Ares 1 rocket. This is a series of taped interviews starting with the first attempt to do the Ares 1 five segment static SRB rocket test on August 27. The test was aborted at T-20 seconds due to an improperly working Thrust Vector Control ground control piece of equipment. You will hear two interviews with Tim Lawrence, Assistance Chief of Engineering for Ares 1 from the Marshall Spaceflight Center and also Carry Ralston who is the VP of Space Launch at ATK.

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