Bryce Meyer

While I work in engineering, my passions are fish and space, especially farms in space to close the mass flow loop in future space settlements.  Many publications on space farms, one children’s book on the topic, and a text book coming out in 2020. Education includes a BS in Aerospace Engineering, MS in Computer Science/Software Engineering, and another MS in Biology. Spent many hours growing up working on real farms (my Grandparents for one) and know what straw down the neck feels like, pigs smell like, and cow plops look like dry. Also design bioreactors, and run experiments growing shrimp, fish, algae, and veggies.  Been a USAF officer, an internet backbone engineer, run a consulting company, taught college, and work software architectures and process engineering now. Live in Missouri, so I see farms every day and know many farmers of many types.

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