Brian Walker

Brian Walker is a very successful toy inventor and now rocketeer who is building his own launch vehicle to take him to space! Brian has been building the hardware, the infrastructure, and undergoing the training to make his launch a safe and successful adventure. He is also well along in the licensing process with the FAA office of the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation (AST). Brian Walker is a fascinating man, an imaginative, driven, and successful entrepreneur, and one who might just be the first person ever to take himself to space! For more about Brian Walker and his plans, visit his website before listening to the program at

Broadcast 126 (Special Edition)

Brian Walker, aka Rocket Guy, was the guest on The Space Show for Tuesday, June 15, 2003. Brian Walker is building his own rocket to take him to space. During this interview, Brian discusses what lead him to want to build a rocket to take him to space, the compound that he has developed to take him to space, his Russian training at Star City, his procurement of a new Russian spacesuit, his work with the FAA AST office in getting a launch license and much more.

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