Bob King

Bob King has enjoyed the night sky and astronomy since childhood but chose photojournalism as his vocation and made the stars his lifetime hobby. He grew up in Illinois and received a teaching degree in German from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. Because photography was another early interest, he ended up working at a newspaper in Champaign before moving to Duluth to work at the News Tribune, where he’s been the photo editor since 1990.  


Bob also teaches community education astronomy classes at the Marshall Alworth Planetarium and writes a regular blog on astronomy called Astro Bob. He also writes for Universe Today and does a weekly blog titled "Explore the Night" for Sky & Telescope. 


His new book "Night Sky with the Naked Eye" is an activity-based book aimed at both beginning and amateur astronomers. In it he guides readers to all the wonderful things visible in the night sky without special equipment. It covers satellites, the aurora, the brighter constellations, nighttime clouds and halo phenomena, planets, the moon, meteor showers and much more. Tips on astrophotography and selecting the best astronomy phone apps are also included.  


Broadcast 2809 Bob King

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