Bjarke Gotfredsen

Bjarke has more than 30 years experience in Information & Communication Technology. He ran his own consulting company in Denmark, before moving to South Africa in 1999, where he worked with several IT companies at board level. He was instrumental in forming the South African Legal Information Institute, and in 2008 co-founded the Meta Economic Development Organisation (MEDO) with Judi Sandrock. Bjarke founded XinaBox in 2015, having not found the right tools to bring  STEM alive in the classroom, as part of the MEDO.SPACE initiative.

Bjarke has a B.Sc. in IT from the Business University of Copenhagen, and an MBA from GIBS, and has published in international journals, and holds world wide patents in ICT security processes.People might not know ... Bjarke enjoys long walks in the mountains around Cape Town, sometimes venturing as far as 25km, accompanied by a Sat phone and his Apple Watch to take notes.

Contact Bjarke at bg (at) xinabox dot cc

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