Bill Simon

Bill Simon is currently a sales engineer doing business development and sales for high-technology companies. His experience includes over 14 years as a manufacturer's representative in Southern California specializing in complex RF and microwave components, composites and instrumentation. From 1988 to 2008 Bill started and ran a corporation that designed and manufactured high-performance CCD cameras for low-light imaging used in applications such as astronomy. In addition to managing company operations, he was involved in the electronic and mechanical design of the products, and was awarded two patents for an innovative thermoelectric cooling system. In 2008 Bill participated in the design and fabrication of the NASA/JPL Goldstone radar receiver for the 70-meter antenna as part of the Goldstone Solar System Radar project. Bill is also a technical writer, editor, and illustrator as well as web site designer. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, CA. He is also the co-author of Evoloterra.

Broadcast 741 (Special Edition)

Rand Simberg and William Simon returned for this Space Show program devoted to Evoloterra, their ceremony that honors humankind leaving Earth and landing on a new planet, the Apollo 11 Moon landing. You can download the Evoloterra ceremony at To do so, click on the astronaut's faceplate. Rand and Bill began the discussion by talking about why its important to have this ceremony and remember the landing.

Broadcast 362 (Special Edition)

Rand Simberg and Bill Simon returned to The Space Show to again the July 20, 1969 event that put humans on the surface of the Moon for the first time in history. Rand and Bill wrote an amazing ceremony, Evoloterra ( --- click on the helmet of the astronaut for the actual ceremony). Its an honor to share this celebration, this ceremony, and to recognize this event with our Space Show extended family around the world. This year, Rand and Bill, rather than reading the ceremony, discussed it and its relevance in the context of 2005.

Broadcast 242 (Special Edition)

Rand Simberg and Bill Simon returned to The Space Show to celebrate July 20, 1969, the day mankind first took steps on another world, the Moon. To acknowledge the importance of this day and our having gone to another world, Rand and Bill wrote a celebration story, Evoloterra ( For this special Space Show program, we conducted the celebration on air, pausing for questions from listeners, commentary, and reflection. Listeners are welcome to contact Rand and Bill about this celebration program.

Broadcast 136 (Special Edition)

Rand Simberg and Bill Simon discuss the importance of this day in history, the story of when we first left Earth and humans walked on a celestial body other than Earth, the Moon. They discuss their story program, Evoloterra (, how they created it, its significance and importance, and how it can be used by everyone for free to celebrate this important event in the history of mankind. In addition, we discuss space policy, NASA, space access, the role of the private sector in space development and much more.


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