Benjamin Thomas Solomon

Ben Solomon has a Certificate in Relativity, Gravity, and Cosmology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professional Institute (2006), a Bachelors degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, from Aston University, UK (1979), a Master’s degree in Operations Research from Lancaster University, UK (1982), and a Master’s degree in Banking & Finance, University College Dublin, Ireland (1995). Over the past 7 years Ben Solomon has presented numerous papers on gravity modification and related concepts at the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conferences, and the Mars Society’s International Mars Conferences. Ben Solomon is the inventor of proprietary electrical circuits that can change their weight, at room temperature, and without moving parts. In his day job he does extensive numerical and statistical modeling of commercial property losses. This expertise combined with his degree in electrical engineering, was the spring board for numerical modeling and statistical analysis of gravitational and quantum mechanical experimental data. The book synopsis I’m using for the book promotion is: ‘An Introduction to Gravity Modification’ shows the reader how the physics and the engineering of gravity modification work, using real dimensions, real fields, real materials, and real forces. This work is based on the author’s research of more than 10 years, with electrical circuits (no moving parts) that can change their weight, and extensive numerical modeling of experimental data. With this knowledgebase and experience the author reviews Laithwaite’s and Podkletnov’s experiments, and the physics of forces. The book presents a new concept of force, the non-inertia field, and a new equation for gravitational acceleration. There is no mass in this new equation. This makes gravity modification a portable technology. The book shows how both relativity and quantum mechanics has to change. The author has discovered a non-local particle probability distribution from published experimental data. This distribution combined with the inferences derived from numerical gravity modeling explains how and why the observer appears to alter the observation. ‘An Introduction to Gravity Modification’ points to the single most important technology after gravity modification, the technology of interstellar travel. This is possible with asymmetric transformations that bypass the velocity of light constraints.

Broadcast 874 (Special Edition)

Guest: Benjamin Solomon. Benjamin Solomon was the guest for this program in order to discuss his soon-to-be-released book, "An Introduction To Gravity Modification: A Guide to Using Laithwaite's and Podkletnov's Experiments and the Physics of Forces for Empirical Results." We started out with Mr. Solomon explaining what he means by gravity modification and why it's so challenging for the subject to be discussed in a credible way. Mr. Solomon spoke extensively about his experiments which he says anyone with his book will be able to replicate.

Broadcast 130 (Special Edition)

Benjamin Thomas Solomon is the featured guest on the Sunday Space Show. Mr. Solomon discusses his work regarding gravity and space propulsion systems. Mr. Solomon explains his theory on gravity and the nature of his experiments that have shown he can negate about 3% of the weight of an object with possible applications to space launch and propulsion systems. Mr. Solomon also talks about scientific theories, academic experimentation, the need for different types of propulsion systems to travel to space and the reasons for traveling to space and even settling on a planet such as Mars. Mr.

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