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Ben Shelef is a co-founder of the Spaceward Foundation and a member of the Space Elevator community. An aerospace engineer by day, he dons the mask and cape of Space Elevator crusader by night, and engages in daring escapades such as running the $4,000,000 Space Elevator competitions and giving interviews like this one. For more information on the Spaceward Foundation, please check out the web site at

Broadcast 1170 (Special Edition)

Guest: Ben Shelef. Topics: space elevator, power beaming, tether, CNTs. Ben Shelef was our guest today to discuss the upcoming 2009 Space Elevator Challenge with upwards of two million dollars in prize money to be given away by NASA Centennial Challenges. You can follow this discussion and learn more about the games by visiting Information about the Spaceward Foundation can be found at

Broadcast 760 (Special Edition)

Ben Shelef, co-founder of Spaceward Foundation (, was the guest for this show. Spaceward is sponsoring the 2007 climber and space elevator games in Salt Lake City this year, Oct. 19-21, 2007. Check it out at the Spaceward Foundation website. Not only did Ben tell us about the climber contest and also the tether contest, he noted that for winners there is a million dollars to give away courtesy our favorite NASA!

Broadcast 370 (Special Edition)

Ben Shelef was the guest for this Sunday, April 7, 2005 Space Show program. We began our interview with Mr. Shelef by discussing the Spaceward Organization and its current activities. At the top of the list for Spaceward's programming is the Oct. 30, 2005 space elevator climber contest and also the educational outreach programs using the MSTL opportunities. There are also sponsorship opportunities for this 501C3 nonprofit as well as volunteer opportunities, especially for those in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr.

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