Ben Baseley-Walker

A British national, Ben Baseley-Walker works on legal and policy issues related to space security. He has worked in the policy and legal field in a variety of settings and countries including Chile, Kenya, Ethiopia and the Netherlands. From 2006 to 2007 Ben lived in Kenya working for the United Nations and the Kenyan Government. He is also currently the Co-Chair of the Vienna-based Space Generation Advisory Council. Ben is an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh and the Universiteit van Amsterdam from which he graduated with a M.A. degree in Politics and an LLM degree in International and European Law respectively. He is a graduate of the International Space University Space Studies Program (2007, Beijing).

Broadcast 1096 (Special Edition)

Guests: Brian Weeden and Ben Baseley-Walker. Topics: Secure World Foundation, space situational awareness, space weaponization & militarization, satellite defense. Brian Weeden and Ben Baseley-Walker of the Secure World Foundation presented solid information and strategies for addressing problems around space traffic management and space situational awareness. Our guests were very realistic about the topics discusse. Not only did we talk about space policy and how policy is created, we talked about space weaponization and ways to avoid it, such as the distributive satellite defense.

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