Ann B. Parson

Ann B. Parson is the author of “The Proteus Effect: Stem Cells and Their Promise for Medicine" and its now in paperback. This book was also a finalist for an LA Times Book Price and it make the Library Journal's 2004 list of best science/tech books for general readers. The Space Show goes off the space topic to bring Ms. Parson and stem cell research to Space Show listeners. She is a science journalist who has covered a range of topics in the areas of medicine, technology, and the environment. She has written many books and has been hailed by Publisher’s Weekly as having written a “fascinating story” and “not just another sterile account” of scientific discovery regarding her book about Alzheimer’s Disease, “Decoding Darkness.” She has also written scores of articles for The Boston Globe, The New York Times, McCalls, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and the Harvard Health Letter. She has been a professor in the Boston University graduate program in science journalism. While The Space Show goes off the space topic for this program, stem cell research is potentially so important for all of us, that The Space Show has decided to address this subject with Ann Parson.

Broadcast 286 (Special Edition)

Ann B. Parson, author of “The Proteus Effect: Stem Cells and Their Promise for Medicine," joins us for an in-depth discussion and examination of stem cell research. Ms. Parson begins this discussion with a working definition of stem cells, the various kinds of stem cells, the probable use in medical research, and how they are obtained. We also talked about the status of stem cell research in other nations, what the U.S.

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