Amir Blachman


Amir Blachman is the Vice President of Strategic Development for Axiom Space. In this role, Blachman is responsible for financial planning, funding, and strategic development for the world’s first private, international commercial space station, serving the international community of sovereign and private astronauts.  Prior to joining Axiom Space, Blachman served as the Executive Vice President of Business Development and Finance for Phase Four, a company that builds plasma thrusters for satellites. There, he facilitated the company’s acquisition of spaceflight partners and customers, worked with the business and engineering teams to define the product development roadmap, and provided valuation analysis for ongoing funding. He also previously served as the Managing Director of Space Angels Network, a global angel investor network for the private aerospace industry. There, he oversaw recruiting efforts for investors and startups and the vetting and mentoring process for space, drone and other aerospace startups. He is also currently a Venture Partner at Future, which invests in frontier technologies, and is a Strategic Advisor to Bye Aerospace, a company that manufactures solar-electric aircraft.  An expert authority on the space and investment industries, Blachman has been featured in prestigious venues including TED, the Space Foundation, Space Frontier Foundation, CASIS, SEDS, Mars City Design, the Venture Capital Journal and multiple other media outlets. He was an Air Force instructor and is an instrument-rated private pilot. Blachman holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from U.C. Santa Barbara  He also holds a certificate in corporate governance from the NASDAQ/UCLA Anderson Director Certification Program. Blachman is based in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

Broadcast 2839 Mike Suffredini, Amir Blachman

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