Alex Kirk

Alex Kirk, who lives just across the river from DC in Arlington, VA, is a 28-year-old space advocate, political activist and self-described "computer geek". He works full-time as a network security analyst for Sourcefire, Inc., the creators of Snort (the world's most widely deployed open source network intrusion detection/prevention system), and also runs 3 Ace Solutions, a small web programming business founded in 2001. Alex's driving passion is human exploration of Mars, and as such he works closely with the Mars Society, where he serves as webmaster and as a member of the Political and PR/Marketing Task Forces. He created and maintains the Mars Society's political fax tool (, which he hopes will be used to show grass-roots support for space exploration for years to come.

Broadcast 578

DEEP SPACE MESSAGE WITH ALEX KIRK Hello to anyone listening out there and to Space Show listeners. My name is David Livingston, host of The Space Show, and we are bringing you another Deep Space Message. This message comes to you by way of Alex Kirk. Alex, on behalf of The Space Show, we appreciate your participating in our Deep Space Program.

Broadcast 845 (Special Edition)

Guest: Alex Kirk. Alex was the guest for this half hour Space Show program to bring to the attention of listeners the Mars Society fax service to let the 2008 presidential candidates and your congressional representatives know your thoughts on space development and a humans to Mars trip. The Mars Society website is hosting this server at and you do not need to be a member of the Mars Society to use it.

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