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Alan has been recognized for his leadership and contributions in the field of policy, communications, and STEAM education in the aerospace sector. He is especially known for playing a leading role in developing and managing programs to directly engage the general public in space research and space-related outreach opportunities.

He is Chief of To Orbit Productions, an independent company that provides consulting services and lectures on space policy as well the creation of art projects based on space themes. Ladwig is also serving as the Chief of Communications and a member of the Board of Directors of the Star Harbor Space Training Academy, a startup company with plans to offer astronaut training for the general public.

He served three terms at NASA Headquarters – twice as a political appointee and once as a civil servant. In 2013 he retired as a political appointee of the Obama Administration where he served as the head of Public Outreach. During the Clinton Administration Ladwig established and was Associate Administrator of the Office of Policy and Plans. From 1981 to 1989 he was a civil servant and managed a variety of programs for the Office of Education, the Office of Space Flight and the Office of Exploration. He managed both the Shuttle Student Involvement Program and the Spaceflight Participant Program. 

Prior to returning to NASA in 2009 he was the Manager of Space Systems for WBB Consulting and had been Sector Lead Executive for NASA business development at Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems. He served as Chief Operating Officer during the start-up phase of the Zero Gravity Corporation, a privately held space tourism and entertainment company. As Vice President of Washington Operations and Assistant to the Chairman of the Board, he established and managed’s Washington Bureau and was responsible for business development, NASA relations, strategic planning, and authored stories for the web and “Are We There Yet?” an opinion column for Space Illustrated magazine. 

During his career Ladwig received NASA’s Distinguished Service Medal, the Exceptional Achievement Medal, two Exceptional Service Medals, the Outstanding Leadership Medal, and was a member of six Group Achievement Awards. He is a Fellow of the American Astronautical Society. In 2014 Ladwig received the Distinguish Alumni Award for both Elgin Community College and the Illinois Community College Trustees Association.

He served in U.S. Army with the 558th Artillery Group, stationed in Athens, Greece from 1972-1974. Ladwig received a Masters in Higher Education (1976) and Bachelors in Speech (1970) from Southern Illinois University. He received an Associates degree in Business from Elgin Community College (1968). 

Broadcast 1353 (Special Edition)

Guest: Alan Ladwig: Topics: Obama space policy, U.S. space policy, NASA outreach, NASA TV, NASA and politics. Alan Ladwig, Deputy Associate Administrator for NASA Public Outreach was our guest today. During this program, Mr. Ladwig referenced several useful and informative websites that I recommend for bookmarking. All of them start with a visit to One site in particular that I suggest you visit often is their new video page,

Broadcast 738 (Special Edition)

Alan Ladwig was the guest for this Space Show program. Alan, having just returned from visiting the Paris Air Show, brought us up to date on the space component and several other items of interest regarding the air show during the first segment. We learned of the lean NASA presence while other national space agencies were strongly represented. Also, the NewSpace industry here in the States was not represented. We talked about commercial and business jets, Boeing and Airbus competition, the new suborbital UK vehicle by EADS Astrium and much more.

Broadcast 104 (Special Edition)

Alan Ladwig is the featured guest for The Space Show for Sunday, March 16, 2003. Mr. Ladwig is the Chief Operating Officer of the Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G), a space entertainment and travel company that provides parabolic flight opportunities (weightlessness) on a commercial basis to consumer, commercial, and government markets. On this program, Mr. Ladwig discusses not only Zero-G and its parabolic flight plans, but his opinion that the space community portrays a limited view of the potential of space.

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