Broadcast 1204 (Special Edition)

Guests: Eric Daniels and Margaret Lau. Topics: CSA, French Aerospace Valley Association, GPS, California space workforce and economy. We welcomed both Eric Daniels and Margaret Lau of the California Space Authority (CSA) to the show in order to discuss the new international alliance with CSA and the French Aerospace Valley Association. To read the official CSA news release from June 16, 2009, please see for more details.

Broadcast 1166 (Special Edition)

Guest: Bob Werb. Topics: space entrepreneurism, economics 101, space economic development. Bob Werb was our guest on The Space Show today for a frank discussion and at times, a very cool Economics 101 lecture on the economics of space development. Do not miss this show and Bob's last segment 5 minute economics course for space cadets. Some of the issues we talked about from an economic perspective included ITAR reform, space entrepreneurism, military, civil, and NewSpace. We also discussed space security in the context of Bob's Econ 101 lesson.

Broadcast 1146 (Special Edition)

Guests: Responsive Space #7 Participants including Dr. Jim Wertz, Reda Anderson, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Richard Van Allen, Ron, Nicola Sarzi Amade, Christine Purcell. Topics: Responsive Space, GPS, business education for space engineers. This Space Show program was live with live video streaming at the Westin Hotel for the Responsive Space Conference #7, April 28, 2009. We started the program with Dr. Jim Wertz coming to the microphone to talk about the status of responsive space, a report card analysis of responsive space, and much more. The discussion with Dr.

Broadcast 1025 (Special Edition)

Guests: Roger Easton and his son Richard Easton were the guests for this Space Show program. Roger Easton was the designer of the Vanguard 1 satellite, which was key to the Vanguard project, and was the person who conceived, patented, and led the development of critical enabling technologies for the US GPS system. He was also the recipient of the National Medal of Technology which was awarded to him in November 2005. We started the discussion with Roger Easton about Vanguard and the precursor program, the Viking Sounding Rocket program.

Broadcast 604 (Special Edition)

Daniel Bateman returned as the guest for this Space Show program. Daniel updated us on what's new with the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center and lots is new. Their displays are new and they have partnered with a museum on the West Coast to display the Spruce Goose and additional space items. Listen to Daniel as he describes this new venture. We talked about education outreach, what works and does not work.


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