Generation Y

Broadcast 909 (Special Edition)

Guest: Chris Carberry, the new Executive Director of The Mars Society was the guest for this Sunday Space Show program. We started out by discussing the new Mars Society and his personal and organizational goals for the organization under his leadership. Increasing both membership and funding are high priorities, as is getting ready for the 11th Annual Mars Society Conference to be held in Boulder, CO from August 14-17, 2008.

Broadcast 907 (Special Edition)

Dr. Roger Launius returned as the guest to The Space Show for this important, interesting, and fun program. We started our discussion asking if NASA itself might find that it is an artifact worthy of being collected by the Air and Space Museum. While this was a tongue-in-cheek question, it took us right to the point about the future for the VSE, NASA programming, its budget, and its programming. Don't miss his response! Listeners asked Dr. Launius several questions about the Smithsonian, their collection, tours, even tours to the undisplayed items.

Broadcast 900 (Special Edition)

Guest: Alan Steinberg was the guest for this Space Show program. Alan represents the brightest of the brightest of the American youth who we talk about frequently on The Space Show. Today, we get to hear about common Space Show topics and themes through the eyes, ears, and perspective of our future policy makers. We talked about many topics that, while not unique to youth, clearly have a special meaning for young Americans. For example, you will definitely want to hear how Alan responded to questions about ITAR and planetary defense from a potential incoming NEO.

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