Broadcast 988 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dr. Robert Zubrin and Chris Carberry of The Mars Society were our guests today to discuss the upcoming Eleventh Annual Mars Society Conference to be held in Boulder, Colorado from August 14-17 (Please see for more details). Both Dr. Zubrin and Chris took us through the list of major speakers and programming and we elaborated on many, including the unusual religion and space panel which will be held on Saturday, August 16th.

Broadcast 966 (Special Edition)

Guest : Gene Meyers, CEO of the Space Island Group (, was the guest for this Space Show program. We started our interview with Gene providing us with background and updates for both a historical overview of Space Island, plus an update with its current activities. Most of the overview addressed the Space Island Group's plan to use shuttle external tanks for a space station or other commercial purposes.

Broadcast 947 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dennis Wingo was the guest for this Space Show program. We started out discussing energy which, as Dennis stated, is a very complex problem. This led to our discussion of the Moon as a microcosm of the Earth's macrocosm environment. Dennis also described the process for lunar construction for solar power hardware and then getting it to Geo from the Moon. As you will hear, listeners asked him if it would be humans on the Moon doing the hardware construction or robotics. You will want to hear what Dennis has to say about this.

Broadcast 545 (Special Edition)

Gene Meyers was the guest for this program but he does not appear on the show until 75 minutes into the program. Prior to Gene's arrival on the show, we do Open Lines with listeners and callers. Gene talked about his latest plans for Space Islands Group which involve solar power satellites, building a heavy lift launcher, external tanks and World Bank and foreign financing. We discussed his ITAR risk, SSP technology, environmental programs and risks, energy independence and much more.

Broadcast 268 (Special Edition)

Dr. Michael Duke, Director of the Center for Commercial Applications of Combustion in Space at the Colorado School of Mines which is a NASA Space Commercialization Center, was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Duke explained what a NASA Space Commercialization Center is and talked about the variety of space programs in his department and at the school. He also talked about the need to go back to the Moon and what the plausible commercial possibilities are for the Moon. We also talked about commercial opportunities on nearby asteroids, nearby space in general and on Mars.


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