Canadian Space Agency

Broadcast 1358 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Erik Seedhouse. Topics: Astronaut training process, human spaceflight. Dr. Erik Seedhouse returned to discuss with his book, "Prepare For Launch: The Astronaut Training Process." This book is available through the One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF) Amazon partners page and if you buy it through this URL, Amazon contributes to The Space Show/OGLF: In our first segment, Dr.

Broadcast 1103 (Special Edition)

Guest: Paul Cabot. Topics: Canadian Avro Arrow, Avro Company, innovative aerospace designs, out of the box aerospace engineers, Canadian aerospace industry history, Toronto Aerospace Museum,Victory Aircraft. Paul Cabot took us through the history of the Canadian Avro Company, one of the most innovative and out of the box aviation and aerospace design companies ever. We learned about the politics of cancelling potentially profitable, innovative, and exciting projects like the Jetliner, the Arrow, and many more. We discussed the brain drain to the U.S.

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