California Space Center

Broadcast 1364 (Special Edition)

Guest: Janice Dunn. Topics: California Space Center and the California Space Authority (CSA). Janice Dunn of CSA returned for this program with new information on the California Space Center as well as other information pertaining to the California space workforce and upcoming programming for CSA. For more information, please visit the CSA website at In our first segment, Janice described the California Space Center project.

Broadcast 992 (Special Edition)

Guests: Andrea Seastrand and Janice Dunn with Matt Everingham of the California Space Authority (CSA), followed by Ken Davidian of NASA, followed by Jim Buenrostro of the team Technology Ranch at the NASA Lunar Regolith Challenge at Cal Poly were our guests for this set of taped interviews. We start this set of interviews with a message from me, your host of the Space Show, regarding the Falcon 1 launch attempt and my comments about it. As you will hear, I relate these comments and events to the Challenge which took place at Cal Poly this weekend.

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