California Space Authority

Broadcast 1364 (Special Edition)

Guest: Janice Dunn. Topics: California Space Center and the California Space Authority (CSA). Janice Dunn of CSA returned for this program with new information on the California Space Center as well as other information pertaining to the California space workforce and upcoming programming for CSA. For more information, please visit the CSA website at In our first segment, Janice described the California Space Center project.

Broadcast 1229 (Special Edition)

Guest: Lynn Baroff. Topics: Space education in public school, human-robotic systems integration, Mars, space policy. Lynn Baroff was the guest for this Space Show program. We started Segment one with a discussion of the upcoming NASA Lunar Lander Challenge to be held this year at NASA Ames the weekend of October 17-18. The public is welcome. Mr. Baroff is the leading judge for the event and my having been to the event last year, I know that this year's program will be even better. Mr.

Broadcast 1190 (Special Edition)

Guests: Chris Walker and Eric Daniels. Topics: California public education, career technical educational as well as college track in high school, politics of education. Chris Walker and Eric Daniels were our guests today to discuss the state of California public education and what it means for the California space workforce as well as other technology and skilled jobs in the state. If you are not living in California, don't think you are immune from these problems because as goes California, so goes the rest of the nation.

Broadcast 1163 (Special Edition)

Guest: Open Lines. Topics: Space Show guest audio quality, phone line issues, listener exchanges with guests, California space economy. This was an Open Lines program. The first segment was my monolog about two main issues, guest phone line audio quality and listener behavior with guests. You will hear the comprehensive explanation of phone line audio issues faced by The Space Show with guest phone lines, possible solutions and ideas that while always suggested to me do not work.

Broadcast 1146 (Special Edition)

Guests: Responsive Space #7 Participants including Dr. Jim Wertz, Reda Anderson, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Richard Van Allen, Ron, Nicola Sarzi Amade, Christine Purcell. Topics: Responsive Space, GPS, business education for space engineers. This Space Show program was live with live video streaming at the Westin Hotel for the Responsive Space Conference #7, April 28, 2009. We started the program with Dr. Jim Wertz coming to the microphone to talk about the status of responsive space, a report card analysis of responsive space, and much more. The discussion with Dr.

Broadcast 992 (Special Edition)

Guests: Andrea Seastrand and Janice Dunn with Matt Everingham of the California Space Authority (CSA), followed by Ken Davidian of NASA, followed by Jim Buenrostro of the team Technology Ranch at the NASA Lunar Regolith Challenge at Cal Poly were our guests for this set of taped interviews. We start this set of interviews with a message from me, your host of the Space Show, regarding the Falcon 1 launch attempt and my comments about it. As you will hear, I relate these comments and events to the Challenge which took place at Cal Poly this weekend.

Broadcast 606 (Special Edition)

Andrea Seastrand, Executive Director of the California Space Authority (CSA), was the guest for this Space Show program. Ms. Seastrand explained to us the role of the and we discussed many of its programs and the upcoming conference Dec. 1 and 2 in Los Angeles. The 2006 Transforming Space conference and SpotBeam Awards Dinner will be an important event to attend with a power packed program as well as those in attendance. Ms. Seastrand also hinted surprises for us given the conference is in Los Angeles and Star Trek is 40 years old this year. Ms.

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