Broadcast 1337 (Special Edition)

Guest: Chris Radcliff. Topics: SpaceUp as an unconference, a BarCamp. How to do a BarCamp and why regarding space matters. Chris Radcliff was our guest for this program to talk about the SpaceUp unconference and the model being used for SpaceUp unconferences around the country. For more information, visit In our first segment Chris explained SpaceUp, what an unconference is and the entire BarCamp concept.

Broadcast 1330 (Special Edition)

Guest: Eduardo Jezierski. Topics: Emergency and disaster relief and the roll of space resources. Our guest today, Eduardo Jezierski of InSTEDD ( talked with us about disaster and emergency relief around the world, how technology is used, brought into remote areas, and the role space resources plays in bringing help to the areas that have been hit by a disaster such as Haiti with the recent earthquake.

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