Ares 1 and V

Broadcast 1287 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Phil Chapman. Topics: SSP, Climate issues, RLVs. Dr. Phil Chapman returned to The Space Show with this program to discuss space solar power satellites, climate issues, and commercial space launchers in comparison to traditional government launchers. You can learn more by visiting Dr. Chapman's blog which will be operational in a few days, In our first segment, Phil talked about solar powered satellites and climate issues.

Broadcast 1111 (Special Edition)

Guest: Henry Vanderbilt followed by Open Lines. Topics: Space Access Society Conference, low cost space access, SUSTAIN, suborbital and orbital space transportation. Henry Vanderbilt, founder of The Space Access Conference, was the guest for the first ninety minutes of today's program followed by Open Lines for the last half hour. Henry discussed the origins of The Space Access Conference up to its current status. He told us who the speakers were to-date for this year's conference and said there was still time to contact him to be a presenter at the conference.

Broadcast 1110 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Madhu Thangavelu. Key Topics: Altair, Cislunar system, CEV, NASA, teleoperations, time delay, ISRU, education, medical problems. Dr. Madhu Thangavelu returned to The Space Show to discuss the creative problem-solving evidenced by his recent December 2008 USC class, "Return to the Moon: Looking Glass 204 Team Project." Dr. Thangavelu explained the focus of the class and then went through some of the student team solutions to problems we face in returning to the Moon.

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