Broadcast 1014 (Special Edition)

Guest: Bill Larson (first hour), former news anchor from ABC, was our guest for this very special Space Show television program. Bill started off the program telling us about his history in broadcast journalism, his extensive experience covering the early history of the manned space program, and his perspective as a journalist for the Apollo 1 tragedy where he was one of the first on the scene. You will want to hear what he has to say. He also told us about the parties he attended and the pranks that occurred.

Broadcast 942 (Special Edition)

Guest: Greg Zsidisin was the guest for this special extra-long Mother's Day Space Show program clocking in at around 2 hours, 12 minutes. During the program, Dr. Buzz Aldrin called in twice . Bill Haynes , who was with Skylab and the Minuteman missile program , also called Greg. We started the discussion with Greg talking about his recent series of articles in The Space Review (www.thespacereview.com). To find them, go to "The Space Review" homepage and in the search box in the upper right, put in Greg's last name.

Broadcast 769 (Special Edition)

Robert Pearlman, CEO and Founder of collectSpace, was the returning guest for this Space Show program. Robert is the master and expert regarding space memorabilia collecting. In fact, we started the program with a listener question about the whereabouts of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo capsules and their potential value on the collector market. We had a comprehensive look at space memorabilia, eBay, values, Moon rockets, Russian space items and the same from China and ESA. Robert pointed out how collectSPACE serves as a sounding board for making sure you are collecting something is real.

Broadcast 722 (Special Edition)

Dr. Bruno Stanek in Switzerland was the guest for this Space Show program. During this interview, we covered many important subjects including the way it was during the Apollo period of our space program to what is happening now with our space program. Dr. Stanek talked about media and press, a hate America point of view and why he thinks it exists, and why there is the spread of bogus science beliefs including how we never went to the Moon and later in the show, even some of the global warming arguments. Dr.

Broadcast 640 (Special Edition)

Kathleen Connell, Principal of the Connell Whittaker Group, LLC, was the guest for this special program on The Space Show. We began our discussion by asking Ms. Connell about lessons learned and her cutting edge research based on her work with the award winning videographer Michael Danty in their film about societal impacts from Apollo. Ms. Connell discussed this subject in detail in three different categories: Culture, technology, and economic. This is an important discussion based on solid research and analysis. Don't miss it!

Broadcast 623 (Special Edition)

Dr. Edgar Mitchell was the the guest for this Space Show program. I started the interview and discussion with Dr. Mitchell by asking a question I have been asking many guests of late, that is how do we make space a transforming place not just for science, engineering, technology, and commerce, but also for the betterment of humanity and the people on the Earth. That led to a wide ranging discussion about consciousness, the role of space in consciousness and our spirituality (this program was one in a series of The Space Show and Our Spirituality). Dr.

Broadcast 196 (Special Edition)

Captain Wally Schirra USN (RET), one of the original seven American astronauts, was the guest on The Space Show for this program. Captain Schirra spoke to us about his experiences as an astronaut, from the physical exams needed to qualify as a "Right Stuff" astronaut to the differences in going to space in Mercury, Gemini, and the Apollo capsules and their rockets. Capt. Schirra also talked about the importance of going to Mars as part of an international effort.


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