Apollo EECom: Journey of a Lifetime

Broadcast 1119 (Special Edition)

Guest: Sy Liebergot. Topics: NASA Flight Controller, space station, Return to the Moon, exploration, education. Sy Liebergot returned to The Space Show to talk about the newly released second edition of his book, "Apollo EECOM: Journey of a lifetime," published by Apogee. Sy was the lead EECOM Flight Controller throughout the Apollo manned missions and the book tells his story with lots of experiences and personal insights.

Broadcast 319

Sy Liebergot returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss his book, "Apollo EECom: Journey of a Lifetime" as well as timely topics regarding space development. Among the topics discussed was the International Space Station (ISS), the Space Exploration Vision program, the new NASA Administrator, Congress, budgets, and the NASA culture. Return to flight was discussed as was the CEV, heavy lift, and the time table for getting back to the Moon and going on to Mars. Mr. Liebergot was not optimistic about realizing the new vision and you will want to hear his reasoning.

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