Broadcast 1089 (Special Edition)

Guest: Taylor Dinerman. Topics: New NASA Administrator, DOD space policy, space weaponization, ITAR, Space Pearl Harbor, Obama space policy challenges, COTS, RLV. Taylor Dinerman returned to The Space Show to discuss DOD/Military space policy for 2009 and beyond. However, we started off by announcing the Obama choice for NASA Administrator, Retired AF Major General Scott Gration. Taylor spent most of the first segment discussing General Gration and what this might mean for NASA and various NASA programs including COTS.

Broadcast 1046 (Special Edition)

Guest: Brian Hanley was the guest for this Space Show program addressing the issue of bioterrorism. Our far ranging discussion covered not just the subject of bioterrorism and its agents such as anthrax, but how the health care system and public health are primary biodefense. As you will hear, natural disease is a far greater killer than bioterrorism has yet been, and a greater killer than wars also. Brian explained in some detail the risks we face because of our current public health system.

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