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Broadcast 1322 (Special Edition)

Guests: Responsive Space Live Audience. Topics: Responsive Space issues, affordable space, Israel and small states, Apollo 13, PR, California space issues. This was our annual live audience Responsive Space program from the 8th Responsive Space Conference in Los Angeles. There were no breaks in the show. We started the program with a discussion led by Dr. Jim Wertz who opened the conference with the admission that this might be the last Responsive Space Conference. Thus, we discussed the significance and the progress so far of the responsive space programs and concerns.

Broadcast 750 (Special Edition)

Gerald Blackburn was the guest for this show regarding the work of Aerospace Legacy Foundation ( The discussion with Mr. Blackburn took us down historic roads as we learned about the historical preservation and out reach programs of the Foundation, especially with the old Downey Boeing site and the City of Downey, California Columbia Memorial Space Sciences Learning Center. In addition, listeners asked Jerry questions about his work experience which spanned X-15 to the ISS.

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