Broadcast 266 (Special Edition)

03 Oct 2004 Thomas A. Olson, Patrick Beatty
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Patrick Beatty and Tom Olson, along with me, bring you live cradle to completion coverage of today's historic Space Ship One X-Prize victory flight at Mojave, CA. Our complete coverage is slightly under four hours, starting from when people first entered the Mojave Spaceport to when visitors, the press, and the VIP's were leaving. Patrick, on the scene at Mojave in the VIP section for this award winning flight, does a superb job of bringing us the details of the event via radio. He also brought us many live interviews including Leonard David of, Eric Lindberg, Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Patti Gray Smith, Chairperson of the FAA, Ansari X-Prize champions, Dr. Barbara Thompson of NASA, George Whitesides, Executive Director of NSS, and more including the CFO for SpaceDev, Richard Slansky. In addition, Dr. Ed Hudgins and Dr. Tom Matula called the program to participate in this historic event. The Space Show's coverage was unique in that we covered all of the event without file footage or taped archived broadcasts, without commercials, and without interruption of any kind, other than at times a strong blowing wind at the spaceport. Tom Olson, founder of the Colony Fund and frequent Space Show guest joined us live from New York to co-anchor this broadcast. Not only did Tom bring in exceptional points, information and great questions for Patrick and our other guests, he was a master at giving us the current webcam, cable news website video feed information, and cable television feed information and updates. The three of us enabled Space Show listeners to not only hear what was going on, we painted the visual picture very clearly so there was never any doubt as to what was going on at the spaceport. This event was and is historic SpaceShipOne reached space and won the $10 million X-Prize! This program will be available for special order on four (4) CDs at special pricing. Please e-mail for the availability date and the pricing.



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