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This Week on The Space Show

1. Monday, Jan. 25, 2016; 2-3:30 PM PST, 5-6:30 PM EST, 4-5:30 PM CST: We welcome Indiegogo Co-Host Tom Marotta with his program on March Storm. His guests include Charles Miller and Joshua Jenkins.

Tom Marotta (Muh-RAH-da) is an advocate for space development. Located in the Washington DC area, he is committed to educating Congress about the benefits of space exploration and development. He is a key member of the March Storm legislative blitz team that successfully advocated for the extension of the learning period for suborbital launch vehicle companies and for full funding for Commercial Crew. His op-ed "Commercial Crew Deserves our Full Support" was published in Space News in July 2015. He created This Orbital Life, a website dedicated to spreading awareness of space settlement among the general public. This Orbital Life is proud to host Voices from L5, a podcast endorsed by the National Space Society. 

Mr. Miller is the President of NexGen Space LLC, which provides client-based services at the intersection of commercial space, civil space, national security space, and public policy. Mr. Miller has served as a consultant to NASA, DARPA, the U.S. Air Force and many private firms. He also works with Renaissance Strategic Advisors, which specializes in innovative approaches to national security space, and teaches an online course titled "Secrets of Entrepreneurial Space" for HeatSpring. Mr. Miller recently served as NASA Senior Advisor for Commercial Space where he advised senior NASA leaders on commercial space options and strategies. He was the leader of the NASA team that evaluated emerging commercial space opportunities, where he led assessments of commercial orbital debris mitigation and removal, satellite servicing, commercial reusable launch vehicles (RLVs), and funded Space Act Agreements. He was a member of the 2009 NASA study team that proposed the creation of a new NASA technology mission directorate, leading to the creation of the Office of the Chief Technologist and the Space Technology Mission Directorate. He also served as NASA program executive for the Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research (CRuSR) program, manager of NASA's Commercial RLV Technology Roadmap study, and the leader of NASA's propellant depot study team. Prior to coming to NASA, Mr. Miller co-founded Nanoracks LLC, a disruptive entrepreneurial venture that has delivered over 200 customer payloads to the ISS, including many nanosatellites from firms such as Planet Labs. He is the co-founder and former President and CEO of Constellation Services International, Inc. (CSI), which was a leading competitor for commercial ISS cargo delivery in the early 2000s. In the 1990s, Miller was the founder and President of ProSpace, which was called "The Citizens' Space Lobby". Under Mr. Miller, ProSpace was instrumental in the passage of space-related legislative initiatives, including the Commercial Space Act of 1998, funding for NASA's X-33, X-37 and Space Solar Power programs, and the U.S. Air Force’s RLV Technology Development program. Miller is here to talk about what is called a "Citizens' Space Agenda" and March Storm 2015, which will be taking place the week of March 16th to the US Congress. Private citizens around the country will be traveling to Washington, DC -- on their own dime and their own time -- to advocate for the Citizens Space Agenda. He is also coordinating a budding partnership of the Space Frontier Foundation, the National Space Society and many other non-profit groups to support the Citizens' Space Agenda, and to transform national space policy.

Joshua Jenkins is currently a senior in Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech. Since his freshman year, Jenkins has been heavily involved in the Space Frontier Foundation and consequently was an original volunteer in the March Storm reboot in 2015. Jenkins has taken time to attend multiple trips to Capitol Hill with a variety of organizations including the Space Frontier Foundation, AIAA, Explore Mars, and the Space Exploration Alliance. Jenkins also is a co-founder and current executive director of his own student advocacy group called Students on Capitol Hill. Jenkins believes that encouraging students to become involved with policy making, especially as they pursue technical endeavors, is critical as the NewSpace industry continues to revolutionize the way humans go to space. Jenkins will be interning this summer with United Launch Alliance and returning to Virginia Tech the following academic year to complete his masters. He currently plans on returning to ULA full time.

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2. Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016; 7-8:30 PM PST, 10-11:30 PM EST, 9-10:30 PM CST: We welcome back LORETTA HALL on her book "The Complete Space Buff's Bucket List."

Loretta Hall has been fascinated by manned space exploration since her early teenage years, when the Mercury Seven astronauts were selected. The modern opportunities of commercial spaceflight space rekindles the excitement she felt during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo eras. While looking eagerly to the future is enticing, Loretta believes it is also important to reflect on the history of space exploration, to place it into context, remember how and why it began, and appreciate the diligence and creativity that made it possible. A freelance writer trained in technical topics, Loretta enjoys writing about the history of the space program in ways that bring it to life, through the personal experiences of the people who did the day-to-day work that made it happen. Loretta has called New Mexico home since 1977. She and her husband Jerry, raised their three daughters there. Loretta appreciates the state's rich history of Native American cultures, European settlement, Old West adventure, and---importantly but relatively unheralded---space research.

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3. WEDS, JAN 27, 6:30 PM PST; Hotel Mars with John Batchelor.  This weeks program features Dr. Haym Benaroya talking about 3D printing and reusable boosters to enhance space settlement opportunities.

4. SPECIAL TIME: Friday, Jan 29, 2016: , 2-3:30 PMPST (5-6:30 PM EST; 4-5:30 PM CST): We welcome back FRANK WHITE with STEVE ROITFELD regarding The Overview Effect

Frank's bio is on The Space Show website.

Steve Rotifeld P:roductions @

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5. Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016: 12-1:30 PM PST (3-4:30 PM EST, 2-3:30 5PM CST): Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston. Space and STEM topics welcome. First time callers are welco

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