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This Week on The Space Show

 Friday, Dec. 11, 2015: , 9:30 -11 AM PST (12:30-2 PM EST; 11:30-1 PM CST): We bring back DR. PAUL SPUDIS for end of the updates and a summary plus a look ahead.

Dr. PAUL D. SPUDIS is a Senior Staff Scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas.  His research focuses on impact and volcanic processes on the planets and requirements for sustainable human presence on the Moon.  He was Deputy Leader of the Science Team for the Clementine mission to the Moon in 1994, the Principal Investigator of the Mini-SAR radar experiment on India’s Chandrayaan-1 mission in 2008-2009, and a team member of the Mini-RF radar on NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission (2009-present).  He was a member of two White House commissions on U. S. Space Policy.  He is the author or co-author of over 100 scientific papers and six books, including The Once and Future Moon and The Clementine Atlas of the Moon.  See his website for more information:

Listeners can talk with Dr. Paul Spudis or our host using toll free 1 (866) 687-7223, by sending e-mail during the program using,, or To use Skype from your computer with a headset, the I. D. is thespaceshow. Skype is only available if when announced at the beginning of the program. Please note the toll free number is only available during a live Space Show program. At all other times, it is disconnected.

5. Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015: 12-1:30 PM PST (3-4:30 PM EST, 2-3:30 5PM CST): We welcome back MICHAEL LISTNER for updates with space legal news.

Michael J. Listner is an attorney licensed in New Hampshire and the founder and principal of Space Law & Policy Solutions, which is a legal and policy think tank/consultation firm that identifies issues and offers pragmatic solutions relating to outer space security and development. Michael earned his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Information Systems in 1998 from Franklin Pierce University and obtained his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Regent University School of Law in 2001. He is a member of the New Hampshire Bar and licensed to practice law before the state and federal courts of New Hampshire. Michael is a frequent author on matters relating to space law and policy and is the owner and administrator of the space law and policy blog Space Thoughts.

Listeners can talk with Michael Listner or the host using toll free 1 (866) 687-7223, by sending e-mail during the program using,, or To use Skype from your computer with a headset, the I. D. is thespaceshow. Skype is only available if when announced at the beginning of the program. Please note the toll free number is only available during a live Space Show program. At all other times, it is disconnected.

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Upcoming Attractions

Monday, Dec. 14: Dr. Chris Impey returns
Tuesday, Dec. 15: Bob Zimmerman returns
Friday, Dec. 18: Special Secure World Foundation webinar, details to follow
Sunday, Dec. 20: Dr. Dragos Bratasanu, The Amazing You program and he will be discussing the singularity.
Monday, Dec. 21: Dr. Julie Robinson, Chief Scientist for ISS
Tuesday, Dec. 22: Ken Murphy
Friday, Dec. 25: No Show, Christmas for 
Sunday, Dec. 27: Year end round up show, you tell us your key events for 2015 and forecasts for 2016
Monday, Dec 28: Dan Shaw reports on the American Geophysical Conf.
Tuesday, Dec. 29: Tom Olson, year in review

Friday, Jan. 1: No Show, New Years
Monday, Jan. 4:  Mark Hopkins, NSS and more
Friday, Jan. 8: Dr. Henry Hertzfeld, GWU Space Policy Institute
Sunday, Jan. 10: Dr. Doug Plata, John Strickland, Cis Lunar debate

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