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The Space Show strives to provide you with timely and relevant links on issues influencing the development of outer-space commerce and space tourism, as well as other related subjects of interest to us all.

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Scientific thought permeates our culture, yet a vibrant counter-current persists. CONTACT Talk Radio's goal is to cultivate an awareness and understanding of all gifts, old and new, and make them available to empower our lives. They endeavor to communicate and provide a forum designed to broaden our horizons. You will be enlightened and entertained as you receive gifts bestowed freely. is devoted to space related hobbies and activities. These pursuits range from the highly technical,like amateur & student satellite building, to non-technical, such as memorabilia collecting, in which the general public can participate. : Space Info and Shop.
The Falcon's NestThe Falcon's Nest : Space news and links.
Universe Today
Instead of writing in-depth articles, Universe Today just provides an overview, and links to sites where you can get more detail - from where the news first breaks to all the media coverage, and even related resources. Universe Today finds all the stories, even the really obscure ones, and gathers them together in one fast, easy-to-read newsletter (free of technical jargon). You only need to spend 10 minutes a day, and you'll be completely up-to-date on all the breaking news in the space industry.
Paul Smith's Remote Viewing WebsitePaul Smith is one of the original U.S. Army Remote Viewers and my remote viewing instructor. His website is a superb source for remote viewing information. He has a small company dedicated to the responsible promotion and commercialization of the novel psi-based skill known as remote viewing, or RV. RVIS, Inc.'s president and primary instructor is Paul H. Smith, who brings to the business extensive experience in remote viewing applications and training, from the early 1980's up to the present. In 1984, Paul became one of only a handful of government personnel to be personally trained as coordinate remote viewers by Ingo Swann at SRI-International. Paul was the primary author of the government RV program's CRV training manual, and served as theory instructor for new CRV trainee personnel. In the capacity of remote viewer, he is credited with over a thousand training and operational remote viewing sessions during his time with the unit at Ft. Meade. Read about RVIS, Inc's four specific missions in the introduction.
Space CareersWith over 500 links directly related to space jobs and updated every week, Space Careers is the ultimate free resource for employment in the space industry and could be of great interest to all the Space Show listeners. The award winning Space Careers provides the most comprehensive collection of links to the major players in the space industry, and to useful job search resources on the web.
NeoPhysicsLabsTheron Lutz has created his NeoPhysicsLabs site which is devoted to ElectroKenetic and High Voltage research in the areas of light weight power supplies and ElectroKenetic Propulsion for purposes of aviation and space travel .
MoonMallWhat is a MoonMall? Definition #1: It is a vast underground complex build for the express purpose of commerce. Imagine a mall on the Earth except a hundred times more expansive and elaborate. The central corridor is as wide as an express freeway. It is so long that there is a monorail system running the length of it just to shuttle customers from one end to another. A Moonmall can have 10 stories or more. Huge escalators carry people up to the lofty heights of the local. There are people flying human powered composite plastic vehicles at the very top of the place as a sport. Somebody is driving a small electric truck with several trailers in tow on one of the levels built for such operations. There are virtual reality parlors. There are stores where you can buy a rocket lander. There are stores where you can buy fusion reactors. There are stores where you can buy androids. In one of the many travel agencies you can purchase a vacation to Mars or even the Oort Cloud. Definition #2: This Website! It is primarily a link directory focusing on mostly commercial space activities with a penchant for personal spaceflight and the new space economy. There will be a section for articles written by myself and hopfully others. There will also be a blog. Also look for image gallerys of my excursions to various events held concerning space, such as the X-Prize Cup which happens in Las Cruces, New Mexico every October. If you don't see your site linked into this directory, then please feel free to contact me and I will probably accommodate you. There are so many websites on the net, that not linking you was probably just an oversite. Moonmall is constantly expanding. Just ask! Jason Damisch ( owner of Moonmall )
Apogee BooksApogee Books has an award winning line of space books divided into several genres. There are two main segments, including The NASA Mission Reports and the Apogee Space Book series which includes biographies, future space, and many other forward looking aspects of our reach for the heavens.
Astrosociology is the sociological study of the two-way interactive relationship between astrosocial phenomena and non-astrosocial phenomena viewed at the various levels of social reality and organization.
Farthest Reaches Inc. specializes in space autographs, memorabilia, and fine collectables.
The Space Shuttle MemorialTwo of the greatest tragedies in space exploration history. May the loss of the space shuttle crews never be forgotten and serve as inspiration to continue exploring and reaching for the stars. To learn more about each space shuttle and their crews please click on a shuttle mission patch.
American AntigravityAmerican Antigravity is the world's #1 resource for news, research, and cutting edge interviews in Antigravity and Breakthrough Propulsion Technology.
The Space Flag
The Space Flag represents life and humans living on Earth, and growing towards living beyond Earth. Words that describe this idea include “space colonization”, “space settlement”, “extend life to there” and “permanent human presence in space”. The Space Flag represents the same idea with symbols
Transterrestrial MusingsTransterrestrial Musings is a super blog by Rand Simberg regarding all matters concerning space development and much more. It is "Biting Commentary About Infinity...And Beyond!" Check it out and enjoy.
All About Space ShuttlesThe Space Shuttle was developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA coordinates and manages the Space Transportation System (NASA's name for the overall Shuttle program), including intergovernmental agency requirements and international and joint projects. NASA also oversees the launch and space flight requirements for civilian and commercial use. Prior to the destruction of Challenger and Columbia, the Space Shuttle fleet consisted of four space shuttle orbiter vehicles. A fifth space shuttle, Endeavour, was added to the Space Shuttle fleet after the loss of Challenger in 1986. The first Space Shuttle, Enterprise, was only an orbiter vehicle used to test approach and landing procedures of future space shuttle flights. Space Shuttle Enterprise never flew into space. Currently the entire Space Shuttle fleet is slated for retirement in 2010.

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