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Aired on March 20th, 2007
Guest: Dr. James Woodward
Dr. James Woodward was our guest for this Space Show program. Our discussion began with Dr. Woodward providing us with a basic definition for the Mach-Effect and Mach-Lorenz Thrusters. From here we went into a discussion of worm holes and some of the work of Dr. Kip Thorne and others. As Dr. Woodward is also a scientific historian, we were treated to the history of development of many of these related theories. As the program progressed and as listener questions came in, we came to understand the significance of this type of research as developing this effect would eventually allow us to travel through space most rapidly and cheaply. However, as Dr. Woodward pointed out, the initial commercial targets for this technology are focused on attitude control in small satellites. We also talked about the need for exotic matter producing negative energy. While this exotic matter can be produced in tiny quantities today, it needs to be produced in Jupiter size quantities to effect space travel. Dr. Woodward also explained that he has made prototype thrusters than can produce detectable thrust in the micro Newton range. His experiments will soon be ramping up to see if he can make the thrusters with ten times that amount of thrust. We had a good discussion on g force acceleration as well as what thrust actually means. For example, were we able to have constant 1 g acceleration, we could travel to the Moon within hours, Mars within a few days and it just keeps going. To do this requires lots of energy and the energy needed is based on the mass that is being accelerated. Dr. Woodward explained the need for the scientists to devise a set of tests for everything being done so that the scientist does not delude him or herself into working with false or spurious data, or drinking his own "Kool-Aid." This is an excellent discussion regarding the rigorous standards needed to stay grounded with serious reality checks. This system is certainly applicable to other areas including New Space development, its not restricted to just science. We all run the risk of buying into our own perceptions and following the system and standards Dr. Woodward talks about can certainly help us avoid these traps. This is a most interesting program discussing advanced scientific research that certainly has the ability to transform space, our use of it, and our access to it in the coming decades. If you have further questions or comments for Dr. Woodward, please email him at jwoodward@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU. As always, you can send your comments and questions through me at

About our guest...

Dr. James Woodward
Dr. James Woodward is an adjunct professor of physics professor and history professor at Cal St. Fullerton and is widely published on the Mach-Effect. Dr. Woodward wants to create technology that will allow mankind to cheaply travel to the stars. Dr. Woodward prefers to give credit of these propulsion devices to Mach. Therefore Dr. Woodward does not refer to the theory as the Woodward Effect (as do others) and instead uses the phrase Mach Effect. Dr. Woodward has his undergraduate degree in physics from Middlebury College, his masters in physics from NYU and his Ph.D in history from the University of Denver. His full bio is at

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