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Aired on July 16th, 2006
Guest: John Spencer
John Spencer returned to The Space Show to update us on matters concerning space tourism. We began the interview with John summarizing space tourism developments since he was last on the show in August 2005. We spoke about suborbital tourism, the companies involved in the suborbital vehicle programs, and his yacht plans which John is well known for and which he as written about in his book, "Space Tourism - Do You Want To Go?" The book, published in 2004 by Apogee, is still available and is a must read for those of you interested in space tourism. John also talked about NASA and its role in space tourism, the private sector, inflatable structures vs. external tanks, and lots more. You can find more out about John, space tourism and his work by visiting his website, In addition, you can learn more about his Mars simulation plans and his business venture, Red Planet Ventures by visiting John Spencer can be reached by email with your comments and questions at

About our guest...

John Spencer, Space Tourism Society
John Spencer is a space architect with over twenty five years of award winning design experience. He has built a career that is a balance between the design and finance professions. He is a pioneer in what he calls "The Design Frontier." He creates, designs, and develops his own space tourism, Mars, and future themed simulation and attraction projects and serves as a conceptual designer for some of the world’s largest corporations. He has won two awards from NASA for his architectural designs for the International Space Station now in Earth orbit and created the first interior designs on the SpaceHab Module which has flown into orbit over a dozen times. He is the Founder (1995) and President of the not-for-profit Space Tourism Society (STS) and is considered a founding father of the Space Tourism Industry. He is the author of Space Tourism - Do You Want To Go, with Karen Rugg,published by Apogee books in September, 2004. The book premiers his design for the world’s first orbital super yacht named Destiny. As a real estate developer and master planner, he coined the term "Experience Park" in the early eighties. Some of his original concepts and designs include "The Science Fiction Hall of Fame" for the Queen Mary site, the first "Star Trek" theme park, and the "FuturePort Park." His 1982 "Space Resort" design and development project (take a 3 day simulated cruise into low Earth orbit) matured into the "Space World" theme park built in Japan. It opened in April 1991. He coined the terms "SimExperience" and "Simnauts" to describe the new generation of totally immersive orbital space cruise and Mars exploration and recreation simulation experiences he is currently designing. He is the president and chief designer for Red Planet Ventures (RPV) a design, licensing, and development company focused on Mars themed ventures. He is quoted in over 50 magazines, newspapers, and TV shows including The Today Show on the growing space tourism industry. His websites are: and

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