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Broadcast 402 (Special Edition)Listen to the show!
Aired on October 9th, 2005
Guest: Gerry Zeitlin
Gerry Zeitlin was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Zeitlin discussed the Open SETI Initiative and the information on his Open SETI website, Gerry explained the difference between Open SETI and regular SETI and why this difference is important. We also talked about projects which all of can get involved with to support Open SETI such as the Pulsar Project (see If this interests you, please contact Mr. Zeitlin and me. As part of this discussion, I brought in The Space Show reoccurring them about "Our Spiritual Connection to Outer-Space" and I asked Gerry to comment on it as it appeared that many of our areas of discussion overlapped with this ongoing Space Show theme. You will not want to miss hearing this discussion and exploring the relationships from the Open SETI website to The Space Show and why its important that we explore our solar system, the universe, and even right here on Earth for an extra-terrestrial connection. While conventional SETI does this search one way in a narrow manner, Open SETI certain engages many more disciplines and variables in make the ET search. Mr. Zeitlin has further information on his website about his work and this topic and about a specific ET story regarding Nellis AFB. You can find out more about this information and purchase his informative DVD by visiting the section on his home page described as "Open SETI Reports in the lower right side of the page, then clicking on This is an especially interesting topic and Gerry Zeitlin has brought us valuable information on the topic. It deserves our attention. If you want to contact Mr. Zeitlin, you can do so through his webpage at or through me at and I will make sure all comments, inquiries, and questions are forwarded to him. Furthermore, as you will hear during the interview, as you explore, you will additional information that is there waiting for you as go through the basics. Thus, visiting the Open SETI website and listening to this interview is a true educational process that I am sure you will enjoy and appreciate.

About our guest...

Gerry Zeitlin
Gerry Zeitlin is a graduate of Cornell University (B.E.E. 1960) and the University of Colorado (M.S.E.E. 1969). He pursued further graduate studies in physics, astronomy, and astrophysics at the University of California, Berkeley. At Cornell, Mr. Zeitlin performed studies of early feed designs for use at the Arecibo Observatory, then under development. His Master’s Thesis at the University of Colorado was devoted to an analysis and modeling of propagation modes in the curved VLF earth-ionosphere waveguide. Zeitlin also conducted studies of seasonal patterns of world-wide VLF noise for Westinghouse Georesearch Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. Mr. Zeitlin spent many years studying patterns of brainwave activity as an Assistant Research Computer Scientist at the University of California’s Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute, San Francisco, and the highly regarded EEG Systems Laboratory. As a staff engineer with the University of California Space Sciences Laboratory, Berkeley, Zeitlin managed an early version of Project SERENDIP, collecting and analyzing SETI data at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory, and at Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Deep Space Network, Goldstone, California. He was awarded a NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship at the University of Santa Clara, supporting his contribution to the development of advanced methods of high-speed SETI analysis at NASA Ames Research Center. Mr. Zeitlin has also pursued a sideline career in information security with the Department of Defense, Pacific Bell, Verisign, Wells Fargo, and Science Applications International Corporation, from which organization he retired in 2002. Zeitlin is a Life Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, an Associate Member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, and a past member of the Society for Planetary SETI Research (SPSR). He now devotes his energies to the Open SETI Initiative Mr. Zeitlin has held a private pilot certificate since 1981.

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