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Aired on October 11th, 2009
Guest: Walt Anderson
Guest: Walt Anderson. Topics: Augustine Commission, Walt's future plans, legal updates, Mir Space Station and MirCorp. Walt Anderson returned to The Space Show for a series of four fifteen minute telephone interviews from his federal correctional facility in New Jersey. These interviews took place on August 19 and October 2, 2009. During these telephone conversations, Walt updated us on his legal status and the dropping of most of the charges against him by the IRS. Walt received a copy of the Augustine Commission's Executive Summary so we talked about the recommendations and he extrapolated to what such a report might have been like had MirCorp been successful. He also went back through most of his Mir and MirCorp experiences, he summarized some of his commercial space investments that he had made commenting if he would repeat any of the investments today. He also reviewed his legal from start to where it is today. In the final telephone call, Walt talked about his future plans, what he wants to do in the commercial space world, how he intends to do it, and some other ideas he has in mind upon his release. You can send books, magazines, or letters to Walt at this address: WALTER ANDERSON #27981016, FCI Fairton, Satellite Camp, P. O. Box 420, Fairton, NJ 08320. He can receive books or magazines but is allowed only five or fewer magazines per envelope per mailing. In addition, make sure that there are no promotional CDs or anything like any magazine or it will be returned to you as he is not allowed any type of multi media, even a promotional CD. Walt welcomes your letters as well. As he said near the end of the interview, he has lots of time on his hands. If you want to contact me regarding this interview, please use Remember, you can quote or cite from this or any Space Show program but you must use an academic citation for the reference. If you do not know the correct format for an academic citation for an online radio show, email me and I will send you a sample citation. Quoting or otherwise referencing a Space Show without proper citation and credit is not allowed.

About our guest...

Walt Anderson
Walt Anderson is a noted space commerce financier and businessman. In September of 2007, NewScientist identified the 10 individuals who they believed had had the greatest influence in the development of outer space. Also on this list: Arthur C. Clark; James Webb; and, Sergei Korolev. Walt Anderson was an Associate Founder of the International Space University and ISU's largest individual financial contributor in its first 5 years of operations, and he worked closely with the International Space University's 1st - 2nd presidents to help establish the organization as a premier graduate level educational institution, with a permanent campus in Strasburg, France. Mr. Anderson also Founded FINDS ("Foundation for the International Nongovernmental Development of Space"), FINDS funded a electro-dynamic tether project designed to allow low earth orbit space stations to maintain station keeping using solar power and the earths magnetic field. This technology would have allowed the International Space Station and the MIR Space Station (if it still existed) to reduce amount of fuel in re-supply payloads and allow for more efficient operation. Mr. Anderson has also provided significant financial support to the Space Frontier Foundation and has served on their Board of Directors. Walt Anderson made early investments in commercial launch companies. While these early efforts were not always successful, they paved the way for future commercial space opportunities. He was the founding Chairman of Micro Satellite Launch Corporation, and invested in American Rocket, Rotary Rocket, Space launch Corporation, and XCOR. Mr. Anderson was a Founder of Orbital Recovery Corporation which developed a method for on orbit service which extended the life of communications satellites. Mr. Anderson has been a leader in the competitive telecom industry in the United States, Europe and Asia. In the United States he founded Mid Atlantic telecom, co founded Telco Communication Group, Inc. (TCGX-NASDAQ), and was a major investor and Director of Erol's Internet. He was the Chairman of World X Change prior to it's merger with World Access in 2001 (WAXS-NASDAQ). In Europe, Walt Anderson founded Esprit Telecom in 1992. He was the Chairman and President of Esprit until shortly before it merged with GTS in 1999. Esprit Telecom competed against the giant monopoly telecom operators in the European Union. Esprit established network operations in 8 countries and served the entire European Union and EFTA region. In Asia, Walt Anderson served on the Board of Directors of Asia Access Telecom. Asia Access was purchased by KDD one of the worlds largest telecom operators, and was merger with KDD International which now carries over 700 million minutes of voice traffic each month for the worlds largest telecom carriers. You can learn more about Walt from his LinkedIn page: "Walt Anderson, Director at Foundation for the Nongovernmental Development of Space (FINDS)."

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