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Aired on May 3rd, 2009
Guests: Tim Bailey, Mark Hopkins
Guests: Mark Hopkins and Tim Bailey. Topics: ISDC 2009, NSS, space solar power, continuing education credits. Mark and Tim were our guests today to discuss the upcoming ISDC 2009 in Champions Gate near Orlando, Florida. ISDC 2009 is scheduled for May 28-31, 2009. We discussed much of the programming for the conference, even some unique programming with an Estes rocket competition, continuing education credit, tours of the Kennedy Space Center and much more. Mark also told about the keynote and main speakers which are a representation of Who's Who in space. You do not want to miss hearing what these people have to say. Space Solar Power (SSP) was mentioned as it is given extensive coverage at the conference. Mark also talked about the famous ATWG debate from Dec. 2008 where Pete Worden argued there was no business case for SSP. Mark provided some additional insights on this issue and suggested a better debate focus than the one used at the ATWG event. Tim and Mark pointed out some other interesting programming dealing with human factors, congressional advocacy training, and the gala evening, hotel and meal registration, etc. ISDC 2009 appears to be a great conference in the making and I believe it will be one of those events you will not want to miss. The ISDC 2009 website for hotel, registration, and information is You can also use should you have any questions about the conference. To contact Tim Bailey, please forward your note to me and I will send it to him. Please use For Mark Hopkins, please email him direct at

About our guests...

Tim Bailey
Tim Bailey is owner and COO of Sky Fire Lab, a consulting firm focussed on aerospace education and outreach events. Previous clients include the 2006 Space Generation Congress in Valencia, Spain, the 2007 World Space Expo at Kennedy Space Center, and several air shows. Tim is a part-time Flight Director at Zero Gravity Corporation where he has flown over 2500 parabolas. He also co-hosts the Space Task Force, a podcast focussed on space industry news. Tim is the President of the Florida Space Coast Chapter of the National Space Society and the Chair of the local organizing committee for the 2009 International Space Development Conference being held in Orlando, Florida. He also holds volunteer positions with the Space Generation Advisory Council, Yuri’s Night, and the Space Exploration Alliance.

Mark Hopkins
Mark Hopkins is the Senior Vice President and Senior Operating Officer of the National Space Society (NSS). As a consequence of these positions, he is responsible for all aspects of the Society, except for strategic and legislative issues. The Executive Director, Secretary, Treasurer and all of the Vice Presidents (except the Executive Vice President) report to him. In addition to the foregoing duties, he chairs the Strategic Planning Committee.Hopkins first proposed the concept of NSS. He initiated the discussions and did most of the negotiating for the L-5 Society’s side of the 1987 L-5/NSI merger which created NSS. He has served continuously as an Officer and or Member of the Board of Directors of L-5 and after the merger of NSS for 32 years. Twenty-six of those years were spent as an Officer. Hopkins has a BS in economics from the California Institute of Technology and an MA in economics from Harvard. He is a former Rand Corporation economist. Rand is the original and easily the world’s most prestigious think tank. He has written numerous publications concerning space economics. He is responsible for most of the early economic studies of Space Settlements. These were done while working closely with Gerard O’Neill, Father of the first modern Space Settlement concept. During the late sixties and early seventies, Hopkins studied social movements, realized the need for a movement that supported the space program and later coined the term “Space Movement”, which is in widespread use today. He became formally active in 1972, when he co-founded and later served as President of the Harvard-Radcliffe Committee for a Space Economy, a precursor of L-5, dedicated to the goal of the large scale economic development of space. In 1975 Hopkins strongly encouraged the founding of the L-5 Society as a nucleus of a new social movement. He joined the L-5 Board of Directors at the society’s first election. Since movements require troops, Hopkins argued for the development of a strong chapter system within L-5. At the time of the merger, this system became the chapter system of the new organization, NSS. In this context, Hopkins developed, during the early eighties, the first comprehensive set of chapter rules and was in charge of chapters at the national level for six years. Successful participation in politics is important for the development of a movement. Consequently, Hopkins built and led the political efforts of L-5 and later NSS for 18 years ending in 1997. .He has served as President of Spacecause for 10 years and Chairman of Spacepac for 16 years. Hopkins played a significant role in the successful effort to defeat the anti private enterprise Moon Treaty. Today Hopkins is particularly concerned with developing an optimal strategy for the Space Movement. What is the best way to drive humanity into space? According to Keith Henson, Co-founder and first President of L-5, “Mark Hopkins is nothing less than the Father of the Space Movement.”

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