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John Batchelor, Dr. Charles Lurio, Dr. David Livingston, suborbital industry, Blue Origin, New Shepard spacecraft, reusability, NASA, SpaceX.



Sarah Scoles, astrophysics, astronomy, science writing, Mojave, "engines that burn up so they can use themselves as fuel", Stratolaunch, Virgin Galactic, NASA SOFIA project & 747, Astronauts 4 Hire, astronaut application process, B-modes, Dark Matter, Dawn Mission, life on Mars, life in the solar system, exoplanets, Venus climate & atmosphere, Mars climate & atmosphere, Mars One, one way trip to Mars, microbial life off Earth, sentient life, writing science articles, mach thrusters, public support for space, targeted population for space support, women in space & advocacy organizations, science literacy.


Dr. David Crisp, NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2(OCO-2), orbiting carbon observatory satellites, climate models, methane detection, Martian atmosphere, Venus atmosphere, Venus global warming mitigation, natural Earth CO2, manmade Earth CO2, Sun cooling & warming cycles, industrialization, fossil fuel use, wind power, solar power, water vapor, global population, standard of living, nuclear power plants, coal, China, India, storing power, power grid, cubesats, NASA Earth Science Budget, OCO-2 data downloads.


David Love, "Kepler And The Universe," Lutheran Church, Catholic Church, "The New Astronomy," planetary orbits, elliptical orbits, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Tycho Brahe, celestial field of fixed stars, retrograde motion, Kepler's Three Laws of Planetary Motion, Kepler's Third Law of Planetary Motion, planetary conjunctions, Kepler and the Lutheran church, Kepler's offspring, telescope, early Greek astronomers, Latin as the common language, astrology, the role of the Bible, Kepler's science fiction story "The Dream," Kepler optical work, Kepler "firsts" and "lucky guesses," the modern refracting telescope, total lunar eclipse.


Dr. Jim Logan, Dan Adamo, Dr. John Jurist, "NASA's Journey to Marts: Pioneering Next Steps in Space Exploration (Oct. 2015)," New World Conference, asteroid mining, space solar power, space education outreach, evidenced based advocacy, open minded space advocates, NASA exploring vs. pioneering, private sector compared to public sector, human presence on Mars, radiation, microgravity, human factors, nuclear thermal propulsion, mission architectures, short arm centrifuge, gravity prescription, lunar & cislunar gravity prescription, Scott Kelly ISS experimentation, cognitive decline, humans to Mars timelines, economic growth, stepping stones Earth to orbit and Earth to Moon, compelling reason for humans to Mars, pioneering Venus, action plan for humans to Mars, SLS performance issues, rescue, black zone, abort possibilities.


John Batchelor, Michael Listner Dr. David Livingston, Commercial Space Law 2015, asteroid mining property rights, use rights, space property rights, Outer Space Treaty.


Doug Messier, Parabolic Arc, SpaceShipTwo, suborbital companies, Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Blue Origin, Swiss Space, NTSB Virgin Galactic report, spaceship test flight program, X-15, hybrid engines, suborbital safety, SpaceX, Orbital ATK, FAA outreach, asteroid mining, Commercial Space Law, space property rights, Outer Space Treaty, Falcon 9, DARPA XS-1 program, Masten Space Systems, SLS, ULA, 2015 stories of the year, Spaceport America.


Wayne Eleazer, launch failures, Titan rocket, Vandenberg AFB, rocket reliability, Air Force mishap reports, Air Force personnel accountability, Oops Factor, SpaceX, Orbital ATK, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Antares, Russian rockets, Virgin Galactic, military weapon rocket motors, ICBM materials, Challenger, Delta, Atlas, EELV reliability, company culture, fairing design, entrepreneurial launch companies, the value of a launch failure. 


Henry Kenyon, hybrid airships, blimps, Lockheed P-791 airship, Northrop Grumman's Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, DARPA, surveillance vehicle, radar, weather, cargo transport, passenger service, drones, UAVs, cybersecurity, helium, hydrogen, commercial airship service, mooring, communications platform, Martian airships, DOD and airships, Walrus HULA airship DARPA project, budgetary issues, airship technical issues.


John Batchelor, Dr. David Brain Dr. David Livingston, MAVEN, Martian atmosphere, solar wind, magnetosphere, Martian early history, surface water.


Dr. Charles Lurio, Commercial space, industry learning period, return to flight, Russian rocket motors, SpaceX, Boeing, CST 100, ISS, NASA, NACA, space leadership, asteroid mining investment, elections and space, radiation issues for HSF, space advocates expectations, cislunar development, Mars, Moon, Mars flyby mission, heavy lift rockets, technology, SLS, Orion, space development path.


Open Lines, Maven, Martian atmosphere, Mars solar wind, Don Nelson Space Show, space shuttle freighters, aerospace industry trends, commercial cargo resupply, Boeing, SpaceX, Orbital ATK, Aerojet-Rocketdyne, Atlas 5, ULA, DOD launches, raising interest rates, space economics, Congress, national debt, ISDC, cis-lunar debate, Gravitron.


Dr. Doug Haynes, Blue Ridge Nebula Starline,. Air-Space-Starline company, manned flying saucer, Blue Ridge Airlines, Haynes Saucer, saucernauts, FAA experimental certification, Mars, Moon, ion propulsion, gravitics, 1g continuing thrust, hover craft, tip drive, Mars launch windows, Mars One, spaceports, heavy lift, Haynes Saucer payload, robotics, Blue Ridge ticket price to Mars, Mars lander, Colorado spaceport, horizontal takeoff & landing, DOD & Blue Ridge, E-Drive AAMPP, drones.


John Batchelor, Dr. Ashwin Vasavada, Dr. David Livingston, Mars, flowing water on Mars, liquid water on Mars, ice on Mars, Martian atmosphere, signs of Martian life, magnetic field, chemical signatures, Mars climate history.


Don Nelson, Commercial Space Shuttle Freighter, space shuttle, reusability, reliability, US Air Force, SLS, Orion, Dragon, SpaceX, SRBs, launch pads, commercial space, wings vs. propellant, space shuttle configuration, download capacity, space shuttle upgrades, composite materials, X37B, thermal protection system, existing technology, NASA budget, U.S. debt, China, international cooperation, safety, completion, Atlas 5, ULA, SMEs, Big Dumb Booster, scram jets, flyback booster, private vs. government operations.


Joe Carroll, artificial gravity, partial gravity, human spaceflight, ground tests, centrifuge studies, ISS, spin rates, inner ear issues, ISS Twin Studies, Gemini 7, solar system gravity ranges, Moon-Mars gravity range, rescue missions, Apollo momentum, weighted clothing, radiation exposure, Venus gravity, South Atlantic Anomaly, tourism, equatorial orbits, knowing the gravity prescription, BLEO gravity RX, Orion safety test, Dragon safety tests, Apollo response, upright exercise in a short-arm centrifuge, simulated gravity experiments with rats in cubesats, HSF program what's next, funding for BLEO spaceflight visions.


Michael Listner, space law, space policy, commercial space legislation, Space Resource Utilization ACT, space property issues, RD-180 Ban, China space cooperation, Commercial Crew Program, European Code of Conduct, British Cubesat Regulations, Israel joins COPOUS, Ex-Im House re-authorization, federal vs. state jurisdiction commercial space liability issues, gov. subsidies, "Skin in the Game," ULA, Atlas 5, public-private space terminology, cooperation with China, human rights violations.


John Batchelor, Dr. Curt Niebur, Dr. David Livingston, Cassini, Enceladus, south pole plumes, sea floor vents, Saturn, organic material, flyby mission, life detection, organics.


Blaze Sanders, SpaceVR, 2 D virtual reality, ISS, astronaut inspiration, 3D virtual reality, ISS, aerospace industry, SpaceVR Kickstarter perks, Overview Effect, STEM outreach, balloon imagery, black and white virtual reality, VR viewing headsets, space advocacy, medical VR, SpaceVR gift packages, Nanoracks, internships, kick test for ISS.


Charles Chafer, Space Services Inc., Celestis, space memorial services, commercial space, NASA, SLS, entrepreneurial space, space markets, human spaceflight, Earth Rise, Earth Orbit, Luna (Lunar Memorial Service), Voyager, Spaceport America, launchers, Celestis Pets, commercial space waves, space weather, GPS applications, private space stations, commercial customers, space tourism, space advocacy.


Dr. John Jurist, 1960s space program, Cold War, WW2, the H Bomb, cryogenic development, V2 rockets,  Dr. John Paul Stapp, nuclear propulsion, Sputnik, Apollo 1 fire, Apollo 7, Apollo 8, NERVA, bone metabolism, DEXA Scan on the ISS, Walt Disney, von Braun, Colliers, International Geophysical Year, Vanguard, Sonic Wind II Rocket Sled, Yuri Gagarin, John Glenn, Alexi Leonov spacewalk, Ed White spacewalk, economic benefits of space, Teller Light, Space Shuttle System, opportunity cost, tech development alternatives to space &DOD, emergency medicine advancement, standard of living, inspiration.


Dr. Paul Sutter, space science, astrophysics, The Big Bang, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, theories, fact, microwave radiation, cosmological microwave background Planck Collaboration, cosmic web pattern, concordance model of universe, cosmological constant, star formation, Higgs field, gravitational lensing, neutrinos, Big Bang Theory TV Show, science outreach, science education, gravity, expanding universe, steady state universe, open universe, closed universe, flat universe.


John Batchelor, Dr. Jeff Foust, Dr. David Livingston, SpaceX, Return to flight, Orbcomm-2 mission, second stage F9 engine, F10 launch schedule, reusability, Mars, commercial launch manifest.


Steve Wolfe, Steven Gonzalez, Space Commerce Conference and Exposition, space trade organization,  space applications, space industrial outreach to medical, manufacturing, energy, communications & transportation  ISS, commercial space, CASIS, traditional aerospace, NewSpace, robotics, space advocacy, space access, space station life expectancy, ISS opportunities, networking, STEM, STEAM, EXPO Floor, "LEO and below, NASA.


Jay Wittner, Ron Jones, Integrated Space Plan, pathways to space development, space solar power, commercial space, space entrepreneurs, NewSpace, NASA, planetary science, lunar ice, gravity research, The SpacePlan poster, private sector, SEDS, students, space collaboration, GPS, Uber, advanced propulsion, cislunar development, commercial customers, space tourism, launch vehicle industry, reusable launch industry, Wired Magazine, Discovery Magazine.


Debra Facktor Lepore, Ball Aerospace, market technology, space markets, space entrepreneurism, space project value, launch services, cubesats, NewSpace, NASA, public space programs, public/private partnerships, international space project, human spaceflight, space industry trends, space data market, space project "coolness" factor, disruptive industry, SpaceX, ITAR, Pluto, New Horizons, student interest in space projects, GPS, Uber, space advocacy, space project outcomes, a tribute to George Mueller.


John Batchelor, Dr. Marc Rayman, Dr. David Livingston, Dawn Mission, Ceres, Ceres impacts, material absorption, Ceres salt, Ceres bright spot, Vestas, scientific answers, Ceres giant mountain.


Open Lines, Declan O'Donnell, "The Martian", walking on Mars by 2030, cardiac problems for space flight, tether-type centrifuge in space, artificial gravity, gravity prescription 1 g, SpaceGAMBIT Organization, Phobos,  low latency telecommunications, Hermes spaceship nuclear propulsion, commercial space, 2001 movie, rotating toruses. NewSpace., NASA Roadmap To Mars. 


Alexandra (Ally) Abrams, Space Frontier Foundation, communications, rhetoric, Hannah Kerner, targeted message, social media, space advocacy, Baby Boomers, Millennials, technology, communication tactics, communication strategy, colonization vs. settlement, audience segmentation, NewSpace, startups, Skybox, political communication tactics, united space advocacy, general public communications, decision maker communications, focus groups.


Open line, Dr. Space's medical leave, Space Show Indiegogo project, Mach Thrusters, Dr. Jim Woodward, Apollo Dividend Project, lunar commercial value, planetary protection, out of the box physics thought, 3D printed Martian habitat, Comparing Indiegogo to Kickstarter, UFO issues based on Dr. Robbins Space Show program.


Dr. Stuart Robbin, Mars, craters on Mars, Planetary Data Systems, lunar data base, lunar craters, Mercury craters, Carbon 14 dating, asteroid impacts, crater size, Martian life experiments, astrobiology, threshold level of evidence, New Horizons, space policy, planetary protection, Mars rovers, Pseudo Astronomy, ET & UFO information, education and public outreach, CGI, space exploration people vs. robots, Meteor Crater


Dr. Gil Levin, NASA, Viking Labeled Release life detection experiments, Mars, Mars methane, Martian flowing water, Viking 1 human landing site, NASA Roadmap to Mars, ISRO, life detection experiments with control, conspiracy theories, planetary protection, Oasis Theory, open minded researchers, Mars Society Conference, Ice Cake payload, Amino Acid detection, ExoLance, U.S. Congress, NASA funding, researchers and funding.


Dr. Michael Gruntman, USC Department of Astronautical Engineering, "Intercept 1961: The Birth Of Soviet Missile Defense," Soviet Union's missile defense, ballistic intercept, SA4, nuclear detonation, direct kill, missile defense guidance systems, U.S. missile defense systems, digital computing, U.S. missile defense politicization, A35, intercept systems, Nike Zeus, radar systems, nuclear weaponization in space, diplomacy, direct collision intercept, ICBM warhead entry speeds, ICBM trajectories, Soviet 1955designs.


John Batchelor, Dr. Robert Zubrin, Dr. David Livingston, NASA's Road to Mars, launch manifest, SLS, Phobos, Evolvable Mars Campaign: Status Update, Orion, Cislunar, heavy lift, Mars orbital issues, The Mars Society Conference Debate, Mars science.


Gerald Driggers, artificial gravity, "Reduced Gravity:  The 400-kilogram gorilla in the room," ISS centrifuge, microgravity related issues, destination travel time, spin rate, 1g centrifuge, tethers, Mars gravity, lunar gravity, "Earth-Mars Chronicles," Joe Carroll, artificial partial gravity, 2010 National Space Policy, ecosystem, The Underground Gardens in Fresno, radiation shielding, water, Dr. Doug Plata, lunar gravity experiments, "Martian Sniper." 


Anthony Young, "The Twenty-First Century Commercial Space Imperative," commercial space, private space, space entrepreneurism, NASA, public-private programs, international space programs, SpaceX, Stratolaunch, air launch, cubesats, NASA budget, personal spaceflight, suborbital flight, STEM, Boeing CST 100, orbital personal spaceflight, small satellite development, Bigelow private space stations, government regulations.


Jim Keravala, Shackleton Energy, lunar water ice, terrestrial energy, propellant depots, space based solar power, lunar polar regions, terrestrial robotics, investor caution, risk taking, Lunar Cots, Off World Foundation, Off World Consortium, lunar mining & manufacturing, space based solar power, commercial space, space settlement, regulatory environment, global warming, Outer Space Treaty, rectennas, TRL risk reduction, educational outreach.


John Batchelor, Emily Lakdawalla , Dr. David Livingston, Pluto, New Horizons, Charon, ground observations, Pluto's atmosphere, Pluto weather.


Bob Zimmerman, Blue Origin, ULA, Cape Canaveral, SpaceX, Falcon Heavy, Proton, Launcher One, SpaceShip 2, Virgin Galactic, Orbital ATK, Dragon Capsule, Aerojet Rocketdyne, XCOR, Dr. Charles Lurio, Vulcan rocket, Plutonium 238, SLS, NASA Planetary Science, New Horizons, Pluto, Rosetta mission, Philae Lander, artificial Martian sand dunes, space policy 7 the 2016 election, Decadal Survey, SpaceX back to flight, SpaceX reusable first stage, Arianespace, Russian space program, ISS, Vostochny, methane engines, LOX/LH2, RP-1, specific impulse, commercial space. 


Dr. Patricia (Pat) Hynes, International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS), commercial space, ULA, Blue Origin, The Boeing company, TED Talks, "Make A Difference," Boeing CST 100 , Virgin Galactic, risk, NTSB Report, NASA culture, cargo resupply, suborbital tourism, balanced risk, space law, Google, Future Space Leaders, women in aerospace careers, National Center for Women and Information Technology, Creating Effective Work Teams, Orbital ATK, Spaceport America.


Dr. Doug Plata, space advocacy projects, space advocate organizations, Gravitron, Hollow Ice Sphere, dry food, inflatable landers, physics, engineering, high school physics, Centaur upper stage, telerobotics, "Unihab," psychological food, medium arm centrifuge, solar drapes, hydroponic greenhouse, organic chemistry, Finger monkey, human vs. robotic exploration, computer simulations, tetherball centrifuge, bedrest studies, IRB for animal experiments.


Rand Simberg, "Clearing The Roadblock To Mars," SLS, Falcon Heavy, heavy lift, ULA, Blue Origin, Boeing, Vulcan, Kickstarter, Apollo, Apollo 8, Falcon 9, Dragon, SpaceX, Atlas 5, Russian rocket engines, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Orion, heat shield, Mars, Martian moons, LEO vehicle, cislunar, Return to the Moon, SpaceX return to flight, NASA budget, 2016 elections, rocket reusability, fuel depots, SSTO, citizen lobbying of congress, heavy lift fairing diameter, low cost spaceflight.


John Batchelor, William (Bill) Harwood, Dr. David Livingston, ISS, Commander Scott Kelly, ISS International Partnership, NASA robotic mission, human spaceflight, space station longevity, Dawn Mission, Ceres bright spot, planetary science.


Dr. Jason Reimuller, Project PoSSUM, global climate study, PoSSUM Academy, PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Qualification Program, mesosphere, Noctilucent Cloud Imagery, high altitude balloons, suborbital flight, polar missions, high energy and momentum transportation rom the upper atmosphere, Noctilucent Cloud Tomography Experiment, launch vehicles, public outreach, training programs, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, space suits, Final Frontier Design, citizen science, aerometry, cubesats.


Dr. Jeff Bell, NewSpace, Virgin Galactic, hybrid rocket motors, rocket reusability, Dream Chaser, Falcon 9, NewSpace Patent War, personality cults, SpaceShip2 accident, NTSB report, ISS, cubesats, A12, Ranger Program, Russian engines, Antares, Silicon Valley, booster recovery, SpaceX's propulsive recovery, ULA's airborne recovery of the engine, government subsidies, suborbital tourism.


Mark Whittington, "Why Is It So Hard to Go Back to the Moon?," political leadership, Constellation, U.S. Congress, Space Exploration Initiative, ISS, Altair costs, public support, international space missions, returning to the Moon, individual political lobbying, HE3, public private partnerships, Russia, China, international space agency, Fusion, ELA study for returning to the Moon, commercial space sector.


AIAA Space 2015, Kathy Lueders, Rand Simberg, Leonard David, NASA Commercial Crew Program, human spaceflight safety, commercial crew budget, SLS, milestones, astronaut selection, "crazy thinking," Dr. Heidi Fearn, Mach Thrusters, Dr. Jim Woodward, Robert Jacobson, Theory of Relativity, 1g acceleration, floating tables, thruster movement.


John Batchelor, Anatoly Zak, Dr. David Livingston, Voschotny Spaceport, Soyuz rocket, human space flight, Angara, Angara pad, Voschotny transportation systems, ISS 2024, high inclination orbit, remote sensing, Russian space station, Russian ISS modules.


Dr. Jens Biele, Rosetta Mission, Philae Lander, German Aerospace Center (DLR), ESA, Comet 67P, landers, solar power, RTG, advanced propulsion, ESA mission politics, DLR MASCOT Mission (Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout), European Consortium, trojan asteroids, sample return, organic molecules, ion thrusters, chemical rockets, electric propulsion, launch vehicle choices, flyby missions, Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment (AIDA), Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM), ESA general population support, ESA PR, human spaceflight, Phobos, Mars.


John Batchelor, Dr. Curt Niebur, Dr. David Livingston, Cassini-Huygens, Titan, near equatorial orbit, high gain antenna as a shield, Saturn's rings, polar orbit, red arcs on Tethys, Cassini Farewell Tour.


Timothy (Tim) Dooley, The Victorian Space Age, Steampunk, "Terraforming Venus:  Tales From An Alternate History," Venusian technology, rotation period, Victorian Space Age time lines, Martian timeline exploration, Victorian Space Age rockets, Victorian Space Age interstellar flight, Victorian Space Age solar system exploration, Robert Zubrin, the European Consortium, spaceports, Victorian Space Age airships, radiation issues, life support, fantasy.


Dr. Judith Curry, climate science, Earth warming, climate science partisanship, climate data, tree rings, UN IPCC climate reports, climate models, sea level issues, CO2, historical warming trends, scientific bias, climate science uncertainty, regulatory approach, technology & innovation approach, CO2, China, India, sun-climate correlation, solar cycle, climate policy, scientific consensus, planetary science, solar system climates, U.S. Congress, The House of Commons, UK Parliament, public education on science, greenhouse gasses, hockey stick graph.


Dr. William (Bill) Rowe; space walks, EVAs, magnesium deficiency, astronaut plasma levels, astronaut adrenalin levels, microgravity, space related cardiac issues, Sy Mah, spaceflight dehydration, spacesuits, pressure suits, I.V. saline in spaceflight, spacesuit gloves, calcium magnesium ratio, ISS, Vitamin D usage in space, urban pollution, EVA risk, subcutaneous pharmaceutical usage in space.


Jeff Smith, Space Show Website & Archives Modernization Program, new Space Show blog/commenting system, Disqus for blog comments, comment diversity, website integration, beta testing.


Dr. Lewis Dartnell, "The Knowledge: How To Rebuild Civilization In The Aftermath Of A Cataclysm," space settlement, Mars, "The Martian," genetic base, skill sets, technology, community size, Martian settlement, lunar settlement, Earth-like exoplanet settlement, engineering, habitable, inhabitable, rebooting civilization, genetic diversity issues, microgravity, off-Earth pregnancy, off-Earth child development, fetus development in space, Venetian atmosphere settlements, space settlement timeline.


Spencer Austin-Martin, new Indiegogo perk, Listener Voices, Listener Speaker Corner, blog integration, blog comments, sponsorship opportunities, total website traffic.


John Batchelor, Dr. Robert Pappalardo, Dr. David Livingston, Europa, NASA Europa Mission, Jupiter icy moons, Europa subsurface oceans, habitable zone, Europa mission sensors, Europa and search for life, Europa Mission instruments.


Dennis Wingo, secular stagnation, macro economics, "Secular Stagnation and Space: A Way Beyond Our Current Economic Plateau," space advocacy, economic growth, political leadership, national investment, Dr. Alvin Hansen, technology investment, Silicon Valley, cislunar space, lunar resources, space economic growth, Keynesian economics, industrial manufacturing capability, vocational training, BLEO economics, regulatory environment, FAA AST, international space cooperation, NASA budget, space budget, minorities & space advocacy, DIY programs, Maker programs, Maker Faire, Zero G Zero Tax.


Spencer Austin-Martin, Space Show Website Modernization Program, beta testing, technical advisor, website functionality, multiple platforms, HTML5, responsive template.


Dr. Madhu Thangavelu, Tihomir Dimitrov (Tisho), ISU SSP, Ohio University, Planetary Defense, Fracking, Vision 2040, nuclear devices, comet impact on Earth, directed energy technology, weapons in space, the role of the Moon in future space activity, private space ventures, commercial space, NASA, Moon Studio Class.


John Hunt, key words, topic search, fully searchable database for all SS programs, "The Martian," mach thrusters.


Open Lines, Space Show Website & Archives Modernization Campaign, "The Martian,"  Mach thrusters, potential solar system travel, science orthodoxy, SLS, ROI discussion, Return on Exploration discussion, public financed space projects, commercial space projects, rebuilding civilization, settlement, entrepreneurial attitude, 3D printing, self-replicating robots.


Richard Easton, Space Show archives, Space Show website advanced search functions, Space Show Indiegogo crowd funding program, GPS, navigation, P. V. H. Weems, Harold Rosen, Space Show program searches.


Charles Miller, "Evolvable Lunar Architecture" Study, Return to the Moon, lunar robotic missions, Constellation, affordable lunar missions, fuel depots, public private partnerships, international participation, low latency telepresence, lunar TRLs, lunar settlement, lunar habitats, L2, cislunar transportation, international lunar authority, COTS, lunar escape system, commercial astronauts, SLS, NASA budget, ISS, Falcon Heavy, robots repairing robots, lunar tourism, human expansion to the cosmos, humans in deep space, space property rights.


Spencer Austin-Martin, Space Show archives, Space Show website advanced search functions, Space Show Indiegogo crowd funding program, Space Show sponsorship options, website banner placement.


Dr. John Jurist, Space Show archives, Space Show fully searchable database, space history, early Space Show programs, literature searches, Space Show website menu, key words.


John Batchelor, Doug Messier, Dr. David Livingston,, Virgin Galactic, Scale Composites, SpaceShip2, White Knight2, NTSB, FAA AST oversight, Sir Richard Branson, suborbital safety, human factors, Virgin Galactic accident.


Russell Cox, The Lunar Initiatives, lunar development, private sector, entrepreneurial lunar activity, cubesats, lunar workshops, lunar resources, lunar ice, LRO, planetary science, cislunar space, hackathon, Maker Faire, Lunar Cubes, habitable zones, lunar settlement, lunar science, lunar habitats, entrepreneurial TRL, NASA, Aldrin cyclers, lunar art, gamma ray bursts, NewSpace.


Jeremy Straub, undergraduate small spacecraft software research, cubesats, super-resolution, image enhancement, neural networks, adversarial neural network examples for computer vision, neural network training, back propagation, evolutionally algorithms, cryptographic algorithm, encryption, distance measuring using image processing techniques, astrodynamics for orbit maintenance and deorbiting, adaptive attitude control systems for small spacecraft, satellite security solutions, cubesat orbital decay, NASA.


Spencer Austin-Martin, The Space Show Website Modernization Program, searchable archives, archival quality archives, Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, Host a Space Show program, Indiegogo incentive perks, The Space Show special edition log, social media, Facebook, nonprofit, Space Show Honor Roll, Space Show website beta testing, Drupal 7, Content Management System, Blender.


Charlie Precourt, Orbital ATK, SLS, Orion, Space Shuttle, solid rocket boosters, liquid rocket motors, ISP, human spaceflight, Mars, Moon, Joint Strike Fighter, tons to escape, Beyond Low Earth Orbit, heavy lift, smaller launch vehicles, space solar power infrastructure, five segment SRB, technology challenges, rocket reliability, space exploration benefits.


Hannah Kerner, Space Frontier Foundation, NewSpace, space destination debate, Moon, Mars, cislunar, asteroids, Martian moons, Europa mission, Millennials, millennials career choices, manifest destiny, innovation, NewSpace diversity, NewSpace demographics, outreach, Stepping Stone Approach.


Brent Sherwood, "Power from the Sky," Dr. David MacKay, "Sustainable Energy-Without The Hot Air," space solar power, John Mankins, CO2, post petroleum economy, greenhouse gasses, electricity, concentrated solar, nuclear power, chemical fuels, biofuels, macro engineering, micro engineering, rectennas, GEO infrastructure, SSP demo, ISS, NASA, private capital.


Open Lines, Spencer Austin-Martin, Space Show Indiegogo project, Space Show website redesign, archival quality database,, beta testing, Drupal 7, Content Management System, Space Show logo redesign, Space Show transcripts, UK cubesat regulation, Dr. Linda Billings Scientific American article, Shubber Ali on Space Cynics, NTSB Accident report on Space Ship 2, Virgin Galactic safety issues, Dr. Jim Woodward book, Mach thrusters, Em Drive, NewSpace Conference, Anthony Young on commercial space, John Travolta & Buzz Aldrin for the Share Space Foundation.


Dr. Julie Robinson, International Space Station (ISS), NASA, ISS research disciplines, ISS science, ISS Chief Scientist, commercial space & science experiments, Twins Study, NASA Human Research Program, genetic research, NASA One Year Mission (1YM), 1YM Investigation Categories, Human Factors, Behavior, cognitive impairment, radiation, microgravity, BLEO research, space settlement, TRL for Humans to Mars, ISS organization, ISS partners, ISS Lab usage allocation percentages, in space gender differences, risk assessment, private missions vs. government missions, fluid shifts, ocular health issues, The Russian Chibis suit, space expeditions compared to ocean expeditions, alternative propulsion, human gravity RX, mission simulation on ISS, behavioral studies. SpaceX Dragon Lab, commercial space research,.


John Batchelor, Dr. Marc Rayman, Dr. David Livingston, Dawn Mission, Ceres, bright spots, Occator crater, 3 mile high pyramid peak, volcanos, dwarf planet, ice, dust layer, Ceres oceans.


Michael Mackowski, "Adventures in Space Advocacy," space advocacy, L5 Society, National Space Society, The Planetary Society, AIAA, human spaceflight, NASA, commercial space, space advocacy organizations, individual space advocacy, U.S. Congress, inspiration, STEM, space settlement, space tourism, model building, SLS, space models, 3D printing, education outreach, social media, space & our future.


Dr. Robert Pappalardo, Europa, Europa Mission Development Phase, NASA, JPL, Europa oceans, saltwater, simple life molecules, radiation, Galileo spacecraft, tidal heating, chemical nutrients, chemical radiation, habitable zone, SLS, cubesats, bandwidth, Europa plumes, Jupiter as a particle accelerator, Europa radiation shielding, chemical energy, RTG, solar power, Europe science experiments & instruments, European JUICE Mission, ice penetrating radar, Europa rotation, icy volcanos, Jupiter icy moons, House Science Committee,  Enceladus.


Rex Ridenoure, Ecliptic Enterprise Corporation, RocketCam, LightSail Cubesat program, cubesats, The Planetary Society, commercial space, Dept. of Defense, NASA, ITAR, Ecliptic avionics, rendezvous & docking, solar sail, small satellites, ride share, NewSpace Conference, commercial space, competition, space leadership, space settlement.


Jon Goff, Altius Space Machines, Sticky Boom, Prospector, Lisa, Robotic Manipulator, EMBARC-2, Robotics, fuel depots, ISS, commercial space, NASA, SBIR, electro-magnetism, lunar lander, space debris, capture robotics, Falcon Heavy, ISRU, aerobraking, cubesats, MAGE, smallsats, ADS-B ground stations.


Dr. Pat Patterson, SmallSat Conference, cubesats, cubesat workshop, SmallSat Conference Proceedings, Space Dynamics Lab, Utah State University, Orbital-ATK, SpaceX, SmallSat financing options, ride sharing.


John Batchelor, Dr. Alan Stern, Dr. David Livingston, New Horizons, Pluto, Pluto mountains, Pluto's moons, Charon, high resolution Pluto images.


Dr. Jim Woodward, Mach Effect, Woodward effect, gravity, Mach thruster, exotic propulsion, Mach Drive, Rest Mass, heavy lift, time dependent variable, theoretical physics, experimental physics, scaling test, "Making Starships and Stargates," electro magnetism theory, vector potential, Higgs-Boson, modeling, science funding, cosmology, space time, interstellar travel, career paths.


Evoloterra, Rand Simberg, Bill Simon, US Space Policy, Apollo, Cold War, leaving Earth, Mars, Return to the Moon, ceremony, Passover Seder, inspiration, STEM, Soviet Union lunar program, Sputnik, space mining, property rights, Arthur C. Clarke.


Dr. Jack Burns, the Moon, U.S.  space policy, International lunar space policy, Cold War, Apollo, return to the Moon, space exploration drivers, The Global Exploration Roadmap, scientific lunar drivers, commercial lunar drivers, The Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE), farside of the Moon observatory, Orion lunar missions, cislunar space, Mars, lunar robotic missions, commercial lunar missions, lunar water ice, cubesats, lunar secondary mission launches, lunar mission costs.


Dr. Doug Plata, "Achieving Early Earth Independence," ISRU, Sufficient Supply, Minimally Self-sufficient Colony (MSSC), Moon-Mars Analogue Base (MMAB), Mass Independence, Earth Return Option, self sufficient, self sustaining, Colony vs. Settlement, GCR exposure, radiation shielding, mass independence reduction percentage, permanent Martian base, human species survival, artificial gravity, LEO settlements, crew focus & mission, human factors issues, artificial gravity.


Al Globus, radiation, space settlement, LEO space settlement, radiation over the equator, Free Space Settlement, radiation shielding, artificial gravity spin rate, space solar power, U.S. Space Policy, space hotels, space tourism, active shielding, space debris issues, 2004 super flare event from a magnetar named SGR 1806–20, space mining, Biosphere 2.


Robert Kooima, computer graphics, 3D imaging of moons and planets, Panoptic, giga-pixel stereoscopic panoramas,  high-resolution planetary terrains, virtual reality, refresh rate, Mars, Moon, circular objects, Oculus Rift, NASA's Planetary Data System, virtual reality side effects, speed of light, rover motion, irregular shapes, astronomy, hollow lens technology, atmospheric rendering.


Dr. Charles Limoli, "What happens to your brain on the way to Mars," rodent radiation simulation studies, mice experiments, animal research, galactic cosmic rays (GSR), NASA, Brookhaven, experiment constraints, cognition dysfunction, progressive cognitive deficits, radiation shielding, mitigation strategies, human factors, Human Spaceflight to Mars, Moon Mars radiation comparisons, SpaceX, underground shielding on the Moon & Mars, Dr. Zubrin criticism, specific  observed cognitive changes in study subjects, synergies between radiation exposure and decreased immune function, 2 year long radiation experiment.


John Batchelor, Michael Listner, Dr. David Livingston, U.S. National Space Policy, space debris removal policy, commercial space subsidies, transparency & confidence building, treaties, space property rights, cubesats, defense strategy, globalist space view.


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Open Lines, Falcon 9, SpaceX, launch prices, advanced propulsion, quality control, spaceflight safety, systems engineering process, Air Force, NASA, congress, New Horizons, Pluto, RD180 engines, Applied Physics Lab, Decadal Survey, redundancy with launch vehicles.


Dr. Bruce Cordell, Maslow Window, President Kennedy space policy, Russian space policy, Apollo moon landings, economic growth, global warming, ebullience, government space programs, public-private partnerships, European Space Agency, presidential elections & space policy, China space program, ISS, SSP, return to the Moon, Mars, Panic of 2008, economic turnaround, societal negativity.


John Batchelor, Andy Weir, Dr. David Livingston, "The Martian," man vs. nature, Apollo 13 inspiration, Robinson Crusoe, MacGyver, trapped on Mars, NASA.


Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, commercial space overview, Constellation, SLS, Congress, COTS, commercial crew, SpaceX, Dragon V2, Boeing CST100, Dream Chaser, launch industry, Arianne, Airbus, orbital industry, suborbital industry, human spaceflight, ISS, private space, Chinese space program, Russian space program, Moon vs. Mars, ARM, LightSail, Planetary Society, Rosetta, 67P, Philae Lander, Europa mission, sex in space, Interorbital Systems, XCOR, Virgin Galactic, Orbital ATK, NASA, Stratolaunch, Blue Origins, New Horizons, Pluto, Charon.


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Dr. Bruce Damer,  TEDxSantaCruz talks, Mars,  sustainable space exploration, The Origin & Purpose of Life, S.H.E.P.E.R.D spacecraft, robotic mining, space mining, hard rock mining, Xenon gas, outer solar system, cislunar development, lunar habitats, space inflatables, origin of life theory, biosphere, rational for HSF to Mars, Martian moons.


John Batchelor, Anatoly Zak, Dr. David Livingston, Russian space program, Progress, Proton, ISS, Russian rocket quality control, Angara.


William (Bill) Harwood, LightSail, Planetary Society, NASA "flying saucer," Supersonic Ringsai Parachute, Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator, landing on Mars, Moon vs. Mars, SpaceX, Mars HSF rational, ARM, NASA budget, U.S. Congress, New Horizons, Pluto flyby, commercial space, Chinese space program, Indian space program, space race, SpaceX subsidies, commercial crew, NASA oversight, SLS-Orion, public-private partnerships, international missions, science missions, spacecraft safety, Virgin Galactic, deep space safety, ISS, Independent Docking Adapter for ISS, Dream Chaser, rocket launch explosions.


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Dan Adamo, "Report of the Second Mars Affordability and Sustainability Workshop," human spaceflight (HSF) to Mars, Low Latency Telepresence (LLT), High Latency Telepresence (HLT), rational for HSF to Mars, human factors, aerospace medicine, radiation, microgravity, return to the Moon, cis-lunar space, rescue missions, space settlement, SLS, Falcon Heavy, Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT), SpaceX, robotics, Mars cycler, space policy, pioneering, Deimos, Martian rovers, multiple small launches vs. large heavy lift, stepping stone plan, short arm centrifuge, ISS, Apollo 17 140 MT payload.


Greg Meholic, advanced propulsion, faster-than-light travel, physics-based propulsion systems, reusable space launch systems, novel rocket engine technologies, Mach's Principle, nuclear rocket, fundamental physics, chemical rockets, SLS, LEO, Dr, James Woodward, Dr. Sonny White, Q Thruster, M drive, research funding, radiation, trip time, space time, gravity, artificial gravity, payload penalty on reusability, government funded research, private funded research.


John Batchelor, Dr. Alan Stern, Dr. David Livingston, New Horizons, Pluto, Dwarf planets, Pluto's Moons, Hubble Space Telescope. Earth-Moon system.


Dr. Robert Zubrin, Mars Society Convention 2015, Mars Society debates, Convention keynote speakers, radiation, mice experiments, one way Mars missions, Moon vs. Mars, Falcon Heavy, SLS, Saturn V, Mars via the Moon, risk taking, Earth Return Option Mars Direct, HSF to Mars timeline, nuclear power on Mars, thorium, nuclear saltwater rocket, nuclear rocket, mission driven space program, artificial gravity, Mars cycler, fossil ice in Valles Marineris, terraforming Mars, Topaz reactor, Martian Moons, ISS radiation compared to Mars travel dosage, NASA leadership, political leadership, University Rover Contest, PU238.


Dr. Erik Seedhouse, Polar Exploration & Mars, Virgin Galactic, ISDC, radiation, Mars 500, radiation shielding with water, ISRU, XCOR, cardio-vascular problems, Elon Musk & Mars, Mars Colonial Transporter, Mars One, Mars via the Moon, space settlement, Dragon V2, definition of space, suborbital flight delays, suborbital regulatory regime, commercial space, space advocate expectations.


Open Lines, The Onion, asteroid & lunar mining, Space Show website, Space Show crowd funding, Amazon, Elon Musk, public-private partnerships, state provided non-cash benefits, presidential cycle & space, SLS, JWST, commercial space infancy, Commercial Space legislation, Government Astronaut designation, paraterraforming, reversible exploration.


Dr. Ian Crawford, Dr. Haym Benaroya, "Lunar Resources: A Review," HE3, PGM, cis-lunar development, lunar scientific potential, lunar habitat, inflatable structures, lunar remote sensing, LRO, lunar water ice, lunar exploration, 3D printing, robotics, polar volatiles, lunar commercial operations, legal framework for lunar operations, lunar nitrogen, solar wind, lunar dust, lunar mining equipment, Mars, U.S. space leadership, international space policy, The Global Exploration Strategy, The International Space Exploration Coordination Group, asteroid resource usage.


John Batchelor, Marcia Smith, Dr. David Livingston, NASA 2016 budget, Sequestration, spending caps,  planetary science, commercial crew, SLS, Earth Sciences, House Appropriations Committee, budget cuts, Orion, BLEO, commercial space.


Dr. Matthew Moynihan, Polywell, fusion energy, trapping diamagnetic plasma, Phoenix Nuclear Labs, Shine Medical Technologies, medical radioisotopes, neutrons, fission, molybdenum-99, The Fusion Energy League, Convergent Scientific Incorporated,
EMC2, Dr. Robert Bussard, The Polywell Blog, amateur fusion, fusors, ions, ITER, Tokamak fusion reactor, fusion rocket, Joint European Torus, crowd funding, ignition.


Christopher Stone, National Security Space Strategy, deterrence, , Chinese ASAT test, DOD, Four Elements of Deterrence, Delicate Balance of Risk, China space policy, Chinese space strategy, deterrence counter measures, LEO stability, disaggregation, Deterrence Through Norms, Deterrence Through Alliances, Deterrence Through Resilience, Deterrence Through Response, soft deterrence, Space Pearl Harbor, threat credibility, mirror imaging, Cold War deterrence, Kinetic space weapon, US debt to China, Human Spaceflight, kinetic space warfare.


Dr. Pal Brekke, "Northern Lights - a Magic Experience  DVD," Northern Lights, Southern Lights, Northern Lights tourism, Northern Lights mythology, sun, magnetosphere, atmosphere, space weather, sunspots, gravitational lens, coronal holes, solar weather, CMEs, Earth's climate, comic rays, solar probes, SOHO, Carrington Effect, Northern Lights photography, solar research, sun's lifespan.


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Dr. Eligar Sadeh, public/private partnerships, space launch systems, SpaceX, ULA, cislunar transportation system, lunar habitat, risk, SLS, heavy lift, Better Buying Power, liability issues, competitive launch, space policy leadership, return to the Moon, international public/private partnerships, Acquisition Death Spiral, Astropolitics, Federal Acquisition rules (FAR), traditional aerospace contracting, EELV program, cost plus contracting, commercial space models, COTS, Commercial Crew, Lunar Cots, human spaceflight, lunar infrastructure, low cost launches, Bigelow Aerospace, commercial lunar incentives, lunar policy, block buy.


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John Batchelor, Dr. Marc Rayman, Dr. David Livingston, Dawn Mission, Ceres, Dwarf Planets, Pluto, Ceres bright spot, Ceres ice on surface.


Open Lines, Charles Pooley Memorial, Microlaunchers, EM Drive, Space Show website, space solar power, home based space experiments, ISDC, SunSat Competition, art auctions, expensive art, Moonraker Space Shuttle, Virgin Galactic, NTSB investigations.


Dr. Doug Plata, Space Access Society, Return to the Moon, lunar lander, Mars, lunar surface operations, Masten Space Systems, ULA, Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Henry Vanderbilt, Erik Seedhouse, NASA, NASA budget, Lunar Cots, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, commercial space, public private partnerships, Charles Pooley, Topaz Nuclear Reactor, lunar ice harvesting, SmallSat, U. S. Congress, beamed power on the Moon, lunar rover power.


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John Batchelor, Dr. Jeff Foust, Dr. David Livingston, Blue Origin, BE4 rocket engine, BE3 rocket engine, New Shepard test flight, Jeff Bezos.


Darren Charrier, UCSD, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space USA (SEDS), 3D printed rocket engine, SEDS lunar lander, Moonshot Alpha, Vulcan-1 engine, 6U cubesat, lunar lander communication array, lunar HE3, fusion energy, ride share to the Moon, SpaceX, SuperDraco thruster, ITAR, lunar landing services, lunar tourism, advanced space propulsion, thorium.


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Open Lines discussion, Kitt Peak Observatory, Kitt Peak telescopes, Tucson light pollution, Space Show website, Space Show crowdfunding program, developing the space economy,  ULA Vulcan, Space Cynics, SpaceX, RTG's on the Moon, ISS year long mission, lunar HSF missions, Space Show crowd funding incentive offers.


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Dr. John Jurist,  Considerations in configuring launch systems, payloads, mass, exhaust velocity, mass ratio, ISP, 2 stage vs. single stage, ULA, SpaceX, liquids vs. solids, turbo pumps, pressure fed systems, rocket fuel choices, gravity load, environmental issues, human payloads, vibration envelope, LEO, BLE,  gravity loss, NERVA, nuclear propulsion, heavy lift, hybrid fuel, amateur rocketry, payload shrouds, Atlas missile, Falcon Heavy, Skylon, SLS, Dietrich Koelle, suborbital point to point transportation, basic rocket equation.


Dr. Guillem Anglada, Queen Mary University of London, exoplanets, Doppler spectroscopy, transit method, Gilese 581d, red dwarf, habitable super-Earth, telescopes, low mass stars, microlensing, advanced propulsion, bio markers, gas giants, Super Earth, occulter (starshade), New Worlds Mission, KST, TESS Mission, ESA PLATO Mission, Dyson Sphere, Sun as a gravitational lens, M type dwarfs, free-flying coronagraph, radio telescopes, Oort cloud objects.


John Batchelor, Dr. William Bottke, Dr. David Livingston, Earth's Moon, giant impacts, asteroid explosion, debris, Late Heavy Bombardment, Moon stability, high velocity impacts, Ceres. 


Tom Marotta, March Storm, SEDS Act, Cheap Access to Space (CATS), Space Settlement, Citizens Space Agenda, commercial crew, ISS, congressional staff members, Cheap Access To Space Prize, Moon Treaty, public private partnerships, human spaceflight, spaceflight safety, Home District Blitz.


Dr. Donald Rapp, Using indigenous resources on Mars, MOXIE, Martian CO2 to O2, Climate Change, global warming, returning to the Moon, propellant depots, propellant from the moon, nuclear propulsion, Mars Direct, making O2 for life support, heavy lift rockets, beaming power on the Moon, Mars cyclers, warming periods, climate models, CO2, water vapor, sunspots and climate change, climate change politics, financial bubbles.


Dr. John Jurist, Kobi Hudson, Rocky Mountain College, Orbital ATK Five Segment Booster Test, SLS, heavy lift, Mars, Moon, space infrastructure, Falcon Heavy, SpaceX, liquid rocket motors, solid rocket boosters, ISS Algae experiment, agar solid media, ARM, Phobos, closed loop life support, Firebird cubesats, university choices, SpaceX launch 7 to the ISS.


Dr. Chris Impey, "Beyond: Our Future In Space," U.S. space program, emerging commercial space industry, SpaceX Dragon, Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson, NASA, NewSpace, NASA science missions, space militarization, Chinese space program, mining asteroids, space tourism, space regulatory concerns, geology, biology, astronomy, life on Mars, inspiration, Moon over Mars, NASA budget, FTL travel.


John Batchelor, Rand Simberg, Dr. David Livingston,  SpaceX, Falcon 9, barge landing, reusability, first stage landing on land, ULA, Vulcan rocket.


Rand Simberg, SpaceX, Falcon 9, reusable fist stage, ULA, Vulcan rocket, launch industry competition, Asteroid Redirect Mission, Mars, SLS, Moon vs. Mars debate, space destinations, space settlement, suborbital companies, cubesats, Space Access Society.


Dr. Erik Conway, JPL Historian, "Exploration and Engineering: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Quest for Mars," Pathfinder, airbags, human spaceflight, robotic missions, planetary protection, Moon, Mars, policy, engineering, mission constraints, NASA historians, Goddard Spaceflight Center, Curiosity, JPL founders, JPL early history, JPL Mars focus, impact of finding past or present life on Mars, commercialization, ITAR, human risk vs. cost, JPL Faster, Cheaper, Better, international projects, Applied Physics Lab.


Sonia Van Meter, Mars One, Mars 100, HSF to Mars, HSF to Moon, Mars as inspiration, Mars One astronaut training, Mars spaceflight risk factors, MIT Mars One study, spacesuits, emergency Earth return, Mars One settlement growth, having children on Mars, Mars One medical care, privacy issues, launch risks, Martian moons, regulatory controls, NASA Planetary Protection, Mars One rescue, nuclear propulsion, human pollution of Mars, nuclear propulsion.


Anthony Young, spacesuits, Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Final Frontier, Orbital Outfitters, suborbital flight, pressure suits, EVA suits, spacesuit training, spacesuit costs, Sarah Brightman, ISS, orbital tourism, do it yourself spacesuits.


John Batchelor, Anatoly Zak, Dr. David Livingston, Russian space program, Vostochny Cosmodrome, Vostochny airport, Angara, Soyuz, Vostochny launch pads, Vostochny labor problems, Foton-M4, biological experiments.


Chris Carberry,, Humans2Mars Summit, Mars One, human spaceflight to Mars, Return to the Moon, Lunar Cots, SpaceX, Planetary Society Affording Mars Workshop, space settlement, low cost path to Mars, MIT Penetrators, ExoLance, sustainable Mars missions, lunar propellant, Kennedy moment, congressional support, Martian moons.


CAP Saucier, "Explore the Cosmos Like Neil deGrasse Tyson,: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, role models, mentors, Sir Isaac Newton, Saturn, Pluto, space settlement, science communication, Next Generation Science Standards, Jupiter, Kitt Peak, Galilean moons, science education, STEM, STEAM, Arts, Middle School students, evolution, telescopes, Galileo, Hubble Space Telescope, National Science Teachers Association, planetary programs, telling stories through biographies, Mars Curiosity rover, scientific literacy, astrophysics, astronomy.


John Batchelor, Dr. Haym Benaroya, Dr. David Livingston, Mars habitats, Mars methane, Mars nitrogen in soil, water on Mars, underground Mars habitats, lava tubes, Mars insitu resources, Mars human spaceflight timeline, Mars robotics, current technology vs. needed Mars habitat technology.


Dr. Bruce Damer, Shepherd, sustainable human spaceflight NASA ARM, asteroids, icy planetesimals, asteroid volatiles, SETI, ARM baggie concept, Shepherd fuel mission, Shepherd mining variant, Shepherd biological variant, Gerard O'Neill, Mars, Moon, 3D printing, open source, NewSpace entrepreneurs.


Dr. Tony Milligan, "Nobody Owns the Moon: The Ethics of Space Exploitation," space ethics, moral commitment, cultural significance, common heritage of mankind, benefit sharing, visibility form Earth,. asteroid mining, strip mining, lunar development, Mars, vandalism, Apollo landing sites, regulatory rules, United Nations, bilateral agreements,  trivial vs. non-trivial, settlement, thorium, thorium reactor and waste.


Open Line, NASA ARM, Mars One, Super Strypi, small satellite launchers, Falcon 9 side boosters, NASA-Russia ISS negotiations, space tourism, NASA possible cancellation of LRO & Opportunity.


Dr. Pamela "Rai" Menges, Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI), Star Sailor Energy Co., Space Power Laboratory, non-electrolytic power storage, hypersonic & transatmopheric launch vehicles, revolutionary technologies, government contracting, private R&D, government funded R& D, public relations and funding, research technologies, power storage density, SSP. Carrington Event, Ramstar Model spaceplane, Telemedicine, commercial spaceflight, NASA, commercial astronaut healthcare, ground effect vehicles, nuclear propulsion, centrifuges, nuclear weapons, Iran, enrichment, arms control, thorium, gaseous diffusion, Skylon, Reaction Engines.


John Batchelor, Doug Messier, Dr. David Livingston, Mars One, Virgin Galactic, Launcher One, small satellite business, small satellite launchers, SpaceX, Elon Musk, Super Strypi.


Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Virgin Galactic, AF rail satellite launcher Super Strypi, Launcher One, Russian ISS space tourism, XCOR, ISS cargo bidding, planetary missions, solar system census, colonization, Vostochny Cosmodrome, SpaceX Brownsville spaceport, SLS, Sen. Ted Cruz, Mars One, suborbital space, Indian space program, Rocketplane Kistler, Russian Angara rocket, U.S. STEM education, Falcon Heavy, Falcon 9, New Horizons., Ceres, Dawn Mission, dwarf planets.


Dr. Armin Ellis, Exploration Institute, Exploration Institute Summit, Sea, Land, Space, exploration central hub, Sea-Space Initiative, oceans, mountains, exploration for inspiration, educational outreach, story telling, cubesats, expeditions.


David Woods, NASA Gemini 1965-1966: Owners Workshop Manual,"  "How Apollo Flew To The Moon," "The Lunar Rover Manual," Gemini missions, Gemini capsule technology, Apollo capsule, Mercury Capsule, Haynes Manuals, Gemini & space sickness, Gemini budget, Gemini Blue, Gemini Manned Orbital Lab, returning to the moon, commercial space, Orion, Cold War, Gemini launch rate.


Ky Michaelson, rockets, Civilian Space eXploration TEAM (CSXT), rocket regulatory environment, Rocketbelt, amateur rocket to space, SPACESHOT 2003, Orbital Expressways, Inc.  


John Batchelor, Dr. Michael Mumma, Dr. David Livingston, Mars oceans, solar system water, Enceladus sub-surface oceans, silica particles, plumes of hydrocarbon vapor, Ganymede, Europa, Ceres, planetary ejecta.


Henry Vanderbilt, Space Access Society, COTS, Cots 2, planetary landers, rocket motors, COTS models, Public/Private Partnerships, Space Access Town hall Meeting,  New Horizons, space settlement, rocket reusability, spaceship docking, rocket safety, advanced propulsion, nuclear propulsion, EML2, fuel depots, space politics.


John Logsdon, "After Apollo? Richard Nixon and the American Space Program," Space Shuttle, ISS, NASA, human spaceflight, planetary space missions, international space projects, U.S. Congress, public space policy, commercial space, President Nixon, planetary science budget, Public Private Partnerships, Apollo,  Cold War, Mars, CAIB, space advocacy, space settlement, space pioneering, national security space, space vision, SLS, Orion, Elon Musk and Mars, Chinese space threat.


Marcia Smith,  NASA FY 2016 budget, Commercial Crew, NASA FY 2015 budget, SLS, Orion, Europa, Sequestration, targeted sequestration cuts, planetary science, human spaceflight, SLS motivators, NASA educational outreach, private sector space investment, ULA, EELV, Lockheed Jupiter Program, space debris, rocket reusability, Discretionary budget, Mars 2020, James Webb Space Telescope, Discover Mission Class D, ten year budgeting process, U.S. Congress, continuing resolution, nuclear thermal rocket, international cooperation for space programs, LEO infrastructure, cislunar space development, NASA Earth Science.


John Batchelor, Dr. Bruce Jakosky, Dr. David Livingston, Mars plumes, Martian oceans, Maven mission, Deep Dip Campaign, Martian atmosphere.


Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society, solar sail, LightSail, Dawn, New Horizons, Messenger, Curiosity, icy moons, photo mosaics, Cassini, outer planets, Venus, Ceres bright spot, the Moon, NASA, ESA, Rosetta Mission, planetary science, NASA budget, Pluto, Europa, Pluto Palooza, lunar hopper, lunar rover, Triton,  Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, outer planet radio communication, Mars 2020, sample return mission, planetary protection, Ganymede, lunar Imbrium event.


Keri Kukral, Raw Science Film Festival, Raw Science TV, Kip Thorne Gravity Award for Best Depiction of a Scientific Principle, science fiction, science, engineering, space films, ballet, arts & science, Cal Tech, student films.


Open Lines, Gliese 581d,  SpaceX vs. Blue Origin Patent Litigation, Dawn Mission, Ceres, New Horizons, speed of light, Kelly Starks on old space vs. NewSpace, quality control, Dwarf planets, Ceres white spot, Kelly on ArcJet, Pioneering Space National Summit, space settlement, cheap access to space, Mars One.


John Batchelor, William (Bill) Harwood, Dr. David Livingston, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Boeing Satellite, ion propulsion, Mars Curiosity, geo orbits, reusable first stage.


Anatoly Zak,, Russian space program, USSR space program, ISS, Russian space advocacy, U.S. sanctions, Russian moon program, Russian heavy rockets, nuclear thermal rockets, Russian space budget, Buran space shuttle, Ukraine space, Russian human space program, Russian space conferences, Vostochny spaceport, Russian space telescope.


Dr. James Dewar, Dr. John Jurist, nuclear propulsion, NTR (nuclear thermal rocket), B4 core, nuclear fuel, tungsten, thorium, space law, UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, policy, leadership, Congress, regulations, NTR economic benefits, Vasimr.

March/01/2015 Richard Easton, Eric Frazier, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo Navigational Satellites, "GPS Declassified," GPS modernization, GPS hacking, GPS security, OCX system, GPS ground stations, GPS responsive space, extending GPS through solar system, electro magnetic pulse GPS vulnerability, return to the Moon, lunar GPS, differential GPS. 
Feb. 27/2015

John Putman, biofeedback, neurofeedback, neuro-diagnosis, EEG, human spaceflight, sensorimotor rhythm (SMR), seizure disorder, suborbital spaceflight, microgravity, space adaptation syndrome (space sickness), Mars One, peak performance training, artificial gravity, ESA, Dept. of Defense, athletes, ISS, submarine experiments, astronaut biofeedback training.


John Batchelor, Dr. Linda Spilker Dr. David Livingston, Saturn, Cassini, Titan, Rhea, solar wind, Despeckling, Cassini station keeping, Saturn's rings, water ice, Huygens Probe.


Dr. Eligar Sadeh, export control, ITAR, Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of State, munitions list, cubesats, self-policing, Astropolitics, commercial space, space commerce, public/private partnerships, human spaceflight, robotic space missions, international space partnerships.

Feb. 23/2015

Dr. Bob Krone, Dr. Gordon Arthurs, Journal of Space Philosophy, Kepler Space Institute, Kepler Space University, space philosophy, Law of Space Abundance, cosmic intelligence, ISDC, Dr. Sherry Bell, Dr. Yehezkel Dror, Dr. Joel Isaacson, scarce resources, space resources, theological aspects of human spaceflight, Age of Discovery, Metallographic space art.


Dr. Asif Siddiqi, space history, Soviet space program, Apollo, Wernher von Braun, V-2 rocket, entitlement culture, human spaceflight, Mars One, robotic space exploration, Soviet N-1 Moon Rocket, Space Shuttle, India's space program, Chinese space program, SpaceX, Public/private partnerships, SLS, ARM, Orion, corporate space history, Sea Dragon,.

Feb./20/2015 Brett Hoffstadt,  "How to Be a Rocket Scientist," STEM, inspiring students, high school, middle school, aerospace engineering

John Batchelor, Anatoly Zak, Dr. David Livingston, Russian space program, Angara RD-191 engine, Russian giant satellite antenna, South Africa, Kondor-E satellite, Vostochny.


David Hook, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Planehook Aviation Services, LLC, UAV FAA regulations, Proposed Rules, Drone, Ultralight aircraft, academic UAVs, Proposed UAV Airman Certificate, UAVs & drugs, , UAV registration, UAV operator, swarms, UAVs & terrorism.


Dr. Arlin Crotts, "The New Moon: Water, Exploration, and Future Habitation," Moon, lunar science, hydroxyl, photos from solar wind, LCROSS, lunar water, lunar ice, lunar INSITU, commercial lunar development, lunar polar communications, lunar drilling, lunar habitation, space settlement, lunar human development, Mars, lava tubes, lunar hopper, inflatable habitats, Hubble Space Telescope, James Webb Space Telescope, Transit Lunar Phenomena, Resolve Mission.


Les Johnson, solar sails, reflected light, laser sails, maser sails, ultra deep space missions, solar sail maneuverability, NewSpace, entrepreneurs, spacesuit reflected light, Delta V, non-Kepler orbits, pole sitters, Back to the Moon, human spaceflight, robotic spaceflight, Lunar Scout Mission, Lunar Flashlight Mission, science fiction, Ben Bova, nuclear propulsion, Mars, space settlement, interstellar flight, time travel movies.


Charles Miller, March Storm, commercial space, Cheap Access to Space (CATS), Congress, citizen lobbying, fully reusable spaceship, markets, regulation, space settlement, commercial space stations, Citizen Space Agenda, commercial crew & cargo, ISS, National Space Society, Space Frontier Foundation, space advocacy, US liquid fuel rocket engine development, National Defense Authorization Act.


John Batchelor, Dr. Marc Rayman  Dr. David Livingston, Dawn Mission, Vesta, Ceres, Ceres water, Ceres navigation, Ceres orbit, Vesta. 


Space Show auditions, co-hosts, Space Show reunion idea, rocket reusability, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, fuel depots,, telescopes, astronomy, engineering, machine tools, metallurgy.


Paul Szymanski, military space, Air Force, DARPA, Army, satellites, space warfare, communications systems, space weapons, space debris as a weapon, laser weapons, F15 ASAT, U.S. readiness, Russia, China, Ukraine, cyber warfare, Moon-cislunar trade routes, GEO-Moon, choke points,  1970s CSAT, Alice Springs, Australia, space tactics, missile defense, Space War Rules, synthetic aperture radar, GPS, situational awareness, responsive space.


Open Lines, Space Show phone lines, VoIP, DSP Computer, FAA regulating space property rights, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Dawn Mission, Ceres, Ceres regolith, Ceres water, heavy lift, turbo pumps, Moon Day, climate change, replacing old satellites, SOHO, Ernst Stuhlinger.


Phil Pressel, Hexagon KH-9 camera, Hexagon program, Key Hole Project, Hexagon film, Hexagon resolution, Soviet spy cameras, CIA, push broom scanning.

Feb./04/2015 John Batchelor, Dr. William Borucki,  Dr. David Livingston, Kepler Space Telescope, Kepler-444, early planet formation, main sequence star, dwarf start, 11.2 billions years ago.

Dennis Wingo, Apollo, Ralph Cordiner, JFK, space policy, public/private partnerships, alternative space line, economic development of the solar system, "The Quagmire of The Apollo Space Program," government space program, entrepreneurial space development, space for national prestige, Zero G Zero Tax, monazite ore, rare earth elements, thorium, ISS, NASA, SLS.


Dr. Cameron Smith,  "Interstellar Voyaging: An Evolutionary Transition," human evolution, prehistory, space colonization, off-Earth environments, Mars, distant human future, Icarus Interstellar, human adaptation, space settlement, species, insurance, Mars archaeology, Cydonia, interstellar flight, robots vs. humans, influencing space policy, returning to the Moon, self-sustaining, exobiology, ;low cost space access, ARM, space advocacy.


Dr. Doug Plata, Lunar Base One, Lunar Cots, Lunar Base One Reference Materials, NASA, lunar lander, lunar rover, lunar ice, propellant, water, lunar dust, telerobotics, colonization, Mars, tourism, sterling engine generator, domes, Moon vs. asteroids, Space Access Conference, artificial gravity, lunar long arm centrifuge, influencing space policy.


Dr. Edgar Bering, University of Houston, Mars Rover Model Celebration and Competition, elementary school curriculum, middle school curriculum, Mars, Moon, Mars rover mock-up, balloon payloads, Northern Lights, ultra light electronics, cubesats, spectroscopy, student inspiration, cubesats to Mars, telemetry from Mars.


John Batchelor, Michael Listner Dr. David Livingston, SpaceX, block buy, USAF, ULA, national security satellites, SpaceX bidding, SpaceX-USAF settlement


John Powell, JP Aerospace, Airship to Orbit, MiniCubes, PongSats, CubeSats, MHD, hypersonic shock tube, Dark Sky Station, Bellavia two man submarine, Ascender, drag, Air Beams, space diving from Dark Sky Station, NewSpace, "How To Make an MHD" pdf, space station, UAE mission, ION engine development. 

Jan./26/2015 Dr. Marc Rayman, Dawn Mission,  Vesta, Ceres, dwarf planet, Ceres gravity, ion propulsion, nuclear power, solar arrays, Mars, asteroid belt, radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG), Deep Space 1, Ceres bright spot, Ceres orbit.

Open Lines, Dr. David Livingston, Mars colonization, one way trips to Mars, archaeological excavation models for Mars, returning to the Moon, Al Worden interview, UFO files, Michael Listner, SpaceX vs. Air Force settlement, Dr. Doug Plata,  radiation, permanent base on the Moon, Mars Return Option, John Logsdon new space book, Nixon space policy, nuclear thermal rocket, spaceflight to Mars compared to submarines, radioactive debris threat to satellites, SpaceX satellite constellation plan, inflatable habitats.


Dr. Gil Levin, Viking Landers, Viking Label Release Experiments, MSL, Curiosity, life detection capability, NASA, Mars environment, Martian perchlorates, Carbon 14, biology vs. chemistry on Mars, microbial life on Mars, Martian moons, liquid water on Mars, Mars contamination, Mars meteorites on Earth, Microbes surviving on Mars, sample return mission, RNA, DNA, Occam's razor re Martian DNA.


John Batchelor, Dr. Ashwin Vasavada,  Dr. David Livingston,  Mars, MSL, Curiosity, flowing water on Mars, Mars methane, Mars organic material,  Cumberland Rock, John Klein Rock, Confidence Hills Rock, Mars sedimentary rock, Gale Crater, Mount Sharp.


Dr. Andrew Rader, aerospace engineering, "Leaving Earth: Why One-Way to Mars Makes Sense,"  Mars, Moon, heavy lift, space policy, human factors, aerospace engineering lectures, Mars flyby mission, Apollo, orbital mechanics, spacecraft, robotics, HSF program, ecliptic, multi-systems failure, systems engineering, eating bugs.


Dr. Paul Spudis, 2016 presidential election, Return to the Moon policy, NASA, Mars vs. Moon, Asteroid Redirect Mission, Orion, SLS, Falcon Heavy, human spaceflight, "Overthrowing Science," Copernican revolution, theory, testing, hypothesis, the law, LCROSS, lunar volatiles, lunar solar power, lunar nuclear reactor, Lunar Resource Prospecting Rover, lunar ice harvesting equipment, reusable lunar shuttles, sedimentary rocks, planetary geology, cislunar development.


Space New Year's Resolutions, 2015 Space Wish List, SpaceX, reusability, space policy, SLS, upcoming 2016 elections, NASA, Moon vs. Mars, cost to LEO, Kitt Peak Observatory, Cis Lunar One, nuclear propulsion, fusion, Dream Chaser.


John Batchelor, Dr. Jeff Foust,  Dr. David Livingston, SpaceX, Falcon 9, reusability, ISS, cooling system, ISS lifeboat, Dragon, CST 100, barge landing.


Open Lines, SpaceX, reusability, space policy, NASA budget, Blue Atlas, risk averseness, Falcon 9, USAF, Virgin Galactic, Elon Musk, SpaceX satellites, Falcon 9 first stage refurbishment, nuclear propulsion, advanced propulsion, Mars.


Michael Listner, Andrew Rush, U.S. Patent Law, Blue Origin Sea Landing Patent, SpaceX patent challenge, SpaceX certification delay, NRO Launch Contract, U.S.A.F., competition for EELV program, ULA, SpaceX reusability, international patent protection, Patent Bar,  Patent Cooperation Treaty, SpaceX block buy, Federal Court of Claims.


Kelvin F. Long, "Beyond The Boundary," The Initiative for Interstellar Studies, Icarus Interstellar, Project Icarus, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, interstellar spaceflight, warp speed, interstellar starships, worm holes, Voyager 1 and 2, Project Apollo, negative energy, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, advanced propulsion technology, Project Dragonfly, laser sail competition, robotic payloads, hibernation ship, Outer Space Treaty, NTG, fission fragment rocket, Mach thruster, ET civilizations, SETI, Fermi Paradox, interstellar education.


Dr. Haym Benaroya, lunar habitat engineering, human factors consideration, lunar dust, microgravity, radiation, launching to the Moon, Mars, INSITU, lunar water, TLSs, lunar robotics, equipment maintenance & repair, 3D printing, structural engineering, Army Corps of Engineers, Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment, inflatable structures, short arm centrifuge, space policy.


John Batchelor, Bill Harwood,  Dr. David Livingston, SpaceX, Falcon 9, reusability, Orbital ATK merger, Antares rocket engines, ESA reusability, SLS, Orion, China, SLS, Orion, NASA budgets, U.S. Congress & NASA.


Paul Turner, "The Space Trade," mature space trade economy, asteroid mining, INSITU Resource Utilization, spin ship, orbital transfer vehicle, LEO, BLEO, Lunar development, Martian development, making profits in space, water in LEO, property rights, UAVs in space, commercial space policy, Carrington Event, solar magnetic storm, TRLs, Do It Yourself Space.


Dr. John Brandenburg, "Death On Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre,"  nuclear explosion on Mars, Xenon 129, Martian atmosphere, laser fusion, Martian maps of potassium & thorium distributions, Journal of Cosmology, Fermi Paradox, Mars rovers, Gale crater, Mare Acidalium, Acidalia Planitia, Fast Neutron, Cydonian Hypothesis, Victor Norgard.


Chris Carberry, Explore Mars, Inc., HSF to Mars, H2M Conference, ExoLance, political advocacy, Mars EDL, Return to the Moon, solar power, nuclear power, Plutonium 238, lunar water, public/private partnerships, government astronauts, private sector astronauts, coalition building, ISS, Red Dragon.



Tom Olson, 2014 Year In Review, NASA, commercial crew, SpaceX, Boeing, ATK, Orbital, Kepler Space Telescope, interstellar flight, 3D Printing, Final Frontier Design, Delta IV, Blue Atlas, ULV, Orion, SLS, Falcon Heavy, methane rocket fuel, Virgin Galactic, Netscape Moment, SpaceX reusability, ISRU, Bigelow Aerospace, Dragon V2, ISS, SSP, Mars, propellant depots.


Tom Olson, 2013 Year in review,  space politics, " SpaceX, Asian space, Business Plan Competition, capital acquisition, Chinese Space Program, Colony Fund, Commercial Crew, commercial space, Cots, cubesats, Dragon, Dream Chaser, Grasshopper, Inspiration Mars, ISS, Mars one, Nanosats, NASA, NASA Redirect Mission, NewSpace, Orbital Sciences, Orion, sequestration, SLS, space advocacy, space regulatory environment, space scalable strategy., space settlement, space tourism,, Virgin Galactic.


Open Lines, SpaceX to Mars, Aerojet Rocketdyne, technology advancement, NASA, SLS, Falcon XX, Falcon 9, Orion mission, HSF capsules, Orion timeline for development, Indian HSF test launch.


Tom Olson, D Printing, Atlas human rating, commercial space companies, cubesats, Dragon, Dragon Birthing, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, heavy lift, ISDC, ISS, NASA Administrator, NASA budget issues, NewSpace Business Plan Competition, space settlement, Space year 2012 in review, Stratolaunch.

Dec. 23, 2014

Ted Southern, Final Frontier Design, IVA space suits, EVA space suits, mechanical counter pressure spacesuits, Astronaut Glove Challenge, space suit gloves,  3D printing space suit parts, space tourism space suits, orbital space suits, space suit helmet, CO2 washout, self-repairing space suits, helmet heads up display, commercial space suit market, fire hose PSI, space suit fashion, space ship cabin pressure redundancy, FFD Space suit Experience, high blood pressure & g force.

Dec. 22/2014

Tom Olson, Space Year 2011 in Review, CCDEV3, China's space program, Curiosity, Dawn, Elon Musk, Falcon 9. , Kepler Space Telescope, lunar space elevator., Mars, MSL, NASA, New Horizons, NewSpace Business Plan Competition, Orion, Phobos-Grunt., Pluto, SLS, Vesta, Virgin Galactic drop test, XCOR

Dec. 21/2014

Marc Millis, Breakthrough Propulsion, advanced propulsion, Tau Zero, "Interstellar" the movie, interstellar spaceflight, nuclear propulsion, time dilation, worm holes, black holes, Incessant Obsolescence Postulate, negative energy, physics, fission rocket, fusion rocket, energy density, faster than light travel, inertial frame of reference, gravity, Mach's Principle, Higgs particle, Equivalence principle, Mars.

Dec. 17/2014

John Batchelor, Dr. Jeff Foust,  Dr. David Livingston,  2014 Space Year in Review, Virgin Galactic, Orbital, RD 181, Venus Express, Hayabusa 2, Dawn Mission, Rosetta, Orion, SpaceX, Falcon 9, methane on Mars, Curiosity, New Horizons, Antares.

Dec. 16/2014

Bob Zimmerman, Apollo 8, Genesis, ISS, Angara test flight, Arianne 6, SpaceX reusability, Virgin Galactic, Orbital, NTSB report, SLS, Orion, nuclear propulsion, Martian methane, Curiosity, RD 181 rocket motor, Russian rocket motors, Lockheed fusion work, private enterprise in space, Falcon Heavy, Rosetta mission, Europa mission, launch abort tests.

Dec. 15/2014

Dr. Jeff Foust, The Space Review, Space News, NASA, commercial space, human spaceflight, NASA science missions, commercial space industry, NewSpace, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, XCOR, NASA crew and cargo programs, Pubic/Private partnerships,  Orion EFT-1, commercial space license, Commercial Space Launch Act, ATK, SRBs, RD-180 engine, Russia space & NASA, Russian sanctions, SpaceX launch manifesto, SpaceX launch delays, Falcon heavy, SLS, NASA budget, Raptor engine tests, Orbital Sciences, Antares, Falcon 9, Delta 2, Dragon Lab, Skybox, Google Space, Planetary Labs., suborbital industry.


Open Lines, NASA budget, Bio Preserve, Lifeboat Foundation, Orion, Lunar Orbital Station, public/private partnerships, backing up Earth's species, "How To Be A Rocket Scientist," SLS program of record, LEO, BLEO business case, Interstellar movie science, space solar power, Microlauncher books, NASA Challenges, laser communications from space, SLS sunk costs, Falcon Heavy, Orion lunar missions.

Dec. 12/2014

Michael Soluri, "Infinite Worlds," Hubble Space Telescope, NASA, STS-125, Hubble Repair Mission, risk, safety, human spaceflight, Hubble repair mission cancellation, James Webb Space Telescope, space shuttle, on orbit servicing, Orion, SLS, Mars, Return to the Moon, space entrepreneurs, New Horizons mission.

Dec./10/2014 John Batchelor, Larry Price,  Dr. David Livingston,  Orion, SLS, NASA budget, Orion test flight data, recovery data, Orion lunar missions, deep space BLEO missions.

Dr. Richard Binzel, asteroid belt, asteroid program funding, asteroid size, asteroids, Bennu Osiris Rex Mission, competition, deflecting asteroids, ESA, Grand Challenge Mission, HSF to Mars, ISRU, NASA ARM, NEO survey.


Christopher (Chris) Orwoll, New Mexico Museum of Space History, submarine &spaceflight similarities, Smithsonian Museum, inertial navigation, satellite gallery, DCX, commercial space, NewSpace, SpaceX, rocket sled, Ham the astrochimp, Spaceport America, New Mexico Space/Rocketeer Academy, Dr. John Paul Stapp, museum events, White Sands Missile Range, Space Hall of Fame, Chinese space artifacts, unmanned displays, Clyde Tombaugh., Little Joe II, Sonic Wind1, Daisy Track.


Dr. Bruce Cordell, Maslow Windows, ebullience, human spaceflight, economic booms, public/private partnerships, return to the Moon, Apollo, President Kennedy, Orion test flight, ISS, international space missions, Cold War, leadership, Chinese lunar and space program, USC Human Spaceflight Class, USC Dept. of Astronautical Engineering, space industry precursor events., economic trends, economic history, Panama Canal, Mars, Mars One, asteroids.


Dr. Christopher (Chris) Newman, UK space program, space law, commercial space, UK Space Agency, ESA, British space entrepreneurism, Skylon, Reaction Engines, EU Code of Conduct, Mars One, British space regulation, space tourism, Chinese space policy, British budget process, space science missions, human spaceflight, astronaut training, NEO threat, weapons in space, terrestrial approach to space weapons, 2015 UK elections, British space advocacy, Arianne 6, ISS.

Dec./03/2014 John Batchelor, Marc Millis,  Dr. David Livingston,  "Interstellar" movie, advanced propulsion, worm holes, black holes, folding space, faster than light travel.

Matthew Wallace, JPL, Mars 2020, Mars rovers, Deimos, Mars 2020 instruments, zoom feature, real time communications, controlling the rover, detecting life on Mars, methane, bio signatures, EDL, sample return mission, humans vs. robots, Europa, NASA budget, U.S. Congress, Mars budget, Curiosity, MSL, Sky Crane, mission trades, mission planning & organization.


Dennis Wingo, "To ARM or Not To ARM: Is That Really Our Question?", NASA ARM mission, SLS, solar electric propulsion, SLS flight rate, solar system economic development, Lunar COTS, space settlement, new space technology, Return to the Moon, space as an executive branch hobby, Falcon Heavy, Mars, COTS, prizes, competition, ULA, Masten, "Wanderers" - a short film, Moon vs. ARM,  Moon vs. Mars, Silicon Valley, public/private partnerships, government space programs, HSF, 90-10 rule, lunar industrialization, "Apollo Betrayed,"  NASA budget, lunar lander.


Frank White, "The Overview Effect," "The New Camelot,"  King Arthur, President John F. Kennedy, space settlement, suborbital flights, spaceflight participants, overview effect gender differences, Taikonauts, Cosmonauts, cultural differences, space spiritualism, human spaceflight, overview effect simulation, spaceflight training for the overview effect.


John Batchelor, Anatoly Zak, Dr. David Livingston, Russian ISS participation, ISS partners, Russian ISS control center, Russian economy, Russian space program, Angara rocket test flight.


Sidney Do, Koki Ho, Sam Schreiner, Andrew Owens, MIT Students Mars One mission plan analysis, launch rate, crop growth on Mars, one way Mars mission, O2, CO2, spare parts, 3D printing on Mars, crew resupply, Earth-Mars launch window, Falcon Heavy, modified Dragon capsule, Mars One website, ISS, existing technology, TRLs, Martian crop growth rate, INSITU Resource Utilization on Mars, mission business costs, Mars One Earth analog site, Martian settlement sustainability, open source software, "The Martian," launch mass escalating growth.


Erik Seedhouse, "Bigelow Aerospace: Colonizing Space One Module at a Time," Bigelow Aerospace, expandable modules, The Next Giant Leap: Leveraging Lunar Assets For Sustainable Pathways To Space Conference, Russian lunar program, Chinese lunar program, "Cool War," ISS, Russian ISS participation, Vectran, 2016 election & Return to the Moon, inflatable greenhouse, Bigelow lunar location, Mars, Lunar return PR, chemical rockets, nuclear rocket, Chinese threat, fear strategy, Canadian space program, Bigelow astronauts.


Dr. Dorit Donoviel, Dr. Eugene de Juan, NSBRI, "Vision for Mars Challenge: A Unique Opportunity for Ophthalmology Companies," Center for Space Medicine At Baylor College of Medicine, reduced gravity effect on optic nerve, long duration spaceflight, partial gravity, artificial gravity, Mars, Apollo missions vision issues, mechanical countermeasures, Lasik surgery, long arm centrifuge, short arm centrifuge, ISS, prisms, astronaut selection, lumbar puncture, GCRs, space medical research for Earth medical conditions.


Marcia Smith,, NASA, civil space, U.S. congress, congressional authorization committees, congressional appropriations committees, SLS, Falcon Heavy, space advocacy, space policy & administration changes, public opinion & space policy, NASA budget, sequestration, discretionary budget, public/private partnerships, TRL & congress, FAR, Space Act Agreement, 114th Congress, Europa, SOFIA.

Nov. 19/2014

John Batchelor, Dr. David Grinspoon, Dr. David Livingston, Comet 67P, Philae Lander, Rosetta Mission, comet organics, amino acids, comet escape velocity, comet ice, 67 P gravity.


Jim Muncy, Commercial space, Virgin Galactic, Antares, AST, FAA, Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act 2004, test flights, space tourism, Sir Richard Branson, Mojave, CA, Texas space industry, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Richard Shelby, commercial space regulation, Commercial Spaceflight Federation, commercial lunar ventures, SLS, Orion, Google Lunar XPrize, NASA Lunar CATALYST Program, SpaceX, ULA, Masten, Falcon Heavy, Silver Dragon, California aerospace industry, cost plus contracting, FAR, ACES (Advanced Common Evolved Stage). 

Nov.16/2014 SLS Debate, Rick Boozer, John Hunt, heavy lift rockets, Mars, Return to the Moon, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, ULA, reusability, NASA, cost plus contracting, Congress, Falcon XX, orbital depots, SpaceX lunar loop, Blue Origin, Masten Space Systems, lunar lander, Xeus Lander, public/private partnerships, Chinese lunar missions, US-China space race, Russian RD180 rocket motor, commercial crew, Orion, launch costs, launch operations, "The Plundering of NASA: An Expose."

Rand Simberg, "Safe Is Not An Option," Apollo 12, Comet 67P, Philae lander, FAA, Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace, space tourism, SpaceShipTwo, spaceflight risk, test flight, NTSB, Virgin investment, Virgin safety, hybrid rocket motor, Spaceport America, Orbital Sciences, ATK,  RD180 rocket motor, midterm election, Sen. Ted Cruz, NASA ARM, SLS, Atlas 5, SS2 vibrations, methane rocket engines, ULA, Dream Chaser, Dragon, Falcon Heavy, Return to the Moon, FAA industry regulation.


John Batchelor, Marcia Smith, Dr. David Livingston, Mid-term 2014 elections, NASA budget,, ARM, SLS, NASA science missions, budget caps, space race, commercial space.


Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Comet 67P, Rosetta, Philae Lander, Comet Siding Spring, Martian atmosphere, Italian scientists & earthquake prediction, Virgin Galactic, Antares, space tourism, Orbital alternative launcher, NASA Moffett Field lease, Angara 5, Orion test flight, SLS, mid-term elections, space policy, commercial space, private space.

Nov./10/2014 Andy Weir, SpaceX, "The Martian, Aldrin cycler, artificial gravity, constant acceleration, Dr. Robert Zubrin, Elon Musk, Hohmann transfer orbit, Interstellar movie, ion propulsion, Mars, Mars Direct, Mars one, Mars Science Fiction, Martian botany, Martian survival, Martian waste recycling, orbital dynamics, Pathfinder, Phobos

Mark Whittington, Curmudgeons Corner, Virgin Galactic, SpaceShipTwo, Orbital Sciences, Antares, SpaceX, Falcon 9, SLS, space accidents, NTSB investigations, SpaceX spaceport, Texas commercial space industry, Mid-term elections & space policy, NASA ARM, LUNAR COTS, commercial crew, Dr. Dava Newman, NASA Deputy Administrator, reusable lunar lander, "The Martian," Sci-Fi channel upcoming space TV shows.


Rob Manning, Mars Science Lab, Curiosity, "Mars Rover Curiosity," Mars EDL, curiosity mistakes, JPL, Cal Tech, private sector Mars EDL, Earth-Mars telerobotics, Mars 2020, organics on Mars, Martian microbial life, Martian gravity variations, Gale Crater, exploring Mars, Curiosity challenges, Martian rovers, sky crane, Curiosity wheels.


John Batchelor, Dr. Jeff Foust, Doug Messier, Dr. David Livingston, Orbital Sciences, Antares rocket, AJ26 rocket motor, Russian rockets, turbopump, N-1 Moon rocket, Virgin Galactic, hybrid rocket motor, safety, SpaceShipTwo feathers, NTSB investigation.


Gerald Driggers, Earth-Mars Chronicles, Mars One, Martian settlement, cislunar space, lunar settlement, Mars human spaceflight, science fiction writing, SpaceX, Elon Musk, private sector to Mars, Martian colony size, Martian settlement timeline, economic justification for Mars settlement, inspiration, entertainment, gene pool viability for Martian settlement.


Open Lines, SpaceShip2 accident, Orbital Antares accident, Commercial Space Law, NTSB investigation, space tourism, space cardiovascular risk, pharmaceutical use in space, NewSpace, legacy space, SR71 breakup, accident speculation, SpaceX tour, ULA tour, Skylon, Russian rocket engines, hybrid rocket engines, Virgin Galactic.


Amnon Govrin, Microsoft, NASA, innovation, "Is Microsoft the NASA of Software Companies?," NewSpace, Constellation, competition, inspiration, Astronauts for Hire.


Elon Musk oldie from 10-24-01, Mars Oasis, Mars settlement, NASA, multi-planet species, Martian greenhouse, US-Russian cooperation, ISS, NASA budget, Mars mission ROI, Mars Oasis costs, ITAR, regulatory issues, Deep Space Network, changing the world vision.


Mark Bray, SLS, NASA, Huntsville, space policy, U.S. Congress, congressional campaign, space as a campaign issue, budget planning, 10 year budget, rocket science, engineering, complex problem solving, NASAs '60s culture, NASA innovation, Henry Ford, industrialists, ITAR, spaceports, private sector, launch vehicle controlled airspace, HSF to Mars, Congressional go to guy on space.


Michael Listner, space policy, space law, NASA, drone air traffic control system, FAA, regulations, Dream Chaser, Commercial Crew Award, Boeing, SpaceX, ULA, SpaceX litigation, Blue Origin, GAO, KC-Tanker case example, space property rights, space law importance, Asteroids Act.


Brian Altmeyer, space advocacy, space visionaries, Wernher Von Braun, Elon Musk, SpaceX, space policy, NASA budget, human spaceflight, human factors, exoplanets, International Geophysical Year, Explorer 1, Sputnik, Soviet Union, Mars, return to Moon, The Space Review, robotic missions, pioneering, ICBMs.


John Batchelor, Mike Snyder, Dr. David Livingston, Made In Space, 3D Printing, ISS, 3D printing for spare parts, additive printing, microgravity, Mars colony, long duration HSF.


Wayne White, space property rights, Asteroids Act, Space Pioneering Act, mining law, salvage law, Law of the Sea Treaty, U.S. Congress, commercial space companies, Homestead Act, civil law, common law, UN space treaties, Law of Finds, contract salvage, emergency salvage, Space Situational Awareness, space property deeds & title.


Dr. Paul Spudis, cislunar development, Return to the Moon, Mars, NASA, space policy, lunar road trip, lunar hopping, return to the Moon, commercial lunar flight, Google Lunar XPrize, NewSpace, Chinese lunar program, Asteroid Retrieval Mission, Inspiration Mars, NRC Pathways Study for HSF, space development prizes, Avro Aero, James Charles Floyd, X37 B, space advocacy, NASA budget, Orion, VSE, virtual universities & teaching.


Mike Snyder, Made In Space, 3D printing, 3D Printer on the ISS, additive manufacturing, 3 D printing recycler, NASA oversight, 3D printing of body parts, 3D printing ISS security protocols, 3D printing bandwidth issues, 3D printing mass comparisons, printing metal parts in space, 3d printing for spare parts.


Jeremy Straub, Joe Vacek, Earth imaging regulations, ITAR, small satellites, small satellite privacy issues, drone privacy issues, Export Administration Regulations (EAR), FAA, FCC, government licenses, NOAA, safe harbor rule, regulatory due diligence.


John Batchelor, MIT Strategic Engineering Research Group, Dr. David Livingston, "An Independent Assessment Of The Technical Feasibility Of The mars One Mission Plan,"  Mars One, ISS, life support, O2 poisoning, growing crops on Mars, spare parts, HSF to Mars, Martian colony, Falcon Heavy launch vehicle., Mars rescue mission, 3D printing.


Guest auditions, nuclear rockets, nuclear reactors, nuclear core, nuclear fuel, hydrogen dissociation, Aquarius, water for nuclear fuel, gas core, chemical rocket fuel, Thrust/Mass (T/M), Next Giant Leap Lunar Conference in Hawaii.


Bruce Pittman, commercial space industry, economics of NEO, asteroids, Mars, Moon, pioneering, space settlement, space exploration, human spaceflight, ISS, 3 D Printing in space, SLS, small satellites, cubesats, Beyond Leo spaceflight, crowd funding, agile manufacturing, ISRU, closing the business case, property rights, benefit sharing, spaceflight risks, commercial space diversification by state, The Next Giant Leap Conference.

Oct./12/2014 Dan Adamo, Dr. Jim Logan, Dr. John Jurist, NRC's "Pathways To Exploration" study, human spaceflight rational, Mars, Moon, Horizon Goal, Off-Ramps, nuclear propulsion, NERVA, Deimos, microgravity, short arm centrifuge, NASA, private sector, risk factors, risk averse, the Moon, asteroids, Apollo, international cooperation, space settlement, pioneering, short arm centrifuge for ISS study, budget issues. 

Michael Annis,, rocket history timeline, Apollo, Gemini flights, Agena rocket, NewSpace, STEM, Return to the Moon, Mars, private sector, space advocacy, Moon-Mars debate.


John Batchelor, Dr. Heather Knutson, Dr. David Livingston, exoplanets, water vapor, Kepler Space Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope, Neptune size planet, exoplanet clear skies, HAT-P-11b, transmission spectroscopy, molecular content of atmospheres. 


Anatoly Zak, Russian space program,, Kourou launch site, GLONASS, GPS, Soyuz, Proton, lunar tourism, lunar HSF program, Angara rocket, Vostochny spaceport, ISS, Russian-US relationship, Russian super heavy lift rocket plans, Russian space program budget issues, nuclear propulsion, Russian planetary exploration, EXOMARS, "Russia In Space: The Past Explained, The Future Explored."


Rex Ridenoure, Ecliptic Enterprises, RocketCam, commercial space, sequestration, small satellites, cubesats, ITAR, digital video system, space avionics, rad tolerant vs. rad hardened, commercial space business model, ISS, first wave solar system reconnaissance, space resources, 10th anniversary of XPrize, HSF to Mars, Mars Oasis, Elon Musk, Direct TV, DISH Network, EchoStar, experiment control on the ISS.


Open Lines, Colorado Front Range Spaceport, drones, XPrize 10th Anniversary, lunar habitat simulation, advanced propulsion, long duration spaceflight life support, space sanitation, human waste recycling in space, Boeing & SpaceX NASA commercial crew awards, SLS, aliens, Dr. Don Lincoln.


Leland Melvin, Spaceship Earth Grant, space tourism, Overview Effect, inspiration, Star Harbor Space Training Academy,  space exploration, STEM, Muhammad Yunus, space settlement, suborbital flights, Russia, orbital shift in perception.


John Batchelor, Dr. Alan Stern, Dr. David Livingston, Rosetta, 67 P, Kuiper Belt, New Horizons, Pluto, Uwingu, ESA, NASA, Philae lander.


Dr. Don Lincoln, “Alien Universe: Extraterrestrial Life in Our Minds and in the Cosmos,” alien civilizations, SETII, radio waves, optical SETI, Earth-like planets, Kepler mission, Roswell, Drake equation, Fermi equation, microbial life, Mars, astrobiology, scientific community, Star Trek, First Contact. 


Rod Pyle, "Curiosity: An Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission and the People Who Made It Happen," Curiosity, Sky Crane, Human Spaceflight, Curiosity drill sites, Mt. Sharp, sedimentary formations, Mars 2020, NASA budget, Viking landers, Martian moons, JPL, SpaceX, Blue Origin SLS, F!, Indian MOM mission, Maven, Mars Sample Return Mission.


John Batchelor, Michael Listner, Dr. David Livingston, Elon Musk, SpaceX, Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, RD180, Falcon 9, competition, barge landing, reusability, intellectual property.


Dr. Frank Martin, NRC "Pathways to Exploration" HSF Study, humans to Mars, return to the Moon, Cislunar, Asteroid Return Mission, Martian moons, gravity remedy, ISS, BLEO, heavy lift, SLS, Constellation, NASA budgets, humans to Mars risks, nuclear propulsion, fuel depots, launch costs, Indian Mars mission, international partnerships, private sector, space entrepreneurs, NewSpace, Mars cycler, HSF rational, Russia, soft power, ISS, managing mass in LEO.


Laura Delgado Lopez, Yusuke Muraki, Yana Gevorgyan, Secure World Foundation, Asia Development Bank, NOAA, space-based Earth observation, Earth disaster mitigation, Group on Earth Observations (GEO), Search & Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking (SARSAT), International Charter, drones, ground based systems, weather issues, water damage disasters, draught, Ebola, space awareness, earthquakes, climate change, geo spatial communities, cubesats, satellite data & technology.


Dr. Pat Hynes, International Symposium For Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS), Las Cruces, NM,  The Power of Ten, X Prize Cup, NASA, NewSpace, commercial space, Spaceport America, ULA, Air Force, SpaceX, Spotlight Talks, The Three Astronauts Opera, NM Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum.


Michael Belfiore, NASA, Boeing, Dream Chaser, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Maven, Google Lunar X Prize, lunar rover, Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Burt Rutan, RD-180, NewSpace, Tesla, electric cars, 3D printing in space, NASA, Lynx, space tourism, DARPA, Comet Siding Spring.


Stewart Money, "Here Be Dragons: The Rise of SpaceX and the Journey to Mars," Mars Oasis, Falcon 1 & 1e, Dragon, NASA, COTS,. Falcon Heavy, USAF, Vandenberg, Kwajalein, Mars, SLS, Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT), vertical integration, ISS, birthing.


John Batchelor, Anatoly Zak, Dr. David Livingston, Russian space program, dogs in space, Vostochny, ISS, RD180.


Dr. Mike Griffin, NASA, space policy, human spaceflight, commercial space business case, space infrastructure, space policy choices, Mars, Return to the Moon, Asteroid mission, space policy budget issue, leadership issues, public/private partnerships, international space partnerships, space advocacy, ROI,. Atlas 5, RD-180, Mars missions, Cislunar development, space infrastructure, heavy lift, SLS, fuel depots, HSF rational, NASA R&D, nuclear propulsion, space shuttle retirement, COTS program, congressional staff, petitioning congress, Chinese lunar policy.


Erik Seedhouse, "Beyond Human: Engineering Our Future Evolution,"  genetic engineering, organ printing, cosmic ray radiation, solar flares, microgravity, cardiovascular system, radiation shielding, long duration spaceflight, Mars settlement, lunar settlement, nuclear propulsion, Vasimr, muscular atrophy, human cloning, transhumanism/posthuman, bioprinting, ethics, science fiction movie models, publicly funded space missions, privately funded space missions, exercise routines, genetic screening, animals in space, Virgin Galactic, XCOR.


Open Lines, Brownsville, Texas range safety issues for launches, SpaceX-AF litigation update, RD-180 rocket engine, Asteroid Bill,, "Space Psychology: Space Settlers In Confined Quarters," Dream Chaser, NASA down select commercial crew, Dream Chaser suborbital flight, Mars Movie Guide, SLS, Tesla Motor Car, Dragon, Boeing CST 100, the speed of light, childbirth & pregnancy in space.


Robert Godwin, Fred Ordway, "2001: The Heritage and Legacy of the Space Odyssey," ApogeePrime, Sir Arthur Clarke, Stanley Kubrick, science fiction, Star Trek, British Interplanetary Society, Star Wars, Gravity, Avatar, Forbidden Planet, space film consultants, suspended animation in film.


John Batchelor, Matthew Wallace, Dr. David Livingston, Mars 2020, Curiosity, Martian organics, Martian landing sites, Mars sample return mission, Mars rovers, ancient Martian life, vertical stratigraphy.


Dan Adamo, "Range Safety Implications For Brownsville, Texas Launches to Earth Orbit,"  Space Enterprise Institute, Texas Gulf Coast launches, range safety standards, FAA, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy,  ground tracks, HSF launches, ISS as a destination, launch performance, debris, launch destruct system, GEO launches, possible Georgia spaceport, ISS inclination, Russian range safety issues, Brownsville lunar & Martian window, orbital dynamics primer, range safety @ McGregor, Texas launch site, Brownsville EIR Statement, reusability, dollars to pound to orbit, reusability economics, range safety & nominal ground track.


Dr. Kim Binsted, Simon Engler, HI-SEAS Program, Hawaii Mars Analog Site, Mauna Loa volcano, NASA Human Research Program, FMARS, Devon Island, analog research, Mars One, one way human missions to Mars, lunar settlement, humans to Mars vs. Martian robots, sacred Hawaiian culture and telescopes, analog food issues, opportunistic research, submarine comparisons, Biosphere, Mars analog mission duration, crew cohesion issues, life support issues, sex/romance issues, habitat systems, medical issues, analog exercise protocol, analog water usage, habitat recycling issues.


Louise Riofrio, "The Speed of Light,"  Return to the Moon, lunar science, SLS, heavy lift space missions, HSF to the Moon, Mars, NASA, JSC, change in speed of light, M=R=t, GM=tc^3, multi-generational starships, cosmology, lunar mission payload capacity, multiple smaller launches vs. heavy lift, time travel, science history, time dilation, GPS timing, Planck units, peer review, new ideas in science, lunar anomaly, black hole in our sun, mini black holes, spacesuits, Moon rocks.


Loretta Hall, "Space Pioneers in their own words,"  The New Mexico Museum of Space History, NASA, rocket sled, chimps in space, oral history collection space pioneers, space history, crew issues, culture for Mars settlers, women in space history, UFOs, Holloman AFB, White Sands, suborbital flight, Daisy track, Daisy accelerator, Sonic Wind, John Paul Stapp.


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Dr. William (Bill) Rowe), cardiovascular issues for human spaceflight, robots for EVAs, EVA cooling issues, telomeres, Jim Irwin, Dr. Neil Armstrong, adrenalin, heart rate, echocardiogram, animal experiments, ISS, NASA, exercise in space, oxidative stress, lunar dust, magnesium, calcium, blood plasma, space tourism, astronaut conditioning, obesity, Mars, space colonization.


Mike Simmons, Astronomers Without Borders, astronomy as universal interest, astronomy outreach, telescopes, Overview Effect, Mt. Wilson Observatory, Iran, Iraq, China, astronomy and culture, Telescopes to Tanzania, Uwingu, Beam Me To Mars, total eclipse, dark skies, night sky viewing, radio astronomy, light pollution, astronomy and the arts, Astro tourism.


John Batchelor, Dr. Jeff Foust, Dr. David Livingston, SpaceX, Falcon 9R, NASA, rocket explosion, ISS, Antares, Soyuz, ISS.


Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, SpaceX, Galileo GPS, Sea Launch, Air Force Hypersonic test, Soyuz-Arianne, ESA, Russia, Ukraine, Falcon 9R explosion, ISS, Boeing CST 100, Dream Chaser, Dragon, Commercial Crew issues, RD-180, SLS, Rosetta, Comet 67 P, Philae landing sites, Rand Paul & space, 2014 & 16 elections and space policy, Curiosity, suborbital, fusion, ITER, Chinese ASAT test, Dragon abort test.


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Dr. Alan Stern, planetary science, New Horizons, Pluto, Kuiper Belt, dwarf planets, Neptune's Orbit, Voyager, advance propulsion, Rosetta, Dawn Mission, Ceres, GAIA Telescope, Uwingu, "Beam to Mars," naming Mars craters, solar system planets, Suborbital Research Conference, Ort Cloud.


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John Batchelor, Chris Carberry, Dr. David Livingston,, ExoLance, Mars life detection experiments, tungsten penetrators, Martian soil, NASA, "biology lab on a chip."


Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Vadim Rygalov, dynamic & high altitude jumps, space vehicle escape from space, Felix Baumgartner jump, drogue chute, Joe Kittinger, flat spin, reentry thermal issues, Project Moose, horizontal velocity, shockwaves, stratosphere issues, supersonic impact, G-forces, Drag-forces, Transonic Transition Altitudes, shuttle rescue, individual rescue, protective shell rescue, parachutes, spacecraft safety vs. rescue procedures, extreme sports, long duration spaceflight psychological issues. 


Jeremy Straub, Dr. Ronald Marsh, UND Dept. of Computer Science, NSF Grant, Software Development for Mission Critical Space Systems, Research Experiences for Undergraduates, cubesats, Open Orbiter, UND small spacecraft research experience, undergraduates, computer science, mission simulation, space programming, BLEO missions, satellite development, amateur bands, secondary payloads, secondary payload launch programs.


Chris Carberry, Joe Cassady,, ExoLance Mission, Time Capsule to Mars, H2M 2015, Life Detection Experiments, Tungsten penetrators, NASA, spacecraft ballast, mission modeling, NASA Deep Space 2, ITAR, Inspiration Mars, Mars One, Viking Labeled Release Experiment, penetrator impact velocity.


Dr. Gilbert Levin, Viking Labeled Release Life Detection Experiment, Life on Mars, "Mars: Dead or Alive,"  Mars Society Conference, Viking landers, MSL Mission, Curiosity, NASA, Martian microorganisms, Mars liquid water, suggested Martian biology, Mars 20-20, terrestrial life, microscope use on Mars, Martian organics, Mars sample return mission and risks, scientific objectivity, life on Mars ethical issues.


Open Lines, Space Launch System (SLS),  AIAA Space 2014 Conference, Small 2014 Conference, NewSpace 2014 Conference, space policy, lessons learned from astronauts, Cosmonaut emergency training vs. Astronaut emergency training, 3D printing in space, advanced propulsion, Area 51, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, NRC 3D printing report, Made In Space, Pro vs. Con SLS advocates, Space X, Mars Colonial Transporter, NASA down select award process., astronaut usage of sleeping pills, RD-180 rocket motor problem, Dream Chaser.


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NewSpace Conference 2014, Dr. Alexander Saltman, Commercial Spaceflight Federation (CSF), Congresswoman Donna Edwards, space policy lobbying, commercial space, NASA, US Congress, cubesats, HSF, ITAR, space advocacy, RD-180 rocket motor, CSF membership, Earth Plus Non-profit, SLS, Chinese ASAT test, NASA budget, Asteroids Act 2014, congressional bipartisanship, IT theft, congressional multi-year budgeting.


John Batchelor, Bill Harwood, Dr. David Livingston, Cygnus ISS Resupply Vehicle, ATV5, Dragon, Progress, ISS, Russian sanctions & ISS, SpaceX, NASA, ISS docking, ISS birthing.


Robert (Bob) Meurer, Space Systems Division ATK, Small Sat Conference 2014, Global Commerce in Small Satellites, Operationally Responsive Space, Silicon Valley, Cubesats, global instability for business, small satellite competition, launch industry, ITAR, earth observation satellites, remote imaging, on orbit servicing, ViviSat, satellite life extension, public/private partnerships, ST Electronics, small satellite industry trends, agricultural satellite uses, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), private sector weather satellites, Skybox, Planet Labs.


Dr. Pat Patterson, SmallSat Conference 2014, Space Dynamics Lab, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, cubesats, Commerce of Small Satellites, Steve Jurvetson, SmallSat exhibit hall, small satellite business challenges, SmallSat online data base, SmallSat proceedings, SmallSat technical program, CubeSat workshop.


Jay Barbree, "Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight," Korea War, Apollo 11, research test pilot, X-15, NASA, astronaut relationships, Columbia accident, suborbital spaceflight, Apollo 11 crew, Augustine Commission, SLS, commercial space, SpaceX, Orion, LBJ and Mission Control, NASA budget, BLEO HSF, space politics, Gemini 8.


Open Lines, NewSpace 2014, LEO - Low Earth Orbit App, orbital dynamics, artificial gravity, gravity RX for HSF, spin rate, HSF risk, Australian space program, RD-180 rocket motor, Space Enterprise Institute, aerospace medicine doctors, Asteroids Bill 2014, SpaceX-Air Force litigation, ULA, ULA court petition regarding SpaceX, copyright versus trade secrets, CubeCab, Do It Yourself space.


Dr. Mark Shelhamer, NASA Human Research Program, FISO Telecon, Critical Risks for Extended Human Space Flight, microgravity, psychology, radiation, shielding, artificial gravity, spin rate, BLEO human factors challenges, bed rest studies, distance from Earth, countermeasures, space settlement, space surgery, ultrasound, ISS, ocular health, Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA), fluid shifts, commercial long duration human missions, lower body negative pressure, submarine analog, space pioneering, gender differences for BLEO, lunar advantages.


Erik Seedhouse, "Tourists In Space: A Practical Guide," XCOR, Virgin Galactic, suborbital space tourism, orbital space tourism, SpaceX, Dragon V2, reentry license, Lynx, spaceflight safety, suborbital spaceflight training, rocket noise, vibration, acceleration, space motion sickness, spacesuits, Bigelow Aerospace space stations, spaceflight participant medical exams, FAI international space standards and record keeping, spaceports, point to point transportation, Dream Chaser, Russian sanctions, ISS.


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John Batchelor, Anatoly Zak, Dr. David Livingston, Angara Launch Vehicle, Soyuz, Proton, RD-191 engine, Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Vostochny Cosmodrome, two stage rocket.


AIAA Space 2014 Conference, Dr. Jeff Puschell, Tony Williams, "Connecting, Protecting, and Enhancing a Global Society," Space 2014 keynote speakers, Space 2014 Plenary Program, conference networking, conference tracks, commercial space, imaging, NewSpace, Forum 360, Pickering Lecture, conference peer review, abstracts, space policy, San Diego.


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Jim Lewis, Communications Concepts, Inc. "America's Animal Astronaut Heroes," fruit flies, toadfish, dogs in space, chimps, monkeys, pets in space, V2 Rocket, Jupiter C, Redstone, multigenerational, food animals in space, review for animal experiments, Russian dogs, Russian animal lab, service animals in space, animal roles in space.


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Dr. Henry Lambright, "Why Mars: NASA and the Politics of Space Exploration," Mars human missions, Viking, Dr. Gil Levin, life on Mars, Dan Goldin, Mars exploration, space policy, NASA, U.S. Congress, robotic missions, Faster, Better, Cheaper, Big Science, NRC Pathways Human Spaceflight Study, Why Mars?  national space programs, private sector, public/private partnerships, international space project cooperation, Return to the Moon, ISS, astronaut safety, status quo space projects, NACA, LEO, BLEO.


The John Batchelor Show Hotel Mars, Dr. Frank Martin, John Batchelor, National Research Council, "Pathways to Exploration: Rationales and Approaches for a U.S. Program of Human Space Exploration," Mars human spaceflight missions, NASA budgets, U.S. space leadership, ISS, Moon, space settlement, SpaceX, private space development to Mars., GCRs.


Mike Gold, Office of Commercial Space Transportation (COMSTAC), COMSTAC Advisory Committee, Bigelow Aerospace, ITAR, extraterrestrial property rights, Outer Space Treaty, AST, NewSpace, commercial space, human spaceflight, cubesats, SpaceX, ULA, space tourism, Venus, Landis Land, Venusian Atmosphere,  launchers, BA 330 habitat, ISS, Moon Treaty, benefit sharing, Genesis 1 & 2.


Dr. Doug Plata, Lunar Cots, Lunar Cots Petition in, Cislunar, SpaceX, ISDC, Mars, Moon, Deimos, Vision for Space Exploration, Constellation, public/private partnerships, U.S. National Space Policy, sustainable space, ISRU, public support of space, NASA, radiation shielding, NASA benefits, Commercial benefits, telerobotics, space settlement, LCROSS, circumlunar tourism, Doug's Flagstaff Conference, Meteor Crater.

June/29/2014 John Oehler, "Papyrus: A Thriller," ground penetrating radar, LIDAR, remote sensing, "Aphrodesia," Queen Tiye, Egyptology, archaeology, King Tut, Amun priests, Cairo Museum, Eritrea war for independence, Ethiopia, space technology, seismic surveys, Mars Microphone, "Tepui."

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Dr. Paul Spudis, National Research Council "Pathways to Exploration: Rationales and Approaches for a U.S. Program of Human Space Exploration," HSF to Mars, Cislunar economic development, scientific exploration, space settlement, NASA budgets, "Apollo to Mars," public/private partnerships, international projects, the value of space, incremental space development approach, sustainable space development, NASA, RD-180, Atlas, Falcon 9, SpaceX.


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Ed Wright, Citizens in Space, Space Settlement, U.S. Rocket Academy, commercial space, NASA, space settlers, space settlement strategy, ISS, space settlement human factors, XCOR, Lynx Cub Payload Carrier, space tourism, gentleman scientist, Maker Fair movement, teachers to space, cubesats.


Doug Messier, Parabolic Arc, John Batchelor, Hotel Mars, Virgin Galactic, suborbital tourism, SpaceShipTwo rocket motors, science flights, passenger flights, Abu Dhabi Virgin investment.


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Rand Simberg, "Safe Is Not An Option," human spaceflight, science & robotic missions, NASA, U.S. Congress. SpaceX, SLS, ISS, U.S. Russian sanctions, Senator Shelby, U.S. Russian dependency, FAR, fixed price contract, National Research Council "Pathways to Exploration: Rational and Approaches for a U.S. Program of Human Space Exploration," risk taking, human spaceflight safety, fuel depots, mature industry, Informed Consent, Dragon V2, Mars one, Inspiration Mars.


Dr. Bryan Laubscher, carbon nanotubes, space elevator, Odysseus Technologies, LLC, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), chemical rocket propulsion, nuclear rocket propulsion, nanotechnology, 3D printing, materials engineering, materials manufacturing, rocket engines. beamed technology, lunar space elevator, nuclear waste, ISS, LEO, GEO, wind & lightening problems, space elevator ribbon, space debris., space elevator challenges, Bessemer steel, rocket reusability, International Space Elevator Conference, graphene.


Kevin Sloan, Mars Society University Rover Challenge (URC), MDRS, Hyperion Team from Poland, Mars Rover Design Team - Missouri University of Science & Technology, international teams, robotics, Hanksville, UT, desert soil, STEM, URC Rules, URC tasks, rover wheels, rover batteries.


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John Batchelor, Hotel Mars, Dr. John Logsdon Russian space program, RD-180 engine, ISS, NASA, U.S. sanctions, Russia-NASA cooperation, Russian-Chinese space agreements, GPS support sites, great space programs, NASA Russian dependence.


Michelle Evans, "The X-15 Rocket Plane, Flying the First Wins into Space," US Air Force Major Michael Adams, X-15, AIAA, Edwards AFB, Michael Adams Monument Site, B-52, Joe Engle, Chuck Yeager, Scott Crossfield, hypersonic flight, "The Right Stuff,", Wally Schirra, Buzz Aldrin.


Joe Carroll, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Jim Logan, partial gravity, artificial gravity, tethers, lunar gravity, Mars gravity, human factors, zero G, microgravity, rotation, space settlement, space outpost, gravity prescription, ISS, NASA, inflatable tunnel, Airbeam tunnels, spinning, SpaceX, Dragon., Coriolis effect.


John Batchelor, Hotel Mars, Anatoly Zak, Russian space program, RD-180 engine, ISS, NASA, U.S. sanctions, Russia-NASA cooperation, Russian-Chinese space agreements, Russian space budget, new Russian launch site, Russian HSF, ISS orbit.


Dr. John Brandenburg, "Cosmic Jesus: The Metaphysics of How the God of Israel Became the God of the Cosmos," metaphysics, physics, Mars, extraterrestrial life, ancient history, observers, quantum mechanics, Big Bang, Kaluza-Klein theory, 5th dimension, string theory, GEM theory, electro-magnetism, the Bible, spacetime, religion, Hubble Deep Field, cosmos, Greek Septuagint, life on early Mars, Silk Road, Aristotle "Metaphysics," primal catastrophe, Schrodinger's Cat, Dr. Andrei Sakharov, gravitational constant, gravity modification.


Space Show 13th birthday, Dr. David Livingston, space industry perspectives, commercial space, public, civil, & private space, la la land thinking, SpaceX, reusability, Mars,
lunar settlements, cislunar transportation, carbon nanotubes, space elevator, ISDC, Space Library, Kepler Space Institute.


Open Lines, Richard & Roger Easton, GPS, Sputnik, Vanguard, timing, Naval Research Lab, space fence, space tracking, Dragon, Russia & the Crimea & Ukraine, ISS, NASA, U.S. sanctions, fast tracking human spaceflight, RD-180 engine, Atlas 5, Space Shuttle, depots, lunar settlement, asteroid missions, return to the Moon, political leadership, space militarization, space policy, Mars, asteroids, the Moon.


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Dr. John Jurist, Rocky Mountain College, Walt Cunningham, Apollo 7, Apollo program, mission accomplishments, Apollo 7 crew, living and working in space, importance of human space flight, STEM education, evaluating current public issues with a scientific basis.


Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, NASA-Russia space relations, ISS, Atlas 5, RD-180 engine, Antares, Russian N-33 engine, SpaceX lawsuit against Air Force, national security, Dragon, Orion, SLS, ATK-Orbital merger, solid rocket motors, U.S. economy, commercial space, private sector, ULA, Lockheed Martin, reusability, government launch customers, commercial launch customers, Falcon Heavy, ISS IGA agreement, Putin,
Crimea fresh water & electricity, U.S. sanctions against Russia,

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Rod Pyle, "Innovation the NASA Way," NASA innovation, JPL, human spaceflight, NASA Redirect Mission, Apollo, Gemini, Mars, Reusability, Russian space program, SpaceX, Elon Musk, Viking, Kepler, NewSpace, Apollo Moment, JFK, Europa, Curiosity, NASA budget, NASA Outreach Budget.


David Ruck, "I Want To Be An Astronaut," NASA, National Air & Space Museum, private space, SpaceX, NewSpace, Cecil Gregory, STEM, U. S. Naval Academy, ISS, inspiring students, community film screenings, Blair Mason.

April/30/2014 John Batchelor, Hotel Mars, Michael Listner, ATTY, China space policy, space militarization, SpaceX DOD litigation, Russia & the ISS, Outer Space Treaty

Dr. Ajay Kothari, rocket reusability, reusable first stage, hypersonic reusable second stage, SpaceX, policy leadership, reusable economics, flight breakeven point, First Unit of Product Cost (FUPC), Two-Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO), space tourism, suborbital tourism, orbital tourism, Point to Point Transportation, reusability penalty, flyback, boostback, large payload landings on Mars, closing the business case, rocket launch rate, heat shield, lunar reentry.


John Spencer, Dr. Nicola Sarzi-Amade, ISDC 2014, National Space Society (NSS), A Space Renaissance theme, space tourism society, commercial space, NASA, space development, space exploration, space media., Inspiration Mars, World View.


Open Lines, SpaceX reusability, SpaceX lawsuit, reusability assumptions, fly back boosters, Falcon Heavy, heavy lift rockets, Al Jazeera America's Fault Line - Space, Inc., The Lurio Report, New Earth-like planet discovered by Kepler, reusable launch penalties, SpaceX possible pricing strategies, fuel depot delay impact.


David Meerman Scott, Richard Jurek, "Marketing The Moon:  The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program,", marketing, public relations, NASA, Apollo contractors, brand journalism, content marketing, Apollo 11, global imperative, Red Bull Stratos, targeted goals, scale down for accomplishment, mission scope creep, science fiction, Von Braun, Walt Disney, Quest mission story, Chris Hadfield, recreating Apollo, social media, newspapers, television fragmentation, defined mission goals, Vision for Space Exploration.


John Batchelor, Hotel Mars, Dr. Haym Benaroya, NASA LADEE mission, lunar dust, lunar settlements, Martian dust, Return to the Moon, NASA, Lunar Dust Experiment, lunar surface.


John Powell, JP Aerospace,  balloon flight systems, Airship to Orbit, Kickstarter, floating to space, PongSat program, MHD Generator, submarine, shock tube, MiniCube, Dark Sky Station, hybrid chemical electric engine, commercials, lunar plans, Mars plans, V-shaped airship.


Brett Stroozas, Elysium Space Burial, romantic death, interplanetary species, U.S. funeral industry, Japanese funeral industry, cremation, BLEO, orbital space burial, Spaceflight Services, SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, dedicated spacecraft, Elysium expansion plans, green funeral.


Open Lines, SLS, Heavy Lift, UFO Phenomena, ET, "I know What I Saw" UFO documentary, advanced propulsion technology, SpaceX, Falcon 9, reusability, Russian Space Program, Russian lunar program, Chinese Space Program, suborbital tourism.


Dr. Clay Moltz, "Crowded Orbits: Conflict and Cooperation in Space," Asia, space debris, space weaponization, human spaceflight, ISS, cubesats, private sector space industry, United Nations space treaties, LEO, GEO, BLEO, the Moon, Mars, asteroids, SSP, cyber warfare, internet.


John Batchelor, Hotel Mars, Marcia Smith,, NASA, Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), Commercial Crew, Congress, SLS-Orion, ISS,  National Research Council, Susan Eisenhower, Russian scientific community.


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Randa & Rod Milliron, Interorbital Systems, Neptune Launch Vehicle, modular launch vehicle, TubeSat kits, CubeSat kit, Common Propulsion Module Test Vehicle (CPM TV), John Frusicante’s (Red Hot Chili Peppers) album ENCLOSURE (The Record Collection, Malibu), liquid propellants, hypergolic fuels, FAA AST, ITAR, Class 3 Waiver, Bosnia, ocean launch, Venus tourism, orbital vehicles, Lunar mission, suborbital missions, Olav Zipser jump from IOS rocket, Neptune diameter.


Behrokh Koshnevis, 3D Printing, Contour Crafting, 3D Printing power needs, 3D printing water usage, 3D printing compared to modern manufacturing processes, Aerospace 3D Printing, sulfur, microgravity and 3D printing, radiation and 3D printing, inflatable structures, inflatable materials, desktop 3D printers, HP 3 D Printers, insitu resources.


Dwight Steven-Boniecki, "Live TV From Orbit," Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP), Space Shuttle TV, Live TV, color TV, ISS, rescue vehicle, Skylab solar activity, NASA, commercial space, private space, Westinghouse cameras, TV downlinks.

April/01/2014 Kevin Heath,  Waypoint 2 Space, FAA Safety Approval, human spaceflight training, astronaut psychological training, commercial space, NASA, JSC, suborbital, orbital, spacesuits,  FAA Class 3 Exam, centrifuge training, acrobatic aircraft training, Zero-g, ITAR, space sickness, space tourism.

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Feb. 21/2014

Elizabeth (Liz) Kennick, Teachers In Space, Space Frontier Foundation, ISS experiments, Waypoint2Space, Teachers In Space workshops, Pathfinders, Flight Experiment Workshop, The Student Spaceflight Experiments Program, high school STEM teachers, Challenger Centers, Space Medicine & Human Factors Workshop, flying teachers in space.


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Feb. 16/2014

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Feb./02/2014 Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, carbon footprints, Virgin Galactic, SpaceShip2, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Turlock Journal, Apollo 11, HSF to Mars, Dr. Thomas O. Paine, artificial gravity, g loading, natural gravity.

Dr. Dava Newman, MIT, BioSuit, positive pressure space suit, BioSuit helmet, life support pack, EVA system, space suits, radiation protection, lunar dust, concavity, BioSuit mass, traditional space suit mass, Variable Vector Suit, space tourism, BioSuit thermal issues, BioSuit repairs.


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Alliance Legislative Blitz, Mars education outreach, Inspiration Mars, Mars One, MDRS, F Mars, Devon Island, Red Planet Radio.


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Jan. 22/2014

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Dr. William (Bill) Rowe, hypothesis, Possible space flight-induced catecholamine cardiomyopathy, Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11, heart rate, astronaut resting heart rate, adrenalin,
EVA, oxidative stress, Freedom of Information Act, reentry stress, dehydration, Reentry G force, Jim Irwin, cardiac function impairment, maximum heart rate, sudden death risk.


Joan Horvath, 3D Printing, Deezmaker, Bukito Portable 3D Printer, Bukobot 3D Printer, mass manufacturing, ITAR, geometry, archaeology, paleontology, lunar 3D printing, ISS 3D printing, Apollo 13 situation, negative inventory, 3D printing trades and analysis.


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Robert Zimmerman, commercial space, NewSpace, SLS, Falcon 9, Dragon, Falcon Heavy, Antares, Cygnus, ISS, Arianne Aerospace, Arianne 5, Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Dream Chaser, international partnerships, NASA, 2014 Omnibus Budget Bill, NASA planetary science, Kepler Space Telescope, Elon Musk, U.S. Congress, space policy, space media, Chinese space policy, Inspiration Mars, Mars One, human spaceflight to Mars, Soviet Union Space Program, ground based telescopes, sun-like stars.


Charles Pooley, Ed LeBouthillier, "Microlaunchers: Technology for a New Space Age," Microlaunchers, small launcher system, cubesats, secondary payloads, escape missions, orbital missions, propulsion, personal spacecraft, small launcher markets, space management, GEO, bi-propellant, liquid propane, liquid oxygen, propellant trades, N-Prize.


Open Lines, inspiring students, suborbital flight, AIAA, Spaceflight Challenge Program, Virgin Galactic, XCOR, Charles Pooley, "Microlaunchers: Technology for a New Space Age," Returning to the Moon, lunar commerce, Cislunar commerce, Earth-Moon transportation system, robotics, Mars, SLS, heavy lift, NewSpace, deep space missions, reusable launchers, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, government procurement for launch vehicles.


Dr. Jack Zirker, "The Science of Ocean Waves: Ripples, Tsunamis, and Stormy Seas," internal waves, El Nino, Humboldt Current, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, tsunamis, storm waves, surfing waves, satellite wave tracking, Walter Monk, tides, rogue waves, freak waves, tsunami mitigation strategy, earthquakes, wave action electrical power, CMEs, solar flares, oceanography, wave forecasting, wave action renewable energy.


John Batchelor, Dr. Jeff Foust, Dr. David Livingston, solar radiation, Falcon 9, Dragon, Orbital Sciences, Cygnus cargo spacecraft, Antares Rocket, Wallops, ISS, solar flare, CME, spacecraft shielding.


Dr. Alice Gorman, space archaeology, Apollo heritage sites protection, cultural archaeology, Mars One garbage, pet relationships for space settlement, archaeology techniques, NASA guidelines for cultural site protection, trace fossils, international heritage law, space commerce, private sector, Outer Space Treaty, space environments, Dark Skies, lunar heritage, asteroid mining, benefit sharing, space debris.


The Space Show Classroom, Dr. Jim Logan, Dr. John Jurist, space radiation, magical thinking, fantasy thinking, SLS, heavy lift, smaller rockets, fuel depots, Space Shuttle, NASA, Life Sciences, frontier development, ocean exploration, Magellan expeditions, engineering specialization, intuition thinking, Wright Brothers, Wright Flyer, Al Zaehringer, Saturn V, rocket reusability, space advocacy, NASA Brinkmanship Strategy, ISS, Mars One, Mars human spaceflight, Lunar colonies, rendezvous and docking.


Dr. Sandra Magnus, AIAA SciTech Conference 2014, AIAA forums, science and technology, student educational outreach, "speed" mentoring, sequestration, cybersecurity, launch industry, funding & investment capital, Small Sat, AIAA Space 2014, AIAA Propulsion Conference, conference networking.

Jan./05/2014 Dr. William (Bill) Halal, Near term space forecast, Long-term space forecast, space commercialization, suborbital tourism, orbital tourism, lunar colonies, Space Solar Power (SSP), Humans on Mars, interstellar travel, Contact, propellant depose, SLS, heavy lift, Cislunar economic development, Earth-Moon space transportation, space debris, space media, Virgin Galactic, Sir Richard Branson, space entrepreneurs, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, space and science knowledge, commercial aviation, space leadership, public sector space industry role, NASA,  Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Dragon, Mars para-terraforming, ISS.

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Tom Olson, Space year 2012 in review, Falcon 9, Dragon, ISDC, Dragon Birthing, Stratolaunch, NASA Administrator, cubesats, 3D Printing, ISS, heavy lift, Falcon heavy, NASA budget issues, Atlas human rating, space settlement, commercial space companies, NewSpace Business Plan Competition.


Tom Olson, Space Year 2011 in Review, Elon Musk, Mars, Vesta, Dawn, Kepler Space Telescope, Phobos Grunt, China's space program, MSL, Curiosity, New Horizons, Pluto, Virgin Galactic drop test, XCOR, CCDEV3, NASA, Falcon 9, SLS, Orion, NewSpace Business Plan Competition, Lunar Space Elevator.


Tom Olson, 2009 space year in review, Virgin Galactic, Space Ship 2, Falcon 9, Falcon 1, Augustine Commission, New Space Business Plan Competition, PGE, Solaren SSP, space tourism, Space Investment Summit, ISDC, Spaceport America, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, trillion dollar asteroid, Masten Space,  Lunar Lander Competition.


Tom Olson, Space year 2007 in review, NewSpace investments, COTS competition, Kool Aid Event of the year, Netscape Moment, Space Cynics blog, The Walking Eagle Award, NASA, commercial space, The Colony Fund.


Tom Olson, Colony Fund, 2005 space year in review, alt. space, space scalable, commercial space, nanotechnology, New York Space Enterprise Symposium, space advocacy, 2006 space year predictions, NASA, the VSE, congress,  the President, the general public and space, Zero G Zero Tax.

Dec. 23/2013

Tom Olson, The Colony Fund, commercial space, XPrize, RLVs, suborbital industry, regulatory issues, Columbia accident, NASA, Return to the Moon, Mars, the VSE, private space enterprise.

Dec. 22/2013

Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, radiation, Mars One, Inspiration Mars, SLS, Orion, Falcon Heavy, Apollo 8 & the Earthrise photo, SpaceX, XCOR, Virgin Galactic, radiation, lunar habitats, commercial space transportation system.


Dr. Jason Cassibry, Fusion, Fission energy, Nuclear Electric Propulsion, Nuclear Thermal Propulsion, Fusion Propulsion, Fusion Drive, pulsed propulsion, nuclear propulsion timeline, Cassini protests, thermal protection, Vasimr, nuclear accidents, advanced propulsion technologies, GCRs, solar flares, plasma, chemical rockets, ion propulsion, Prometheus, solar electric, super conducting technology, ion propulsion and thrusters, Mars, Moon.


John Batchelor, Dr. Scott Bolton, Dr. David Livingston, Juno Mission, Jupiter's mysteries, ham radio operators, Jupiter critical science, Jovian polar orbit, Morse Code, Juno Cam.


Space Show Classroom, Dr. Jim Logan, Dr. John Jurist, radiation, galactic cosmic radiation, CMEs, solar flares, spaceship storm shelter, Mars, Deimos, Phobos, the Moon, lunar dust, Earth's atmosphere, Earth magnetic field, Radiation Career Limits, MSL RAD findings, space policy, leadership, NASA, LEO, BLEO, ISS, Inspiration Mars, Mars One, shielding, hydrogen, passive shielding, active shielding, mission architecture, EVAs, spacesuits, genetic manipulation, informed consent, irradiated water, microgravity, heavy lift launcher, public/private partnerships, private sector, commercial space business case, reinvigorating NASA, space advocacy as a religion, space as an historical pre-determinant, Open Loop Environmental System.


Dr. Bruce Pittman, Planetary Sustainability Initiative, Sustainable Silicon Valley, closed loop life support, Mars, public private partnerships, BLEO, SpaceX, Orbital, COTS, Commercial Space, Bloom Box by Bloom Energy, ISS, suborbital, cubesats, nanosats, FAR, Space Act Agreement, government oversight, NASA Advisory Council, paradigm shifts, ISDC 2014, Falcon Heavy, reusability, Google Solve For X, fusion, LENR, SpaceX Raptor Methane engine, public/private partnerships, heavy lift launch vehicles. 


Eric Lerner, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Focus Fusion, DPF, hydrogen-boron fuel, tungsten, Aneutronic Fusion, Hydrogen Boron fuel (pB11), fusion high temperatures, fusion confinement, density, pulse powered, plasma computer simulation, plasma experiments, crowd funding, Plasma Focus Device, engineering breakeven, Direct Energy Conversion, Tokamak, cosmology, The Big Bang Theory, Concordance Model in Cosmology, dark matter, dark energy, comic coincidence, peer review, red shift, expanding universe, steady state universe, "The Big Bang Never Happened."


Dr. David Brain, MAVEN Mission, Mars traffic management, Deep Space Network, Indian Mars Mission, Mars Global Surveyor, Martian rocks, Mars magnetic field, Earth magnetic field, radiation shielding, spaceflight hardware testing, spaceflight hardware Mars simulation, mission development timeline, Mars One, MAVEN instruments, instrumentation backup, government shutdown, Trace Gas Orbiter, Martian methane, Martian atmosphere, Martian water issues, Comet Siding Spring, Curiosity.


John Batchelor, Dr. William (Bill) Farrand, Dr. David Livingston, Opportunity, Spirit, Mars rovers, Curiosity, Solander Point, Endeavour Crater, Martian winter.


Dr. Wendell Mendell, :Lunar Base Workshop, NASA JSC, ISU, lunar water, ISRU, lunar resource extraction and development, Congress, Moon, video games, HSF, lunar base timeline, telescopes, Mars, NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission, space advocacy, lunar permanently shadowed craters, commercial space, commercial value of Moon, LCROSS Mission, water ice, regolith volatiles, sample return to Earth, Constellation, Cislunar space, NASA, Apollo, Space Task Group Report.


Michelle Evans, The X-15 Rocket Plane: Flying the First Wings into Space, U.S. presidents & X-15, X-15 educational outreach, Peter Knight X-15 flight, X-15 ejection seat, X-15 pilots, Scott Crossfield, Mike Adams, Mike Adams Memorial, XLR-99 engine, X-15 artifacts, B52 X-15 planes, Edwards AFB, Los Angeles area, Griffith Observatory, X-15 historical site tour, Mercury program, Joe Walker, Bill Dana.


Jim Lewis, Communications Concepts, Inc., "America's Animal Astronaut Heroes," chimps, monkeys, fruit flies, Rats with hats, rats & mice in space, Russian wild dogs, dogs in space, pets in space, service animals in space, Astro Chimps, ISS, medical experiments, gravity, Mars, feedstock animals in space, fish on ISS, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Space Florida.


Dr. Bruce Cordell, Maslow Windows, 21stCentury, macro economics, Apollo, JFK expansion, global space trends, Panama Canal, financial panics, NASA flagship missions, Mars, Phobos, Deimos, return to the Moon, NewSpace, SLS, Inspiration Mars, Mars One, X-37B, energy, international cooperation for space, Chinese space program, Cuban Missile Crisis, Iran, 2014 and 2016 elections, historical trends, ISS, space geopolitical interests.

Dec./04/2013 John Batchelor, Leonard David, Gordon Chang, Dr. David Livingston, Chinese space program, Chang'e 3, Chinese lunar program, autonomous hazard avoidance capability, lunar sample return mission, Sinus Iridum (Bay of Rainbows). 

Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, New Space, space entrepreneurs, Chinese space program, Chinese military & space, space race, SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, space industry, cubesats, international space competition, DOD space, SLS, Orion, Inspiration Mars, Mars One, LEO, lunar space, DOD launch service block buy, JFK space policy, government space programs, Code of Conduct, international launch standards, launch insurance industry, solar cycle, suborbital rocket companies, space tourism, suborbital R&D flights, NASA planetary science program, Congress, NASA budget, space property rights.


Scott Lowther, X-34, X-20 Dyna-Soar, Boeing, Lockheed, ATK, space archives, public space projects, private space projects, Titan 3, Iron Mountain Facility, U.S. bomber projects, Pancho Villa, Orion nuclear rocket, POGO, Saturn 5 blueprints, ITAR issues, suborbital rockets, HL20, NASA, JPL, NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS). 


Michael Listner, space law, commercial space, NASA, property rights, liability issues, space debris, Apollo lunar landing sites, European Code of Conduct, FAA launch license, Mars One, Dutch space law, SpaceX, treaties, enforcement regulations, human spaceflight, Inspiration Mars, GEO. space tourism, self regulation, geopolitics, lunar artifacts, 2004 National Space Transportation Policy, Bigelow Aerospace.

Nov./29/2013 Dr. Roger Launius, "Space Shuttle Legacy: How We Did It and What We Learned," Low Earth Orbit (LEO), AIAA, Space Shuttle assessment, human spaceflight, NewSpace, traditional aerospace, ISS, NASA, Constellation, shuttle architecture, capsules, winged spacecraft, SpaceX, space planes, shuttle cancellation, aerospace workforce, LEO and the space frontier, LEO commercial opportunities, commercial space, reusable launch vehicles, SLS, Orion, geo political rivalries, space inspiration, Inspiration Mars, HSF to Mars, China, shuttle lessons learned, suborbital space, space tourism, X Plane approach.
Nov./27/2013 John Batchelor, Dr. Robert Zubrin, humans to Mars, Russian participation, Russian entrepreneurism, Cold War, mining, resource utilization, humanity advancement

Caed Aldwych, Global Space Organization (GSO), Terran Global Corporation, space vision, Return to the Moon, lunar commerce, commercial space, GSO membership, Mars One, Inspiration Mars, SpaceX, Golden Spike, Google Lunar XPrize, Moon Express, HSF to Mars, space environment, global space cooperation, sponsorship, ITAR, lunar crew members, government space programs, public funding for space, race to the Moon.


Dragos Bratasanu, "The Amazing Future & You," success, failure, space entrepreneurism, space vision, space leaders, inner purpose, NASA, engineering personal success, engineering organizational success, team building, 4-D System, cultures, national boundaries.


William (Bill) Harwood, CBS News Space Consultant, SpaceX, Falcon 9, GEO, SES, GTO, ILC, Arianne, Elon Musk, Falcon 9 competition, suborbital flight, Virgin Galactic, launcher market share, space tourism, government space programs, space settlement, Inspiration Mars, human spaceflight, space coast economy, ISS, JFK legacy, private sector, Dream Chaser, politics and space policy, Challenger, Columbia, Space Shuttle, SLS, and Orion.


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John Batchelor, Dr. David Brain, Dr. David Livingston, Maven, Martian atmosphere, Mars methane, water on Mars, Maven instrumentation, Maven communication relay satellite, Maven trajectory to Mars.


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Dave Ketchledge, Mars Lander Choices, Mars precision landing, DC-X configuration, Pershing 2, capsule design, biconic, SLS, Mars lander, supersonic parachutes, elliptical nose, shockwave, lunar dust, Martian dust, entry, descent, & landing (EDL), NASA Mars Design Reference Mission, Dr. Robert Manning, Draper Labs, JPL, Mars One, reentry vehicles, nuclear propulsion, radiation, Martian atmosphere.


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Dr. Gilbert (Gil) Levin, NASA, ESA, Mars, Viking, Labeled Release life detection experiment, Curiosity, Mars Sample Return Mission, organic matter on Mars, perchlorates, complexity analysis, Earth contamination, liquid water on mars, Martian radiation, wave guide theory, life on Mars, DNA.

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Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Behind The Black, Commercial Space Launch Act of 2004, commercial space regulation, spaceflight safety, ITAR, NewSpace regulations, unmanned systems, incremental development, SpaceX, launch rates, Orbital Sciences, Arianespace, ULA, Falcon 9, Virgin Galactic, Planetary Resources, SLS, Orion, sequestration, climate science, global warming, Chinese space mission, James Webb Space Telescope, NASA Astrophysics budget, Kepler Space Telescope, space fairing.


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John Batchelor, John Batchelor Hotel Mars, William (Bill) Harwood, Mars, Francis Rose , Federal News Radio, Curiosity, NASA, JPL, Hubble Space Telescope, ESA ATV, Mt. Sharp.


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Donald Beattie, "No Stone Unturned: A Life Without Bounds," U.S. Navy, NASA, Apollo program, lunar science, energy exploration, SLS, NewSpace, HSF, Mars. commercial lunar missions, NSF, MSFC, Apollo 13, nuclear electric propulsion, ISS centrifuge, ISS, Boy Scouts, oil well fracking, wind energy, Columbia, Mobil Oil, wind turbans & NASA.


Mary Roach, "Gulp: Adventures On The Alimentary Canal,"  "Packing For Mars," NASA, Mars nutrition, Inspiration Mars, Mars One, Dr. Michael Levitt, EVA spacesuit gas, NASA flatus research, HSF digestion, microgravity impact on nutrition & digestion, Food Valley, GERD & HSF, human bladder & gravity, probiotics and spaceflight, bacteria in space, live animals in space, growing food in space, the Alimentary Canal, gastric acid, chewing, methane, hydrogen gas, hydrogen sulfide.


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Dr. William Gaubatz, Cathy Harper, Nino Polizzi, Chris Orwoll, DC-X, SSTO, New Mexico Museum of Space History, Spaceport America, DC-X 20th Anniversary, Smithsonian Institution, NewSpace, low cost space access, X-33, NASA, RLV, hobby rocketry, X-37, DC-XA, Dan Goldin, DC-X team, National Space Society Archives.


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Kimberly Arcand, Megan Watzke, "Your Ticket To the Universe: A Guide To Exploring The Cosmos," Smithsonian Books, astronomy, field guide to the universe, Pluto, Europa, Chandra X-Ray Observatory, light minutes, speed of light, Solar System, Milky Way, galaxies, International Year of Astronomy, Starry Night, art and space science, Svalbard, Mars analogs, astrobiology, robotic exploration, human spaceflight exploration, cosmology, Kepler Space Telescope, Exomoons, Exoplanets, NASA budget, telescopes.


Dr. John Brandenburg, Higgs-Boson, particle physics, gravity, Kaluza-Klein, Unified Field Theory, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, science fiction, lunar meteor impact, plasma physics, Clementine Mission, Shoemaker-Levy impact, quantum mechanics, cold fusion, LENR, Mach's Principle, mainstream physics, physics frontier, fringe physics, Max Planck, GEM Theory, cosmology.

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Dr. Stan Rosen, Dave Dressler, ISDC 2013, NSS, space education outreach, ISDC 2013 tours, ISDC speakers, ISDC Confirmed Tracks, Emerging Space Applications, SSP, transhumanism, Buzz Aldrin, asteroids, Breakthrough Science, Advanced Technology, Mars, space commerce, NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement.


Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Leonard David, "Mission to Mars: My Vision for Space Exploration, Apollo, asteroid retrieval, asteroids, China, , genetic modification, Hawaii, India, Inspiration Mars, International Luna Development Corporation (ILDC), ISS, leadership, LEO, Mars, Mars Cycler, Moon race, NASA, national security issues, NEOs, One way Mars trips, Phobos, PISCES, pre-positioning supplies on Mars, private-public teaming, Return to the Moon, SLS, space policy, space tourism, technology development, Unified Space Vision, United Strategic Space Enterprise (USSE).


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John Batchelor, John Batchelor Hotel Mars, Dr. Jeff Foust, COTS, Orbital Sciences, Antares, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Virgin Galactic, NASA, ORION, private space.


Jerry Ross, "Spacewalker: My Journey In Space And Faith as NASA's Record-Setting Frequent Flyer," NASA, Space Shuttle, Moon, Constellation, SRB's, Liquid rocket motors, Columbia, ISS, MIR, space policy, SLS, Orion, Dragon, SpaceX,  private space vehicles, astronaut training, faith, on orbit construction, spacewalks, space leadership, suborbital, space vehicle testing, B1 Bomber testing.


Ed Wright, Citizens in Space, Space Hackers Workshop, XCOR, Lynx, space, suborbital flight, spaceship safety, suborbital training program, payload astronauts, citizen science, Beagle Bone Black, unconference, SpaceUP.


Marc Fusco, "Presidents, Politics, And Policy: How The Apollo And Shuttle Decisions Shaped NASA,"  University of North Dakota Space Studies, President Kennedy, President Lyndon Johnson, President Richard Nixon, Apollo, Soviet Union Space Program, Bay of Pigs, Saturn V, Space Shuttle, Skylab, Cold War, Vietnam War, Yuri Gagarin flight, JFK Rice University Speech, risk taking, NASA, Space Task Group 1970, Werner Von Braun, NASA Administrators, 1960 election, Walter McDougall, The Great Society.


Charles (Chuck) Killian, Mars Society, Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), CapCom Coordinator, MDRS Science Experiments, ITAR, Green Hab, Mars Simulation.


John Batchelor, John Batchelor Hotel Mars, William Borucki, Kepler Space Telescope, habitable zone, Earth-like planets, Kepler 62, Kepler 69, G type star, K type star.


Dr. William Farrand, multispectral remote sensing data, hyperspectral remote sensing data, Mars, Opportunity, Spirit, Curiosity, Europa, Earth imaging, CRISM, MRO, solar conjunction, minerals, life on Mars, human spaceflight, robotics, Planetary Data System, Maven, Mars atmospheric science, sequestration, Earth science, World View 2, World View 3, AI, NASA program oversight, Mars colors.


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Chris Carberry, Explore Mars, Mars Generation Opinion Poll, Humans 2 Mars Summit, Inspiration Mars, Mars One, HSF Life Support, George Washington University, nuclear rocket, risk taking, public/private partnerships, international cooperation, STEM education.


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Elizabeth (Gallager) Kennick, Teachers In Space, Space Frontier Foundation, Pathfinders, Space medicine, human factors, Flight Experiments, U.S. High School STEM teachers,  Mars factors, ISS, Yuri's Night, New York City Yuri's Night, NASA, Liberal Arts teachers.

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Robert Sackheim, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, TRW Corp., rocket propulsion, SLS, Space Shuttle, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, SpaceX, Ares 1, Areas 5, Constellation, chemical propulsion, electric propulsion, nuclear propulsion, Russian rocket engines, solid rocket boosters, liquid rocket engines, Inspiration Mars, Golden Spike, boosters, Delta 4, Atlas 5, human spaceflight, robotic missions, North Korean rockets, high speed rail, international space venture cooperation, public/private partnerships, cubesats, GEO orbital satellites, satellite propulsion, spaceports, Bigelow, lunar space elevator, SSP, NACA, space advocacy, space tourism, hybrid rocket engines, Saturn V, NewSpace, fuel depots, commercial space.

March/30/2013 Astronaut Panel 2: Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Harrison Schmitt, Walter Cunningham, Dr. Loren Acton, Rocky Mountain College, Saturn 1B, Saturn V, Space Shuttle, space tourism, scientifically valuable solar system locations, human spaceflight, telescopes, Decadal Survey, NASA Science Mission, NASA HSF, risk averseness, live TV from space, President Eisenhower, Cold War, Congress, innovation, Dennis Tito, space emergency jumps, Moon, Mars, Neo, Helium 3, fusion.

Astronaut Panel 1: Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Harrison Schmitt, Walter Cunningham, Dr. Loren Acton, Rocky Mountain College, leadership qualities, human spaceflight, aviation, mentorship, risk taking, commercial space, space exploration, ISS, deep space exploration, Mars, Apollo, fusion.


Dr. Bruce Cordell, Maslow Window, Ebullience, financial panics, President Kennedy, Panama Canal, Cuban Missile Crisis, N. Korea, Iran, Apollo, Inspiration Mars, Dennis Tito, U.S. launch license, economic booms, LEO, Return to the Moon, Mars, NASA, Geopolitical events, Curiosity Rover, Private Commercial Space, U.S. energy resources, technology led boom, Pioneering Spirit, Sputnik, 21st Century Waves. 


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Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Apollo 8, "Genesis, The Story of Apollo 8," Falcon 9 launches, ILS, Proton rocket, SpaceX, suborbital flight, Virgin Galactic powered test flights, reusable launch systems, RLV demand, Bigelow Aerospace, Stratolaunch, launch market, RLV economics, Senator Rubio, NASA Sequestration, NASA public outreach, Sarah Brightman & ISS, Golden Spike, North Korean rockets, Iranian rockets, Inspiration Mars, human factors for long duration spaceflight, NASA science missions, NASA HSF, fuel depots, commercial space, space markets, Orbital Sciences, Ariane 5 & 6, caving, Antares launch vehicle, spaceports, fusion rocket.

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John Strickland, National Space Society, ISDC, NSS Roadmap, space settlement, space solar power, cislunar space transportation, lunar settlement, Mars HSF, propellant depots, Earth-Moon L1 & L2, cryogenic transfer, cryogenic cooling, low cost space transportation, SLS, Falcon Heavy, terrestrial power requirements, Base Load Barrier, reusable launchers, space logistics, lunar base, ISS, China's space policy, air breathing rockets, Texas spaceport, cryo boil off, VAPAK.


Dr. Claude Piantadosi, "Mankind Beyond Earth," space-undersea comparisons, nuclear submarines, human spaceflight, robotics, Mars, radiation, microgravity, space pharmaceuticals, mission objective issues, space technology advancements, space environmental issues, private funding, space radiation induced cancer, artificial gravity, ISS, affordable space, Return to the Moon, age & radiation damage, space mental issues, procreation in space, dehydrated food for Mars, CME's, informed consent, shuttle retirement, lunar outpost, sequestration, international cooperation, critical thinking, critical reading, SLS, heavy lift, fuel depots, reusability.


Dr. James Wertz, Microcosm, low cost space launch systems, space mission engineering, USC Astronautics, sequestration, budget issues, continuing resolution, Surrey Satellite, Small Satellite Conference, small satellite launcher, student space projects, composite tanks, high speed turbo pumps, pressure fed rocket systems, composite tanks, Reinventing Space Conference, launch rate, rocket reusability, reducing mission cost attitudes, NASA, U.S. Congress, Scorpius Launch Vehicle, commercial space, private sector, civil space, AMSAT, ISS, Apollo.


Jon Goff, Altius Space Machines, Lunar Patent, Selenian Boondocks Blog, Columbus expedition, Spain, ISS, Benefit Sharing, Moon Treaty, satellite servicing, robotic mission, Sticky Boom, Direct to Station Deliveries, Compactly-Stowable Long-Reach Spacecraft Robotic Manipulators (arms), Kickstarter, Gecko Gripper Touch-to-Grasp tool, DARPA, JPL, Microsat free flyer, Plug and Play, space property rights, U.N. space treaties. MINION Project.


Janet Stevens, National Space Symposium, Space Foundation, NASA, sequestration, budget issues, space policy, Space Pioneering, USAF Space Command, Young Space Professionals, The Space Report 2012, commercial space, SpaceX, Colorado Springs, human spaceflight.


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Mark Whittington, commercial space, human Mars missions, space politics, asteroid mining, SpaceX, Brownsville Spaceport, cosmic radiation issues, return to the Moon, Cislunar space, NRC NASA's Strategic Direction and the Need for a National Consensus, NASA K-12 student radiation program, STEM. "Dreams of Barry's Stepfather," Curmudgeons Corner, alternative timeline histories, NewSpace, commercial crew, NASA, U.S. Congress, space shuttle.


David Hook, Planehook Aviation Services, General Aviation Security, TSA, Washington, DC airport, general aviation, business aviation, FAA, suborbital space flights, women commercial pilots, FAA refresher course, Magzter.


John Oehler, "Aphrodesia," perfume, smell, space shuttle, Mars rovers, Martian microphone, biblical fragrance, ISS, pheromones, dogs sense of smell, People Sniffer, theory of smell, olfactory neurons, ISIPCA in Versailles.


Neil deGrasse Tyson, "Space Chronicles: Facing The Ultimate Frontier," Cosmos TV Show, space exploration, space race, space education, STEM, inspiration, Mars, human spaceflight, frontier development, public/private partnerships, delusional thinking, JFK Rice University speech, military threats, economic growth, culture of innovation, innovation nation, space goals, China, space wars, government as advance man in space, NASA space vehicles, collaboration, SpaceX, deep space, NASA budget, space contribution to GDP, fuel depots, space pioneering.


Dr. Ryan Kobrick,Yuri's Night,Yuri Gagarin, NASA, World Space Party, Space Shuttle Endeavour, Vostok 1.


Yonatan Winetraub, SpaceIL, AIPAC, Google Lunar X-Prize, Israeli ITAR, ITAR, launch contract, lunar hopper, lunar lander, Odyssey Moon., propulsion issues for secondary payload, secondary payload, space education outreach, SpaceIL, STEM in Israel, Technion University.


John Batchelor, John Batchelor Hotel Mars, Dr. Robert Zubrin, Inspiration Mars, Athena Project , cosmic radiation, microgravity, thermal protection system.


Dr. Henry Hertzfeld, commercial space, Space Act Agreement, FAR, human spaceflight, robotic spaceflight, Mars, space property rights, benefit sharing, EELV, space solar power, launch rates, lower launch costs, SpaceX, asteroid mining, moving a NEO, business predictability, rocket reusability, Inspiration Mars, Mars One, astronaut rescue, return to the Moon, Chinese space program, space wars, space migration, species survival through space, space business environment, space market issues.


Henry Vanderbilt, Space Access Conference, commercial space, NewSpace, SpaceX, ULA, launch services, planetary defense, Comet 2012-A1, Mars. 


Wayne White, SpaceBooster LLC, space property rights, venture capital, SpaceX, risk analysis, U.N. space treaties, mining law, salvage law, ISS, space debris, Spaceport America, polar orbits, alternative proposals for space property rights, common law, natural law, human biology, legal authorities for property rights, asteroid mining, territorial property rights, sovereignty issues.


Mark Sundahl, space law, space property rights, Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC), UNIDROIT, Carnival Cruise Lines, Informed Consent, space tourism, ITAR, Cape Town Convention International Space Treaty, space liability issues, satellite ownership sale & transfer, state liability waivers, human spaceflight regulations, cubesats, international space law.


John Batchelor, John Batchelor Hotel Mars, Dr. Samuel Kounaves, Space Science Curiosity, Mars rovers, Mars organics, Curiosity drill, Mars gray rock, Mars oxidized red dust color, Mars soil samples.

Feb./26/2013 Dr. George Robinson, Human Space Development, Habitation BLEO, Space Propulsion Synergy Team, Journal of Space and Evolution, survival of the species, space migration, space settlement, humans to Mars, transitional biology, cyber sovereignty, ISS, lunar base, national leadership, international space partnerships, political leadership, private sector leadership, public/private partnerships, risk capital, space law, 1967 Outer Space Treaty, space property rights, trans human, post human, species extinction, NASA, Department of Defense, space migration public opinion. 
Feb./25/2013 AIAA, California Space Day, California aerospace industry, Curiosity, sequestration, Futron Space Competitive Index, NewSpace, education outreach.

Dr. Doug Plata, space advocacy, Lunar Cots, Lunar Cots Petition, Cislunar space, asteroid mining, Mars, Beyond Leo (BLEO), fuel depots, heavy lift, Falcon Heavy, SpaceX, lunar water ice, NewSpace, prizes, Cislunar Transportation System, lunar mining, telerobotics, LCROSS.

Feb./22/2013 Interorbital Systems (IOS), Randa Milliron, Rod Milliron, Neptune Rocket Engine Test, IOS GPRE 7.5KNTA engine, N7, N5, GLXP, lunar lander, Neptune 36, sounding rockets, Neptune rocket costs, IOS demo flights, Olav Zipser, skydiving, launch track records, hybrid engines, hypergolic propellants, Modular Orbital Launch Vehicle, TubeSat PS Kit, CubeSat PS Kit, rocket engine regulations, EIR, sea launch, spaceports, suborbital flight, bipropellant liquid rocket engine.
Feb./20/2013 Dr. John S. Lewis, Planetary Science, University of Arizona, "Mining The Sky: Untold Riches from the Asteroids, Comets, and Planets," Chinese space program, Chelyabinsk meteorite, Asteroid 2012 DA14, fireballs, NEO's, Human spaceflight, moving asteroids, mining terrestrial & space comparisons, asteroid values, NEO nuclear diversion, DOD data sharing, Chinese launch rate, Martian atmosphere & meteorites, Deep Space Industries, Planetary Resources, global warming and NEOs, science news reporting.

John Batchelor, John Batchelor Hotel Mars, Dr. William Farrand, Space Science Institute, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, Mars rovers.


Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, USA Today Mars HSF Polls, tungsten nuclear fuel, NTR, Microlaunchers, space tourism, Carnival Cruise Lines, informed consent, judicial discretion, Russian meteorite, microwave launch, impulse launch, hydrogen gas gun launcher, Google Lunar XPrize, cubesat launcher, Nanosat launch industry, university consortium small satellite launcher, radiation and HSF, Mars, U.S. radiation standards, European radiation standards. pressure fed launch systems.


Dr. John Hunter, hydrogen gas gun, impulse launch, Microwave propulsion, fuel depots, QuickLaunch, alternative space access, gas gun installed costs, SpaceX, chemical rockets, EML1, spaceports, SSP, cubesat launch system, terrestrial solar power, gas gun demo launch, HARP gun, Yuma Proving Ground, Kickstarter.


Dr. Haym Benaroya, Dr. John Jurist, "Engineering Structures in Space," Rutgers University, lunar surface structures, orbiting structures, Mars structures, gravity, LEO, heavy lift, Falcon Heavy, confidence intervals, regolith, underground habitats, inflatable habitats, cold temperatures, very hot temperatures, ISRU, orbiting fuel depots, lunar seismic issues, Moonquakes, dust, reliability, redundancy, design codes, Factor of Safety ratings, layered manufacturing, 3D printing, lunar bulldozer, mass per lunar habitant, lunar magnesium, lunar concrete.


John Batchelor, John Batchelor Hotel Mars, Dr. Dorothy Oehler, JPL, Mars Curiosity, Dr. David Livingston, Gail Crater, Curiosity drilling operations, "John Klein" rock, Martian wet environments, unpredictable Martian rocks, CheMin instrument, Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument.


Dr. Sean Casey, Silicon Valley Space Center, space entrepreneurism, space venture capital, space angel investing, Silicon Valley, cubesats, SmallSat, NASA, ISS, business incubator, space startups, Stanford University, business track record, hockey stick ROI performance, NASA Flight Opportunities Program, space medicine, Google Lunar XPrize, suborbital tourism, AIAA, California Space Day.


Dr. James Wertz, Microcosm, Reinventing Space, low cost space launch systems, space mission planning, Cubesats, cubesat launcher, turbo pump, pressure fed systems, orbits, SpaceX, orbiting fuel depots, launch vehicle reusability, Surrey Satellite, USC Astronautics, sequestration, military disaggregation, space debris, Scorpius launch vehicle, Reinventing Space Conference, drones, on orbit servicing, Cassini Resource Exchange, interplanetary missions, Trading on Requirements, AMSAT, ISS, NASA, SSP, advanced technology propulsion design, SmallSat.


Dr. William Rowe, Apollo astronauts, lunar dust, urban pollution, NASA, rat microgravity studies, space adaptation sickness, ISS, telomeres, exercise in space, artificial gravity, 1g=the law, Apollo astronauts cardiac conditions, calcium/magnesium ratios.


Dr. William Bainbridge, Space Futures Space Survey, the next fifty years in space, space policy, U.S. space leadership, space industry knowledge and perceptions, space economic issues, The Syncon Process, The Committee for the Future, gaming, virtual reality, CCI Games, EVE Online, Sean Smith (Vile Rat), NASA, science fiction, JPL, citizen science, NASA story telling, Galaxy Zoo, nuclear propulsion, frontier development, pioneering, Vile Rat.


John Batchelor, John Batchelor Hotel Mars, Dr. Don Yeomans, NASA's Near Earth Object Program Office, JPL, Asteroid 2012 DA14, keyhole, Earth threatening asteroids, optical telescopes, asteroid deflection.


Zac Manchester, KickSat, Kickstarter, crow-source funding, Cubesats, CubeSat Mission Design, Sprite ChipSats, Cornell University, NASA Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (/ELaNa), launch vehicles, cell phone electronics, consumer electronics, space debris, secondary payloads, payload integration, Cal Poly, cubesat peapod, ITAR, Open Source, ham radio bands, cubesat ground station, Lorentz Adjusted Orbit, solar sail.


Michael Laine, LiftPort Group, lunar space elevator, Kickstarter, EML1, CCP Games, Falcon Heavy, SLS, HE3, lunar markets, Mars space elevator, Earth space elevator, tethers, climber contests, NASA, crowd source funding.


Nino Pollizzi, Rocket Science Tutors, STEM, Middle School, DC-X, DC-X 20th reunion, pulleys, parabolas, algebra, orbits, balance beam. Ohm's Law.


Alan Steinberg, Astropolitics, "Weapons in Space: The Need to Protect Space Assets," space weapons, beamed energy, U.N. treaties, space debris, cyber warfare, PPWT, international space law, public opinion, space advocacy, ABM, "Space policy responsiveness: The relationship between public opinion and NASA funding," NASA, Dept. of Defense space, self-defense, U.N. Charter, ASAT, enforcement.


John Batchelor, John Batchelor Hotel Mars, Dr. Caleb Scharf, Lake Vostok, water ice, extremophiles, Lake Whillans, Antarctica.


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Jan./28/2013 Dr. Albert Carnesale, "NASA's Strategic Direction And The Need For A National Consensus," National Research Council, National Academies, 2011 NASA Strategic Plan, human spaceflight, Executive Branch, Congress, NASA partnerships, NASA Vision, NASA Mission Statements, NASA organization, NASA national priorities, NASA funding, NASA national consensus, NASA centers, NASA efficiency, Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC), sequestration, space advocacy, NASA strategy, NASA communication, NRC Human Spaceflight Study.

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Jan./15/2013 Open Lines, ITAR, Tea Party in Space, NASA budget issues, sequestration, Microlaunchers, warp drive, Icarus Interstellar, Quantum Vacuum, congressional appropriations, SLS, Falcon Heavy, vegetarian food for Mars, PETA, Vandenberg AFB launches, Falcon Heavy Pad changes at the Cape, A123 battery sale to China, Pegasus launches, Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11, Robert H. Johnson Planetarium, Rocky Flats.

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John Batchelor, Dr. Alan Stern, Dr. David Livingston, The John Batchelor Show "Hotel Mars," Uwingu, planets, naming planets.


Dr. Edythe (Edy) Weeks, "Outer Space Development, International Relations and Space Law: A Method for Elucidating Seeds," space tourism, commercial space development, space resources, space mining, space property rights. The Outer Space Treaty, the Moon Treaty, Common Heritage of Mankind, Benefit Sharing, private investment, taxes, Revenue sharing, giggle factor, Citizen Science, space law, international relations, IAF, International Institute of Space Law, United Nations, tattoos, creating an ideological shift, capitalism, environmental issues, public/private partnerships, nonprofit, venture capital, space entrepreneurism, NewSpace.

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Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, Space Show surveys, NASA Center Director changes, Pete Worden, NASA Ames, SpaceX, NASA Nanosat Challenge, Space Show feedback, Satellite Conference (SATCON) 2012, High Throughput Satellites, US SatCom vulnerability, Pulsed Microwave Laser, ITAR, US 2012 election & space policy, EML2, SLS, Falcon Heavy.


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Jackie Kingon, "Chocolate Chocolate Moons," lunar gravity, Mars gravity, Armstrong University on the Moon, Molly Marbles, Estee Lauder Collection, interplanetary travel and weight control.

Oct./24/2012 John Batchelor, Alan Boyle, Dr. David Livingston, The John Batchelor Show "Hotel Mars," Blue Origin, rocket engine thrust chamber engine test, Pad Escape, high- performance hydrogen engines, commercial space, private space, public/private partnerships, Pusher Escape System.
Oct./23/2012 Brad Blair, space mining, space debris, NIAC_RAP (Robotic Asteroid Prospector Project), Red Bull Stratos, NewSpace Analytics, space economics, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Dragon, International Space Development Authority (ISDU), space governance, U.N. Liability Convention, Outer Space Treaty, United Societies in Space (USIS), electrodynamic tethers, Lunar ISRU, rocket equation, commercial space markets, Cislunar development, 3D Printing, Earth-based lasers.

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Dr. Erik Seedhouse, "Astronauts For Hire: The Emergence of a Commercial Astronaut Corps,", space tourism, citizen science, Virgin Galactic, XCOR, centrifuge training, suborbital flights, orbital flights, microgravity, space radiation, space sickness, NASTAR Training, SpaceX, human spaceflight, ISS.


Space Show Classroom, Dr. Paul Spudis, Dr. Jim Vedda, Cislunar space development, Moon, Mars, NASA, heavy lift, Falcon Heavy, EELV, propellant depots, Vision for Space Exploration, on orbit construction, infrastructure, public/private partnerships, international space cooperation, the railroad model, stunt space accomplishments, LEO, low lunar orbit, human spaceflight, species extinction, SLS, sequestration, small business community, robotic lunar mining, lunar ice, lunar poles, lunar water, insitu resource utilization, ISS.


John Batchelor, Dr. Stephen Fuller, Dr. David Livingston, The John Batchelor Show "Hotel Mars, Sequestration, U.S. Congress, FY13 budget, NASA, aerospace work force, DOD workforce, federal spending.


Wayne White, The Space Pioneer Act, Outer Space Treaty, Moon Treaty, salvage law, Law of the Sea Treaty, space law, ISRU, space mining, COUPOS, Deep Sea Mining Act, General Mining Law, Homestead Act, international law, International Court of Justice, United Nations taxes, space property rights, SpaceBooster, LLC, space tourism, informed consent, spaceflight participants, U.N. Innovative Financing.

Oct./14/2012 Dr. Stephen Fuller, "The Economic Impact of the Budget Control Act of 2011 on DOD & non-DOD Agencies," sequestration, federal employee multiplier effect, discretionary spending, aerospace, NASA sequestration cuts, SLS, sequestration uncertainty, economic uncertainty, congressional compromise, tax policy, California aerospace, Huntsville aerospace, Florida aerospace.

National Center for Remote Sensing, Air & Space Law, Chuck Dickey, John Wood, Nick Welly, University of Mississippi, law school, international law, space law, remote sensing, Outer Space Treaty, Res Communis, 7th Galloway Symposium on Critical Issues in Space Law, planetary protection, commercial space, internships, Journal of Space Law.


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Dr. Jason Cassibry, fusion propulsion, nuclear propulsion, interstellar space flight, Z-Pinch, fusion energy, thrust, ISP, Mars missions, ITER, magnetic nozzle, lithium deuteride fusion fuel, HE3, boron, Alpha Centauri, INSITU Resource Utilization, public policy, nuclear fear, LEO, Vasimr, Voyager mission, Cassini, aerospace engineering, public science funding.


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Oct./07/2012 Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Rand Simberg, astronaut safety, spaceflight safety, space mission value, space elevator, lunar space elevator, propellant depots, space tourism, Red Bull, Felix Baumgartner, spaceflight liability and immunity laws, Sir Richard Branson, ISS one year mission, shuttle accident rate, escape and abort systems, SLS, heavy lift, Cislunar economic development, Mars, NEOs.

Walt Anderson, NewSpace, commercial space, space investment, SSP, asteroid mining, space habitats, space technology, SpaceX, NASA, suborbital, space tourism, space business management, space investments, MirCorp, Mir Space Station, ISS, Dennis Tito, Nanoracks, human spaceflight, robotic space missions, Cislunar development, public/private partnerships, space resource allocation, space advocacy, citizen science.


John Batchelor, Dr. Dorothy Oehler, Dr. David Livingston, The John Batchelor Show "Hotel Mars, Curiosity, Gale Crater, Mars sediments, Martian flowing water, Martian habitability, Mars wind deposits, Martian pebbles, Martian ice.

Oct./02/2012 John Powell, JP Aerospace, airship to orbit, Kickstarter, MiniCubes, weather balloons, PongSat, high altitude airships, Dark Sky Stations, Ascender Airship, volunteer labor, air launch, Stratolaunch, Echo project, Project Shot Put.
Oct./01/2012 Rand Simberg, "Futile Obsession: Our irrational Quest For Absolute Safety In Spaceflight," human rating, space exploration, Saturn V, Space Shuttle, ISS, Kickstarter, Apollo, space importance, space policy, space debate, NASA, National Conversation About Space, HST Repair Mission, spaceflight safety, congressional micromanagement of space program, private sector, Safety & Mission Assurance (S&MA), probability of loss of crew, probability of loss of passengers, finite value for astronaut life.

Dr. Erik Seedhouse, "Ocean Outpost: The Future of Humans Living Underwater," underwater habitats, saturation diving, aquanauts, space settlement, space habitats, "The Abyss," bioengineering, vasculoid, liquid breathing, artificial gills, freediving, Aquarius, Atlantica, life support, Law of the Sea Treaty, submersibles, decompression sickness, biochemical decompression, ADS2000 hard suit, bone necrosis, scuba diving certification, technical diving, ocean outpost, life support recycling, Moon, Mars.


Dr. Jim Vedda, "Becoming Spacefarers: Rescuing America's Space Program," space policy, NASA, SLS, Cislunar space, space destinations, Augustine Committee, LEO, ISS, Moon, human spaceflight, science missions, robotics, STEM, space inspiration, Orion, NASA as a jobs program, congressional funding, DARPA, Obama Space, space telescopes, lunar mining, Apollo, proximity operations, space settlement, expansion in the solar system, space training ground, public/private space partnerships.


John Batchelor, Dr. Robert Anderson, Dr. David Livingston, The John Batchelor Show "Hotel Mars, Mars Science Lab, Curiosity, Martian methane, Martian geology, Gale Crater, Martian climate, planetary science.


Tom Olson, Exodus Consulting Group, space scalable, commercial space, Business Plan Competition, commercial crew, Mars solar sats, Kickstarter, ITAR, DC Angel Investors.


Brian Mosdell, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Dragon, Falcon Heavy, human rating, Commercial Crew, Falcon reusability, range control, NASA, ISS, human spaceflight safety, space walks, spaceports, Texas spaceport, Georgia spaceport, Merlin engine 1.1 upgrade, Delta IV, Delta II, FAR, SAA, birthing, docking, hypergolic fuels, Falcon Heavy boosters, SpaceX Vandenberg operations, Iridium constellation, Soyuz, Falcon surface transportation.


John Batchelor, Taylor Dinerman, Dr. David Livingston, The John Batchelor Show "Hotel Mars, Russian rockets, Soyuz, Proton, Russian rocket industry, Russian launch safety issues, human rating Falcon 9, NASA launch vehicle human rating program, Commercial Crew.

Sept./18/2012 Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Commercial Crew, SLS, Congressional space policy, Congressional space budgets, Falcon 9, Dragon, Falcon Heavy, Virgin Galactic, Dream Chaser, suborbital, Orbital, AIAA, sequestration, NASA budgets, commercial space, citizen science, Big Dumb Booster, heavy lift, Kepler Space Telescope, Hubble, space telescopes.
Sept./17/2012 Dr. Burton Lee, apps market, commercial space, crowd sourcing, European space entrepreneurship, Innovarium Ventures., investor requirements, Kickstarter., Silicon Valley Venture Finance Trends 2012, space entrepreneurship, Stanford University, venture capital, virality.

Dr. Bruce Cordell,, Fractal Maslow Window, Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy, Middle East Conflict, space exploration, economic panics, split Mars mission, political realignment, prosperity, education, NASA budgets, NASA, The Bering Straights rail freight tunnel, Panama Canal, cultural differences, Keynesian economics, Animal Spirits by John Maynard Keynes, human spaceflight risk assessment, Mars, Phobos, Deimos, ISS.


Griffith Observatory, Dr. Laura Danly, Anthony Cook, Zeiss Telescope, Solar Telescopes, observatories, Griffith Park Los Angeles, solar system.


Boeing Commercial Space, AIAA Space 2012/CASE, CST 100, ISS, SLS, Commercial Crew, John Elbon, John Mulholland, Dr. Doug Plata,  Space Shuttle, nuclear thermal propulsion, human spaceflight, safety, Dr. Robert O'Brien, Center for Space Nuclear Research, crew escape and abort.

Sept./09/2012 Dr. Bryan Laubscher, Victor Cummings, screenplay, space elevator, ScriptVamp 2011 Dream Quest, crowd sourcing, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, science fiction genre, Darpa 100 Year Starship Program, Maui Writers Conference, screenplay agent, lunar space elevator, Martian space elevator.

Laura McGill, Raytheon Missile Systems, AIAA Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange (CASE), systems engineering, Space 2012, testing complex systems, forensic investigations, system failures, program failures, Elegant Designs in Engineering, aerospace modeling and simulation, NextGen Systems, Pasadena Convention Center.


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Open Lines, ET Life, Europa, life outside the solar system, "Question Answered," microbial life, solar system oceans, Philadelphia public art project, Dark Skies, light pollution, "Open Air" by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Art Association of Philadelphia, ion propulsion, U.S. economy & NASA, Republican Party Platform space policy, Commercial Crew, SpaceX, Falcon 9, Dragon, Dream Chaser, Boeing CST 100, Atlas 5, NewSpace, Cis-lunar tug.


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Dr. Allan J. McDonald, "Truth, Lies and O-rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster," Morton Thiokol, ATK, NASA, Challenger Space Shuttle, o-rings & cold temperatures, solid rocket boosters (SRBs), segmented SRBs, SRB safety, commercial space, human spaceflight, UTAH space politics, Von Braun rocket group, solid rocket propellant, liquid rocket engines, Challenger litigation, SRB joint redesign, NASA safety assessments, engineering ethics, NASA management failure issues, o-ring heater.


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Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, Lunar colony, giggle factor, VSE, Presidential candidates space policy, Outer Space Treaty, Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Population Threshold, weapons in space, space lessons learned, microgravity, women in long duration spaceflight, variable gravity research station, Newt Gingrich space policy, Gov. Romney space policy, Space X, Falcon 9, Dragon, sovereignty over celestial bodies, Atlas V human rating,, space property rights, Giggle factor for space development.


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John Batchelor, The John Batchelor Show, nuclear thermal rockets, Project Bifrost, Icarus Interstellar, Project Icarus, interstellar travel, tungsten fuel, Project Daedalus, General Propulsion Science, NERVA, antimatter propulsion.


Dr. Steven Howe, Center for Space Nuclear Research (CSNR), Universities Space Research Association, DOE National Laboratory, Mars Hopper, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Hbar Technologies, LLC, radioisotope power, nuclear rockets, Tungsten fuel, ISP, thrust to weight ratios, ground test, Nevada Test Site, plutonium, comparison of nuclear to chemical rocket, nuclear rocket space vision, space nuclear power, uranium, thorium, U-233, Mars missions, Mars Architectural Team Study 2--6-2007, Project Bifrost, nuclear habitats, lunar nuclear rocket, nuclear rocket compared to heavy lift rocket, Fission Surface Power (FSP), Nuclear Thermal Mars Sample Mission, CSNR Summer Fellowship Program, electric thruster, Vasimr, nuclear electric propulsion, nuclear thermal propulsion, Y-12, "Earthrise" by Dr. Howe.


Dr. Peter Shaver, "Cosmic Heritage: Evolution from the Big Bang to Conscious Life," Big Bang, cosmic microwave background, solar system, galaxies, Kepler Space Telescope, Sagan Calendar, limits of science, multiverse, static universe, expanding universe, cognition, consciousness, dark sky, Hubble Deep Field, ET life, habitable zone, Large Hadron Collider, Higgs-boson particle, the Planck Satellite.


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John Batchelor, The John Batchelor Show, Dr. Seth Shostak, The SETI Institute, Kepler Space Telescope, Drake Equation, Earth-like planets, double star system universes, rocky  planets, habitable zone.


Dr. Bruce Cordell, 21st Century Waves, Maslow Windows, Ad Astra, Apollo, boom periods, ebullience, Panic of 1893, Recession of 1890s, Panama Canal, Manifest Destiny, Phobos-Grunt, China space strategy, Critical State, Complexity Theory, psychological states, space trends for 2012, 2012 wild cards, Kepler Space Telescope, Drake Equation, Sputnik moment, U.S. educational system, NASA, commercial space, space policy.


Dr. Lou Friedman, The Planetary Society, LightSail Program, The Space Review, Phobos-Grunt, solar sails, Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment (LIFE), Mind Expansion, SLS, DARPA 100 Year Starship, ITAR, Russian rockets, NASA science and robotic missions, James Webb Space Telescope, NASA Human Spaceflight Program, human space exploration, space and engineering education, interstellar propulsion, advanced technology, China’s space policy.


Dr. Edmund Storms, cold fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions (CANR), Andrea Rossi, E-Cat, Martin Fleischmann, Stanley Pons, scientific replication, scientific observation, divided nickel, disruptive technology, radiation, nuclear reaction, Third World, fusion energy, quantum tunneling, cold fusion skeptics, gas loading, hydrogen, Helium, neutrons, protons, gamma rays, deuterium fusion, cold fusion safety, U.S. approval, NSF funding,, patents, U.S. Navy, nuclear submarines, LENR commercialization, Widom-Larsen Theory Portal, NASA and DARPA cold fusion experiments. Piantelli experiments. 


Chris Luginbuhl, Dark Skies, Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition, glare and dark skies, GPS and timing, International Dark-Sky Organization, ISS night sky picture, James Webb Space Telescope, light intensity, light pollution, lighting as a marketing issue, lighting based on age and gender, lighting research projects, navigation, New York City night sky, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, security lighting, shielding light, sky glow, Southern California light pollution, space and astronomy investment, STEM, U.S. Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station, urban skies, pollution, American Astronomical Society.


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Michael Listner, space law, Austrian domestic space law, The Space Review, United Nations space treaties, Moon Treaty, Liability Convention, Outer Space Treaty, Registration Convention, launching country, European Code of Conduct For Outer Space Activities, voluntary agreement, Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures (TCBMs), New Space, FAA, ESA, space weapons, NASA, ISS, DOD space, SLS, international treaties, Google Lunar X Prize, benefit sharing, lunar artifacts, lunar mineral extraction, space property rights, rogue nations, careers in space law, arbitration agreements, Article 9 of the Outer Space Treaty, Chinese space policy, Indian space policy, Draft Treaty On The Prevention Of The Placement Of Weapons In Outer Space, The Threat Or Use Of Force Against Outer Space Objects (PPWT).


Sara Howard, "Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Moon," Saturn V, Saturn 1-C, Apollo, women in aerospace, Michoud, Louisiana, Trident submarine, JFK Rice University Speech, Saturn V test site, static firing, F! engine tests, Apollo archives in Atlanta, Apollo and President Nixon, Saturn V thrust, private sector and human spaceflight, math, physics, ISS, LEO, Beyond Leo, Werner Von Braun, White Sands rocket testing, Space X, safety issues, Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Boeing.


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Dec./26/2011 Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, Mars, Space X, Elon Musk, space elevator, commercial launch sites, rocket development costs, SLS, Return to the Moon, Boeing 787 Dreamliner costs, ISS, QuickLaunch, depots, human factors, microgravity, radiation, Stratolaunch, air launch, Soyuz problems, commercial space, Dragon, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, payload to Mars, launch mass, Orion, Christopher Kraft op-ed Space News, DARPA, Space Act Agreement (SAA), February 2012 commercial crew NASA solicitations.
Dec./23/2011 Dr. James Hughes, "Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond To The Redesigned Human Of The Future," bioethics, genetic engineering, anti-technology bias, Age of Enlightenment, reason, techno progress, religion, God, human factors for human spaceflight, animal research, animal ethics, interplanetary internet, space propulsion, NASA, Apes, Great Apes, medical research, cloning, mapping the human genome, bioLuddites, human enhancement, happiness illusion, Martian colony, microgravity, long duration spaceflight, convergent technologies, biotechnology, nanotechnology, happiness in public policy, STEM education, Institute For Ethics and Emerging Technologies (  
Dec./21/2011 Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, space policy, NASA, government space programs, Space Act Agreement (SAA), Federal Acquisition Rules (FAR), NASA Commercial Crew Program Near-Term Strategy Discussion, Commercial Next Gen Shuttle-Capable vehicle project, Kevin Holleran, COTS, Commercial Crew, Stratolaunch, air launch, Kepler Space Telescope, Earth-like planets, habitable zone, Chinese space program, Telstar & ATT, bats, white nose syndrome, Orbital Sciences Antares, Falcon 9, Space X, SETI, Russian space program, saving the Space Shuttle, Space Launch System (SLS).

John Batchelor, The John Batchelor Show, Mike Gold, Bigelow Aerospace, BA 330, Space Act Agreement (SAA), Federal Acquisition Rules (FAR), Atlas 5, Delta IV, expandable habitat, CCDEV, Commercial Crew, NASA, NASA budget, crew transportation to ISS, Soyuz, launcher competition.


Peter Westwick, The Huntington Library, "Blue Sky Metropolis: The Aerospace Century in Southern California," The Aerospace History Project, The Los Angeles Air Meet of 1910, California early airplane builders, women in the early California aviation industry, World War II, Cold War, JPL Explorer 1, Hughes Syncon Satellite, California aerospace workforce, Skunk Works, Ben Rich, SR-71 Blackbird, Lockheed Vega, wing stress tests, Wiley Post, Amelia Earhart, Cowboy Joe Walker,
Edwards AFB, NASA, U.S. Air Force, pressure suits, Southern California Culture, hot-rodding, architecture and design, surfing, dry lake beds, aerospace engineering and design, Mines Field.


Josh Neubert, Night Rover Challenge, NASA Centennial Challenge, educational outreach, solar power, battery storage,  energy storage technology,  system designs for space operations,  daylight/darkness cycle on the Moon, Google Lunar X-Prize, NASA Budget, entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley, NASA Ames, educational innovation, national and global economic impact, technology development. Team work. 

Dec./14/2011 John Batchelor, The John Batchelor Show, Mars, Curiosity, mid-course correction, solar storm, CME, Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD), NASA comet harpoon, Vesta asteroid, Dawn Mission Spacecraft, Asteroid Vesta close up photographs.

Mark Bray,, Space Shuttle, aerospace standards, NASA standards, ATK, NewSpace, Liberty Launch Vehicle, Federal Acquisition Rules (FAR), NASA, testing methods, Professional Engineer title (PE), Mil-HDBK-5, ANC- Bulletin, MIL-HDBK-17, Space X, U.S. space leadership, Dr. Mike Griffin, Henry Ford, Ford Motor Co. standards, aerospace liability issues, Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004, civility, Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)., government procurement.


Wes Oleszewski, Klyde Morris, commercial space, NASA, SLS, heavy lift, congress, OMB, space advocacy, civility, Constellation, Space Shuttle, human spaceflight (HSF), NewSpace, Space X, Falcon 9, Ares 1, SRBs, congressional hearings on space, NASA budget, Mars manned mission, U.S. economy, STEM education, U.S. Spaceflight: Commercial Versus Federal.," Aero News Network, COTS, CCDEV.


Dr. Jeff Bell, Phobos-Grunt Mission, X-37B, NASA, Commercial Crew, Cots, Boeing, Space X, Falcon 9, suborbital tourism, Russian lunar & planetary missions, NASA Discovery Missions, TDRS Satellites, Virgin Galactic, nitrous oxide, SpaceShip 2, ISS< Soyuz, HARP, U.S. space policy, U.S. Congress & space, Federal Acquisition Rules (FAR), Space Act Agreement (SAA), manned Mars missions, Mars Science Lab, rocket reusability, flyback boosters, James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), Russian Zond, Roscosmos, Soyuz.


John Batchelor Show, Dr. David Livingston, Dr. John Jurist, Hotel Mars, bone loss in space, artificial gravity, centrifuge, ISS, bisphosphonates, human factors, lunar gravity, Mars gravity.


Open Lines, flyback booster, first stage ocean recovery, Earthlike planet Kepler-22b, Armadillo Aerospace, planet detection methods, Kepler Space Telescope, Air Force flyback booster contract, Spaceport America, expendable rockets, disposable rockets, California nuclear power plants, tachyons, faster than light travel, neutrinos, Droid podcast issues, bisphosphonates, bone loss in space, The John Batchelor Show, photons., LEO & GEO orbital recovery/repair.


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Bob Lancaster, space advocacy, Space Guard, Space Command, civil space program, NASA, SLS, leadership, Congress, Artemis Society, military police, Coast Guard, communications, space conferences, public opinion, space consultants, charismatic space leadership, international cooperation in space, cultural changes for space policy, human spaceflight, space priorities, commercial space, space and pop culture, space celebrities, Mars, media and space policy.


Dr. Roger Launius, National Air And Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Discovery Space Shuttle, Enterprise Space Shuttle, Enola Gay, Mars, Mars Flyby Mission, Gustav Holst "The Planets,"  "Mars, Bringer of War," Phobos Grunt Mission, Mars in popular culture, Sputnik, New Horizons, Space Tourism, Pluto, Kuiper Belt, Apollo lunar historical sites, Plutonium 238, RTG, human spaceflight, one way manned Mars missions, Russian & U.S. space workforce issues, STEM educational issues.


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Nov./28/2011 Matthew Kleiman, Protecting Apollo Lunar Artifacts, space debris, space property rights, Google Lunar X-Prize, Draper Labs, NASA Apollo landing sites guidelines, space salvage law, space treaties, space law, Law of the Sea Treaty, World Heritage Sites, Common Heritage of Mankind, Moon Treaty, Outer Space Treaty, New Mexico State University Lunar Legacy Project, lunar burial, Space Liability Convention, Phobos-Grunt, Apollo landing sites no fly zones.
Nov./27/2011 Marcia Smith,, U.S. NASA budget, Commercial Crew, James Webb Space Telescope, NASA policy, NASA planetary science, Minibus FY 2012 Appropriations Bill, Supercommittee, U.S. discretionary spending, Space Launch System, OMB, MPCV or Orion, space shuttle cancellation, Constellation program, Hubble Space Telescope, U.S. National Security Space, DOD NPOESS weather satellite, NOAA satellites, ULA, Atlas 5 and Delta IV human rating, Space X, Falcon 9. 

Open Lines, Droid Smartphone podcasting issues, Phobos-Grunt, MSL, Mars Missions, OMB, spaceflight basics, N-Prize, Google Lunar X-Prize, Space X by Trent Waddington, NASA, human spaceflight, space advocates/enthusiasts, Space Show fundraising, Kickstarter.


Dr. Dwayne Day, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, NASA, Air Force, U.S. Astronaut Corps, ISS, astronaut training infrastructure, T-38 jet trainer, Space Shuttle, Soyuz, New Space, Russian astronaut training, Chinese Space Program, Secure World Foundation, Chinese space perspective, China's satellites, Chinese Human Spaceflight, U.S. Human Spaceflight, Chinese military in space, The Space Review: "Staring into the eyes of the Dragon," commercial launchers, Dragon, Space X, NASA contracting, space advocacy/enthusiasts, Phobos-Grunt.


Dr. John Brandenburg, "Beyond Einstein's Unified Field: Gravity & Electro-Magnetism Redefined."  GEM Unification Theory, Sakharov, Kaluza-Klein baryo genesis, 5th dimension, 22 dimensions, cosmology, Big Bang, alternative cosmologies, plasma astrophysics, gravity-EM, Planck Scale, Zero Point Fluctuation, Gravitational Constant, Thorium, Thorium reactors, Albert Einstein, quantum mechanics, electromagnetic field, string theory, cosmic scale, nuclear physics, quantum physics, OPERA, Cern, faster than light neutrinos, tachyons, Tesla, Tesla Vortex, Popov ghosts, anti-gravity propulsion, fusion power, portable nuclear power, uranium, radiation pressure, 2 particle paradigm, advanced space propulsion, ether, quantum vacuum, virtual particles, space time, Unified field, Big G.


Mark Whittington, Curmudgeons Corner Blog, NASA Minibus Bill FY 12, commercial crew, Russian ISS transportation, space policy, suborbital tourism, Boeing CST-100, Space X, Falcon 9, ULA, Return to the Moon, European lunar policy, Cis-lunar development, Scaled Composites, Risk, astronauts compared to fighter pilots, aerospace opportunities, predatory budgeting, Earth to Leo, ITAR, Phobos Grunt, presidential candidates space perspective, space advocacy, big dumb boosters, SLS, MSL, Curiosity lander, commercial space, James Webb Space Telescope, Phobos-Grunt, Chinese space program.

Nov./20/2011 Dave Ketchledge, "2033 The Nuclear Mission To Mars," nuclear thermal propulsion, nuclear electric propulsion, fusion rockets, space nuclear power, nuclear power education, U.S. Navy nuclear program, human mission to Mars, radiation, cosmic rays, space radiation shielding, Mars crew factors, chemical rocket propulsion, Mars transit times, Brilliant Pebbles, Mars Rover Report 1991, plutonium for space missions, Pebble Bed, NERVA, tethers for artificial gravity, aero braking, heavy lift, Space Launch System, ISP, chemical rocket propulsion.

Dr. Lucy Rogers, Franz Gayl, orbital debris, Singularity University, tethers, lasers, debris mitigation, planetary defense, LEO, MEO, GEO orbits, Kessler Syndrome, polar orbits, space tourism, suborbital debris risks, GPS at risk, debris accountability and liability, Informed Consent, commercialization of space debris removal, international law and space debris. The UN space treaties.


Marc Millis, Paul Gilster, Tau Zero Foundation, Centauri Dreams, Zero breakthrough propulsion, advanced propulsion, interstellar travel, survival imperative with space development, nuclear electric propulsion, fusion rockets, solar sails, Project Icarus by Tau Zero Foundation, propulsion physics, DARPA One Hundred Year Starship Project, education outreach, science fiction, Fermi Paradox, Drake Equation, energy usage, solar sail business plan, space elevator, faster than light space travel, aerospace engineering, warping space time via lasers, kinetic energy baseline for interstellar travel, closed loop life support systems.

Nov./14/2011 Gary Hudson, rocket reusability, launch costs to orbit, rocket equation, World War 2 rocketry, NASA leadership, two stage rockets, single stage to orbit (SSTO), Space X, Blue Origins, CCDEV, Space Act Agreement (SAA), Federal Acquisition Rules (FAR), Falcon 9, retro rockets, payload penalties, rocket fuels, launch market, Teledesic, Telstar, thermal penalties, launch flight rate, air breathing engines, Point to Point travel, suborbital flight, orbital flight, hypersonics, fly back boosters, Space Shuttle.

David Portree,, USGS Astrogeology Science Center, USGS Regional Planetary Information Facility, Dark Skies, space history, Apollo history, Apollo lander failure mode study, space education and history outreach, robotic exploration, human space exploration, Lewis and Clark, Navajo - Hopi Astronomy Outreach Program, Lowell Observatory, Navajo-Hopi reservation star parties, space themed science fiction, night lighting to avoid light pollution, USGS planetary mapping, GPS mapping, Graphic Information System Technology (GIS).


Ken Murphy, The Moon Society, Out Of The Cradle, Mood Day, Moon Day Art Show, Cis-Lunar Space, NASA, lunar lava tubes, Mars, Lunar poles, lunar commerce, Public/Private Moon programs, Phobos Grunt, Google Lunar X Prize, astronomy, Boy and Girl Scouts, lunar value for investing, HE3 lunar mining, Lunar SSP, private placement space investments, investor regulations, space access cost to LEO, QuickLaunch, Falcon Heavy, rotating lunar tether, O'Neill mass driver.


James Bennett, Space Guard, NASA, space policy, Coast Guard, AF Space Command, FAA, AST, civilian space program, DOD space, Congress, private space investment/development, New Space, transitional space, transnational space, space procurement, USAF Lt. Col. Cynthia A. S. McKinley, Space Guard Reserve Forces, space regulation enforcement, officers of the U.S. versus employees.


Jim Muncy, PoliSpace, Space Launch System, segmented solid rocket boosters, NASA, Marshall Spaceflight Center, Johnson Space Center, space policy, Atlas 5, Delta IV, Falcon 9, U.S. Congress, NASA budget, orbital propellant depots, heavy lift rockets, Chinese Long March 5, Space Act Agreement (SAA), Federal Acquisition Rules (FAR), Orion, space advocacy, James Webb Space Telescope, kerosene rocket engines, ISS, DoD, commercial crew, CCDEV, space workforce issues, congressional pork, Futron's Space Competitive Index for 2011, Liberty Launch Vehicle, human spaceflight, NASA Science Mission Directorate, NASA Astrophysics Department.


George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic, space tourism, suborbital science research, Zero G, Spaceport America, Point to Point space flight, Virgin test flights, Virgin test pilots, Scaled Composites, FAA regulations, Informed Consent Agreement, White Knight 2, SpaceShipTwo, suborbital vehicle competition, suborbital runway & crosswind issues, space tourism ticket prices, space tourist medical standards, astronaut status.


Robert Brand, Global Space Network, Save Our Space Systems (SOSS), N-Prize, 30 meter dish, Do-It-Yourself-Space, space education outreach, Team Prometheus, Australian space industry, Australian space advocacy, Australian Disaster Recovery, Moon Bounce, Space-Quest, , balloon launches, Kidz-In-Space, MissionTrax, SugarShot, UpLift, Daily Space News, amateur radio in space, cubesat swarms, Parkes Radio Telescope, Honeysuckle Creek, Apollo.


David Vaccaro, Ian Christensen, Futron Corporation, Futron's 2011 Space Competitiveness Index, space industry analysis, global communications and information, space military power projection, planetary sciences, space as a global commons, emerging space entrepreneurial players, European space players, Asian space players, space long term trends, U.S. space industry trend, Brazil's space industry, Canada's space industry, China's space industry, Europe's space industry, India's space industry, Israel's space industry, Japan's space industry, Russia's space industry, South Korea's space industry, Iran's space industry, South America's space industry, Mexico's space agency, ITAR, space tourism, space policy, commercial space, human spaceflight, cubesats.


Dr. Joan Vernikos, "Sitting Kiss Moving Heals: How Simple Everyday Movement Will Prevent Pain, Illness, and Early Death – and Exercise Alone Won't,"  microgravity, on orbit centrifuge, artificial gravity, long duration human spaceflight, ISS, NASA, microgravity research, bed rest studies, using gravity for better health on Earth, space policy, deep space travel, calcium, bone loss, bisphosphonates in space, astronaut stress, microgravity research time lines, closed loop life support, cosmic radiation, bone mass degeneration, Gravity Deprivation Syndrome, gravity.


Dr. Bruce Cordell, Maslow Windows, Maslow Effect,  John F. Kennedy, Apollo, NASA, space program, economic cycles, ebullience,  21st Century Waves: Technology Booms And Human Expansion Into The Cosmos, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Abraham Maslow, Macro-Engineering Projects (MEPs), long business cycle, Panama Canal, International Space Station (ISS), economic booms, recession, Long Term GDP Trends, Long Term Technology Trends, Phobos Grunt Mission, great explorations, Earth's polar regions,  President Lyndon B. Johnson, Euphoria of the early 60's, economics, 60's decade, Long Term Thinking and Planning, ebullience, Lewis and Clark, President Theodore Roosevelt, President Grover Cleveland, President Eisenhower and space policy, complexity theory, Sputnik, North Pole, South Pole, Donner Party, economic panics, President James Polk.


Sy Liebergot, NASA flight controllers, Apollo, EECOM, "Apollo EECOM: Journey Of A Lifetime," ISS, space policy, heavy lift, U.S. congress, budgets, commercial space, manned Mars mission, space program definition, Apollo 13, SLS, Constellation, LEO, deep space missions, human factors, microgravity, radiation, crew safety, Skylab, suborbital research, Wake Shield, STEM education, NASA Administrator, NASA policy, White House space policy, Space X, CCDEV, exciting the public about space, Mercury, Gemini, medical surgery in space.

Oct./24/2011 Dr. Paul Spudis, lunar architecture, lunar base, Cislunar development, SSP, telerobotics, human spaceflight, manned Mars missions, Mars compared to Moon, civil space program, NASA, heavy lift, space exploration, space settlement, Moon Treaty, Norm Augustine, lunar water, lunar north and south polls, incremental stepping stones, international lunar cooperation, Chinese space program, Indian space program, Google Lunar X Prize, Return to the Moon, lunar lava tubes, Russian lunar objectives, lunar space tourism, Apollo program, space world views, LCROSS, lunar lava tubes. 

Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, NASA, Marshall Spaceflight Center, Space Launch System (SLS), propellant depots, Congress, Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC), space funding, Launch on Need (LON), heavy lift, human spaceflight safety, launch responsibility, New Space, commercial space, ITAR, IMLEO Mass, Constellation, Ares, Liberty Launch Vehicle, U.S. launch industry, U.S. geostationary satellite launches, Bigelow Aerospace, Space X, Responsible Human Space Flight Architecture, Space Act Agreement (SAA), Federal Acquisition Rules (FAR), Stepping Stones, incremental space development.


Amaresh Kollipara, Earth2Orbit, commercial space, Space Angels Network, Venture Capital for space, space economic climate, space business plan boot camp, space investors, manned Mars missions, stepping stones for space development, incremental space development, space business management teams, management track records, management adaptability, ITAR, human spaceflight, promoting the human spaceflight message, comparing space development to the internet, Mars Direct, microgravity simulation, protein crystal growth in microgravity, DNA technology, space IP protection, SETI Institute, lunar manned missions, Indian space program, entrepreneurship in school, entrepreneurial investment in own project, space vision, public funding of space missions.


Lynn Baroff, human spaceflight, manned missions to Mars, space policy, space environment, Earth environment, long duration spaceflight, engineering trades, deep space mission crew size, space mission doctors, incremental space development approach, lunar habitats, human spaceflight payoff, international space cooperation, advanced propulsion, nuclear propulsion, space settlement, communication difficulty, Virgin Galactic, space industry PSA advertising, space focus groups, AIAA, space advocacy.


Dr. Peter Westwick, Aerospace History Project, The Huntington Library, Blue Sky Metropolis, Ben Rich, Skunk Works, Lyman Gilmore Jr., DOD space, Space Shuttles, Explorer 1, Hoover Dam, electrical power, water to Southern California, commercial space, Syncon Satellite, SR 71, Edwards Test Pilots, X-15, New Space, surfing, Bob Simons surfboard, space cowboys, sound barrier, F-22, entertainment industry and space, aerospace industry mergers and layoffs, aerospace industry espionage. 1910 International Los Angeles Air Meet, Space Shuttle Endeavour, research at The Huntington Library.


Loretta Hall, "Out of This World: New Mexico's Contributions To Space Travel," Spaceport America, Roswell, NM, John Paul Stapp, Robert Goddard, SpaceShip One, SpaceShip Two, V2 Rocket, Joe Kittinger, Very Large Array (VLA), Lovelace Medical Clinic, Dr. William Randolph (Randy) Lovelace, rocket sled, Daisy Rocket Sled, Eli Beeding, Holloman AFB, Manhigh Program, Virgin Galactic.


Jane Reifert, Incredible Adventures, space tourism, Mig flights, zero-g flights, shark diving adventures, Informed Consent Agreement, high altitude balloon jumping, Great White sharks, shark cage, tank driving, adventure travel, space tourism demand, repeat space tourism customers, supersonic flight, custom adventure travel programs.


Dr. Haym Benaroya, Dr. John Jurist, U.S. Space Policy, NASA, NRC, FCC, NASA budget, space industry multiplier, NASA budget and advanced degrees, NSF funding, DOD funding, Venture Star, lunar settlement, space inspiration, human spaceflight, technology, science, STEM, New Jersey aerospace industry.


Dr. Stephen B. Johnson, "System Health Management With Aerospace Applications," System Health Management, space engineering, systems engineering, Constellation, Ares, Space Launch System (SLS), solid rocket motors, liquid rocket motors, space bureaucracy, reliability theory, space risk factors, microgravity, radiation shielding, ISS, Space Shuttle, government oversight, insight, Dept. of Defense with launch vehicle oversight, abort systems, space tourists, new technology, high flight rates, Insitu Resource Utilization, Return to the Moon, NEOs, manned Mars missions, space mission costs, human spaceflight costs, human spaceflight justifications, Apollo program, incremental steps, research budget, development budget, uncertainty, mission knowhow, serendipity with engineering programs, systems failure, failure plans, Fault Protection Analysis. 


Josh Hopkins, Lockheed Martin, Stepping Stones, Mars, Phobos, Deimos, Mars launch windows, 15 year launch window, Solar Max, Solar Minimum, cosmic radiation, solar flares, NEO flyby, Lunar flyby, Plymouth Rock Space Mission, Delta V to Mars, Delta V to Deimos, Delta V to Phobos. 


Dr. George Ludwig, "Opening Space Research: Dreams, Technology, and Scientific Discover, Van Allen radiation belts, University of Iowa, Explorer 1, Explorer 3, Sputnik 1, Oct. 4, 1957, cosmic ray experiment hardware, International Geophysical Year (IGY), President Eisenhower, Jupiter C rocket, U.S. Army, Vanguard rocket and project, Naval Research Lab, NASA, Dr. James Van Allen, Space Age, JPL, Aerobee rocket, Argus Project, aurora particle detection, high altitude balloons, Rockoons, Cosmic Ray Laboratory, Project Orbiter, Stewart Committee, Premier Nikita Khrushchev, miniaturization, DEAL Project, Cold War, Nicholas Christofilos, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (now Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), nuclear weapons test in space, solar system radiation belts around planets, Jupiter's radiation belts.


Tim Pickens, Rocket City Space Pioneers, Google Lunar X Prize, Dynetics, Space Ship One, NASA, lunar landings, ESPA Ring, Secondary Payloads, space & technology innovation, entrepreneurship, FASTSAT, Falcon 9, Falcon heavy, lunar landing sites, polar launch, Personal Spaceflight Symposium in Las Cruces, NM, space supply chains & relationships, government money for space ventures, Ares, Constellation, space due diligence, space reality check, space fantasy vs. space dreams, space business plans, ROI, lunar soft landing, ITAR, built in America, radiation shielding, Steve Jobs.


Dr. Patricia (Pat) Hynes, International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS), commercial space, innovation, space intellectual property (IP), Bigelow Aerospace, Robert Bigelow, Spaceport America, U.S. space policy, U.S. congress, space economics, Gliding back to Earth, international space collaboration, Tim Pickens, commercial space supply chain, human spaceflight, Wayne Hale, Spaceport America tour.


Marc Boucher,, Space Quarterly, Do It Yourself Space, SpaceRef Forum, U.S. space policy, commercial space, Canadian space policy, SpaceRef India, SpaceRef Asia, Chinese space policy, Futron Space Competitive Index, U.S. space leadership, Space X, Falcon 9, space innovation, ITAR, MDA Co., space shuttle, James Webb Space Telescope, space news reporting.


Chris Carberry, Explore Mars, Women and Mars Conference, manned Mars missions, U.S. space policy, Mars advocacy organizations, Tea Party in Space, presidential candidates space policy, heavy lift launchers, Phobos, Deimos, Mars Science Lab, NASA budget, European Space Agency, ESA Mars Express, Space Launch System, COTS, CCDEV2, New Space.


Dr. David Whitehouse, science journalism, BBC, Return to the Moon, commercial space, climate change, science advocates, space media, inconvenient science, global average temperatures, Climate Gate, IPCC, CO2 mitigation, solar model for climate issues, teaching climate science, the UK and space, human spaceflight and the UK, HOTOL, Reaction Engines, Skylon Rocket, air breathing rocket engine, science and serendipity, Earth 2010 TK7, space policy, ISS, Space Shuttle, X Programs, space program funding issues, New Space, complex space systems, human spaceflight inspiration, China space programs, international space cooperation.


Dr. John Hogan, Bioengineering Branch @ NASA Ames, NASA's Exploration Life Support Program, regenerative air, water and solid waste treatment systems, Planetary protection, human life support, Skylab, ISS, Space Shuttle, lunar habitats, Mars habitats, O2 generation, CO2 removal, closed loop systems, Earth as a spaceship, wastewater to drinking water, Sustainable Base @ NASA Ames, vertical farming, space radiation, renewable energy production, Dragon, trash compacting in space, closed loop agricultural systems.

Sept./25/2011 Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards, Moon Express, Google Lunar X Prize, Space Netscape Moment, Space X, Falcon 9, space business plans, space property rights, orbital spaceflight compared to landing on the Moon, commercial space competition, lunar lander, lunar economic model, commercial space risk benefit curve, Phoenix Lander, Lunar Orbiter Recovery Program, ITAR, space debris on the Moon, sample return lunar mission, space investors, institutional investors, start up business advice, space vision, LRO), Moon Express Robotics Lab For Innovation (MERLIN), space property rights, lunar historical sites, Apollo landing sites.

Frank Stratford, Mars Drive, The Space Review, The Mars Consortium 2011, RLVs, heavy lift, human spaceflight to Mars, Earth-Mars launch windows, deep space radiation, human factors, ISS, Congress, space policy, NASA budget, private sector space financing, Space X, Dragon Capsule, Mars Advocacy, Chinese space program, Space Launch System, Australian space, commercial space markets, launch rates, HSF benefits, Mars HSF benefits.

Sept./19/2011 Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Krauss, "Quantum Man: Richard Feynman's Life in Science," Dr. Richard Feynman, Space Shuttle, Human Spaceflight, ISS, commercial space, commercial launchers, Hubble Space Telescope, James Webb Space Telescope, NASA budget, U.S. Congress, Challenger accident investigation, New Age & Dr. Feynman, quantum electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, special relativity, human factors, space science, Space X, Mars, Star Trek, science fiction.

Nancy Conrad, The Conrad Foundation, Conrad Awards, Spirit of Innovation Awards, Pete Conrad, STEM, NASA, high school education, middle school education, AIAA, educational collaboration, Rio + 20, Moon shot, space policy, student educational teams.


Col. William R. (Bill) Pogue, "But for the Grace of God: An Autobiography of an Aviator and Astronaut,"  Korean War, USAF, NASA, Skylab, Apollo 7, 11 & 14, Space Station Freedom, ISS, space walks, EVA space suit, microgravity, space radiation, Mars, combat tour in Korea, Thunderbirds, neutral buoyancy, solar observatory, Skylab telescopes, Skylab Mission Control, crew size, views of Earth, auto instruction devices, space policy, NASA human spaceflight oversight, commercial crew, space medicine, commercial space, space tourism.


Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Haym Benaroya, Rutgers University, space policy, U.S. Congress, Space R&D, human spaceflight, space medical benefits, congressional technical oversight, congressional micromanagement, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, FDA, FCC, constrained U.S. budgets, space colonization, space vision, U.S. space leadership, COTS, CCDEV2, Liberty Launch Vehicle, ATK, EADS.

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Paul Lithgow, Stanley Kennedy, Comtech AeroAstro, Inc, Fred Slane, Pam Esquinca, Microcosm Astronautics Bookstore, ISO space standards, "Space Mission Engineering: The New SMAD," STEM education, cubesats, smallsats, aerospace engineering internships, business planning, international standards, aerospace standards, commercial space standards.


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Dr. David Kaiser, "How The Hippies Save Physics: Science Counterculture, and the Quantum Revival," quantum theory, physicists in Berkeley, CA, Fundamental Fysiks Group, Bell's Theorem, faster than light travel, Fritjof Capra, "The Tao of Physics," John Clauser, Eugene Wigner, John Wheeler, . Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Gary Zukav, "Dancing Wu-Li Masters," Jack Sarfatti, human consciousness, EPR Experiment, The Pauli Exclusion Principle, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, Albert Einstein, Quantum Information Sciences, out of body experiments, Multiverse theory, hippies, counterculture, out of the box science.


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August/01/2011 Dr. Haym Benaroya, "Turning Dust To Gold: Building a Future on the Moon and Mars," Rutgers University Mechanical Engineering program, engineering process, fusion, HE3, lunar development, medical issues, human factors, ISRU, graduate and PhD students, pharmaceutical use in space, replenishing subcutaneous silicon device, space tourism, engineering economics, space policy, NASA policy, NASA funding, destinations vs. goals, timelines for space development, visionary space leadership, Return to the Moon, manned Mars missions.

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Franz Gayl, SUSTAIN, Air Force, Space Command, Dept. of Defense, Singularity University, orbital debris mitigation, Final Draft Space Transportation Technology Roadmap, NSSO, Space Military Service, "John Boyd: The Story Of 40 second Boyd," ITAR Reform, Billy Mitchell, space debris, Kessler syndrome & threshold, forcing function.


Dr. Laubscher, Space Elevator, carbon nanotubes, space train, space vision, Japanese Space Elevator, International Space Elevator Consortium, Launch Loop, orbital ring, high power lasers, NASA Centennial Challenge, climber contests.


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Erik Seedhouse, "Trailblazing Medicine: sustaining Explorers During Interplanetary Missions," Mars 500, microgravity, radiation, ISS, artificial gravity, bone density, bone mineral loss, Manned Mars Mission, ESA, long duration space behavioral issues, genetic testing, appendicitis, Shackleton, Nansen, Bioethics, death in space, pregnancy in space, one way trip to Mars, nanobots, cell repair technology, animal hibernation, human hibernation, hibernation triggers, suborbital tourism, space mission goals, VASIMR, nuclear propulsion, space policy leadership, sex in space, leadership, mission command, lunar habitats, lunar settlement.


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Dr. Robert (Bob) Zubrin, The Mars Society, "The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must" (newly released edition, Mars Direct, Mars Semi-Direct, Transorbital Railroad, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, heavy lift, Ares V, space policy, nuclear propulsion, nuclear electric propulsion, Vasimr, Spirit & Opportunity rovers, Mars rovers, Mars Science Lab, Phobos, Space X, human factors issues, microgravity, aerospace medicine doctors, nuclear reactors in space, international space cooperation, fusion energy, ITER, lunar base, Orion, Dragon Capsule, HE3, space solar power, partial gravity, artificial gravity, ISS centrifuge.


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Dr. Bruce Cordell, 21st Century Waves: Technology Booms And Human Expansion Into The Cosmos, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Abraham Maslow, Maslow Windows, Macro-Engineering Projects (MEPs), long business cycle, Panama Canal, International Space Station (ISS), economic booms, recession, Long Term GDP Trends, Long Term Technology Trends, President John F. Kennedy, leadership, space solar power, strategic programs, survival programs, lunar water, Phobos Grunt Mission, great explorations, Earth's polar regions, Stimulus money, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Euphoria of the early 60's, economics, 60's decade, Long Term Thinking and Planning, fractal Maslow Windows, ebullience and exploration.


Dr. Robert Hienz, Dr Peter Roma, National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI), neurobehavioral and psychosocial factors for crew safety, Dr. Joseph Brady, long duration space missions, Mars 500 Study, manned Mars missions, analog Mars missions, Antarctica, emotional support animals, space environment, space tourism, team performance, group cohesion, crew logistical support. crew leadership, ISS, gravity & behavioral changes, food & nutrition behavioral variables, communications, the communication package.


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Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, astrosociology, AstroPolitics Vol. 9 Number 1, California Space Authority, commercial space, COTS, CCDEV, Space Show copyright, VLF transmission from space, Space Launch System (SLS), space policy, U.S. Congress, NASA budget, space workforce layoffs, CCDEV milestones, Dragon Capsule, Space X, Orbital, Atlas 5, Delta IV, New Space, Orion, Falcon, Senator Shelby, launch vehicle failure rates, multipurpose crew vehicle, Republican Presidential Debate regarding NASA.


Marc Kaufman, "First Contact: Scientific Breakthroughs in the Hunt for Life Beyond Earth," astrobiology, arsenic based life, Mono Lake, Martian methane, religion and extraterrestrial life, evolution, Mars Viking mission, The Washington Post, Professor Sara Seager of MIT, Mars meteorites, exoplanets, SETI, microbial life, snowball Earth, NASA Terrestrial Planet Finder, Kepler Space Telescope, James Webb Space Telescope, shadow biosphere, peer review, multiverse, cosmology, Martian microfossils, "Life and the Laws of Physics," extremophiles, Fermi Paradox, Entropy Principle.


Dr. Klaus Dannenberg, Dr. Jeff Farmer, David Williams, AIAA, NASA MSFC, NASA JSC, 41st International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Aerospace Human Factors, Environmental Control and Life-support System Technology, Environmental Monitoring and Controls, Planetary Protection, EVA System Technology, Life Sciences, Planetary Habitats and Systems, Thermal Control Systems Technology for both Manned and Unmanned Vehicles, AIAA journals, Space 2011, ICES Poster Competition, ISS, NASA, space policy.


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Pharis Williams, "The Dynamic Theory: A New View of Space-Time-Matter," Conservation of Energy, Special Relativity, Five-Dimensional Theory, thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, space travel, Earth flyby anomalies (satellites), Fifth force, Electromagnetism, speed of light, Unified Theory, peer review process, mainstream science, dark energy, Deuterium-Deuterium Fusion into Helium, stability conditions, Maxwell laws of electromagnetism, Mechanical entropy, Entropy and geometry, stability conditions.


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Dr. John Brandenburg, "Life and Death On Mars: The New Mars Synthesis,"  Mars Microfossils, Dr. Richard Hoover, CI meteorites, ALH84001, life on Mars, methane vents, Viking, Martian atmosphere, Second Copernican Revolution, Martian biosphere, exploded planets theory, Xenon 129, Thorium, natural nuclear reactors, human spaceflight to Mars, Phobos, SETI, Mars Science Lab, Mediocrity Principle, Space Shuttle, Lyot Impact Crater,. Terreforming, human factors for Mars spaceflight, landing large payloads on Mars, Martian habitats, Xenon 132, Tidus Bodes Law, Quantum Gem Gravity Theory.

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Gary Hudson, COTS, CCDEV, T/Space, AirLaunch LLC, HMC Inc., Rotary Rocket, NewSpace, "It's a Trap! Monopsony and NewSpace," one buyer many sellers, commercial space, space innovation, "skin in the game," Space X, vertical integration, outside subcontractors, The Brother-in-Law Problem, EELV, Space Price insensitivity, space policy, Falcon 9, Atlas 5, XV/OM, Space Access Society, ULA, Bigelow Aerospace.

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May/08/2011 Keith Dauzat, Eric Hunting, Living Universe Foundation, First Millennial Foundation, "The Millennial Project: Colonizing The Galaxy In Eight Easy Steps," Marshall T. Savage, ocean habitats, space colonization, undersea colonization programs, NASA, The Millennial Project 2.0 (TMP2), The Utilihab Project, DARPA 100 year Starship Program, Mondragon Corporation.

Ian Brewster, Special Forces, Navy Seals, commercial space, NASA Spinoffs, space tourism, government space program, Canadian Space Agency, science fiction, CERN, Large Hadron Collider (LHC), hadrons, particle accelerator, Higgs Boson particle, the four forces, education, U.S. congress & space policy, critical thinking, social media, Facebook, Twitter, student inspiration, "The Simple Universe," Rules of the Road for space conduct.


The Space Show Classroom, Joe Carroll, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Jim Logan, Dr. David Livingston, artificial gravity, lunar gravity, Martian gravity, human factors for space travel, human physiology, Design Concepts for a Manned Artificial Gravity Research Facility, Coriolis susceptibility & accelerations, radial structure, Airbeam tunnels, felt rotation axis, spin rate, NASA Vertical Motion Simulator, Dragon, Gemini-like tests, ISS, tethers, Falcon 9, Center of Mass and balance, orbital debris risks, angular momentum vector, J2, J3, South Atlantic Anomaly, spin orbital plane, Mary Roach, "Packing For Mars,"  Carbon Dioxide scrubbers on the ISS & in space.


Dr. Richard Obousy, Dr. Rob Adams, Dr. Ian Crawford, Project Icarus, interstellar travel, Project Daedalus, British Interplanetary Society, Tau Zero, interstellar propulsion, fusion, fusion-fission hybrid, chemical rocket propulsion, Ion propulsion, solar sails, technology readiness levels, heavy lift launchers, Ares V, advanced propulsion, credible technology and parameters, fringe technology and parameters, science fiction, exoplanets, deceleration, planetary science, artificial intelligence.


Space Workforce Issues, mentoring aerospace workers, STEM, National Security Space, heavy lift launch vehicles, Space Launch System (SLS), Endeavor, commercial space markets, NASA, N-Prize, NASA NANOSAT Challenge, U.S. fiscal problems and space policy, ISS, Canadian Space Program, RADARSAT, ITAR.


Rand Simberg, Transterrestrial Musings, space policy, Constellation, NASA, heavy lift, U.S. Congress and space policy, Space Launch System Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (SLS HLV), NASA Authorization Act, space technology development, space leadership, U.S. budget crisis, U.S. deficits, NASA budget cuts, Space X, Bigelow Aerospace, Orion, human rating for rockets, space leadership, CCDEV2, space think tank, Competitive Space Task Force, U.K. space agency, commercial space, NASA science missions, James Webb Space Telescope.


Dr. Michael (Mike) Griffin, NASA, space policy, U.S. Congress, COTS, heavy lift, NASA oversight, public space program, commercial space, private space, space workforce issues, Mike Griffin legacy, Augustine Commission Report, ISS, CRuSR, risk tolerance, U.S. economy and space budgets, Space X, Ares 1X, five segment booster, heavy lift flight rate, heavy lift economics, space policy, propellant depots, extra terrestrial sources of propellant, Constellation, Ares 1, Ares V.


Dr. Thomas Jones, Endeavor Space Shuttle, abort and escape systems, Soyuz, space workforce issues, space destinations, space development time lines, Flexible Path, asteroids, NEOs, Return to the Moon, Space Shuttle retirement issues, space tourism, planetary protection, robotic missions, Asteroid 2005 YU55 ), gravity tractor, kinetic impact, heavy lift rockets.


Randa and Roderick Milliron, Interorbital Systems (IOS), CPM TV-1, TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit, CubeSat Personal Satellite Kit, ocean launch, Neptune  modular rocket system, Google Lunar X-Prize, Synergy Moon, white fuming nitric acid (WFNA) and turpentine/furfuryl alcohol rocket fuel, hypergolic ignition, SmallSat conference, Global Hilton Project, NanoSat challenge, FreeFly Skydiver Olav Zipser, high altitude record parachute jump, suborbital spaceflight, Pacific Rocket Society.


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Robert A. Adamcik, "Voyages of Discover: The Missions of the Space Shuttle Discovery,"  Arthur C. Clark, Hubble Space Telescope (HST), Hubble Repair Missions, Return to Flight shuttle, Endeavor, Atlantis, Challenger, Enterprise, Columbia, Dream Chaser, Sierra Nevada, winged spacecraft, EVA's, White Sands shuttle landing, John Glenn, Rockwell, Boeing, NASA, external tanks, solid rocket boosters (SRBs), Space Shuttle Golden Age, Space Shuttle Silver Age, Space Shuttle Bronze Age, ISS, Shuttle payload capacity up and down.


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Berin Szoka, TechFreedom Think Tank, The Next Digital Decade:  Essays on the Future of the Internet," internet freedom, net neutrality, bandwidth regulation, internet kill switch, cyber security, router congestion, NewSpace Conference 2011, Space Frontier Foundation, U.S. think tanks, internet users worldwide, internet content control, regulatory capture, common carriage, social media.


Meidad Pariente, Spacecialist, Israeli Nano Satellite Association (INSA), 1EarthResearch/SkySentry Debbie debris model, Center for Space Standards and innovation, GEO-GTO satellite collision, Newtonian collision velocities (ghosting), Eutelsat W3B, Ilan Ramon International Space Conference, Kessler syndrome era, Israel space education outreach, African Space Institute, ITAR.


Dwight Steven-Boniecki, "Live TV From the Moon,"  Apollo, NASA, Skylab, JSC History Archives, Sequential Color Converter, Color Wheels in the camera, Transformer Movie, Space Shuttle, ISS, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, Lunar Depth Perception, Stan Lebar, Ampex Slow Motion System.


Todd Neff, "From Jars To The Stars:  How Ball Came to Build a Comet-Hunting Machine," Deep Impact, Solar Pointing Aerobee Rocket Control System. (SPARCS), Temple 1 comet, Edward Ball, Ball Aerospace, Discovery Class Missions, Hubble Space Telescope, mission creep, Skylab, Haley Multicolor Camera, Kepler Mission, Digital Globe, Hartley 2 Comet, Stardust Comet Mission, University of Colorado Boulder, Challenger Space Shuttle Accident.


Declan O’Donnell, United Societies In Space (USIS), suborbital flight, The Buzz Aldrin Library, Lunar Economic Development Authority, space advocacy, 1967 Outer Space Treaty (OST), commercial space legal challenges, Benefit of Mankind, Authority District for Space, IAF, Moon Treaty, astronaut training, ITAR Reform, treaty law and changing the law, space tourism, Space Development Authority, Astro Law.


Dr. Paul Hardersen, University of North Dakota Space Studies Department, UND Observatory, telescopes, Internet Observatory, asteroid near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopic research, solar physics research; broadband photometric research of asteroids and variable stars; visible-wavelength stellar spectroscopy, North Dakota Space Grant Consortium, North Dakota NASA EPSCoR.


Dr. David Livingston, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Jim Logan, The Space Show Classroom, propellant depots, space radiation, cancer radiation therapy, solar flares, space mining, planning human spaceflight missions, space policy, NASA, telerobotics, Return to the Moon, frontier settlement and economics, landing large payloads on Mars.


Marc Millis, Tau Zero Foundation, breakthrough propulsion, advanced propulsion, interstellar travel, survival imperative with space development, Project Ikaros, nuclear electric propulsion, solar sails, nuclear rocket, Project Icarus by Tau Zero Foundation, propulsion physics, crackpot tests, Moore's Law, One Hundred Year Starship, mission timeline versus technology development timeline, undiscovered physics.


Dr. Paul Spudis, Tony Lavoie, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, "Mission and Implementation of an Affordable Lunar Return," Augustine Commission, heavy lift, return to the Moon, NEOs, Mars, Vision For Space Exploration (VSE), commercial space, international space development partnerships, He3, lunar water, lunar North Pole, lunar South Pole, robotic missions, human spaceflight, lunar rovers, long term congressional funding, lunar value, space policy, NASA, space for wealth building, space investment.


Dr. John S. Lewis, "Mining The Sky,"  China National Space Administration, He3, lunar exploration and development, fusion energy ITER, Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, Shenzhou VIII , ISS, The Heavenly Palace as the first module in China's permanent space station, NEO's, He3 and the outer planets, Chinese public opinion regarding space, SSP, India's space program, Japanese space program, He3 on Mars, China space budget, PLA and launch services, Khrushchev Principle.


Mary Roach, "Stiff:  The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers," Apollo splash down cadaver testing, race car testing and human spaceflight, cadaver testing science impact, impact tolerance, cadaver computer simulation, body snatching history, human spaceflight testing, Red Bull flight, medicinal cannibalism, cadaver demand, instrumented dummy demand, cadavers versus technology, gross anatomy classes, TWA 800, Promession, Body Back System.


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Open Lines, Discovery Space Shuttle, Chinese stealth fighter, Moon Earth-like core, space workforce layoffs, The Space Show Blog, space policy civility, North Pole movement, black holes, space markets, commercial space, NASA contracts, Orion, heavy lift, Dragon, EELV, Falcon 9, space policy destinations, NASA budget, Congressional Budget Cuts, FY11 and FY 12 NASA budget, commercial crew, GPS, Acoustic anechoic chambers.


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David Hook, Planehook Aviation Services, LLC, FAA, TSA, Cessna 150, Cessna 172, John and Martha King, King Schools, General Aviation security, Suborbital space tourism security, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Guidelines, Aviation N-Number, ground transportation security, Do Not Fly List, Federal Flight Deck Officer, Air Marshall, airport security.


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Dec./24/2010 Robert (Bob) Zimmerman,, Apollo 8, Genesis, Frank Borman, Moon, private space companies, SpaceX, Orbital, Falcon 9, commercial space, Congress, NASA budget, Merger of NASA Human Spaceflight & Operations Directorates, Constellation, Ares 1 & 5, heavy lift, Atlas 5 launch costs, NASA Sun-Climate Research Center, Congressman Ralph Hall, House Committee on Science and Technology, commercial crew, COTS, Kepler Space Telescope (KST), astrobiology, Virgin Galactic, bat fungus, ITAR Reform.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards, Moon Express, Odyssey Moon, Google Lunar X PRIZE, Singularity University, International Space University (ISU), NASA Innovative Lunar Demonstrations Data (ILDD), Systems Definition Review (SDR), NASA Constellation Lunar Lander Project Office, NASA Critical Component Demo Ground Test/Mission Simulation of Hardware, Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clark, Gerard K. O'Neill, ISRU, ITAR, commercial space, Silicon Valley, CA, space entrepreneurism, LRO, M3 Sensor, NASA Ames Research Center, orthogonal thought, Isle of Man, STEM education, Canadian Space Program.


Dr. Al Koller, SpaceTEC, Center for Aerospace Technical Education, space workforce, Apollo 8, aerospace worker certification, space policy, NASA, commercial space, NewSpace, space visions and goals, Augustine Commission, Dream versus Vision, Aviation and Space Technologies, "supertec," Kennedy Space Center (KSC), political challenges for space development, space tourism, Liquid Air Backpack.


Open Lines, heavy lift, electric cars, SSP, NASA FY 11 budget, Constellation, nuclear power, space tethers, capsule vs. lifting body, turbo pump, Falcon 9, U.S. energy policy, lunar eclipse and winter solstice, space stations, coal, ISS, liquid fuels, green energy. 


Brian Weeden, Secure World Foundation, 2010 Beijing Orbital Debris Mitigation Workshop, space debris, space salvage opportunities, ISS, NASA, LEO, GEO, Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC), space traffic management, orbital propellant depots, Chinese space program, Outer Space Treaty (OST), Liability Convention, Cosmos-Iridium collision, space tether technology, space laser for debris removal, Space debris Superfund, EU Space Code of Conduct, conjunction assessments. 


Kerry Scarlott, Goulston and Storrs, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), commercial space, Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of State, Dept. of Defense, DTSA, Dept. of Treasury commercial satellite industry, ITAR and National Security, ITAR exemptions with Canada, Commerce Control List, Munitions List, military and battlefield technology security, technology espionage, Foreign nation ITAR-like policies, ITAR criminal prosecution.

Dec. /13/2010 Jonathan Goff, Altius Space Machines, Lunar Lander Challenge, orbital propellant depots, cryogenic fuel transfer, The Sticky Boom SBIR, MicroTugs, NASA Nanosat Launch Vehicle Challenge, Lunar Exploration, space vision, Mars Sample Return, rendezvous and docking, uncooperative capture, propellant depot vapor lock, Altius Space Machines Blog, Selenian Boondocks Blog, variable gravity research station, space settlement.

Dr. Sean Casey, Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), NASA's Kuiper Airborne Observatory, astrophysics, Mauna Kea Observatories, Atacama Telescope Project and Observatory, water vapor, ozone layer, infrared spectrum, telescope mirrors, stratosphere, mesosphere, Boeing 747 SP, airborne telescopes, NASA Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility (DAOF), NASA Experimental Aircraft, tropopause, Hartley Two Comet, suborbital research opportunities, balloon research opportunities.


Rex Ridenoure, Ecliptic Enterprises, RocketCam, onboard video, commercial space, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, ITAR, Mars human missions, heavy lift, Risk Reward in the space industry, space policy, EELV, NASA management, Space Shuttle, entrepreneurial space industry, NewSpace, GEO satellites, solar system exploration and science, space tourism, space solar power, suborbital scientific research missions.


Dan Walt, Procurement, NASA, cost plus contracting, fixed price contracting, time and materials contracting, milestone contracts, Space Act Agreement, contests, procurement oversight, Continuing Resolution, intellectual property, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), OMB300, OMB Circular A-11, commercial item contracts (FAR Part 12), Proposal Evaluation and Award (Integrated Baseline Review), Contracting Officers, Program Managers, Contracting Officer Representatives, Fiscal Year, budget cuts, appropriations, authorizations, company booth exhibits, contract fee structure, milestones, GAO, FY 12 budget, FY 11 budget, Open Market Buy. 


Francis French, San Diego Air & Space Museum, STEM education, space education, Moon rocks, Apollo 9, Soviet program, Gemini, Mercury, Apollo, Skylab, space tourism, commercial space, Cold war and space, Astronaut Donn Eisele, deep space EVA, Lunar Module Pilot, space solar power., Astronaut Al Worden.


Open Lines, Svalbard , 1920 Spitsbergen Treaty, Antarctica, Outer Space Treaty, space property rights, Franz Gayle, MRAP, Whistleblower Act, security clearance, SUSTAIN Roadmap, NASA microorganism discover thriving on arsenic, extremophiles, Space Solar Power, science fiction and corporate treatment for space stories.


Constance Adams, space architecture, ISS, NASA, space policy, human spaceflight, closed loop life support systems, Mars, Space Shuttle, NASA Astronaut Corp, NASA budget, technology investment, space entrepreneurs, X-37B, ECLSS, H2O consumption on orbit, space mission safety, sizing space habitats, aerospace industry lobby.


Dr. J. Richard Gott, "Sizing Up the Universe: The Cosmos in Perspective," the Sloan Great Wall of Galaxies, Copernican Principle, space colonization, Mars, Map of the Universe, visible universe, Theory of Inflation, extraterrestrial life, SETI, cosmology, bubble universe, general relativity, special relativity, faster than light travel, interstellar travel, super civilization, space time, time travel, space colonization survival argument, Chinese space program, rare Earth theory, Zoo hypothesis, Anthropic Principle, Arthur C. Clark, space policy, NASA.


Rt. Reverend James Heiser, "Civilization and the New Frontier: Reflections on Virtue and the Settlement of a New World," religion and space, virtue and space policy, Mars Society, Mars colonization, Pilgrims compared to Mars settlers, civilization building and Mars, political leadership, Black Friday, carrot and stick space policy.


Open Lines, space property rights, NASA, Spanish woman claims ownership of sun, space budget, Congress and space policy, heavy lift, commercial crew, commercial cargo, ISS, The Spitsbergen Treaty, Svalbard archipelago, Law of the Sea Treaty, Orion, Delta IV, Bipartisan Deficit Commission.


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Laura Delgado, science fiction movies, Space commercialization, Capitalist Dystopia, space as a frontier, space development, corporations versus the state, science fiction literature, space policy debate.


Dr. Harley Thronson, ISS, future space science technologies, very large optical systems, space telescopes, free-space habitats, astronomy, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, space media outreach, modular orbital construction, ISS vibration, James Webb Telescope, human space flight, Moon as a future space test bed, NEOs, space tourism, meta-materials as cloches for specific wavelengths of the EM spectrum, Bigelow Aerospace, space weather.


Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston, air launch, COTS, NASA, human space flight regulations, commercial space, relativistic mass increase, UPS, Federal Express, Falcon 9, FAA/AST Reentry License, space infrastructure, space markets, reusable launch vehicles (RLVs), Space Solar Power (SSP), terrestrial solar power, RLV economics.


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Dr. Mike Gruntman, "Enemy Amongst Trojans: A Soviet Spay At USC," Cold War, Soviet Union, aerospace engineering, Department of Astronautics, STEM education, USC Masters Program, ballistic missile espionage , Ignacy Samuel Witczak, Zalman V. Litvin, Soviet Union anti-Semitism, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, KGB, Soviet rocketry, WWII, Utopian Societies, General Franco of Spain, Spanish Civil War.


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Derek Webber, "The Wright Stuff: The Century of Effort Behind Your Ticket to Space," aviation history, rocketry history, space tourism, suborbital tourism, Point A to Point B suborbital flights, space tourism markets, Smithsonian Docents, space tourism regulation, VSE, DHL Airbus Sam-7 missile attack, Wright Stuff Awards, barnstorming, DC3 era.

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Leonard David, Mark Mayfield, "The Spaceflight Vault: A History Of NASA's Manned Missions,"  space policy, NASA, Constellation, Mars, Moon, EELV, Atlas, Falcon 9, Delta IV, NASA science, "2001: A Space Odyssey,":Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic, SpaceShipTwo, Asia in space, Chinese space program, Indian space program, Japanese space program, SETI, Project Dorothy and SETI, NASA Authorization bill, Space Shuttle, Wright Brothers, heavy lift, Peacekeeper MX, electromagnetic launch, R&D, public private partnerships, pistonless pump, Technical Readiness Levels, cost plus contracting.


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Pablo De Leon, Irene Schneider, UND Space Studies, NDX 2 prototype planetary space suit, space radiation, North Dakota Space Grant, lunar analog base, aerospace engineering and space human factors, IAF in Prague, Personal Spaceflight Symposium in Las Cruces, NM, Center for Human Space Flight at UND, Space Studies human space flight simulators.


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Dr. Robert Fitts, "Prolonged Space Flight and Human Muscle," high resistance exercise device, space diet, muscle loss in space, Kaare Rodahl, astronaut back pain, bed rest studies, Advanced Resistance Exercise Device (aRED), Interim Resistance Exercise Device, (iRED), artificial gravity, Mars gravity, Penguin Suit,  Penguin cotton track space suits, ISS, space shuttle.


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Dr. Leik Myrabo, beamed energy, "Lightcraft Flight Handbook LTI-20: Hypersonic Flight Transport for an Era Beyond Oil," NASA, lasers, Laser Clearing House, Umea Institute of Design in Sweden, International Symposium on Beamed Energy, American Institute of Physics, laser power, space debris mitigation, millimeter-wave laser, space weapons, space solar power, chemical rockets, airborne laser, White Sands Missile Range, hypersonic flight, Brazilian Air Force, US Air force, Laboratory of Aerothermodynamics and Hypersonics, São José dos Campos, Brazil, BBC-Nova The World of Invention.


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Josh Neubert, Hung-Jen Wu, The Conrad Foundation, Spirit of Innovation Awards Program, Pete Conrad, aerospace exploration, clean energy program, cyber security challenge, NASA Ames, ITAR.


Dr. Jim Vedda, "Choice, Not Fate: Shaping a Sustainable Future in the Space Age," "An Alternative Approach to National Space Policy," space exploration, space development, NASA, FY 11 space budget, space capabilities, propellant depots, space tourism, space policy influence, space advocacy, Moon Treaty, L-5, Constellation, Apollo, space race, space resources, Futron 2010 Space Competitive Index, heavy lift.


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Dennis Stone, World Space Week, UN Office For Outer Space Affairs, UN Committee On The Peaceful Uses Of Outer Space (COPUOS), Earth Day, World Space Week Teacher Activity Guide, World Space Week Heinlein Teacher Guide, ISS, COTS, commercial crew challenges, NASA, Bangladesh Astronomical Society, Sputnik, Outer Space Treaty.


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Bill White, "Platinum Moon," Platinum Group Metals (PGM), Earth-Moon LaGrange Points, Mir Space Station, supply-demand curve for rare metals, lunar business consortium, Outer Space Treaty, In-situ resource development, lunar development, lunar lander, lunar industrialization.


Tim Pickens, Dynetics Inc., Google Lunar X-Prize, Rocket City Space Pioneers, Multipurpose NanoMissile System (MNMS), microsats, ESPA Adaptor Ring, commercial rocket launches, space manufacturing, outsourcing, FASTSAT, NASA, ITAR, Space X, Falcon 9, heavy lift rockets, pro propellant depots,  Bigelow Aerospace, water rocket belt, SpaceShip2, SpaceShip1, X Prize, hybrid rocket motors, aerospace engineering.


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Dan Adamo, on orbit propellant depots, ISS, Constellation, orbital and flight dynamics, libration points, Lagrange points, launch season, launch window, cryogenic fuel transfer in space, lunar propellant depots, nuclear propulsion Ares 5 rocket, heavy lift, Orion, gravity lab, deep space propulsion, NEO telescope, radiation, orbital alignment, Apollo lunar landings, space traffic management.


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Josh Hopkins, Larry Price, Dr. Steve Harrington, Lockheed Martin, Orion, Flometrics, Near Earth Asteroids, Orion Crew Exploration, EELV, Atlas 5, Delta 4 Heavy, Falcon 9, turbo pumps, pistonless pump, crew escape system, solid rocket boosters, NASA, space policy, Congress, aerospace engineering, NASA contractors, on orbit propellant depots.


Open Lines, The Space Show Way Outside The Box Ideas and Plans Blog, "New Think," space policy, space economics,
space enthusiasts and advocates, Mars, LEO, Moon, Nanosat Program, AIAA Space 2010, hypersonics, SBIR grants, SBA loans, space financing, commercial space markets, ET, space as a frontier, space settlement, Dr. Stephen Hawking, Dennis Wingo, Thalia, Dr. Paul Czysz.


Dr. Joe Rosen, "Lawless Universe: Science and the Hunt for Reality," Theory of Everything, the limitations of science, cosmology, perceived reality, objective reality, quantum, Falsifiability, theories, reproducibility, physical science, language, multiple dimensions, unique universe, science careers, Mind of God, science and metaphysics, religion, spirituality.


Dennis Wingo, NewSpace Conference, Space Frontier Foundation, NewSpace, private capital, NASA, private spaceflight, Constellation, Space Enterprise, DragonLab, SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, biotechnology, space mining venture, space solar power, Hobson's Choice, steam engine innovation, business plans, continuing resolution, asteroid mining, crisis management, space vision, raising capital.

August/23/2010 Timothy Dooley, Victorian Space Age, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, modeling, Victorian space stories. 

Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz, Journal of Space Law, National Center for Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law at the University of Mississippi School of Law, space law history, Article VI of the Outer Space Treaty, commercial space definition, Global Commons, space jurisdiction, Cis Lunar Space, Permanent Court of Arbitration drafting new Optional Rules for Arbitration of Disputes Relating to Outer Space, satellite imagery for evidence, Res Communis, ITAR, Strict Constitutional Constructionism, Constitution as a Living Document, Space Law Archives, space licensing regimes, space intellectual property, space property rights, treaty law, space governmental regulation, industrial policy, Elvis Presley.


Paul O. Wieland, "Crossing The Threshold:  Advancing Into Space To Benefit The Earth," Vision for Space Exploration, Space Exploration Initiative, robotic missions, human spaceflight, space policy, radiation, ISS, space resources, space energy, Return to the Moon, International Space Decade, space elevator, airships to orbit, nuclear propulsion, NERVA, space solar power, international space cooperation, space regulatory environment, fossil fuels, space workforce. 


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Open Lines, Dr. David Livingston, propellant depots, NEOs, Asteroids, heavy lift, X-33, Israel Brain Gain Program, SpaceX and Mars, Mary Roach's "Packing For Mars," why human spaceflight?, deficits, U.S. economy and space budgets.


Hu Davis, Space Solar Power (SSP), SSP studies, SSP and the nuclear community, SSP and the oil industry, SSP politics, DOD and SSP, Dept. of Energy, ROI, Payback, domestic SSP systems, U.S. Government contingency contract, Powersat Corporation, Japanese SSP system, spaceflight costs, launch rate, launch costs, reusable rocket motors, heat shields, technology development. 


Franz Gayl, SUSTAIN, Technology Roadmap, NSSO, Marine Corp, dual use technology, commercial space, space affordability, linear versus exponential space processes, whistleblower, Marines and space, SUSTAIN concept with future asymmetric threats, Marine Expeditionary Energy Office, Space Solar Power, Singularity University.


Jack McCreary, Reagan Test Center, Kwajalein, Paul Lithgow, Comtech AeroAstro, Dr. Bill Reed, Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, Wallops Island, space policy, Huntsville, fiber optics, launch systems, commercial rockets, cubesats, nanosats, GPS, fixed price contracts, cost plus contracts.


Charles Precourt, ATK, Constellation, Ares 1, Ares V, Ares DM-2, heavy lift, commercial space, rocket economics, space policy, Direct launchers, solid rocket boosters (SRBs), liquid rocket motors, Space Shuttle, Space Shuttle Main Engines (SME), Orion, NASA human spaceflight crew safety, launch abort.

August/10/2010 Thalia Kohls, space policy, Gen Y, space tourism, space advocacy, NewSpace, Mars, angry space rhetoric, civil space, commercial space, Lewis and Clark, cost plus contracts, fixed price contracts, STEM education, Pioneer Women, women and space exploration, spiritualism and space. 

Mary Roach, "Packing For Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void," gravity, Devon Island, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), NASA, long duration space flight, sex in space, bed rest studies, Break-Away Effect, space psychological issues, micro gravity effects, space sickness, space tourism.


Robert Zimmerman, climate change, sunspots, solar activity, tree rings, CME, ISS, solar wind, private sector space, commercial space, NASA, Commercial Space Amendments Act, commercial crew, space policy, bat fungus, U.S. deficits, U.S. economy, space funding, heavy lift, tax cuts for space, Falcon 9, Apollo legacy, Telstar, Syncon, COTS, COMSAT, NACA, commercial crew.


Clay Mowry, Arianespace, Ariane 5, heavy lift, Guiana Space Center, French Guiana, Kourou, French Guiana, Soyuz, SRBs, Devils Island, human rating Ariane 5, Space X, Falcon 9, commercial space, ITAR, launch market, dual launches, digital compression, affordable space, space tourism, launch competition, ISS cargo and docking, launch contract, NewSpace, NASA, heavy lift, telecommunication satellite launches, propellant depots, Soyuz French Guiana launches.


Dr. Klaus Dannenberg, Peter Montgomery, AIAA Space 2010 Conference & Exposition, AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference, Education Ally, aerospace professionals, NewSpace, Space Robotics, Space Colonization, spaceports, William Pickering Lecture on Extra Solar Planets, Earth observation, space debris, cyber space, ISU, military satellite communications, dual use satellites.


Dr. Chris Impey, "How It Ends: From You To The Universe," astronomy, cosmic year, Kepler Space Telescope, Earth life cycle extension, planet habitability, Big Bang, death of the Sun, Titan, Europa, biosphere, NASA, space regulatory issues, ET, end of the universe, multiple dimensions, Milky Way, Hubble Space Telescope, energy from space, nuclear propulsion, cosmology, humans and death, Mars.


Theresa Hitchens, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), Space Code of Conduct, space traffic management, space debris, ASAT's, nuclear rocket propulsion, weapons in space, kinetic kill weapon, space surveillance, STEM education, ESA budget process, US Congress, electronic satellite jamming, US National Space Policy, space cooperation, space solar power, space elevator.


Open Lines, The Space Show Classroom, space webinars, NewSpace 2010, space propellant depots, Kepler Space Telescope, human factors, space R&D, Microlaunchers, space science missions, ISS, COTS, space policy, Space Shuttle Program, One Giant Leap Foundation (OGLF).


Brian Enke, Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), Mars, US Space Policy, Obama Space, heavy lift, Insitu Resource Allocation, Near Earth Objects, asteroids, Trillion dollar asteroid, Mars Rover Spirit, Propellant Depots, NewSpace 2010, robotics, ISS, human factors for Mars, radiation, microgravity, variable gravity research lab in LEO, Flexible Path, Deimos, ITAR Reform, SHARAD Instrument, self publishing, e-book formats, Google Editions, Kepler Space Telescope.


Rand Simberg, Bill Simon, Evoloterra, NASA, space policy, human spaceflight safety, leaving Earth, Apollo, 41st Anniversary of Moon landing, House and Senate NASA Authorization Bills for FY2011.


Lucinda Land, The Mars Society, Thirteenth Annual International Mars Society Convention, Mars Camp, Mars Society in Scotland and Europe, Mars Inspiration, STEM education, science teachers, Dr. Robert Zubrin, Mars Direct, Mars outreach in Glasgow, Scotland.


The Space Show Classroom, Dr. Jim Logan, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. David Livingston, STEM education, educational system, space culture, media, ideology, Mars, Deimos, Phobos, Near Earth Asteroid, heavy lift, Initial Mass in Low Earth Orbit (IMLEO), propellant depots, heavy lift, space life sciences, rocket equation, radiation, ISS, microgravity, space policy, ISS.


Dr. Pat Patterson, Niel Holt, SmallSat Conference, Utah State University, Space Dynamics Lab, cubesats, small satellites, WISE Mission, secondary payload capacity, Sensor CAD, ITAR, University NANOSAT Program, Logan, Utah, Cache Valley.

July/15/2010 Dr. Ralph McNutt, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Radioisotope Power Systems, Plutonium 238, U-235, Mercury, Messenger, Cassini, Voyager, U.S. National Space Policy, radiation, nuclear power, nuclear propulsion, interstellar travel, fusion energy, NASA Planetary Data Systems, paradigm shifts.

Dr. Burton Lee, European Commission Space Research Program, ESA, Cubesats, Framework 7 Program (FP7), ITAR, Stanford University, U.S. National Space Policy, Space Angels Network, New Space, space entrepreneurism, space startups, space tourism, European Commission long term space vision., European space consortia for U.S. space companies, space intellectual property.


Dr. C.F. Lance Chenault, Dr. Mark Lewis, AIAA, Joint Propulsion Conference, chemical rockets, advanced propulsion, exotic fuels, U.S. Air Force and space, NASA, space policy, space history, hypersonics, scramjets, solids versus liquids, solar sails.

July 11/2010

The Space Show Classroom, Dr. David Livingston, Dr. John Jurist, Brian Weeden, Space Sustainability, Secure World Foundation, human spaceflight, orbits, space debris, space junk, U.S. National Space Policy, national security space, orbital crowding, Sun-synchronous orbit, GEO, MEO, LEO, SSP, GPS, UN COPUOS, Space Situational Awareness, Space Traffic Management, Conjunctive Assessment, Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC), UN Action Team 14.


Dr. Clive Neal, Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG), NASA, Constellation, Return to the Moon, Mars, Obama Space, Constellation, Insitu Resource Utilization, lunar commerce, lunar seismographs, Moonquakes, commercial space, space leadership, space vision, lunar water, robotics, lunar exit strategy, U.S. National Space Policy, lunar caves, NEOs, SSP, heavy lift, fuel depots, science and exploration differences, solar system exploration, synergy, integrated solar system assets.


Robert (Bobby) Block, Orlando Sentinel, NASA policy, Ares 1, Constellation, U.S. Space Policy, Air Force, Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida Space Coast, Russian Soyuz, COTS, Solids vs. Liquid Rocket Motors, space workforce layoffs, Space X, space engineering studies and assumptions, ATK, the GAP, status quo challenges to space industry, ITAR, civil space, The Write Stuff.


Dr. Paul Mueller, John Culverhouse, Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA), Embry Riddle Astronautical University, student rocket competition, hybrid rocket motors, FAA waivers, commercial amateur rocket engines, propulsion systems, ITAR, roll control, pitch and yaw control, NASA, ULA, Space X, Obama space, TROPOS 2, ICARUS 1, ICARUS 3, college rocket club faculty advisors.


Dr. Daniel Rasky, Bruce Thieman, Commercial and Government Responsive Access To Space Technology Exchange 2010 (CRASTE 2010),  Falcon 9, Space X, commercial space, NASA, Constellation, low cost to orbit, suborbital space, orbital space, LEO, Air Force, Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), SUUSTAIN, commercial markets, point to point cargo and human spaceflight, SSP, power beaming, Turn Time, EELV, Ares, space jobs, STEM, biotech, synthetic life, Operationally Responsive Space (ORS), Bigelow Aerospace, reusability, COTS.


Ryan McLinko, New Space 2010, Space Frontier Foundation, New Space Ready For Takeoff, commercial space, U.S. Space Policy.


Dr. Sam Dinkin,  Space X, Falcon 9, private space, public space, NASA, commercial space, Augustine Commission, Heavy lift rockets, suborbital, Elon Musk, space goals, public/private partnerships, Space Shot, space policy, U.S. national debt, economics, ITAR, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), EELV, inflation, aging population, space tourism, Mars, GAP, Russian lunar space program.

June/21/2010 Fred Slane, "The Space Innovator's Dilemma: A Space Industry Look at The Innovator's Dilemma," standards, space policy, space exploration, NASA, ISO Standards, New Space, AIAA, space hardware reliability, space value networks, disruptive technology, sustainable technology

Joe Vogel, Boeing Phantom Works, X-51A, hypersonics, scramjets, ramjets, air breathing system, Root Course and Correction Action, nuclear propulsion technology, skip trajectories, hydrocarbon fuels, heat dissipation, Suborbital Point to Point Transportation, reverse engineering, LACE (Liquid Air Cycle Engine).


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Open Lines, NASA, aerospace worker layoffs, SRBs, heavy lift rockets, Peruvian Space Program, NASA, Falcon 9, Commercial Crew, COTS, Orion, Constellation, NewSpace, Obama Space Policy, commercial launch industry,  commercial space markets, Senator Bill Nelson.


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Open Lines,  space policy, NASA, nuclear rockets, nuclear propulsion, VASIMR, Nuclear Thermal Rockets, Nuclear Electric Propulsion, INSITU Lunar Development, radiation, bone loss, hydrofluoric acid, G-loads, STEM education.


Megan Prelinger, "Another Science Fiction: Advertising The Space Race 1957-1962,"  Prelinger Library, recruitment ads for aerospace engineers, space art, space suits, nuclear rockets, space telescopes, space stations, NASA.

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Dr. Erik Seedhouse,  "Prepare For Launch: The Astronaut Training Process," NASA, Canadian Space Agency, ESA, astronaut training, space bioethics, commercial space, Zero G CPR, sex in space, SRB vs. Liquid Rocket Engines, space sickness, launch quarantine, ISS, artificial gravity, space medicine, suborbital and orbital human spaceflight, LEO.

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April /16/2010

Dr. Philip Harris, "Toward Human Emergence: A Human Resource Philosophy for the Future," White House Conference On Space Enterprise, private space enterprise, NASA, Return to the Moon, Augustine Commission, lunar base, lunar environment, space based solar power, lunar based solar power, The Moon Society, space settlement, space transportation system, In-Situ resource usage, Mars, space law, Astrolaw, Near Earth Object's (NEOs), Knowledge Culture., the ISS, Gene Roddenberry.


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Chris Radcliff, SpaceUp, unconference, BarCamp, NewSpace, O'Reilly Conferences, Ignite talk, San Diego Air and Space Museum, space educational outreach, ISDC, Mexican Space Agency, NASA.


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March/21/2010 Dr. Paul Spudis, Lunar and Planetary Institute, space vision, space policy, Administration space policy, VSE, Constellation, space policy assumptions, Return to the Moon, asteroids, INSITU Resource Utilization, space shuttle, the GAP, launch solution, commercial space, NASA budget, VASIMIR, LRO, China, Russia, Japan, India space policies, Augustine Commission analysis and conclusions, lunar water and resources.

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Col (Res.) Yoram Ilan-Lipovsky, Israel space program, Israeli Air force, suborbital space, responsive space, Israeli space policy, launch penalty, space tourism, Israeli national security space, commercial space in Israel.


Michael Heartsong, Promethean Enterprises, Inc., "Mining The Sky," NEO, lunar mining, comets, treasury bonds, ISS, SSP platforms, GEO satellites, propellant depots, asteroid spin, communications delay, Zeno's Paradox, U.S space policy, commercial spaceflight, planetary protection, ITAR, DARPA, treasury bond rating, robotic mining, green energy, Passive Bilateral Teleoperation with constant time delay, 3D Rapid Prototyping.


Henry Vanderbilt, Space Access Society, Space Access Conference,  DC-X, L5 Society, commercial space, NASA, space budgets, SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, NASA Commercial Crew Development (CCDEV), Falcon 9, Taurus 2, Constellation, Ares 1, heavy lift, NACA, space elevator, orbital propulsion depots, Saturn V, NASA Exploration Policy, armature rocketry, Russian rockets.


Dr. Bruno Stanek, Switzerland, Swiss Media, Mars, chemical propulsion, VASIMR, space transportation systems to LEO, SRBs, Liquid Rocket Engines, space for inspiration and motivation, Augustine Commission, Kraft Ehricke, Club of Rome, NEOs, global warming, space advocacy, space tourism, Zero G Flights, Microlauncher analog, POGO, oscillation.


Joe Cardin, VACCO Industries, Dr. Steve Harrington, Flometrics, piston less pump, NewSpace, traditional aerospace, Space Shuttle, NASA, space certified components, Cubesats, propulsion systems, commercial space customers, space workforce, space engineering, space policy, low cost space manufacturing, space pricing expectations.

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Dr. Erik Seedhouse,  "The New Space Race: China Vs. the United States," Chinese space program, US space policy, PLA, ASAT, Control Battle Space, Constellation, space leadership, Space Shuttle, Soyuz, human spaceflight, ISS, ITAR, China debt, Taiwan, One China Policy, Russian space program, flexible path, lunar missions, civil space program, Apollo exploration, space debris, commercial launchers, rocket safety, Sino-American cooperation in space, space weapons treaty, space doctrine, GAP, Schriever war games.


The Space Show Classroom, Dr. David Livingston, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Jim Logan, Bruce Pittman, Due Diligence, business due diligence, engineering due diligence, business plans, reality checks, assumptions, reusable launch vehicles, regulatory issues, government risk, Executive Summary, angel investors, venture capital, corporate venture capital, payback,  DARPA, dilution of equity, non-disclosure agreement (NDA), experienced management team, suborbital flights, multiple income streams, risk management strategy, fusion energy.


Howard Bloom, space vision, GAP, Reality Sandwich, biomatter, SSP, NASA PR, mass extinctions, social connections, VSE, rare Earth metals, Venice, ISS, bone loss, centrifuge on ISS, artificial gravity, Russian space technology, Iranian space program, Iranian missile launches, military space, space visionaries, space infrastructure, India, China. 


Cynda Collins Arsenault,  Secure World Foundation, space policy, operating foundation, space debris, telecommunications industry, nation state, United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COUPOS), student internships, space security, Earth observation, NEOs, Global Commons, Latin America Space Policy, ITAR, space tourism, space solar power, International Space University (ISU), Action Team 14 for NEO Response.


Open Lines, U.S. Space Policy, NASA, Ares, Constellation, commercial space, Space X, India's space program, Moon, Shuttle retirement, space workforce layoffs, Dept. of Defense, military space, X-37, Atlas, Bloon, balloon space tourism in Spain, , helium, Mig flights, NACA, Microlaunchers, low cost launch model, Celestas.


Dr. Pascal Lee, SETI Institute, Mars, Phobos, Deimos, NEOs, Europa, the Moon, Drake Equation, ET Life, pressurized rovers, ESA, Mars Explorer, escape velocity, Fermi Paradox, strategic space policy, tactical space policy, radiation, planetary defense., Mars Institute.


Dr. Mario Pinheiro, Greg Meholic, SPESIF, plasma physics, plasma propulsion, field propulsion, electromagnetic theory, electromagnetotorid structures, toroid, astrophysics, fluidic space time, Tri-Space Universe, Maxwell equations, subluminal, superluminal, luminal, Michelson-Morley, physical vacuum, gravity, Le Sage, Alex Feigel, peer review, science fraud, Ricci Tensor, aether.


Jim Muncy, NASA, space policy, NASA Program of Record, Constellation, Orion, commercial space, President Obama's proposed space policy, Boeing, Space X, Sierra Nevada, Blue Origins, Augustine Commission, Space Shuttle, Space Frontier Foundation, commercial crew transportation, heavy lift vehicles, Mars, Moon, goals, Atlas 5, Delta 4 Heavy, Falcon 9, GAP, space settlement, Apollo on Steroids. 

Feb./23/2010 Jim Funaro, Contact Conference, Avatar, SETI, Cultures of Imagination, anthropology, space policy, inspiring students, teaching space.

Dr. George Robinson, space law, evolutionary biochemist, volcanoes, why we go to space, species survival, space exploration, sentient being, off-planet habitat, Moon, Mars, Lewis And Clark, flags of convenience, Outer Space Treaty, Liability Convention, seabed treaties, transglobal, private sector space, space commerce, rebellion versus revolution, NEOs, Administration space policy, NASA, Program of Record, large scale systems, Microlaunchers, global private space consortium, anthropic principle. 


Matthew Allner, space education, STEM, teaching to the test, Pay For Performance Plan, California educational system, Iowa educational system, Colorado educational system,  NASA Explorer School Program, astronaut selection process, space detachment, diving, Mission Control, economics, space travel, space exploration, commercial space flight, long term space settlement, search and rescue diving, iPhone, iPod, Mars.


Dr. Jim Vedda, "Choice, Not Fate:  Shaping a Sustainable Future in the Space Age," space budget, space policy, NASA, Apollo, destination driven space program, capabilities driven space program, human spaceflight, spaceflight skills, Orion, cultural shift, Ares, Constellation, sunk costs, futurist literature, space vision, long term planning, U.S. annual budget process, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Space Solar Power (SSP), power sat demo, teleportation, space economics, Vision versus Fantasy, suborbital tourism, Air Commerce Act of 1926.


Dr. Angie Bukley, International Space University (ISU), "The Farthest Shore: A 21st Century Guide to Space,"  space tourism, space walk, weightlessness, microgravity dance, microgravity choreography, space markets, space business, space management, space policy, space regulatory environment, asteroid mining, space studies, space law, space literature, space music, space poetry.


 Dan Adamo, Dr. Jim Logan, Dr. John Jurist, Orbital/Flight Dynamics, Mission Control Flight Dynamics Officer (FFDO) console, human spaceflight, cargo spaceflight, NASA, Space Shuttle, TRAJ, Mission Control Certified, Communications lag, VASIMIR Technology, ISS, Transfer Orbit, Earth parking orbit, orbital rendezvous, launch windows, Earth rotation, ISS orbit 51.6 degrees, polar orbit, Delta V, Adamo’s Rules of the Road for Gravitational Harmony (ARRGH), on orbit propellant depots, LEO, propellant depot at destination, Conceptual Mission Design, clipper ships, suborbital, partial orbits, Point A to Point B transportation, launching east, rocket equation, Mars, chemical rockets, advance propulsion, lunar mission, antipode.


Dr. Richard Greenberg, "Unmasking Europa: The Search For Life On Jupiter's Ocean Moon," sea life on Europa, H2O, Galileo Mission to Jupiter, tides, tectonic cracks, ice flows, Europa biological adaptation, life on Europa, Europa habitable zone, Io, Ganymede, Callisto, Europa lander, tidal friction, volcanic action, oxygen, Spider of Manannan crater, radiation, orbital resonance, Europa color photographs, Lake Vostok in Antarctica, environmental contamination, Europa's atmospheric pressure and gravity.


Brent Sherwood,  NASA Flexible Path, very large telescopes, Le Grange points, ISS, NEOs, Phobos, Mars, Deimos,  Augustine Commission Report, Moon, Space Shuttle, Marshall Spaceflight Center, Apollo, ISS, captured asteroid, Constellation.


Kris Kimel, Kentucky Space, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, IdeaFestival, Kentucky Enterprise Fund, Exo-space medicine, cubesats, Professor Bob Twiggs, Interorbital Systems, cubesats, suborbital, orbital, NASA Space Act Agreement, NanoRacks, NASA Ames Research Center, ISS, commercial space, Russian ISS module, ITAR, entrepreneurial space, astronauts, balloon launches, student internships, N-Prize, value added payloads, aerospace engineering, vocational workforce jobs, Exo-space medicine, microgravity medical research, innovation, research serendipity, creativity, Constellation.


Space Show Classroom, Paul Breed, Dr. Jim Logan, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. David Livingston, the rocket equation, getting to space, getting to orbit, suborbital, orbital velocity, flying gas tank, Saturn V rocket, ISP, SSTO, rocket staging, air-breathing rocket, rocket exhaust velocity, Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), air launch, Lunar Lander Challenge, mass ratio, ramjets, scramjets, hypersonic vehicles, nuclear rockets, Shuttle Main Engines (SME), launch windows, ISS, emergency shuttle flights, fantasy compared to reality, orbital propellant depots, airplane jet engines, air drag.


Robert Zimmerman, NASA budget, U.S. space policy, Constellation, Ares, ISS, commercial space, President Obama, human spaceflight, heavy lift launch vehicles, Nasa Administrator, U.S. economy, deficits, fiat money, Aqua and Terra satellites, on orbit fuel depots, refueling satellites, nuclear rocket, VASIMIR, Space Shuttle extension, NASA astronauts, space strategy, commercial space, space careers, flexible path. 


Frederick Ordway, "The Rocket Team,"  Wernher von Braun, Army Ballistic Missile Agency, NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, Arsenal System, Ares 1, Constellation, Redstone, Atlas, Titan, budget recommendations, Saturn heritage rockets, ChinAmerica, Chinese Space Policy, space careers, space workforce issues, "Top 100 Stars of Aerospace" poll, "Glory Days of Apollo."


The Space Show Classroom, Dr. David Livingston, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Jim Logan, space education, adult space camp, rocket equation, learning experience, flight dynamics, orbital mechanics, space education, space policy, term paper requirements and topics.


Donald Beattie, "ISScapades:  The Crippling Of America's Space Program," Obama 2011 space budget, Augustine Commission, Soyuz, Space Shuttle retirement, NASA, GAP for U.S. human spaceflight, space workforce, EELV conversion to human spaceflight, Falcon 9, Space X, COTS, NEOs, Mars, ISS centrifuge, Space Shuttle Main Engine, Bigelow Aerospace, ISS, Saturn 1B, Saturn V, commercial space and launchers, Atlas V, Delta 4, U.S. civil space policy, Return to the Moon.


Les Johnson, "Paradise Regained: The Regreening of Earth," space advocacy, environmental movement and space, space spiritualism, OECD Space 2030 Reports, fusion, lunar ecosystem, Earth imaging, HE3, space advocates and environmentalist working together, space and Hollywood, SSP, insitu resource usage, space raw materials, climate change, space lobbying, NASA as entertainment, Return to the Moon.


Dr. Haym Benaroya, "Turning Dust To Gold:  Building A Future on the Moon and Mars,"  "Lunar Settlement,"  U.S. civil space policy, Augustine Commission, Return to the Moon, lunar business case, New Space, commercial launchers, ITAR, NASA, Congress, space politics, PhD degree for space job applicants, GAP, Space Shuttle, China, Japanese, India, Russia, opportunity cost, foreign launchers, space vision.


John Powell, JP Aerospace, "Floating To Space: The Airship to Orbit Program," airships, orbital airship, Toshiba space commercial, hybrid quad engine, organizational structure, volunteerism, tandem airship, helium transfer pump, gravity losses, air drag, electrostatic propulsion, Earth's magnetic field propulsion, active drag reduction systems, ion engine, corona wind, balloon transmitters, high speed GPS.


Chris Carberry, Mars Society, Space Exploration Alliance, Legislative Blitz, space advocacy, Ares 1, Augustine Commission, Massachusetts elections, NASA, VSE, heavy lift vehicles.


Dr. Charles Bourland,  "The Astronaut's Cookbook: Tales, Recipes, and More,"  space nutrition, space food preparation, radiation, space food packaging, freeze dried space food, gallbladder, food transit times, space toilet, body waste, zero-G digestion, cooking in space, taste in space, iron in space, calcium in space, space food garbage, submarine food, alcohol in space, Pepsi and Coke in space, soft drinks in space. ISS menu, Space Shuttle menu, vegetarian diet, iodizing space food, live space foods, outsourcing space food, food pills, recipes.


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Douglas Mallette, "Turning Point," Fox News, military space, civil space, commercial space, private space, space solar power, ITAR, economics, public private partnerships, return to the Moon, Mars, space exploration, manifest destiny.


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Dr. Henry Helvajian, Dr. Siegfried Janson, The Aerospace Corporation, "Small Satellites: Past, Present, and Future," small satellites, cubesats, new satellite technology, micro satellites, MEMS, nanotechnology, personal satellites, nanosatellites, picosatellite, femtosatellites, bandwidth, LEO, MEO, GEO, radiation, academic satellite programs, SNAP-1, glass versus metal satellite manufacturing, space debris, space policy, STEM education, satellite array, satellite formation flying, microengineering, 3 Cube Spacecraft, 1U CubeSat, AeroCube-3.


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Jacob Gullish, David Vaccaro, "Futron's 2009 Space Competitiveness Index," Space Technology Capability Base, military space, civil space, commercial space, non-profit space, space exploration, earth observation, GPS, Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT), Remote Sensing, space utility, military space drivers, Russia space program, China space program, India space program, Japan space program, Europe space program, Israel space program, Rocket Racing, Inspiration as a space metric, Nigeria, Surrey Satellite, barriers to entry, launch costs, space financial interest, New York financial markets, giggle factor, space legal and jurisdictional issues, zero g zero tax, NewSpace, entrepreneurism, space tourism, giggle factor.


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Don Lincoln, "The Quantum Frontier: The Large Hadron Collider" (LHC), Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, CERN, particle physics, electromagnets, protons, proton beam, origin of mass, Peter Higgs, Higgs boson, , Superconducting Super Collider, supersymmetry, subquarks, quarks, electrons, Big Bang, International Linear Collider, energy regimes, leptons, STEM education, Young Earth Idea, basic science research, NASA science, black holes, strangelets, vacuum, anti-matter.


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Thomas Gangale, "The Development of Outer Space: Sovereignty And Property Rights In International Space Law," Outer Space Treaty, Moon Treaty, space law, Ares 1, Constellation, EELV, low cost space access, commercial space, NASA, LEO, Augustine Commission, Common Heritage of Mankind, Benefit Sharing, mini treaties, common law, customary law, property rights, Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI),, Polyus, Energia, Chinese space program, imperialism, bioprospecting, natural law, Solar System Ghost Towns, Antarctica, heavy lift vehicle.


Rick Tumlinson, Texas, the Alamo, Benevolent Conspiracy, Mir, X-Prize, space insurance, space tourism, space adventure travel, SpaceX, NASA, Augustine Commission, civil space program, private space development, fusion reactors, range fees, spaceports, Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, Wallops Island Spaceport, China, ISS, private/public partnerships, Ares 1, Walt Anderson, Ares 5, Ares LITE, Frontier, Space Frontier Foundation, LEO, space exploration, prizes, long term commercial demand, industrialize orbital infrastructure.


Dr. Erik Seedhouse, ":Lunar Outpost: The Challenges of Establishing a Human Settlement on the Moon," space diving, Capt. Joe Kittinger, flat spin, drogue chute, halo jumpers, ESA Aurora Program, NASA Safety, risk aversion, heavy lift, education, Lunar outpost, lava tubes, ticket tape parade, commercial space, NASA core values, lunar water, ice rich craters, astronaut training, Chinese space program, Augustine Commission, humans to Mars, plasma rocket Vasimr, nuclear rocket, Bigelow Aerospace, pre-emptive surgery, bio ethical issues, NASA NEMO, Ernest Shackleton, leadership, high risk space ventures, Reaffirming pioneering spirit, Ares-1, thrust oscillation, lunar lava tubes.


Brent Sherwood, Dr. A. Scott Howe; "Out Of This World: The New Field Of Space Architecture," space architecture, terrestrial architecture, gravity and free fall in architecture, Mars, ISS, radiation, temperature, artificial gravity, heavy lift rockets, affording space development, space hotel, Transhab, remote control demo base, Integrated Systems Health Management, Antarctic analog sites, next generation shuttle, life support closure, closed loop environmental systems, human spaceflight mission, spaceports, architectural schools, JPL, Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA).


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Josh Neubert, Aaron Rusheen, Daniel Asturias, Conrad Foundation, Conrad Awards, Spirit of Innovation Awards Program, mechanical counter-pressure suit, renewable energy, MotGen System, high school education, STEM education, environmental factors in education, nerds, muscle degeneration, electro-muscular stimulation. 


Lynn Baroff, California Space Education & Workforce Institute, NASA Ames Research Center, JPL, Human-Systems Integration, STEM education, educational outreach, Lunar Regolith Challenge, space policy, robotic space exploration, California Space Authority, Mars Rover Program, Media portrayal of technical fields, NASA/JPL Athlete Rover, human factors for long duration spaceflight, Humans to Mars, space economics, space development and economic wealth building, lunar water, Augustine Commission, Return to the Moon, Hal 2000.


Larry Williams, Next Step In Space, SpaceX, Augustine Commission, space policy, Ares 1, Constellation, EELV, Falcon 9, commercial space, NASA, research and development funding, NASA budget, COTS, Soyuz, White Paper: "Acquiring US Commercial ISS Crew and Cargo Services Creates New Industry in LEO, Enables Program for Exploration Beyond," Orion, Moon, Mars and Beyond, Russian, Chinese, and Indian Space Programs, heavy lift rockets.


Al Reisz, Reisz Engineers, NASA, Saturn V, J-2 engine, Augustine Commission, space exploration, Electron Cyclotron Resonance Space Engine (ECR), VASIMER engine, fusion energy, LCROSS, space solar power, space tourism, chemical rockets, space leadership, Flexible Path, Real-Time Robotic Operations (HERRO), NASA Glenn, ion propulsion, Mars, Martian moons. 


Open Lines, AIAA, Space 2009, Augustine Commission, NASA, human spaceflight, Lockheed Martin, Orion, commercial spaceflight, suborbital flight and tourism, Microlaunchers, human suborbital, markets, Field of Dreams concept, Dr. Mike Griffin, NASA culture, entrepreneurial space, tools and machine shops, incremental space development, national space treasures, informed consent, limited liability, safety, spaceflight risk tolerance, human suborbital, suborbital sounding rockets.

Sept./18/2009 Laurence Price,  Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), Lockheed Martin, human spaceflight, Ares 1, EELV, Falcon 9, Bigelow Aerospace, land vs. water capsule landing, heat shields, lunar exploration, International Space Station (ISS), Near Earth Objects (NEOs), orbital launch escape, Augustine Commission, space vision, STEM, space education outreach, astronaut crew safety, commercial spaceflight, lowering spaceflight costs, space tourism.


ATK, Ares 1, Constellation, NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), five segment static rocket motor test, Augustine Panel, human spaceflight, thrust vector control, static rocket motor test, solid rocket booster (SRBs), NASA budget, Congress.
Sept./14/2009 Dr. Eligar Sadeh, 2009 National Space Forum, Eisenhower Center For Space And Defense Studies, Space and Defense Journal, space strategic planning, Outer Space Treaty, Space Code of Conduct, space treaties, collective security regime for space, Wideband Global SATCOM System (WGS), ITAR, globalization, Astroconsulting International, Brazilian Space Program, Indian Space Program, human spaceflight and national space security, space deterrence, commercial space, China.
Sept./13/2009 Declan O'Donnell, United Societies in Space (USIS), space treaties, Canadian frontier development, Mounties, USIS Authority, space money, common law, diplomatic recognition, scientific knowledge,  Regency of USIS (ROUSIS Constitution),fiscal restraint, policy leadership,  space property rights, Outer Space Treaty, Moon Treaty, space governance, barter clubs.

David Hook, Aviation and Space TV, ITAR, space business fundamentals, corporate espionage, trade secrets, copyrighted material, space security, aviation security, TSA, general aviation, no fly list, space tourism, AST, security consciousness, FBO Identity Security, AOPA, Airport Watch Program, Osprey aircraft, airport management, ATK, Ares-1, safety and business issues.


Dr. James Dewar, Dr. Robert Bussard, "The Nuclear Rocket: Making Our Planet Green, Peaceful, and Prosperous," Low Earth Orbit, ISP, solid core, hydrogen fuel, Los Alamos, B-4 Core, Y-12, radiation, Rover/NERVA, HELIOS, ASPEN, Space Charter Authority, nuclear proliferation, NASA Free Launch, nuclear rocket academic studies, heavy lift, commercial space.


Dr. Haym Benaroya, lunar settlements, lunar dust, Hepa filters, ultrafine dust, Augustine Panel, lunar lava tubes, surface lunar structures, inflatable structures, cylindrical structures, inspiration, engineering students, public/private space partnerships, heavy lift vehicle, Epoch visionaries, mechanical engineering, subterranean lunar structures.


Brian Shiro, Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station on Devon Island (FMARS), Haughton Crater, Devon Island, Inuit Indians in the Canadian Arctic, NASA AMES, HMP Ames,  Mars analog site, polar bears, dogs, EVA simulations, Mars Society, Gemini Hills in Haughton Crater, gypsum, ITAR, communication delays, psychological conditions for FMARS, green energy, solar power, wind turbines, diesel generator.


Dr. Pat Hynes, New Mexico Space Grant Consortium, International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS), spaceflight safety, Virgin Galactic, space operations and mission costs, Gary Payton, Lori Garver, Dr. Alan Stern, Jeff Greason, XCOR Aerospace, NASA, commercial human spaceflight, university aerospace research programs, Augustine Panel, Ice Hotel in Sweden, suborbital tourism and beyond, Smallsats, launch vehicles, spaceports, Spaceport America, space business perspective, space collaboration, commercial innovation, AIAA, workforce development program.


Paul Lithgow, Comtech AeroAstro, aerospace engineering, Space Situational Awareness (SSA), spacecraft buses, micro satellite technology, nanosatellite technology, student recruiting, SmallSat Conference, National Security Space Programs, systems engineering, STEM education, Responsive Space Conference, Falcon 1, Space X, aerospace engineering challenges., regulation creep and mission failure, risk tolerance.


Dr. George Nield,  Commercial Space Transportation at the FAA, AST, suborbital tourism, orbital tourism, commercial space, Lunar Lander Challenge, public/private partnerships, space policy regulations, spaceflight safety, informed consent, Augustine Panel, human spaceflight, amateur high powered rocketry, green rocket fuel, cost benefit analysis for launch license, launch license, experimental spacecraft permit, space altitude, N-Prize, inspiration, STEM education, X-Prize.


Dr. Leik Myrabo, Dr. John Lewis, "Lightcraft Flight Handbook LTI-20, beamed power energy (BPE), commercial Lightcraft vehicles, microwave energy, regulatory regime for power transmission, weapons in space, White Sands, SDI, Brazil, IEAV, DEAS airspike physics, human factors, crew safety, purified water as a coolant, lithium as a coolant, onboard coolant, SUSTAIN, STEM education, inspiring students, nuclear rockets, specific impulse, nansoats, microsats, NORAD, magnetohydrodynamic propulsion (MHD).


Open Lines, David Livingston, Augustine Panel, ATK, Ares 1, NASA, space policy, deficits, economics, capital acquisition, venture capital, treasury bonds, washing clothes in space, Russian rocket engines, Lunar Lander Contest,, N-Prize, human spaceflight program, mission operating costs, low cost space access.


Greg Meholic, Tri-Space Model of the Universe, Dark Matter, Faster-than-Light Travel, The Theory of Everything, gravity, inertia, superluminal space, luminal space, Witkowski Space Time, black holes, Mach principle of gravity, super nova, mag lift, Pauli Exclusion Principle, fusion, mainstream physics, out of the box physics, space elevator, chemical rockets, SSP. nuclear power, nuclear rocket, string theory.


Dr. Paul Hardersen, University of North Dakota Space Studies, North Dakota Space Grant Consortium, K-12 Space Education Outreach Program, NASA EPSCOR Program, NASA, STEM Education, UND Observatories, Lunar Exploration Grant, PhD Program for UND Space Studies, observational astronomy, Grand Forks weather, North Dakota Spaceward Bound, Space Studies Admissions Requirements.


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Dr. John Brandenburg, Victor Norgarde, "Asteroid 20-2012 Sepulveda: The Cosmos Plays Hardball," science fiction, planetary protection, Near Earth Objects, Mars Observer, Clementine, space agendas, Earth crossing asteroids, Outer Space Treaty, nuclear weapons in space, electro-magnetic pulse, evacuations, counter-terrorism, hurricane evacuations, space technology and resources, space shuttle, heavy lift reserve,  K-T extinction event, Carl Sagan, Earth impacting asteroid, Doomsday government thinking and planning, Microwave Electro-Thermal propulsion.


Bob Dickman, Robert Wilson, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Space 2009, NASA, JPL, Education Ally, International Year of Astronomy, Pickering Lecture, Spitzer Space Telescope, science mission cost benefit analysis, cryogenic cooled instruments, warm infra red science, Augustine Panel, optical space telescopes, Pasadena Convention Center.


Dave Ketchledge, "Rocket Science," space text books, National Association of Rocketry (NAR), Tripoli, space nuclear power, spin flutter, vertical trajectory system (VTS), engine gambling, LISA Program, Delta V, NERVA, VASIMIR, radiation, Augustine Panel, NASA, Congress, space policy, human spaceflight, Near Earth Objects (NEO), ISP.

August/14/2009 Charles Precourt, ATK Space Systems, Trina Patterson, Dr. John Jurist, Ares 1, solid rocket boosters (SRB), liquid rocket engines, crew safety, SRB vibration/oscillation, ammonium perchlorate, NASA, Augustine Panel, national space policy, green rocket fuel, environmental concerns for rocket launches, five segment SRB, Space Shuttle, the GAP, Ares 1 five segment static test, crew ejection from an SRB, nozzle, orbital dynamics, rocket abort systems, launch system dynamics, mission success rate, rocket mission failure modes, news media, journalism, yellow journalism, news versus entertainment.
August/11/2009 Dr. Bernard Foing, European Space Agency (ESA), SMART-1, Lunar Global Robotic Village, International lunar base, International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG), Lunar Polar Lander, water ice, ion engines, LRO, LCROSS, NASA, LISA Pathfinder Mission, lunar simulation in Utah, Mars, Life Sciences.
August/10/2009 Eric Daniels, Margaret Lau, California Space Authority (CS), French Aerospace Valley Association, International Alliance, French Industrial Competitive Clusters, education and workforce talent preparedness, economic development and entrepreneurial innovation, openness in international trade, ITAR, business to business networking, The Connectory,  GPS, Galileo, California legislature, Lunar Regolith Challenge, California Spotbeam Awards Dinner.

Mark Hempsell, Reaction Engines, Ltd., SKYLON, heat exchanger, orbital, suborbital, space tourism, SSP, ISS, disruptive technology, docking, licensing, IITAR, competition, spaceflight operator, launch rate, SR-71, thermal protection system, rocket engines, jet engines, SSTO, 2 stage rocket, military space usage, SUSTAIN, spaceship testing program, spaceship demonstrators, parachute technology, investment dollars, LEO, GEO, passenger safety and ejection, HOTOL Project.


Leonard Johnson, 9/11 Ground Zero, Hurricane Katrina, fire and rescue, Oshkosh AirVenture, Airbus 380, White Knight II, Team America Rocketry Challenge, (TARC),  National Association of Rocketry, St. Andrews Rocket Team ORION Project, NASA, Glenn Research Center, INSPIRE, Student Launch Initiative (SLI), Zero G flights, Teachers In Space, Betty and Gus Grissom, Hubble Space Telescope (HST), student high powered rocket teams, Marshall Spaceflight Center, STEM education.


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Dr. Dwayne Day, Decadal Survey, National Research Council (NRC), Space Studies Board, National Academy of Sciences, solar system science, NASA, space science missions, New Frontiers, Juno Mission to Jupiter, Europa, Titan, NASA Flagship Missions, NASA budget, Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB), space advocacy and enthusiasm, suborbital, Virgin Galactic, lunar science, political science, space policy, Augustine Panel.


:Brent Sherwood, JPL, human spaceflight, NASA science mission, Mars, destinations, spacecraft, space solar power, NASA budget, Augustine Panel, Space Coast, suborbital tourism, orbital tourism, closed loop systems, microgravity, centrifuge, Near Earth Objects, Bigelow Aerospace, Space X, NACA, VSE,.SEI, ESA, Russian Space Agency, Chinese Space Agency.


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Dr. Paul Spudis, Vision for Space Exploration (VSE),  Mission Statement for Returning to the Moon, NASA, Mars, Aldrich Commission, Apollo program, In-situ Resource Utilization (ISRU), public policy regarding space, lunar scientists, Congress, space settlement, Luna, Indian space program, Chandra One Mission, radar, bistatic imaging, LRO, Moon hoaxers, risks, risk aversion, lunar dust, Ares 1, Ares 5, Space Solar Power (SSP), Shuttle retirement, ISS, robotics.


Dr. John McGowan, trial and error rocket testing, steam engine,  RLVs, James Watt, Newcomen steam engine, Octave Chanute, Space X, Wright Brothers, cheap access to space, Goddard, V2, X-15, Jevons Paradox/Effect, breakthrough technology, ELV, suborbital tourism, risk taking, John Fitch, Robert Fulton, steamboats and technology, private sector space development, venture capital, reusability, flight tests.


Dr. Klaus Dannenberg, John Karas, Jeff Hamstra,, Joint Propulsion Conference, rocket propulsion, green technologies, human spaceflight, nuclear thermal, rocket engineering, abort system, Ares 1, Ares 5, air breathing engines, Colorado Convention Center, NewSpace, hybrid rocket motors, breakthrough propulsion, bone loss, gravity, Apollo 11 40th anniversary, Apollo history,  Open Lines, acceleration, Open Source, Space Shuttle, space studies university education, NASA, space careers.


Open Lines, Dr. David Livingston, media interviews, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, privacy, Iran, space advocacy, Congress, Apollo 11, LRO Apollo landing site photos, F-22, Indian Air Force, Ares 1, Dr. Mike Griffin, NASA management, NewSpace 2009, NASA Ames, International Space University (ISU), Space X, Falcon 1, space commerce, Space Show debates.


Dr. Sean Casey, Fred Bourgeois, Richard Core, Wade Butcher, Mike Barrucco, Team FREDNET, Google Lunar X Prize, Web 2.0 tools, Open Source, lunar commerce, commercial return on investment, lunar soft landing, 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, NewSpace 2009, Mission Plan, exploration, university partnerships, sponsorships, cubesats.


Dr. Pat Patterson, Dr. Douglas Lemon, SmallSat, Space Dynamic Lay, Utah State University,  University Nanosat Program, Cubesats, mission payloads, advanced technology, earth to orbit technology, educational outreach, strategic innovation, systems engineering, infrared systems design, software development, thermal innovation, space business training, Cache Valley, Utah, Logan, Utah.

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Chris Walker, Eric Daniels, California Space Authority, vocational education, Career Technical Education, California public education,  California Senate Bill SB381, legislative leadership, Get Real Program, California space economy, gray work force, STEM, high school drop out rate, middle school drop out rate, California Teachers Union, balanced education, private vocational/tech schools.


Dr. Matt Colborn, Space Cynics, space art, space elevator, hard science fiction, visual imagination, space illustration, 40th Anniversary of Apollo, NewSpace, UK Mars Society, starships, British Interplanetary Society, science fiction, James Bond, Pluto, New Horizons, Hubble Space Telescope, education outreach, astronomy, International Associations for the Astronomical Arts.

July/10/2009 Maria Catalina, The Astronaut Teacher Alliance (TATA), Chile, Atacama Desert, Moon Mars Research Station (MMARS), American Embassy in Chile, FIDAE Air Show, Zero G flights, California public education, Middle School, Open Arms, The America COMPETES Act, Colbert Mars Desert Research Station, Colbert Commode, San Diego Super Computer, Eyes To The Skies, NASA ISS EarthKAM, Native Americans, tribal colleges, Teachers In Space, NewSpace 2009, Space Frontier Foundation, Inca de Oro Observatory.

Jeffrey Roth,  "The Wonder Of It All," Hollywood, documentary films, space subjects, film festivals, blockbuster season, Moonwalker astronauts, educational films, Harry Potter, NASA, Apollo astronaut recognition, Apollo oral history, film studio, Apollo program, Saturn V, public awareness and knowledge, 40th Anniversary of Apollo.


Andrew Chaikin, "Voices From The Moon," "Mission Control, This Is Apollo,"  NASA, Apollo, return to the Moon, near earth objects, lunar mapping mission, LCROSS, lunar astronaut wives, Space X, Falcon 9, Dragon, Ares 1, Mars, human evolution, 40th anniversary of Apollo, Mars mission basic requirements, lunar astronaut comments and interviews, Kraft Ehricke, Club of Rome and limitations.


Dr. Stuart Eves, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, small satellites, White Knight 2, space debris, University of Surrey, Galileo GPS, ITAR, Moon Lite, stand alone devices, onboard satellite data processing, data compression, regulation creep, space situational awareness, disaster monitoring satellite array, Nigerian satellite industry.

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Gary Hudson, T/Space, Air LaunchLLC, Rotary Rocket, , COTS, NASA, Unfunded Space Act Agreements, Ares 1, Sunk Costs, 5X5 risk assessment, DARPA, Air Force, SpaceX, suborbital space tourism, flight test safety program, Ares 1X, entitlement programs, Visiting Vehicle Rules, tethered flights,AST, FAA, Chinese Strike Weapon, C-17, engineering judgment, Augustine Panel.
June/23/2009 Robert Zimmerman, space policy, Norm Augustine Panel, NASA, NASA Administrator, Obama space perspective, science space missions, Earth imaging from space, human spaceflight, Ares 1, Ares V, Direct, Space Shuttle extension, Moon, engineering research, planetary research, Charles Fr. Bolden, Jr. as NASA Administrator, Chinese space program, India space program, LRO, orbital dynamics, Hubble Space Telescope, James Webb Telescope, Hubble repair mission, European space telescopes, SpaceX Falcon 1 and Falcon 9, Congress and NASA, space and political campaigns, space advocacy, NewSpace, suborbital space tourism.
June/22/2009 Chris Carberry, Kevin Sloan, Mars Society, FMARS, Devon Island, Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), Twelfth International Mars Society Convention, VSE, heavy lift vehicles, Augustine Panel, Ares V, Mars Blitz to Congress, space telescopes, University Rover Challenge, York University, JPL rovers, astronaut rescue mission, Moon, humans to Mars.
Julie Jiru, Vicki Ann Belleau, University of Nebraska Space & Telecom Law Program, air & space law, SpaceX, cyber law, Invention Secrecy Order, ITAR, private space, civil space, orbital debris, Outer Space Treaty, planetary defense, geostationary orbits, suborbital, orbital, Point A to Point B space telecommunications laws, hypersonic telecommunication law, NASA, personal spaceflight, space tourism, international space law, European space law.
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June/18/2009 Tim Pickens, Orion Propulsion, Inc., Bigelow Aerospace Sundancer program, cryogenics, NASA, congressional NASA support, Ares 1 & 5, Direct 3.0, ISDC 2009, greening the aerospace industry, rocket fuels, prechlorate and ground water, business risk, commercial space, NewSpace, high powered amateur rocketry, rocket company business model, Russian rocket engines, certified AS9100 quality process company, Mentor-Protégé partnership Boeing program, Lunar Lander Demonstration Vehicle, small rocket manufacturing consortium.
Open Lines, Flagships, North Korea, Iran, SCUD Missile Technology, paradigm changes, arms control, private space contractors, Zero G Company, COTS, Sen. Shelby, NASA Watch, ICBM, Kool Aid, Augustine Panel, Direct 3.0, Ares 1, Ares V, prime contractors, Congress, Return to the Moon, NEOs, VSE, economy.
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June/12/2009 Rusty Schweickart, B612 Foundation, Association of Space Explorers, planetary protection/defense, near Earth objects,
Moon, Mars, The United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPOUS), geopolitics, in-situ resource usage of NEOs, Tunguska, commercial space, space tourism, NASA, DOD, STEM education, inspiration and motivation, space debris.
June/9/2009 Dr. Jim Dator, Mars, U.S. Constitution, governance systems, space and religion, space ethics, private sector in space development, religious organizations, space future, iTunes University, futurists, Overview Effect, spiritual transformation, Founding Fathers, space entrepreneurs, space tourism, economics.
Ben Shelef, Space Elevator Games, Spaceward Foundation, climber contest, tether contest, Dryden, Edwards Air Force Base, NASA, laser propulsion, carbon nanotubes (CNT), NASA TV, power beaming, NewSpace Conference 2009, public/private R&D research partnerships, investment, timeline.
June/7/2009 Professor Ram Jakhu, Institute of Air & Space Law at McGill University, telecommunications, space commercialization, space tourism, space debris, international space law, U.S. space law, Canadian space law, UN COUPUOS, NASA, Dept. of Defense, space debris awareness, North Korea, Iran, space law enforcement, Space Solar Power, Hubble Space Telescope, amateur rocketry, Canadian Aeronautics Act, Montreal Protocol, Sis Lunar communication frequencies, global space perspective, spaceports.
June/5/2009 Robert Talmage, flight safety, air and space plane escape system, ejection seats, weight penalty, F-111, multiple markets, escape cabin, Lear Jet, tow aircraft, experimental aircraft, demonstrator, parent vehicle/mother ship, ISDC 2009, NewSpace partners, SUSTAIN, business case, space transportation, space flight test vehicles, aircraft escape cabin, parachutes, plug-in cabin, rocket engines.
June/2/2009 Ross Tierney, Direct 3.0, Ares 1, Ares 5, Constellation, Orion dry weight growth margins, R68 engines, RL10, RL 60, SSME, Jupiter launch vehicles, EELV, Falcon 9, SRB, INSITU development, workforce issues, Atlas 5, regenerative nozzle, 4 and 5 booster stack, heavy lift, Augustine panel, NASA.
June/1/2009 Bob Werb, space entrepreneurism, space economic development, Ares 1, Ares V, Falcon 9, foreign launchers, EELVs, space commercialization, Point A to Point B suborbital transportation, suborbital and orbital space tourism, economic tools, Economics 101 for space cadets, GPS, Force Multiplier Effects, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), regulatory uncertainty, bond financing, ITAR reform, COTS D, prizes, NewSpace, Space Frontier Foundation, NASA, space investors.
May/31/2009 Dr. John Jurist, Old Space Cadet, Space Cynics, NewSpace,, Commercial space, civil space, NASA, RLVs, launch rate economics, NewSpace dogma, trillion dollar asteroid, space conferences, spacefaring
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May/26/2009 Open Lines, Dr. David Livingston, VoIP, broadcast engineering, radio audio quality, engagement, education, ideas, North Korea, weapons in space, California legislature, California space economy, California Space Authority, lobbying, spaceports, Virginia, Mid Atlantic Spaceport, Spaceport America, suborbital tourism, spaceport economics, Space Show grants.
May/25/2009 Michael Potter, "Orphans of Apollo," Mir Space Station, electrodynamics tether, Band of Brothers Management Style, leadership, Russian space program, IMAX Mir footage, ITAR, export license, national security issues, documentary film making, entrepreneurism, NASA.
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Neil McGilvray, Bob Utley, ROCKETS Magazine, Liberty Launch Systems, high powered rocketry, Estes rockets, Tripoli, National Association of Rocketry, Maryland Delaware Rocket Association (MDRA), research rocket engines, commercial rocket engines, amateur rocketry regulation, H and larger rocket motors, solid rocket propellant, rocket recovery, FAA waivers, Mach Madness, Merchant Marine, Somali pirates, piracy.
May/18/2009 Dr. Martin Ross, stratospheric ozone depletion, space launch market, X-51, hypersonic, Montreal Protocol, metered dose inhalers, CFCs, rocket emissions, solid rocket propellant, liquid rocket propellant, hybrid rocket propellant, green rocket propellant, alternative propellant, chlorine, ammonia prechlorate, aluminum particles, ozone repair, supersonic transport, stratospheric emissions, regulatory issues, regulation and policy making in haste, Space Shuttle, suborbital rockets, sounding rockets, geoengineering, "A World Avoided."
May/17/2009 Steve Eves, hobby rocketry, Satrun V, high powered rockety, Tripoli Rocketry Association, National Association of Rocketry, G rocket motors and above, dreams, inspiration, Apollo missions, U.S. Space and Rocket Center.
May/15/2009 Dean Davis, educational outreach, high school drop out rate, work force initiatives, Project Lead The Way, First Robotics, engineers, vocational/career educational training, Encorps Program, public school, private school, STEM, parent power, Stimulus Bill, NASA, NewSpace, lunar infrastructure, airborne laser, ASATS, GPS vulnerability, fault tolerant systems, SSP, student internships, team work, hardening and protecting commercial satellites, Phantom Works.
May/13/2009 Dr. Paul Mueller, Matthew Dushku, Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA), amateur rocketry, liquids, solids, biprop rockets, student competition, composite tanks, hybrids, process creep, regulatory issues, ATK, SRB engines, SRB engine recovery, sea water and SRB engines, quality control, Ares, Constellation, 100km amateur rockets, Procyon rocket project.
May/11/2009 Jeff Krukin, NEWSPACE NATION, spaceports, space regulation, suborbital, orbital, Newspace Industry, industry clusters, emerging space industry, space services, Newspace timeline, atmospheric flight, barn storming, spaceflight.
May/10/2009 Dr. Alan Stern, NASA, NASA Administrator, regulation creep, science missions, human space flight, science community, Pluto, New Horizons, Kuiper Belt, Hubble Space Telescope, ISS, VASIMR Engine, entrepreneurial space, space tourism, commercial space, Space Shuttle, Decadal Survey, ignorosphere, microgravity, the Last NASA Administrator.
May/8/2009 Dr. Nader Elhefnawy, The Space Review, "Space Cadet" politics, liberal, conservative, libertarian, space advocates, space enthusiasts, Postmoderns, space blogs, space science, human space program, space tourism, low cost launches, space politics, space policy, economic launch drivers, economic human space program drivers, science fiction, expectations, entitlements.
May/6/2009 Michael Leventhal, David Hosley, Space Investment Summit #6, space hospitality, space tourism, XCOR Lynx, suborbital, Virgin Galactic, Rosen College, Bigelow Aerospace, terrestrial space tourism industry, zero g flights, space entertainment, virtual space world, Banner Center for Space Tourism.
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May/4/2009 Dr. Brian Laubscher, space elevator, Spaceward Games, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), chemical rockets, carbon nano tubes, thermal issues, power beaming, strong tether competition, crystal growth, spectra composite material, lightening strikes, NASA Centennial Challenge, Space Elevator Conference.
May/3/2009 Mark Hopkins, Tim Bailey, ISDC 2009, National Space Society, space solar power, NASA, NASA Administrator, Orlando, Florida, continuing education, space media, workforce development, Gen Y, human factors, Space Investment Summit, ATWG, crisis management, congressional advocacy.
May/1/2009 Amitsur Rosenfeld, MicroSat Israel, Israel space development, Israeli responsive space, Responsive Space Conference, ITAR, Soyuz, space budget, regional GPS, Dr. Peter Wegner, Air Force Office of Responsive Space, launch costs, Minuteman, national security, satellite defense.
Apr/28/2009 Responsive Space #7, education, quick launch, Dept. of Defense (DOD), California Space Authority, business education, commercial space assets, operationally responsive space, GPS, remote sensing and imaging, systems engineering.
Apr/27/2009 Roger Lenard,  Heliosat, Inc, space solar power, rectennas, microwave beaming, laser beaming, Dept. of Defense, systems engineering, tethers, low cost space access, terrestrial solar power, alternative energy, STEM education, space policy, political leadership, wind energy, space manufacturing.
Apr/26/2009 Dr. Michael Gruntman, Karsan McGillicuddy, Space Studies Colloquium, Astronautics, USC, history of rockets,  Space Aliens Grill and Bar, Grand Forks, ND.
Apr/23/2009 Robert Zimmerman, NASA Administrator, Ares, Orion, Constellation, ISS, interplanetary spaceships, Mars, Iran, North Korea, Japan, China, India, Russia, bats, caves, bat fungus, Russian Buran Shuttle, Hubble Space Telescope, James Webb Telescope, gyros, ITAR reform, Decadal Study, suborbital tourism, Virgin Galactic, launch vehicle economics.
Marsha Freeman, Krafft Ehricke,  The Extraterrestrial Imperative, space tourism, solar system transportation, Atlas, Centaur, Crisis of the Spirit, Project Outpost, space policy, space education, history, Club of Rome, limits to growth, Gerard K. O'Neill, leaving Earth, mental growth, culture, planetella 'Androcell'.
Apr/20/2009 Dr. Chris McKay, Mars, NEO, lunar contamination, Martian contamination, planetary protection, astrobiology, South Pole Station, ITAR, NASA, SETI, Moon base, lunar settlement, Martian settlement, Saturn, Titan, Europa, Enceladus, Mars Science Lab (MSL), LRO, LROC, COSPAR, methane, liquid methane, ISS, terraforming, Martian atmosphere, Control Z, comparative planetology, space tourism, private space development, Mars Oasis.
Apr/19/2009 Chris Carberry, Mars Society,  humans to Mars, NASA Administrator, terraforming, life on Mars, methane, environmental organizations, commercial missions to Mars, media and Mars, Martian atmosphere, Phoenix Lander, Ares V, University of Maryland, Dr. Robert Zubrin, space advocacy, return to the Moon.
Apr/17/2009 Pharis E. Williams, fusion, deuterium, helium, Superluminal Space Craft, string theory, out of the box propulsion, mass, space & time, five dimensional world, gravity, electromagnetic, Higgs Particle Search, mass density, gravitational propulsion, nuclear, political and policy filters, Golden Fleece Awards, science funding, scientific theories, SPESIF. 
Apr/16/2009 Dr. Frans G. von der Dunk, University of Nebraska Space and Telecom Law Program, space tourism, NEOs and planetary defense, ITAR, Galileo GPS, UNIDROIT, Cape Town Agreement, space property rights, space debris, STRATCOM, career opportunities, telecommunications, China, North Korea, Iran.
Apr/13/2009 Michelle Evans, Orange County Space Society OCSS), X-15, NASA PR, NASA TV, educational outreach, youth inspiration and motivation, space settlement, space fairing, Mach 25 Media, private sector space development, civil space, fashion design, Space Camp Turkey, space museums.
Apr/12/2009 Avinash Siravuru, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Students for Exploration and Development of Space(SEDS),
Indian engineering education, Pakistan's space program, Yuri's Night, remote sensing, CubeSats in India, space entrepreneurism in India,
business school, Indian moon program, Indian military space program, STEM in India, ISRO budget.
Apr/7/2009 Charles Pooley, Iain Finer; Space Access Society Conference, N-Prize, AST, FAA, suborbital, orbital, space tourism.

Apr/6/2009              Dr. Jim Wertz, Responsive Space Conference; SUSTAIN, Microcosm, low cost space launch, Scorpius launch vehicle, high speed turbo pump,
                                   launch economics, USAF Space Command, USMC, commercial space, NASA, low cost satellites, cubesats, regulatory creep.
Apr/3/2009              Dr. Adam Frank; "The Constant Fire," Science versus Religion, mythology, space, spirituality, William James, Joseph Campbell, Divine,
                                   Sacred, fundamentalism, The Church and Science, scientific method, faith, human experience, Book of Job, ethics, morality in science,
                                   astronomy, black holes, Extrasolar planets, New Age philosophy, education, creationism, politics, climate change.
Mar/31/2009              Les Johnson; solar sails, interstellar space, "Lost In Space," NASA, light, momentum, solar storm, mylar, CP1, space development, physics,
                                   engineering, space solar power, new physics, environmental organizations, space as a frontier, Inverse square law, F=MA, SPESIF.
Mar/30/2009              Dr. Richard Kirby, Kepler Space University; "The People's Astronomer," liberty, economics, money, space ,Cosmos, citizen astronomer,
                                   laws, scarcity, inspiration, ethics, moral profit, money, deficit financing, credit, Theory of Money, civil space, NASA.
Mar/29/2009              Open Lines; NASA, bureaucracy theory, bureaucratic drift, national healthcare, Space Access Organization, Return to the Moon, Mars,
                                   human factors for long duration spaceflight/settlement, astrosociology, SPESIF, N-Prize, space access costs, North Korean space program,
                                   Department of Space, civil space, one world government, United Nations, Astrosociology Curriculum, business school and experience,
                                   Constellation, Ares 1, Ares 5, ISS, NASA budget allocation process.
Mar/27/2009              Nancy Conrad, Joshua Neubert, The Conrad Foundation, Conrad Awards, Pete Conrad, STEM Education, DCX,
                                   interdisciplinary educational programs, Innovation Summit, Spirit of Innovation Award, NASA Ames, Silicon Valley, entrepreneurship,
                                   venture capital, business development, product to market know how, building human capital, space industry, disruptive educational technology
                                   STEM education, business education.
Mar/24/2009               Dr. Stein Cass, Surrey Satellite Technology - US; National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS),
                                   ozone mapping, risk aversion and evaluation, engineering risk management, UAV programs, solar radiation, ice sheets,
                                   Earth Science, NOAA, Return to the Moon, Decadal Survey, human spaceflight, NASA budget, Eastern Europe, socialism,
                                   failure, rocket launch failure rate, ITAR, new business models for commercial space development.
Mar/23/2009               Dr. Pete Worden, NASA Ames Research Center; NASA, Space Solar Power, power beaming, biotechnology,
                                   algae, geoengineering, active engineering, bioreactors, due diligence, business case for SSP, launch costs,
                                   alternative energy, tethers, Google, Cisco, Pleiades supercomputer, economic multiplier, California NASA centers,
                                   Open Lines, education, STEM, history, pop culture.
Mar/22/2009               Dr. Petra Illig; NewSpace, aerospace medicine, suborbital, orbital, human factors, life sciences,
                                   centrifuge training, data collection, informed consent, aviation and space passenger health, pilot medical, radiation,
                                   terminal illness, evidenced based medicine, ISDC, regulations, FAA.
Mar/20/2009               John Wickman, Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company; Challenger Accident, Failure Analysis, Thiokol,
                                   high risk payoff technologies, Martian atmosphere carbon dioxide rocket engine, rockets as weapons,
                                   armature rocket launch, national armature range, impulse propulsion, field propulsion system, hybrid propulsion,
                                   shock sensitivity analysis, DCAA government audits, propulsion engineering, rocket engine classes, NASA,
                                   Ares 1 and 5, Department of Defense, Return to the Moon.
Mar/19/2009               Dr. Harrison Schmitt; climate modeling, global warming, CO2, anthropogenic global warming,
                                   realists and observers vs. modelers, climate models, troposphere, atmosphere, solar constant, Mauna Loa CO2 studies,
                                   government funded research, The Heartland Institute, fusion, He3, ITER, space solar power, wind energy, nuclear energy,
                                   Return to the Moon, Planetary Society, climate modeling assumptions, economic agenda, political agenda,
                                   Spaceport America, NSF funding, non-competitive technology, ice cores, electrostatic confinement, ARPA-E.
Mar/17/2009               Jack Hagerty, Jon Rogers; "The Saucer Fleet," flying saucers, film, entertainment, science fiction, Ray Harryhausen,
                                   Disneyland Flying Saucers, Sputnik, flying discs, popular culture, mythology, World War II, U.S. Patent Office.
Mar/16/2009               Dr. Sherry Bell; "Living In Space," Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG), transhumanism, sex in space,
                                   U.S. Department of Space, NSS, ISDC, astrosociology, astrobiology, space solar power, space governance,
                                   space settlement, space clothing, on orbit dress policy, space disease, space settlement culture, science fiction,
                                   Overview Effect.
Mar/15/2009               Dr. Paul Dear, N-Prize; Reusable parts, ITAR, AST, stem cell research, RACOON/BALLOON LAUNCH, orbital,
                                   Halfbakery, satellite, regulations, molecular biology.
Mar/13/2009               OPEN LINES; China and the U.S. debt, capital acquisition for space development, civil space, NASA,
                                   low cost space access, Phoenix Lights, UFOs, Burt Rutan, returning to the Moon, lunar surface, African space program,
                                   inflation, fiat money, economics, business plans, Field of Dreams market plan.
Mar/10/2009               Sy Liebergot; "Apollo EECOM: Journey of a lifetime," Apollo, Gemini, Mercury, flight controller training simulation,
                                   NASA flight controller, NASA Flight Director, Apollo 15, Yuri Gagarin, Apollo 13, cryogenic oxygen tank explosion,
                                   space solar power, climate change, national pride, technology push, China, Russia, India, Mars, medicine in space,
                                   Ares, Constellation, space station, Russian flight controllers, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, U.S. Congress,
                                   nations need for exploration, return to the Moon, education.
Mar/9/2009               Jim Funaro, Contact Conference; NASA Ames, cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact, anthropology,
                                   science fiction, Mars, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ETI Project, Mars Phoenix Mission, SETI, sociology, psychology,
                                   social sciences, Astrosociology.
Mar/8/2009               Guenter Wendt; "The Unbroken Chain" Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, ISS, Space Shuttle, Redstone, Saturn 5,
                                   Atlas, Titan, Cosmosphere, Ares 1 & 5, NASA, safety, Soyuz, astronauts, Ham and Enos, Nomex, technical training,
                                   engineering, STEM education, space tourism, NewSpace, check lists, flight crew safety.
Mar/6/2009               Dr. Neville Marzwell; ATWG, Technical Challenges for Space Solar Power (SSP), energy,
                                   Hawaiian Power Beaming Technology Experiment, power grid, smart grid, orbital debris, DARPA, ARPA,
                                   green energy, business plans, leadership, government versus private investment, STEM education,
                                   history education, laser power beaming, microwave power beaming, Elon Musk, electric cars, lithium-ion batteries.
Mar/5/2009               Brian Weeden, Joint Space Operations Center (JSOC); Cosmos 2251 (Strela-2M ), Iridium 33, RORSAT,
                                   space situational awareness, space traffic management, orbital debris, tractable debris, nuclear power source,
                                   proof of negligence, See-Sat, UN OOSA Registry of Space Objects, Heavens Above,
Mar/3/2009               Dr. James Woodward; Woodward effect, Mach effect, SPESIF 2009, Ernst Mach, electrostriction, specific impulse, gravitation,
                                   inertia, propulsive purposes, recycled propellant propulsion scheme, dialectical constraints, five-dimensional theories,
                                   revolutionary propulsion, electromechanical phenomena, experiments, electromagnetism, interstellar space travel, wormholes.
Mar/2/2009               Dr. Tom Jones, Dr. Charles Oman, Ron Small, National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI),
                                   spatial disorientation for aviation and space, space motion sickness, vertigo, height vertigo, space walks, suborbital spaceflight,
                                   physiology, pilots, crews, vomit, body orientation problems, medication, accidents, vehicle design.
Mar/1/2009               Dr. Jordin Kare, LaserMotive, Intelligent Ventures, Mockingbird, laser launch, laser power beaming, heat exchanger propulsion,
                                   beam module approach, classified technology, e-weapons, ITAR, NASA, Space Solar Power (SSP),
                                   microwave beaming vs. laser beaming, nuclear power, space elevator, adaptive optics, Brilliant Pebbles.
Feb/27/2009               Henry Vanderbilt, Space Access Society; XCOR, NewSpace, low cost space access, SUSTAIN,
                                   suborbital, orbital, AST, NASA, Ares 1 and V, N-prize.
Feb/23/2009               Dr. Madhu Thangavelu, USC; Return to the Moon Looking Class 204 of Dec. 2008, Altair Descent Stage,
                                   NASA, cislunar system, CEV, lunar ambulance, Real time teleoperations, time delay, ISRU, pressurized lunar rover,
                                   mobile habitats, educational outreach, Ares 1 and V, rationale for human spaceflight, US space leadership,
                                   aerospace medicine, osteoporosis, bone, loss, human factors, Mex-Lunar Hab, Mars, NASA Administrator,
                                   NASA leadership.
Feb/22/2009               Dr. Sean Casey, Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA); International Year of Astronomy,
                                   Boeing 747SP, open door telescope design, mirror, UV observing, pointed mission objectives vs. survey mission objectives,
                                   Clipper Lindberg, vibration insulation, education outreach, Palmdale Airport, science missions,
                                   Hubble Space Telescope, student internships.
Feb/20/2009               Rosanna Sattler, Atty; spaceflight participants, informed consent, Virginia liability statute, Florida liability statute,
                                   New Mexico Spaceport, vicarious liability, product liability, insurance, flight test, AST, space tourism training,
                                   assumption of risk, waivers, Oklahoma law, strict liability, choice of law, choice of venue,
                                   Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act of 2004, minor children, tort law.
Feb/17/2009               Dr. Henry Hertzfeld; economics, space policy, NASA, spaceports, government spending, R&D,
                                   space tourism, human spaceflight, robotics, launch rate, satellite traffic management, Iridium and Cosmos collision,
                                   ITAR and export control, OECD, stimulus spending, space education, VSE, Mars, space investments,
                                   entrepreneurial space, civil space, Department of Defense.
Feb/16/2009               Stephen Doyle; space law, space property rights, Outer Space Treaty (OST), Article 2 of the OST,
                                   Article 6 of the OST, Liability Treaty, space traffic management, space debris, space junk,
                                   abandonment of ownership, Point A to Point B suborbital transportation, suborbital and orbital tourism,
                                   planetary defense, geosynchronous vs. geostationary satellites, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs,
                                   Iridium, Cosmos satellite, United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS),
                                   Moon, Mars, space artifacts, nuclear powered satellite, Law of the Sea Conventions, the ISS.
Feb/15/2009               Alfred Zaehringer; "Rocketscience: The Journal of the Detroit Rocket Society, Inc. 1947-1952,"
                                   Rocket Science, Mars, Moon, engineering, rocket equation, suborbital tourism, orbital velocity,
                                   orbital heat dispersion, structure, materials, and propulsion, chemical rockets, fuel, shuttle,
                                   ballistic re-entry, Soyuz, Ares 1 and 5, NASA, armature rocketry, assembly on orbit,
                                   propellant stockpiling in LEO, radiation, low cost space access, market and economic drivers,
                                   space elevator, space advocacy, leadership, policy and regulation, nuclear rockets.
Feb/13/2009               Alan Lawrie; "Saturn 1/1B," Saturn V, clustering rocket engine concept, S-IV first stage, Von Braun,
                                   President Kennedy, NARA Archives, bomb testing, Ares 1, Ares 5, Pregnant guppy, Super guppy,
                                   Saturn program engineers, spray-on foam, Skylab, rocket test stand in Sacramento, CA,
                                   Marshall Spaceflight Center (MSFC), design challenges.
Feb/10/2009               Paul Cabot; Canadian Avro Aero, "Cold War Tech War: The Politics of America's Air Defense,"
                                   Randall Whitcomb, Canadian aerospace brain drain, de Havilland Canada, Found Brothers FBA 2C,
                                   Avro Car, Avro Flying Spade, Canadian Space Agency, Orenda engines, Iroquois engine,
                                   Avro supersonic disc, Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, Toronto Aerospace Museum, espionage,
                                   US space program, Moon program, Avro jetliner.
Feb/9/2009                 Dr. Eligar Sadeh; ITAR, Contested Space Domain, Cooperative Space Domain, China, India, Iran,
                                   weaponization of space, space treaties, nuclear weapons, ASAT, ISS and China, National Space Strategy,
                                   space education, STEM, history and cultural education, space advocacy, military space, Israel, NASA,
                                   Space Command, Air Force, space policy, North Korea, India, Russia, the U.S. Congress.
Feb/8/2009                 Dave Thompson, "Eclectic Gypsy: An Unauthorized Biography of Doctor Who," Doctor Who, science fiction,
                                   British scifi, Daleks, Cybermen, Slitheen, Gallifrey, "The Doctor," sonic screwdriver, BBC, regeneration, Star Trek,
                                   political satire, James Bond.
Feb/6/2009                 Dr. Robert Kelley, President of the University of North Dakota, Dr. George Seielstad, Nate Ambler,
                                   Joseph Kerian, Mark Grygier, Ben Schilling, Michael Thomas, Pablo DeLeon; Agricultural Camera (AgCam),
                                   farming, ISS, multidisciplinary space studies, engineering, Earth imaging,
                                   Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium (UMAC), spaceship simulator, SpaceShipOne, Apollo Capsule,
                                   space flight simulator, spaceflight profiles.
Feb/2/2009                 Dr. Bryan Laubscher; International Space Elevator Consortium, Space Elevator, Gundam, space weapons,
                                   chemical rockets, laser launch, planetary defense, space elevator conference, tethered balloon,
                                   space elevator traffic management, climber contests, profit motive for the elevator, carbon nanotubes (CNTs),
                                   expendable rockets vs. RLVs.
Jan/30/2009                Dr. David Livingston, Open Lines; civil space, NASA, rockets, large payloads to Mars, Big Bang, AST,
                                   regulatory environment, Space Show programs, Obama Space Policy, affordable space access, Mars,
                                   students, space studies subjects, Congressional space support.
Jan/27/2009                Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson; author, "The Pluto Files: The Rise and Fall of America's Favorite Planet,"
                                   Walt Disney Company, Pluto the Pup, Clyde Tombaugh, Planet X, Venetia Burney, Kuiper belt, icy bodies,
                                   terrestrial planets, gas giants, International Astronomical Union (IAU), science vs. human spaceflight,
                                   NASA, science fiction, American Museum of Natural History, Hayden Planetarium, lunar science, VSE,
                                   Mars astronauts, geo political drivers for human spaceflight, Roman gods, God of the Underworld.
Jan/26/2009                Brian Weeden, Ben Baseley-Walker, Secure World Foundation; space situational awareness,
                                   international security, environmental security, human security, US space policy,
                                   space traffic management, space weaponization, satellites, debris, near Earth objects,
                                   distributive satellite defense, space governance, Iran, India, Pakistan, China, ESA, Russia,
                                   national security space, responsive space.
Jan/25/2009                Dr. Jeff Bell; Apollo 8, Soviet L1 spacecraft, Zond, deep space tracking, Constellation, VSE,
                                   Ares 1 & V, NASA, Obama space policy, human space flight, NASA science missions,
                                   Mars methane, Mars biological life, space tourism, space solar power, spaceports, cult spacecraft,
                                   SUSTAIN, Hubble Space Telescope, monolithic mirror,, national prestige and PR,
                                   Saturn V, spacecraft safety, Indian and Chinese lunar programs, spaceports.
Jan/23/2009                Brian Shiro, International Space University (ISU), University of North Dakota Space Studies
                                   (UND SpSt); graduate space education, multidisciplinary programs, aerospace engineering,
                                   space careers, tuition costs, MBA space program, Doctorate in Space Studies, scholarships,
                                   financial aid, distance learning space studies program, accreditation,
                                   space education outreach and recruiting.
Jan/20/2009                Kevin Sloan; Mars Society University Rover Challenge (URC), rover engineering,
                                   systems engineering, Penn State, Mars Society, Mars Desert Research Station in Utah (MDRS),
                                   lunar rover, President Obama, 7 Sisters lava tubes on Mars.
Jan/19/2009                Dr. Robert Zubrin; author, "How To Live On Mars," Mars, terraforming, Moon vs. Mars,
                                   NASA, economic development, energy crisis, flex fuel engines, humans to Mars,
                                   cycling spacecraft, spacesuits, Mars radiation, nuclear rockets, chemical rockets,
                                   President-elect Obama and space policy, The Mars Society, Mars parachutes,
                                   economic wealth building, space solar power for Mars, methane, life on Mars,
                                   life in the solar system.
Jan/18/2009                Dr. John Jurist; SUSTAIN, Marine Corps, winged suborbital vehicle, space tourism,
                                   point to point space travel, capsule, orbital velocity, retrieval, US space policy,
                                   sidearms in space, Russia, Soyuz, weapons in space, UND Space Studies,
                                   multidisciplinary space studies program.
Jan/16/2009                Dr. Rosaly Lopes, JPL; volcanologist, volcanology, Mars, Venus, Titan, Io, Galileo Mission,
                                   Hawaii, lava, silicate volcanism, cryovolcanism, Pliny the Elder, Pliny the Younger,
                                   science fiction volcano movies, Mount Tambora Volcano, Sunset Crater, storm chasers,
                                   NASA, ESA, Olympus Monds, Volcanic CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, Mt. St. Helens,
                                   ash, plate tectonics, Vesuvius, Ring of Fire, Pluto, geysers, discovering Io volcanoes.
Jan/13/2009                Taylor Dinerman; New NASA Administrator Ret. AF Major General Scott Gration,
                                   COTS, VSE, Constellation, Dr. Mike Griffin, DOD space policy, space solar power (SSP),
                                   microwave beam, laser beam, space weaponization, space defense, space Pearl Harbor,
                                   Poland, missiles and interceptors, Hamas rockets, Space Shuttle retirement, ITAR, Anthrax,
                                   Rumsfeld Commission 2001, Russia, China, India, Pakistan space policies
Jan/12/2009                LTG(Ret) Edward Anderson, National Security Space; weapons in space, Military,
                                   Intelligence, Commercial space, technology, space command,
                                   National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), management and leadership for space,
                                   Institute for Defense Analysis, acquisition, Defense Acquisition University, innovation,
                                   Space Pearl Harbor.
Jan/11/2009                Robert Talmage; escape system module, rockets, aviation, parachutes,
                                   lifting body, gliding, Ballistic Parachute System (BRS), flight safety, rocket safety,
                                   NASA, canard, mass, flight demonstration, skydiving, supersonic ejection,
                                   Kittinger balloon jump.
Jan/9/2009                  Mike Snead; Space Solar Power (SSP), energy, fusion, fossil fuels, coal,
                                   launch requirements for SSP, environmental policy, wind energy, rectenna,
                                   land use and acquisition, coal, national electric grid, oil and gas exploration,
                                   terrestrial solar power, national security, federal land, national parks.
Jan/6/2009                  Dr. Jim Bell, Cornell University; Mars Rover Team, Spirit, Opportunity, Phoenix Lander,
                                   The Planetary Society, Roadmap to the Moon and Mars, "Mars 3-D," "Postcards From Mars," asteroids,
                                   space and humanity, spinoffs, space intangibles, education, inspiration, knowledge, Home Plate,
                                   planetary science, geology, space exploration, Venus, terraforming Mars.
Jan/5/2009                  Martin Schwab, University of Hawaii; Pacific International Space Center for Exploration (PISCES),
                                   planetary defense, gamma ray bursts, political science, ATWG, Multi-Actor Synergy Technique (MAST),
                                   NASA, education, space strategy, NEOs.
Jan/4/2009                  Rand Simberg, Transterrestrial Musings, ISS, Space Shuttle, costs versus price, NASA, SUSTAIN,
                                   SSP, Space Elevator, blogs, women astronauts, children, risk taking, Obama space transition team,
                                   COTS, suborbital space tourism, orbital tourism, Hubble Space Telescope, Earth imaging, Congress,
                                   NASA Administrator, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, heavy lift, VSE, Constellation,
                                   Ares 1 and Ares 5.
Jan/2/2009                  Dan Adamo, Johnson Space Center (JSC), Mission Control Flight Dynamics Officer (FDO),
                                   Lunar Surface Rendezvous (LSR), Ares V, Ares 1, Constellation, NASA, Dr. Michael Griffin,
                                   lunar return, docking in LEO, lunar orbit, VSE architecture, Trans Lunar Injection Orbit (TLI), NEO,
                                   Mars, Moon, Altair Lunar Lander, Direct 2.0, Atlas 5 and Delta 4 heavy, outpost lunar mission,
                                   sortie lunar mission, lunar environmental issues.
Dec/30/2008               Dr. David Livingston, Open Lines, Business Plans, Due Diligence, engineering analysis,
                                   number crunching, non-disclosure agreement (NDA), space 2008 milestones, Dr. Mike Griffin,
                                   space tourism, NASA, military space, civil space.
Dec/29/2008               Jim Muncy; PoliSpace, NASA, Aries 1, Orion, Direct 2, ITAR, Shuttle, Orbital Sciences,
                                   Space X, Falcon, NASA Administrator, Obama Transition Team, Congress, leadership,
                                   aerospace engineers, public policy advocacy, economics, sustainability, affordable space access,
Dec/28/2008               Tom Olson; Walt Anderson Clemency Appeal, RocketsandSuch Blog, Rocket Man,
                                   small launchers, rocket equation, 2008 milestones, 2009 milestones, Lunar Lander Challenger,
                                   White Knight 2, SpaceShip2, COTS Award, Falcon 1 successful launch, Space Investment Summit,
                                   NASA, space solar power, space conferences.
Dec/26/2008               Dan Shaw; Collaborative Tools and Techniques in Aerospace, Distributive human computing,
                                   museum archives, intellectual property (IP), distributive proofreading, transcription, vortex, geophysics,
                                   filming space conferences, NASA, public domain images and material, Wikipedia.
Dec/23/2008               Kris Kimel, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC); Kentucky Space, IdeaFestival,
                                   cubesat, Cal Poli, suborbital, orbital, deep space, high altitude balloon launch, student programs,
                                   Kentucky universities, consortium, N-Prize, NASA, NASA Ames, Bob Twiggs, Garvey Space.
Dec/22/2008               Robert Zimmerman, Apollo 8, Genesis, Moon, Obama Space Transition Team, Direct 2, Aries 1,
                                   Falcon 9, SpaceShip2, heavy lift vehicle, Space Shuttle, Space X, accident rate.
Dec/21/2008               Dr. Nader Elhefnawy; literature, space in literature, science fiction, Jules Verne, space cadets,
                                   realism in literature, Space Operas, cowboys and space, Roman and Greek literature and space,
                                   science fiction in education, space expectations, literature and influence on policy and politics, poetry.
Dec/19/2008               Irene Schneider; astrobiology, Mars, radiation, microgravity, bone loss, ethics, pregnancy in space,
                                   pregnancy on Mars, Phoenix Mission, atmosphere, microbial life on Mars, water ice on Mars,
                                   Martian North Pole, shielding, Martian EV, lunar and Martian craters, the Moon, Mars Science Lab,
                                   extremophiles, human factors.
Dec/16/2008               Jeffrey Manber; Mir Space Station, MirCorp, NASA, Energia, Dennis Tito, space tourism, Dan Goldin,
                                   SmallSat, cubesats, Professor Bob Twiggs, Russia, ESA, China, Long March Rocket, Russian Space Program,
                                   discretionary income, space commerce, government contracts, ISS, space exploration, human spaceflight.
Dec/15/2008               Richard Phillips; space security, space energy and the environment, universal communications, sustainability,
                                   space access, NASA, entrepreneurs, aerospace, investors, space vision, WPA program for space,
                                   space infrastructure, SSP, Momentum Management, Leaders and Leadership, space education,
                                   business education, space markets, visionary management, space technology.
Dec/14/2008               George Morgan; author, "Rocket Girl," Mary Sherman, North American Aviation, hydyne rocket fuel,
                                   chemical engineering, Redstone rocket, Von Braun, America's first female rocket scientist, Explorer 1 satellite,
                                   NASA, Moon program, North Dakota.
Dec/11/2008               Bob Dickman, Dr. Paul Nielsen, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA),
                                   Software Engineering Institute (SEI); Carnegie Mellon University, 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (ASM),
                                   The New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition, Open Lines, Orlando, technology, STEM education,
                                   Dryden Lecture in Research, Wright Brother's Lecture in Aeronautics, Von Karman Lecture in Astronautics,
                                   student programming, space solar power (SSP), ATWG, Pete Worden, business case, Aerospace.
Dec/9/2008                 Dr. Tom Jones, Dr. Ellen Stofan; "Planetology: Unlocking The Secrets Of The Solar System,"
                                   space radar lab, Earth imaging, sand dunes, planetary defense, Titan, Venus, Mars, volcanoes,
                                   solar system, lava plains, desert, radiation, GEO, SSP, oceans, Earth-like planets, extraterrestrial life,
                                   space shuttle, robots.
Dec/8/2008                 Dr Ben Bova; "Mars Life," Mars, science, education, Moon, Space Solar Power (SSP), politicians,
                                   Return to the Moon, low cost space access, inspiration, motivation, economics, science fiction, writing,
                                   storytelling, political leadership
Dec/7/2008                 David Hook, Planehook Aviation Services, LLC, FAA, AST, TSA, general aviation,
                                   Notice of Proposal for Rule Making, spaceports, Mojave, space tourism, aircraft gross weight, ITAR,
                                   WhiteKnightTwo, SpaceShipTwo, C-130 Hercules, private pilot.
Dec/5/2008                 Eva-Jane Lark, guest host, business planning, market and financial analysis,
                                   reality vs. dreams vs. fantasy, space solar power, cheap access to space, space tourism,
                                   The Space Show, markets, science fiction, Robert Heinlein, Sir Arthur Clark,
                                   The Day The Earth Stood Still, DrSpace annoyances, real vs. plausible, listener and guest interaction,
                                   Apollo, on orbit fuel depots, proof-reading editor.
Dec/2/2008                 Thalia Kohls,, NewSpace, humanities, science, engineering, critical thinking, argumentative,
                                   dreams vs. fantasy, reality, common sense, Mars, Moon, RLV, space tourism, suborbital vs. orbital,
                                   space solar power (SSP), space elevator, Mag Lev, return to the Moon, NASA, VSE, Gen Y.
Dec/1/2008                 Sharon Weinberger, "Imaginary Weapons," Open Lines, Hafnium, isomer weapon, Red Mercury,
                                   DOD, crackpot science, USSR Paranormal and psychic research, weapons research, project funding,
                                   NewSpace, Ares 1, peer review, astrosociology, fusion, cold fusion, zero point energy, fringe science,
                                   President-elect Obama and the NASA Administrator, H.A.R.P. in Alaska, DARPA.
Nov/30/2008              Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards, Odyssey Moon, Ltd.; Google Lunar X-Prize, lunar commerce,
                                   closing a business case, lunar competition, Google, lunar sample return mission,
                                   space and the big/large picture, vision, International Space University (ISU), future, NASA, ITAR,
                                   Mars Phoenix Lander, lidar, Isle of Man, low cost space access, space tourism, entrepreneurism,
                                   space business experience, ITAR.
Nov/28/2008              Jane Reifert, Incredible Adventures; Adventure Travel, Titanic, Informed Consent, Marketing,
                                   Bismarck, NASA, suborbital and orbital space tourism, Migs, Russia, Hollywood Top Gun,
                                   Great White Shark, Zero G, Halo jumping, space commerce, submarine adventures, Mt. Everest,
                                   Nepal, DC-3.
Nov/26/2008              Jim Lewis, Communication Concepts, Inc., Brian Mosdell, Space X;
                                   "One Giant Leap-50 Years of the American Space Program," Falcon 9, Kennedy Space Center,
                                   Titan, space documentaries, Corbin Bernsen, Alan Shepard's daughter Laura Shepard,
                                   golf swing on the Moon, NASA.
Nov/25/2008              Jerry Carr; Skylab 4, Skylab workload strike, STEM education,
                                   "Around The World in 84 Days: The Authorized Biography of Skylab Astronaut Jerry Carr,"
                                   Skylab zero g adjustment, The Overview Effect, survival training, jungle training, Saturn 1B,
                                   Saturn V, David Shayler, astronaut training, manned maneuvering unit M509, solar activity,
                                   station keeping thrusters, VSE, U.S. space policy, Areal 51, photography, extraterrestrial life.
Nov/24/2008              Professor Barrett Caldwell, Purdue University, Space Grant Indiana;
                                   human performance in long duration spaceflight, social psychology, dreams and fantasies,
                                   industrial engineering, NASA, scholarships, Google Lunar X-Prize, redundancy, fiber optics,
                                   science fiction, STEM education, math, lunar systems engineering and design, lunar dust .
Nov/23/2008              Greg Zsidisin; President-elect Obama, Space Transition Team, space policy, China,
                                   campaign rhetoric, economy, NASA Administrator, Dr. Michael Griffin,,
                                   human spaceflight, Space Frontier Foundation, National Space Society.
Nov/21/2008              Leonard David, Barbara David; Secure World Foundation, NASA, Direct 2, education,
                                   X-Prize, Armadillo Aerospace, Lunar Lander Challenge, climate change, global warming,
                                   VSE, Teachers in Space, orbital debris, NASA Education, economy, Mars, space shuttle flights,
                                   Chinese, Russian, Indian, and Japanese lunar programs, space environmental protection,
                                   Coalition For Space Exploration, NASA Administrator.
Nov/18/2008              Ross Tierney, Direct 2, Ares 1, Ares 5, Constellation, NASA, Jupiter, lunar development,
                                   engineering, costs, rockets, ISP, fuel, thrust, Congress, NASA Administrator,
                                   solid rocket boosters (SRB), five stack SRB, NASA engineers, whistleblowers, VSE, Mars.
Nov/17/2008              Dr. David Livingston; Space Shuttle launch, night launch, STS-126, Kennedy Space Center,
                                   Cocoa Beach, Titusville, canals, alligators, wildlife, nature preserve, beach, orbit,
                                   security, VIP pass, VBA, Saturn V building, Congress, Space Coast, shuttle safety,
                                   Shuttle Main Engines, Bill Harwood, CBS, plasma
Nov/14/2008              Alfred Zaehringer; rocket economics, rocket equation, LEO, Moon, NASA,
                                   Bush Space Policy, heavy lift vehicle, chemical rockets, space tourism,
                                   point to point suborbital transportation
Nov/11/2008              Marianne Dyson; space history, STS-1, STS-2, STS-3, STS-4, STS-5, STS-6,
                                   STS-7DOD 82-1, time liner, Flight Activities Officer (FAO), NASA Flight Controller,
                                   Mission Control, Women in NASA, National Space Society (NSS), space walk
Nov/10/2008              Dr. Jim Cartreine, Dr. Jay Buckey, Dr. Raphael Rose,
                                   National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI);
                                   self-guided computer-based depression treatment, depression, conflict management,
                                   astronaut, Virtual Space Station, therapy, long duration spaceflight, Mars, NASA, tolerance,
                                   media, counseling, Eliza computer program, stress management, separation from Earth,
                                   "Learned Helplessness," control, autonomy, Neurobehavioral and Psychosocial Factors, fatigue.
Nov/9/2008                Veronica Ann Zabala-Aliberto, Arizona State University; Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO),
                                   Second Life, virtual reality, Mars Society, Mars Desert Research Station, ISDC,
                                   National Space Society (NSS), political activism, SpaceFest 2009, 4Frontiers Corporation,
                                   educational outreach, general public and space, planetary geology
Nov/7/2008                Norman Gerstein, RoverNERVA, KIWI-TNT, Phoebus, Jackass Flats, nuclear rocket,
                                   nuclear thermal, nuclear electronic, SSTO, NASA, radiation, systems engineering,
                                   reactor pressure, Cassini, energy policy, nuclear power, ethanol, natural gas, hybrid cars,
                                   electric cars, SSP, STEM education, regenerative braking, 200,000 ton press, due diligence,
                                   running the numbers, nuclear training, reprocessing, waste disposal versus waste usage,
                                   manned Mars mission, Moon, VSE.
Nov/4/2008                Dr. David Livingston; Open Lines, Space Solar Power (SSP), economics, theory,
                                   election, Obama, McCain, space policy, weapons, space dominance, China, Europe,
                                   national security, ozone, launch infrastructure, GEO, Club of Rome, NASA,
                                   space tourism, civil space, Mars, NewSpace.
Nov/3/2008                Paul Breed, Unreasonable Rocket Company; Lunar Lander Challenge, X-Prize,
                                   engineering, education, Armature Sputnik, liquid fuel rockets, Lox, Ethanol, AST,
                                   public domain, John Carmack, Armadillo Aerospace, True Zero, insurance,
                                   rocket testing, Mojave
Nov/2/2008                Dr. Sam Dinkin; Space Shot, auctions, electric power, space solar power,
                                   economics, tax policy, games, experience, launch rates, ISS, global warming,
                                   space settlement, aquaculture, aerostats
Oct/31/2008               Brian Hanley; bioterrorism, anthrax, public health system and health care,
                                   intelligence work, infectious disease control, religious groups, vaccinations,
                                   history of disease, risk adversity, media and bioterrorism reporting, chemical warfare,
                                   biological warfare, nuclear, Potemkin perimeter, autism.
Oct/27/2008               Dr. Gregory Berns, Emory University; Iconoclast, neuroscientist, neuroscience,
                                   neuroeconomics, psychiatry, space industry, space entrepreneurs, Howard Armstrong,
                                   FM radio, Dale Chihuly, perception, fear, social intelligence, Kool Aid, political leaders,
                                   Florence Nightingale, Bill Gates, Reda Anderson, MRI, NewSpace, space tourism, brain,
                                   Richard Feynman, failure, success, money.
Oct/27/2008               Louise Riofrio; cosmology, the speed of light, GM=TC^3, positive pressure spacesuit,
                                   lunar settlement, Black Holes, space time, Three dimensional prototyping, science,
                                   Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, space shuttle, peer review, NASA, space tourism,
                                   suborbital space tourism, EVA, geosynchronous communication satellites, cell phones.
Oct/26/2008               William Grahame; hypersonic, scramjet, ramjet, Blackswift, Falcon, Hi-Fire, Sanger,
                                   propulsion, thermal protection system (TPS), public outreach, Rotary Club,
                                   Point A to Point B transportation, military, private sector, dual use technology, suborbital.
Oct/25/2008               Space Cynics, Shubber Ali, Dr. John Jurist, Tom Olson, Dr. David Livingston;
                                   Space Solar Power (SSP), economic studies, due diligence, substitute technology,
                                   fiber optics, undersea fiber cables, Kool Aid, reality, engineering, cost to orbit,
                                   GEO construction, Mars settlements, lowering launch costs, CATS, technical challenges,
                                   Walking Eagle, Time Bandits, mag lift, economic driver, military,
                                   cheap and easy space access.
Oct/24/2008               Scott Cassell, Undersea Voyager Project; Giant Squid, Humboldt Squid,
                                   oceans, Law of the Sea Treaty, climate, extremophiles, ocean tourism,
                                   submersibles, liability, life support, closed loop life support systems, space,
                                   human factors, fishing, seafood, hydrothermal vents, ecosystem,
                                   In-Situ Resource Development, policy, politics, JPL, NASA,
                                   space enthusiasts compared to ocean enthusiasts.
Oct/21/2008               Bob Scaringe, AVG Communications, NIAC, segmentation studies, NASA,
                                   focus groups, long term goals, short term ROI projects, short term goals, Mars,
                                   NEO, Gen Y, public support of space, social marketing, Stephen Hawking,
                                   interstellar travel, funding challenge, AIAA, congress, Obama, McCain.
Oct/20/2008               Andrew Chaikin; "A Passion for Mars: Intrepid Explorers of the Red Planet,"
                                   exploration, NASA, Ray Bradbury, Chesley Bonestell, Viking, Tom Paine,
                                   Wernher von Braun, Gen Y, Carter Emmart, Mars Underground, Carl Sagan,
                                   private Mars missions.
Oct/19/2008               Robert Black; "Lunar Pioneers," gravity, children's books, science and math,
                                   lunar colony, zero g, "You Can't Do That On Television," green slime,
                                   Nickelodeon Cable Television Network, spacesuit, Moon School, book publishing,
                                   writing, TV scripts.
Oct/17/2008               Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz, Jason Crook, Erik Lundin, Rebecca Beckett,
                                   Nathan Wilson, Nick Welly, National Center for Remote Sensing,
                                   Air and Space Law at the University of Mississippi School of Law; environment, China,
                                   national security, economics, student loans, law school admissions, Res Communis Blog,
                                   weaponization of space, military in space, Navy, Air Force, contract law, space tourism,
                                   NewSpace, anti-trust, ITAR, remote sensing, Earth imaging, space policy,
                                   interdisciplinary space studies focus.
Oct/14/2008               Dr. Marshall Kaplan, Launchspace; space training and education, space policy,
                                   space tourism, suborbital tourism, ISS, Russia, China, leadership, national security,
                                   defense, space weaponization, NASA, Direct 2, Ares, Orion, COTS, RLV, SSP,
                                   Space Principles, Space Vehicle Mechanisms, university launch vehicle consortium,
                                   He3, energy, fusion, spaceports, economic problems, NASA budgets.
Oct/13/2008               Robert Zimmerman; NASA, Orion, Russian waiver, Hubble Space Telescope,
                                   Falcon 1, Mike Griffin, Richard Garriot, Obama, McCain, ISS, Soyuz, SSP,
                                   Chinese spacewalk, Russia.
Oct/12/2008               David Livingston, Open Lines, Space Cynics, Masten Space Systems, Mojave,
                                   economic issues for space, media, education, space advocacy, space policy,
                                   Microlaunchers, Space Solar Power (SSP), Congress, NASA, Obama, McCain.
Oct/10/2008               Tom Olson; IAC 2008, IAF, Glasgow, Scotland, NASA, Vision For Space,
                                  Space Investment Summit (SIS), Space Cynics, launch companies, SpaceShipTwo,
                                  space tourism, entrepreneurism, Virgin Galactic, space solar power, economy,
                                  Wall Street meltdown, civil space, private sector, Korea, social networking,
                                  Space Frontier Foundation, Web 2.0, Dr. Mike Griffin, NewSpace
Oct/7/2008                David Webb, International Space University (ISU), David Whalen,
                                  University of North Dakota (UND), Bob Werb, Space Frontier Foundation (SFF);
                                  Space Studies, space education, Space Show TV, space policy,
                                  NASA Gen Y powerpoint, Atlas, Delta, ITAR, technology, launch vehicles,
                                  commercialization of space, LandSat, remote sensing, STEM education,
                                  space resources, NASCAR, Gerard K. O'Neill, High Frontier.
Oct/6/2008                Nancy Conrad, Joshua Neubert, The Conrad Foundation;
                                  The Conrad Foundation Awards, Pete Conrad, NASA, Gemini, Apollo, Mercury,
                                  Skylab, Moon, entrepreneurism, high school students, innovation, inspiration,
                                  teachers, NASA Ames, STEM education and outreach, space transportation system,
                                  SSTO, DCX.
Oct/5/2008                Dr. Nader Elhefnawy; The Space Review, private space development,
                                  NASA, private space, entrepreneurs, capitalism, earnings report, bottom line,
                                  space tourism, suborbital tourism, regulation, Congress, China, economic growth,
                                  Gross World Product (GWP), Space Solar Power (SSP), cheap access to space,
                                  crunch the numbers, great space powers, Gerard K. O'Neill.
Oct/3/2008                Dr. Bob Krone; Aerospace Technology Working Group (ATWG);
                                  Intelligence, space governance, Space Solar Power (SSP),
                                  Kepler Academy, "Beyond Earth," energy, bacterial intelligence,
                                  humanity, economics, advanced machine intelligence, Carl Sagan,
                                  Dr. Eshel Ben-Jacobs, Dr. Joel Isaacson, Neville Marzwell, Mike Snead,
                                  John Mankins, Richard Kirby, Sherry Bell.
Oct/2/2008                Bev Fetter, Matt Allner, Nate Ambler, Senator Ray Holmberg,
                                  Space Studies, University of North Dakota (UND), NASA, MIT,
                                  International Astronautical Congress 2008 (IAC), ISU, Loch Ness,
                                  International Astronautical Federation (IAF), student recruiting,
                                  Glasgow, Scotland, interdisciplinary space education,
                                  rolling admissions, U.S. university accreditation, alumni,
                                  scholarships, Space Studies FaceBook,
                                  North Dakota aerospace industry and university support.
Sept/30/2008             Shubber Ali, Space Cynics; Space Solar Power (SSP),
                                  Walking Eagle Award, NewSpace,, economic crisis,
                                  housing crisis, housing bubble, Cheap Access To Space (CATS),
                                  energy, oil, flex fuel engines, ethanol, methanol, E-84, M-84,
                                  space tourist, suborbital tourism, SpaceX, spaceports, classics,
                                  Greek, Latin, Thalia, Discovery TV, NASA, jobs program,
                                  venture capital, Space Investment Summit.
Sept/29/2008             Bruce Damer,; 3D, Hubble, virtual reality,
                                  public outreach, simulation, Project Biota, Cad-Cam, NASA, gaming,
                                  avatars, transhumanism, virtual smell/odor.
Sept/28/2008             Roger Easton, Richard Easton; Vanguard, Vanguard 1 Satellite,
                                  GPS, Viking Sounding Rockets, Naval Research Lab (NRL), timation,
                                  hydrogen maser clock, atomic clock, Galileo, Glonass,
                                  Naval Space Surveillance System, Wind Train, National Medal of Technology.
Sept/26/2008             Brian Hanley; terrorism, Georgia, Russia, Iran, proxy warfare,
                                  asymmetrical warfare, terrorist funding, culture of hatred, Pakistan, Shia,
                                  Sunni, ideology.
Sept/23/2008             Dr. Melchor Antunano, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, FAA; AST,
                                  space tourism, orbital tourism, suborbital tourism, spaceflight participant,
                                  flight crew, minimum age, guidelines, centrifuge, acceleration,
                                  g force Aerospace Medical Specialist, sex in space, pregnancy, pharmaceuticals,
                                  radiation, bone less, emotional and mental stress, car racing accidents,
                                  physical fitness, prescription drugs, space advocacy groups.
Sept/22/2008             Berin Szoka, Will Watson, Space Frontier Foundation; Web 2.0, outreach,
                                  "The High Frontier," Gerard K. O'Neill, NASA, space settlement,
                                  low cost space access, space commerce.
Sept/21/2008             Space Investment Summit 5, Robert Jacobson, Dr. Paul Eckert, Tom Olson,
                                  Bruce Pittman, Rex Ridenoure; entrepreneurial space, rocket companies,
                                  due diligence, investment capital, economics, the economy, VSE, NASA,
                                  private space, business plans, launch vehicle companies.
Sept/19/2008             Dr. Michael Brooks, author, "13 Things That Don't Make Sense," science,
                                  agendas. WOW signal, gravity, Pioneer 1 and 2, dark matter and energy, placebo,
                                  Martian life, free will, life, death, sex, cloning, education, science funding, Viking,
                                  NASA, space development, chemical rocket, laws of physics, homeopathy,
                                  cold fusion, astrobiology.
Sept/18/2008             Michael Michaud, SETI, anthropology, physical science, social science,
                                  extraterrestrial life vs. extraterrestrial intelligence, hope, fear, technology transfer,
                                  signal, response, international support, culture, information, AAAE, consultation.
Sept/16/2008             Winston Scott, space shuttle, Navy, fighter aircraft, civil space, suborbital,
                                  orbital space, rockets, thrust, terminator line, parachute, escape, ejection, F-14,
                                  F-18, Mig-29, education, spacesuits, EMU suit, space tourism, Soyuz, ISS,
                                  space walk, Apogee books, leadership, space policy, lunar settlement, VSE,
                                  NASA, astronaut.
Sept/15/2008             Rick Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation; DC-X, space infrastructure, Mir,
                                  ISS, Orphans of Apollo, NewSpace, spacesuits, Orbital Outfitters, space diving,
                                  space solar power, space policy, Obama and McCain.
Sept/14/2008             Tom Hill, TEMPO3, Mars Society, CubeSat, Cal Poly, AMSAT, ITAR, tether,
                                  artificial gravity, humans to Mars, ISS, SmallSat Conference.
Sept/14/2008             DEEP SPACE MESSAGE: Alex Kirk, Exploration, New Frontiers, human civilization,
                                  NASA, spacefaring species, life forms
Sept/12/2008             Diane Murphy, Max Vozoff, SpaceX; Dr. Steve Harrington, Flometrics; Falcon 1,
                                  Cape Canaveral, orbital space tourism, COTS, NASA, engine testing, Falcon 9,
                                  hurricane and weather resistance, horizontal versus vertical integration at the pad,
                                  MythBusters, STEM education, engineering students, Dragon, Slick 40, ITAR, Mexico,
                                  college education, SAT scores, Pistonless Rocket Fuel Pump, Estes Rockets.
Sept/9/2008               Bill Larson, ABC Network (retired); Jim Lewis, Communications Concepts; news anchor,
                                  broadcast journalism, space history, Apollo, manned space program, Space Show TV, television,
                                  radio, Deep Space Communication Network, space transmission, SETI, Lunar communication,
                                  Mars communication, communication satellites, deep space communication business market,
                                  "yelling at the stars," Arecibo, STEM education.
Sept/8/2008               David Faulkner, Paul Metz, Dr. George Law, Ed Linhart, Chuck Lauer, Rocketplane Global, Inc.;
                                  suborbital space tourism, safety, flight testing, flight profile, G-force, Oklahoma Spaceport, fighter aircraft,
                                  F22 Raptor, high performance aircraft, raising capital, AST, licensing, France, Kit-Kat Bar, Nestle, prize,
                                  Informed Consent.
Sept/7/2008               Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz, Space Law Center at Ole Miss, University of Mississippi; Mel Marsh;
                                  Res Communis Aerospace Law Blog, Space Law Journal, informed consent, space advocacy, r
                                  emote sensing, Earth observation, space grant, spaceports, Treaty Regime, space pollution, ASAT tests,
                                  Outer Space Treaty, Moon Treaty, lunar property rights, Virgin Galactic, space tourism, Astrosociology,
                                  University of North Dakota (UND), Space Studies, STEM education, social sciences, human factors in space,
                                  space psychology, miscommunication, Space Show TV, academia, Institutional Review Board (IRB).
Sept/5/2008               Gus Frederick; Martian geology, Martian lava tubes, solution caves, lava tube caves, Martian gravity,
                                  Martian settlements, orbital information, THEMI, NASA, NIAC, Earth-Mars analogs, rovers,
                                  lunar geology and lava tubes, VSE, Martian caves.
Sept/2/2008               Dr. David Livingston, DrSpace, Open Lines, Kool Aid, bogus science and engineering,
                                  shoot the messenger, dreams, fantasy, due diligence, Wayne Hale's NASA Blog, Al Zaehringer,
                                  low cost space access, STEM education, wish list thinking, business plans, NewSpace,
                                  the aerospace industry, suborbital tourism, orbital tourism, science fiction.
Sept/1/2008               Phil Smith, Secure World Foundation; Outer Space Treaty, orbital debris removal, pollution, ASAT,
                                  space weaponization, treaty, United Nations, international cooperation, space commerce, space tourism,
                                  spaceports, space arms race, near Earth objects, national security, space policy dominance.
Aug/31/2008              Dr. Jeff Bell, Space Daily; DC-X, Single Stage To Orbit (SSTO), Dr. Mike Griffin, manned space flight,
                                  Dyna-Soar, NASA, Orion, Ares, science fiction, Space Shuttle, Shuttle Gap, orbital and suborbital,
                                  space tourism, Star Wars, Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), cult spacecraft, New Orleans.
Aug/29/2008              Richard Garriott, Starr Long, Ultima On-line; Tabula Rasa, gaming, Soyuz, International Space Station (ISS),
                                  public space program, commercial space, civil space, Space Shuttle, Operation Immortality, Star City, Russia,
                                  spacesuits, life support, DNA, hard drive, scientific experiments, protein crystal growth, education, STEM,
                                  second generation astronaut, cosmonauts, low cost space access, humanity's greatest achievements,
                                  extinction, NASA, space tourism, orbital, suborbital.
Aug/25/2008              General Bob Dickman (Ret), Col. Richard White Jr, USAF, Maureen Heath, Northrop Grumman Corporation;
                                  AIAA Space 2008, San Diego, CA, civil space, climate and space, commercial sector,
                                  Operationally Responsive Space (ORS), SETI, entrepreneurism, Education Alley, Pickering Lecture,
                                  Phoenix Lander, STEM education, engineering, San Diego Convention Center, NASA, Moon, lunar, VSE.
Aug/25/2008              Lonnie Schorer, Barbara Sprungman David, "Kids To Space Mission Plans: An Educator's Guide,"
                                  education, workbook, teacher's guide, STEM, space education, grade school, middle school,
                                  high school, parents, school boards, school districts, home schooling, space education, Apogee Books,
                                  why space education is necessary, lesson plans, education conferences and workshops, astronauts,
Aug/24/2008              Randa and Rod Milliron, Interorbital Systems Inc, orbital tourism, cubesats, SmallSat,
                                  Sea Star, ocean launch, Lunar Sample Return Mission, Neptune, hypergolic fuels, ethanol,
                                  methanol, LOX, Nitric Acid, sounding rocket, informed consent, test flights, ablative cooling,
                                  ablative heat shield, suborbital tourism, federal launch sites, spaceports, life support, space suits,
                                  Russian space suits, Venus, teenager in space, selling Moon rocks.
Aug/22/2008              Jim Greenhaw, Tech Ranch, NASA Centennial Challenges, Lunar Regolith Challenge,
                                  Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, lunar regolith simulant, sand,, engineering, radiation,
                                  nuclear power, Moon rocks, industrial hazard, commercial case, business case for space.
Aug/19/2008             Will Pomerantz, Todd Squires, Scott Zeeb, Neil Milburn, X-PRIZE, Lunar Lander Challenge,
                                  NASA, Northrop Grumman, TrueZer0, Armadillo Aerospace, AST, New Mexico, Oklahoma,
                                  Burns Flat, Spaceport America, hydrogen peroxide, volunteers, Holloman Air Force Base,
                                  horizontal take off, vertical take off and vertical landing, Centennial Challenge.
Aug/18/2008              Manny Pimenta, Lunar Explorer; Moon, virtual reality, computer software,
                                  solar system, Mars, helium 3, lunar regolith, lunar dust, STEM education, children,
                                  interactive, stars, sun, amazon, lunar property, NASA, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (RLO),
                                  Clementine, lunar outpost, Apollo sites.
Aug/17/2008              Dr. Patrick Collins, space tourism, orbital tourism, suborbital tourism,
                                  space economics, policy, U.S. Government, ISS space tourists, space ship companies,
                                  Mojave, California, regulations, Vision for Space Exploration (VSE), Space Ship One,
                                  Space Ship Two, White Knight, media, X-Prize, spaceports, Mars and space tourism,
                                  educational outreach, investment, opportunity cost, return on investment,
                                  public - private partnerships, NASA, cover-up, wealth building, Japan, space solar power,
                                  International Space Station (ISS), Dennis Tito, China, India, the Moon.
Aug/15/2008              Dr. Pat Patterson, Jim Marshall, Space Dynamics Lab, Utah State University,
                                  SmallSat Conference, NASA, hardware, internships, students, radiation, calibration, UAVs,
                                  Mid Atlantic Spaceport, Dr. Billy Reed, Wallops, spaceports, suborbital, orbital,
                                  Point A to Point B transportation, range and tracking, armature launches, COTS, Dr. John Jurist,
                                  Chris McCormick, Christian Lenz, Broad Reach Engineering, small satellites, sensors, NOAH,
                                  ITAR, University of North Dakota (UND), Logan, Utah.
Aug/12/2008              Glen Robertson, Space Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF),
                                  Astrosociology, Huntsville, Alabama, Call for Papers, New Frontiers, Space Propulsion,
                                  Engineering, Science, Cosmology, Theories, Awards, STEM education, Microgravity,
                                  Future Energy Sources, STAIF, New Mexico.
Aug/11/2008              Dr. Jeff Foust, Charles Miller, The Space Review, Space Policy Consulting, Retirement,
                                  Constellation Services International, Cheap Access To Space (CATS), Baby Boomers,
                                  Vision for Space Exploration (VSE), Coalition for Cheap and Reliable Access To Space.
Aug/10/2008              Reda Anderson, spaceflight participant, Rocketplane; Linn LeBlanc,
                                  Astronaut Scholarship Foundation; Lisa Schott, Quietly Making Noise; space tourism,
                                  adventure travel, liability, deep sea diving, emotional aspects of space travel, economics,
                                  Overview Effect, Titanic, Space Show TV, business education, Virgin Galactic, Futron,
                                  STEM education, financial aid, merit-based scholarships, inspiration.
Aug/8/2008                Wil Simon, Linda Strine, journalism, media, news, space news, space media, television, radio,
                                  print, internet, corporate communications, public relations, government media,
                                  tools for public understanding, self-defense, science, kids, schools, The Daily Show,
                                  The Colbert Report, cable news, network news, anchors, charisma, personality, entertainment,
                                  camera angles, manipulation, healthy skeptics, Sir Richard Branson, sources, broadcast journalism,
                                  print media.
Aug/5/2008                DEEP SPACE MESSAGE: Wil Simon, Neil Armstrong, Moon, poem, Man in the Moon
Aug/5/2008                Lee Tinker, Capt. Charles Hammond, Steven Benoit, Nate Ambler, UND Space Studies,
                                  University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota, International Space University (ISU),
                                  interdisciplinary program, engineering, science, physics, cosmology, ITAR, Space Solar Power
                                  (SSP), kilowatt cost per hour for SSP, economics, LEO, Geo, Moon, lunar construction,
                                  alternative energy and costs, terrestrial power, launch costs, space access, launch rates,
                                  weaponization of space, weapons in space, weapons for space to space use, Air Force,
                                  Space Command, ICBM Missile Command at Minot AFB, Titan Missile Center, solid fuel,
                                  liquid hypergolic fuel, Marines, Army, Navy, lunar toxic dust, lunar simulant, Cal Poly,
                                  San Luis Obispo, NASA Lunar Regolith Challenge, NASA, Human Factors,
                                  Barriers to Human Spaceflight, radiation, zero-g, microgravity, bone loss, 1/3 g, 1/6th g,
                                  psychological and emotional factors, NASA's High Altitude Student Platform (HASP),
                                  indium-tin oxide solid state ozone sensor, International Space Station (ISS), ISS to Mars,
                                  pregnancy in space, NASA pregnancy rules for ISS and shuttle, recruiting,
                                  space education inspiration and retention, on campus versus distance learning,
                                  Russian Space Agency, China, India, European Space Agency (ESA), New York Times,
                                  Washington Post, journalism, space and science news reporting,
                                  Are you as smart as a space studies graduate student?, space, weapons, pregnancy.
Aug/4/2008                Al Globus, NASA Space Settlement Contest, STEM education, Space Solar Power,
                                  Space Program for Americans, energy, U.S. Military, energy wars, NASA Ames,
                                  oil, politics.
Aug/3/2008                Andrea Seastrand, Janice Dunn, Matt Everingham, California Space Authority,
                                  Ken Davidian, NASA, Jim Buenrostro, Technology Ranch Vandenberg,
                                  Air Force Base, SpotBeam Awards, California Space Center, education,
                                  Congress, outreach, SpaceX, Scaled Composites, Burt Rutan, Cal Poly,
                                  Elon Musk, Air Force, Lunar Regolith Challenge, regolith simulation, robotics,
                                  engineering, Commercial Space PBWiki.
Aug/1/2008                Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz, Space Law Center at Ole Miss,
                                  University of Mississippi, Res Communis Aerospace Law Blog,
                                  Space Law Journal, informed consent, space advocacy, remote sensing,
                                  Iranian space policy, weapons in space, Landsat, space policy and the
                                  U.S. President, Space Law Workshop for Space Advocates,
                                  50th Anniversary of the NASA Space Act of 1958, N-Prize, Google Lunar X-Prize,
                                  NOAA, Earth imaging photography requirements.
July/29/2008              Darel Preble, Space Solar Power Workshop; Space Solar Power Institute,
                                  Space Solar Power (SSP), Georgia Tech, SUNSAT ACT, Space Show TV.
July/28/2008              Open Lines, movie, animals, tiger, Dees Guys, space advocacy and enthusiasts,
                                  future vs. present for space ventures, journalism, science and space news reporting,
                                  N-Prize, White Knight 2, Mojave, partisan politics and The Space Show.
July/27/2008              Dr. Robert Zubrin, Chris Carberry, The Mars Society 11th Annual Conference,
                                  Inspiration, VSE, energy, flex-fuel, Open Fuel Standards Act, alcohol fuels and space,
                                  Energy and Mars synergism, religion, Mars and the private sector, space tourism,
                                  Hubble Space Telescope, ISS, Shuttle, Phoenix Lander, billionaires.
July/25/2008              Dr. Brian Hart, Larry Bock, Socal Science Cafe, San Diego Science Festival,
                                  STEM education, astronomy, science, music, venture capital, San Diego,
                                  UC Irvine, observatories.
July/22/2008              Rand Simberg, William Simon, Evoloterra; exploration, the Moon,
                                  planetary protection, inspiration, Passover Seder, evolution, NASA,
                                  civil space, private space, ceremony.
July/21/2008              Dan Linehan, SpaceShipOne, SpaceShipTwo, WhiteKnightOne,
                                  WhiteKnightTwo, lifting bodies, feathering, X-15, Scaled Composites,
                                  composite manufacturing, flight testing, Smithsonian, X-Prize,
                                  hybrid rocket engine, science fiction, science fact, Burt Rutan,
                                  Paul Allen, Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
July/20/2008              Dr. George Nield, FAA/AST, regulations, space tourism, suborbital,
                                  American citizens, Point A to Point B, orbital energy, license process,
                                  environmental protection, safety, pilot and crew, spaceflight participants,
                                  political process, experimental aircraft, spaceports, Apollo 11,
                                  early aviation compared to spaceflights, informed consent.
July/17/2008              Dr. Pat Patterson, Quinn Young, SmallSat, cubesats, small satellites,
                                  N-Prize, Utah State, engineering, thermal issues, scholarships, rockets,
                                  student programs, Utah tourism, commercial markets, networking, ATK.
July/15/2008              Dr. Jim Logan, NASA, human factors, showstoppers, mass fraction,
                                  tools, INSITU Resources, Moon, Mars, radiation, microgravity,
                                  body of evidence, 47 years of human space flight, engineers, life sciences,
                                  lunar dust, Van Allen Radiation Belts, ISS.
July/14/2008              Robert Zimmerman, Hubble, ISS, Washington Post, Soyuz, robots,
                                  humans in space, Space Shuttle, Phoenix, human factors, the rocket equation,
                                  life, water, & ice on Mars.
July/13/2008              Cathy Harper, Nino Polizzi, New Mexico Museum of Space and History,
                                  DC-X Reunion, "Space Transportation for the 21st Century," Pete Conrad,
                                  suborbital, space tourism, space commerce, ISS, public/private partnerships.
July/11/2008              Eva-Jane Lark, "Investment Financing of Exploration to New Worlds:
                                  Historical Investment Financing of Exploration for New Worlds,
                                  Current Analogies to Other Industries, and Ideas for the Future," SSP,
                                  business, reusability, non-profit, municipal (muni) bonds, public/private ventures,
                                  joint ventures, ROI, biotech, investment incentive, property rights in space,
                                  risk management, markets, Canada.
July/9/2008                Will Watson, Space Frontier Foundation, NewSpace 2008,
                                  Orphans of Apollo, Mir, ITAR, Teachers in Space, Gen Y, SEDS, ISU, awards.
July/8/2008                Wil Simon, Matt Everingham, journalism, 2008 Regolith Excavation Challenge,
                                  Centennial Challenges, simulated regolith, HE3, employment recruiting, NASA,
                                  San Luis Obispo, CA, Cal Poli, teams, Matt's Blog, Mars.
July/7/2008                Dr. Pat Hynes, Space Grant New Mexico; Personal Spaceflight Symposium,
                                  Spaceport New Mexico, Spaceport America, X Prize Cup, commercial space,
                                  space tourism, students, internships, White Sands, NASA Test Center, conference.
July/6/2008                Dr. Martin Lades, Dr. Bryan Laubscher, space elevator, carbon nanotubes, ribbon,
                                  crawler, frontier, economics, Mars, VSE, chemical rockets, Moon vs. Mars, power beaming,
                                  private/public partnerships, SSP, international consortium, ITAR, R&D, tethers.
July/4/2008                Donald Beattie, NASA; Dennis Wingo, SkyCorp; VSE, science, commercial purpose,
                                  Earth imaging and monitoring, launch costs, Congress, inspiration, NEO,
                                  lunar commerce, Moon, space commerce, ISS, space policy, Solar power,
                                  asteroids, nuclear, Platinum group metals (PGMs), markets.
July/1/2008                Charles Chafer, Celestis; space burial, Moon, Lunar burials,
                                  Mars and Mars burial, ISS, Columbarium, Google Lunar X-Prize,
                                  Bigelow, space commerce, VSE, public space flight, launch services,
                                  Falcon, Outer Space Treaty, customer service.
Jun/30/2008               John Powell, airship, balloon, Rockoon, airship economics, ISP,
                                  space tourism, electrical systems, batteries, PongSat, shockwaves, ion engines.
Jun/29/2008               Dr. Seth Shostak, SETI Institute; Arecibo, radio telescopes, the Allen Array,
                                  ET civilization, antenna, Mars, Earth-like planets, IAU, Pluto, Rare Earth Theory,
                                  Congress, education.
Jun/27/2008               David Hoerr, "The Rocket Company," Point A to Point B suborbital transportation,
                                  V-Prize, Delta-V, Sustain, military, thermal protection, orbital RLV, RLV economics,
                                  lunar commerce, spaceports, suborbital space tourism, rocket engines, Mars.
Jun/26/2008               Brian Mosdell, Bill Dowdell, Jon Cowart, SpaceX, NASA; Atlas, Falcon 1,
                                  Falcon 9, Delta, launch vehicles, market drivers, RLVs, Merlin 1c, COTS, ISS,
                                  Ares I-X, Shuttle retirement, VSE, Shuttle retirement.
Jun/24/2008               Greg Meholic, advanced propulsion, Tri-Space Model, gravity, zero-g, space time,
                                  Faster Than Light (FTL) travel, dark matter, inertia, string theory, folding space,
                                  trans space method, propellantless propulsion, mass, markets, space-time manipulation,
                                  acceleration, interstellar travel, negative mass.
Jun/23/2008               Dr. Gordon Shepherd, Agnes Kruchio, Cospar, Canadian National Space Program,
                                  Canadian rockets, Black Brant, Aurora, auroral physics, lidar, Phoenix, Sputnik,
                                  Mars, ISIS-II, IGY.
Jun/22/2008               Gene Meyers, Space Island Group; external tanks, NASA, SSP, Asia,
                                  energy, Space Shuttle flights, wet vs. dry launch, lunar manufacturing for SSP,
                                  oil, electrical power, funding/financing for space ventures, reusable energy,
                                  green technology, environmental friendly.
Jun/20/2008               Greg Zsidisin,, YouTube, videos, human spaceflight,
                                  the VSE, the Moon, Direct 2, ESAS, education.
Jun/17/2008               William Watson, Space Frontier Foundation, NewSpace 2008, ISU, Gen Y,
                                  VSE, Moon, NASA, entrepreneurial, SpaceContest.
Jun/17/2008               Homer Hickam, "Rocket Boys," Barbie, Ken, Max the cat, Montana, T-Rex,
                                  West Virginia, inspiration, engineering, "Rocket Boys the Musical," passion,
                                  planning, perseverance, NASA Administrator, education, the Moon, China,
                                  Marshall Spaceflight Center, Payload Specialist, NASA, training, "October Sky."
Jun/16/2008               Barbara Sprungman David; STEM education, science education, space education,
                                  remedial science, Kids to Space, Apogee, teachers in space, science, astronomy,
                                  math, Planning to Go to Space, Visiting and Living in Space, and Exploring Space,
                                  inspiring students.
Jun/15/2008               Andrew Thorpe, Commercial Space Station; ISS, space commerce, heavy launchers,
                                  Big Dumb Boosters, wet launch, protein crystal growth, shuttle, VSE, Bigelow,
                                  markets, space tourism, microgravity, bone loss, radiation.
Jun/13/2008               Dr. Donald Rapp, "Assessing Climate Change," energy, fossil fuels, global warming,
                                  CO2, carbon, SSP, breeder reactor, climate models, climate change, space policy,
                                  NASA, Little Ice Age (LIA), sunspots and solar activity, ocean current, greenhouse gas,
                                  water vapor, hockey stick graph, Al Gore, "An Inconvenient Truth."
Jun/10/2008               Col. M. V. (Coyote) Smith, USAF, Space Solar Power, NSSO,
                                  business case for SSO, ISDC 2008, National Space Society, due diligence,
                                  Eisenhower Center For Space and Defense Studies, business planning, drama,
                                  Dr. David Livingston ISDC 2008 session talk, rhetoric, Church's in space development,
                                  doctoral dissertation, SSTO, RLV, constellation satellites, Kool Aid, awakening.
Jun/9/2008                 Chris Carberry, Mars Society, Mars Society Annual Conference, ISDC 2008,
                                  presidential candidates, CSPAN, ISDC Presidential Candidate Sessions,
                                  Town Hall rules for asking questions, Space destinations for inspiration,
                                  jobs program for NASA, private sector, lowering the cost of space access,
                                  space advocacy, ITAR, Clinton, Obama, McCain.
Jun/8/2008                 Space Cynics, Tom Olson, Shubber Ali, David Livingston, Reda Anderson,
                                  ISDC 2008; Space Solar Power, spaceports, Kool Aid, markets, economics,
                                  finance, business plans, lunar commerce, the VSE, ESAS.
Jun/6/2008                 Dr. Paul Dear, N-Prize; satellites, rockets, rocket equation,,
                                  science education, STEM education, failure, students, regulatory environment,
                                  prizes, DNA, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, orbits, mass vs. payload, contests.
Jun/3/2008                 Dr. Paul Hardersen, Space Studies, UND; ISU, interdisciplinary program,
                                  observatory, telescopes, Grand Forks, distance learning, recruiting,
                                  admission requirements, thesis, PhD program, financial aid, cubesats and SmallSats,
                                  North Dakota space industrialization and manufacturing, conferences,
                                  Chairman of the Department, space studies career opportunities.
Jun/2/2008                 Guillermo Sohnlein, International Association of Space Entrepreneurs (IASE),
                                  Space Angels Network, NewSpace, emerging business, early stage finance,
                                  regulatory environment, European space entrepreneurs, due diligence,
                                  lunar tourism, investment funds, space investment timing, ISDC,
                                  making of an entrepreneur.
Jun/1/2008                 Sarah Pickens, Dr. Burton Lee, Frank White, David Beaver, Jeff Krukin,
                                  Keith Ferrell; Omni Magazine, The Overview Effect, space education,
                                  rocket bike, high school, Huntsville, inspiration, Why space?, high school students,
                                  space finance, ESA, European space entrepreneurism, Netherlands, UK,
                                  European space education, The Overview Effect Institute.
May/30/2008             Robert Zimmerman, Dr. Sean Casey, David Faulkner, Reda Anderson,
                                  Dr. Haym Benaroya; ISDC, Space Investment Summit, NewSpace, Alt.Space, private space,
                                  public sector, NASA, vision, shuttle, jobs program, employment, The Atlantic, planetary defense,
                                  NASA SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy), telescope, mirror, Rocketplane,
                                  UCLA Anderson School of Business, suborbital space tourism, space journalism, space news.
May/27/2008             Dr. David Criswell (Replay from 12/7/04), lunar based space solar power, SSP,
                                  Mercury based SSP, LEO SSP, HE3, fusion energy, hydrogen, letter campaigns to Congress,
                                  space advocate organizations.
May/26/2008             Graham Smith, "Eleven", Apollo 11, music, International Year of Astronomy, BBC,
                                  UK space program, music video, CD.
May/25/2008             Rand Simberg,, VSE, presidential candidates Obama, Hilary,
                                  McCain, policy, private sector, space solar power, low cost space access, ITAR,
                                  COTS, Atlas, Delta, aerospace industry, Boeing, Lockheed, manned spaceflight,
                                  NASA, engineering, American engineering schools and education, Aries, Orion,
                                  ESAS architecture, Nasa Administrator, Congress.
May/23/2008             Frank Stratford, MarsDrive, MarsDrive Petition Project, Australian space program,
                                  private sector Mars missions, SSP, Generation Y, Mars Society, human Mars missions,
                                  space advocacy, politics, political activism.
May/20/2008             Dennis Wingo, energy, the Moon, space solar power, lunar construction, ESAS,
                                  VSE, heavy lift, private sector business plan, Atlas, Delta, EELV, Falcon 9,
                                  Elon Musk, Bigelow, Bezos, GAO EELV Cost Program Report, effective delivered mass,
                                  business structure, Silicon Valley, GEO, Shuttle
May/19/2008             Dr. E.O. (Neal) Smith, Emory University, "When Culture and Biology Collide:
                                  Why We Are Stressed, Depressed, and Self-Obsessed;" discordance hypothesis,
                                  astrosociology, biocultural anthropology, manned space flight, exploration,
                                  Venus, culture, biology, education, STEM, students, university administration,
                                  political leadership, policy, science.
May/18/2008             Amaresh Kollipara, Earth2Orbit, LLD, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO);
                                  space solar power (SSP), entrepreneurial space, public-private partnerships,
                                  ITAR, MBA, Revlon, markets, dreams versus products, space suits,
                                  business rules for space development, space suits, Indian political candidates,
                                  Indian space policy, Indian public support for space development
May/13/2008             Responsive Space #6; Rex Ridenoure, Ecliptic Enterprises, Cal Poly, Alex Chin,
                                  Roland Coelho, Tina Le, Alex Baklashov, San Jose State, NASA Ames Business Portal,
                                  Amitsur Rosenfeld, MicroSat Israel, small satellites, cube sats, offsets.
May/12/2008             Robert Zimmerman, "The Universe In A Mirror," Hubble Space Telescope,
                                  Lyman Spitzer, Perkin-Elmer, telescope, CCD cameras, mirror,
                                  Bob O'Dell, infrared, optical, NASA, budget, funding,
                                  repair mission, space shuttle.
May/11/2008             Greg Zsidisin, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Haynes; Obama, Clinton,
                                  McCain, space policy, VSE, private space, SSTO,
                                  space transportation system, Apollo, commercial lunar ventures,
                                  space advocates, general public, space advocate organizations,
                                  the Eisenhower Foundation.
May/9/2008               Lt. Col. Carol Welsch, USAF, Responsive Space, N-Prize, Chinese ASAT Test,
                                  Aerospace engineering, space dependency, space situational awareness,
                                  space policy, US space dominance, small satellites, space command,
                                  ORS, education, engineers, academic payloads and academic launches,
                                  Russia, China.
May/6/2008               Open Lines, chat rooms, IM chat, educational scholarship opportunities,
                                  Jonathan Club, lunar space burial, Celestis, space funeral/burial,
                                  suborbital space tourism, Microlaunchers, N-Prize, Space Show TV.
May/5/2008               Karina Drees, Robert Jacobson,, Space Investment Summit, ISDC,
                                  space and STEM education, MBA, business school, SBIR, NSF, Angel investors,
                                  venture capital, ROI, spread sheets, ITAR, government contractors, Gen Y,
                                  space entrepreneurism, intellectual property.
May/3/2008               Jeff Feige, Orbital Outfitters, Space Diving, venture capital, NewSpace, spacesuits, ITAR,
                                  spacesuit cooling, spacesuit sizes, angel investing, XCOR.
May/2/2008               Steve Harrington, Flometrics, Inc, Dan Shaw, Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Pete Worden, David King,
                                  General Orbital; Yuri's Night, Responsive Space Conference #6, NewSpace,
                        , Space Access Society, space finance, space economics.
Apr/29/2008              Dr. Jim Wertz of Microcosm, Inc., Dr. Shahzad Khaligh, The Boeing Company,
                                  Rex Ridenoure, Ecliptic Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation, Dr.
                                  Robert Taylor of CTD, Mike Tupper of CTD, Jane Hansen of HRP Systems, Inc.
                                  Operationally Responsive Space, Responsive Space Conference 6, warfighter,
                                  commercial and civil space, making space relevant, cell phones,
                                  ICBMs, U.S. space policy, Celestis, space burial, space businesses,
                                  launch demand and costs, space access costs, talking to Congress, politicians.
Apr/28/2008              Peter Kokh, The Moon Society, Artemis Society, VSE, lunar commerce,
                                  Moon Miners Manifesto, ISRU, Mars, Moon
Apr/27/2008              Dr. Dennis Bushnell, NASA Langley Research Center; advanced propulsion,
                                  Human-Mars trips, revolutionary technologies, space solar power,
                                  cultural issues, NewSpace, space tourism, virtual reality, NASA,
                                  reasons for humans in space and to Mars, nanotubes technology, education,
                                  energetics, coal, nuclear power, global warming.
Apr/25/2008              Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Bob Krone, "Physics Of The Impossible;" Impossibilities,
                                  dark matter, dark energies, string theory, dimensions, Einstein,
                                  science fiction, Sir Arthur Clarke, gravity modification, invisibility,
                                  science, politics, STEM education, space elevator, terraforming Mars, Moon,
                                  TV shows, teleportation of light, space shuttle.
Apr/22/2008              Dr. Roger Launius, Dr. Howard McCurdy, "Robots In Space;" human space flight, robotics,
                                  electrifying the public about space development, post biological,
                                  balancing robotics and human spaceflight, transhumanism, space tourism,
                                  commerce, defense, science, national prestige, survival of the species,
                                  multigenerational spaceship, positive and negative utopia, space policy, VSE.
Apr/21/2008              Dr. Vadim Rygalov, UND, Space Studies; stress factors, emotional and human factors,
                                  long duration space missions, animal experiments, radiation, space psychology,
                                  human performance in extreme environments, classified, counter measures
Apr/20/2008              George Whitesides, NSS, ISDC, Virgin Galactic; Space Investment Summit,
                                  New Mexico Spaceport, space tourism, suborbital space tourism,
                                  point to point space travel, space solar power, space policy, presidential candidates,
                                  keynote speakers, networking, zero-g flights, centrifuge training, astrosociology.
Apr/18/2008              Dr. Donald Rapp, "Human Missions To Mars," "Assessing Climate Change,"
                                  Mars, radiation, gravity, funding, power systems, nuclear thermal power,
                                  space solar power, Mars Direct, Mars Journal, global warming, CO2,
                                  climate change, climate models, temperature, public policy,
                                  IN-SITU for the Moon and for Mars, Mars Direct, NEOs, lunar habitat,
                                  life support systems, short vs. long Mars trip, Earth departure and rendezvous,
                                  space and Mars enthusiasts.
Apr/15/2008              Frank Sietzen; NASA City and Hope, web portal,
                                  "The Astronaut and the Fireman," spinoffs, health, presidential candidates Obama,
                                  Clinton, McCain, human spaceflight program, robotic, NASA Spinoff book,
                                  aerospace industry, private and entrepreneurial space, space budget, the Vision
Apr/14/2008              Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz, National Center for Remote Sensing,
                                  Space Law Center at the University of Mississippi; Res Communis,
                                  informed consent, Dubai, The Arab Emirates, space law, Outer Space Treaty,
                                  the UN Legal Subcommittee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, remote sensing,
                                  Tracey Knutson, Open Lines.
Apr/13/2008              Dr. Jim Pass, Dr. Al Harrison, Tom Gangale; astrosociology, sociology,
                                  Congress, advocacy, psychology, SETI, Contact Conference,
                                  doctoral program, academia, students,,
                                  social science, education.
Apr/8/2008                Dr. Ethan Siegel, cosmology, astrophysics, gamma ray burst, neutron star,
                                  blackhole, supernova, Oscars for the space industry, rocky planets,
                                  global warming, CO2, water vapor, sunspots, crab nebula, dark energy,
                                  low Earth orbit, gravity, radiation, Mars, terraforming Mars, planetary defense,
                                  dark skies.
Apr/7/2008                Dr. James Wertz, Microcosm, Inc.; Responsive Space Conference #6,
                                  responsive space, low cost space access, innovative thinking, weapons in space,
                                  satellites, defense
Apr/6/2008                Dr. Richard Kirby, Space Worlds Institute; Earth-based space stations, World,
                                  Futures Society, Imaginative thinking, "Think a fresh thought," Arthur C. Clarke,
                                  Women of Stars, Moral courage, ethics, finance, business, ethical profits,
                                  "Profiles of the Future" by Arthur C. Clarke, UNESCO.
Apr/4/2008                Jim Lewis, Deep Space Communication Network; space transmission, SETI,
                                  communication infrastructure, ET contact, Lunar communication, Mars communication,
                                  commercial costs, message destination, Open Lines.
Apr/3/2008                DEEP SPACE MESSAGE : Dr. Vadim Rygalov, Professor, Space Studies, UND,
                                  Grand Forks, ND.
Apr/2/2008                Jim Funaro, Contact Conference; anthropology, culture, ET communications, SETI,
                                  artists, NASA AMES, lunar and Mars settlements, terraforming Mars
Apr/1/2008                David Dunlop, The Moon Society; The University of Luna Project, space advocacy,
                                  Earth Cis-lunar economy, Mars, Reasons for going to the Moon, President Kennedy,
                                  radiation, education, students, research, entrepreneurship, ISDC.
Mar/31/2008             General James B. Armor, USAF (Ret); Space Command, USAF Space Corps,
                                  SSP, National Security Space Office (NSSO), ASAT, U.S. Space Policy,
                                  Joint Military Command, Astropolitics, space and military budgets, space based weapons,
                                  space weaponization, Space Situational Awareness (SSA), China, North Korea, Iran.
Mar/30/2008             Esther Dyson; EDventure, Flight School 2008: Where the Rubber Meets the Clouds,
                                  aviation, space, airships, space tourism and insurance, experimental pilot,
                                  air taxi and air charter, environmental issues for space and aviation, Imaginova Corp.
Mar/28/2008             Dr. Robert Conger; Microcosm, Inc, Responsive Space, Operationally Responsive Space,
                                  Air Force Space and Missile Center, Space Command, U.S. Army Missile Center,
                                  Huntsville, Low Cost space access, RLVs, 6th Responsive Space Conference,
                                  Keynote Speakers, SSP, NSSO, AFRL, Point to Point Transportation,
                                  space defense, U.S. space policy
Mar/26/2008             Matt Hancher; Yuri's Night, NASA Ames, Space Generation Advisory Council,
                                  NASA, Yuri Gagarin, NASA's 50th Anniversary, Google, Google Moon, Google Mars
Mar/25/2008             Steven Milloy; The Junkman, JunkScience, Global Warming, Junk Engineering,
                                  Mars Rock, Fox News, Science Education, STEM Education, VSE, NASA, DDT
Mar/24/2008             Michael Potter, Orphans of Apollo, Mir Space Station, MirCorp, ISS,
                                  International Space Station, space tourism, Dennis Tito, documentary film,
                                  Walt Anderson, Russia, NASA, National Security, film maker, space commerce
Mar/23/2008              Dr. Michael Neufeld; Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum,
                                  Von Braun, Huntsville, Nazi, slave labor, concentration camp, V2,
                                  German rocket team, Goddard, Korolev, Oberth, Disney, Colliers,
                                  Marshall Spaceflight Center, NASA Headquarters, Inspiration, Mars,
                                  Moon, Saturn V, O'Neil, Sagan, Space Vision, Dreams,
                                  author, "Von Braun: Dreamer of Space/Engineer of War"
Mar/21/2008             Dr. John Jurist; Space Cadets, Space Advocates, Behavior,
                                  Space tourism, Politics, Science Fiction, Space Cynics, Expected Value,
                                  Expected Gain, Game Theory, Regret Analysis; Open Lines
Mar/18/2008             Dr. Phil Chapman; Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Space Solar Power, Ethanol,
                                  Methane, Fuel cells, Hybrids, Nuclear power, Natural gas, Arctic,
                                  launch costs, the VSE, Mars, Moon, Solar cells, Space Elevator.
Mar/17/2008             Robert Zimmerman; Hubble Space Telescope, James Webb Telescope,
                                  optical and infrared telescopes, ISS, freedom, VSE, Edwin Hubble,
                                  Lyman Spitzer, Jr., Spitzer Space Telescope, Mars, Robotic space,
                                  humans in space, telescope mirrors, military and civil space, Shuttle,
                                  Hubble repair mission, shuttle continuation
Mar/16/2008             Chris Carberry; Mars Society, Mars Society Conference in Boulder, CO,
                                  Religion and Space, Economics and a human Mars mission, Generation Y,
                                  Presidential candidate, space policy and politics, Congress, Fax and letter writing,
                                  Fax Tool, Membership.
Mar/14/2008             Per Wimmer; Denmark, the UK, venture capital, self-finance, markets, education,
                                  Third World Countries and space, China, fear, the right stuff, business plans,
                                  quality management, human space program, lowering the cost to orbit, space solar power,
Mar/11/2008             Dr. Roger Launius; Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum, space history,
                                  artifacts, Space Cadet Wax Museum, Human vs. Robotic space exploration,
                                  Inspiration and Motivation, Commercial Silver Bullet, Lessons from history,
                                  Free speech within NASA, Vision for Space Exploration, NASA budget considerations,
                                  NASA programming, Generation Y.
Mar/10/2008             Dr. Eligar Sadeh; National Space Forum, Center for Strategic & International Studies,
                                  Eisenhower Center For Space and Defense Studies, U.S. Space Policy, politics,
                                  U.S. Space Leadership, Air Force, Civil Space, Military Space, NewSpace, NASA
Mar/9/2008               Theresa Hitchens; Center for Defense Information, World Security Institute, ASAT,
                                  weapons in space, Operationally Response Space, lobbying, NewSpace and,
                                  Manned Space Program, defensive policy, offensive policy, Europe, China, jurisdiction,
                                  treaty accountability, military space, civil space, politics and U.S. space policy,
                                  space debris.
Mar/7/2008               Tracey Knutson; Informed Consent for spaceflight participants, FAA AST,
                                  Negligence, Liability, Wills, Adventure Sports, Amusement Park Rides, liability,
                                  minors, Accountability, Responsibility, Release and Waiver, Spaceflight Operator,
                                  Product liability, Experimental industry, Barn Storming Days.
Mar/4/2008                Charles Pooley; Microlaunchers, Mass ratio, small payload, YouTube,
                                  Venture Capital, Entrepreneurism, Gen Y, Merger, Model airplanes,
                                  Investment returns, Mojave, Orbital and suborbital, Google Lunar X Prize.
Mar/3/2008                Dr. Tahir Rahman; Silicon Disc, Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong,